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Fanfic: B&S episode 614: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 14 – No reply

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/4 *****

The phone rings and Nora picks up.
“Hi, mom, have you heard from Kitty?” Sarah asks.
“No why?”

“I just came home and Evan is here. According to Luc, Seth had to rush to the hospital. But Luc doesn’t know which one.”
“I’ll try to call Kitty, hang on…. Sarah, she’s not picking up…. I’m trying Seth.”
“He’s not answering either, I already tried that one.”

“Justin! If anyone knows it should be Justin.”
“Mom, just because he’s a paramedic,….” Sarah gets cut off.
“Mom?” Justin is surprised by her call, after her anger over him choosing Kevin’s side.
“Justin…” Nora starts.

“I’m not going to talk to Kevin on your behalf.” Justin immediately informs her.
“You don’t have to. I just want to know if you’ve heard from Kitty.”
“No. Why?”
“Seth had to rush to the hospital, we don’t know which one. Evan is with Sarah and Luc.”

“I’ll check with my hospital, doesn’t mean she’s there though.”
“I’ll hold.” Nora switches back to Sarah.
“Oh, hi, Sarah, sorry, I just talked to Justin, he’s going to check it out.”

Kevin grabs his vibrating phone, as he quickly walks through the corridors of the courthouse to his next appointment.
“Justin, keep it short, I’m on my way to a case. Almost there.”
“Kevin, have you heard from Kitty?”

“No, why, has she gone into labor?” Kevin asks, meaning it as joke.
“That’s what I’m trying to find out. I called Annie, remember, my ex.”
“Yeah… Sorry can’t help you. I doubt that I’m high on Kitty’s list of contacts right now. Keep me posted? Send a text-message, I’m working… Gotta go. Bye.”

“Kev?! Damn. … Oh, hi, Annie, … I see… Thanks for calling. I owe you a cup of coffee…. Mom, Kitty is in the hospital….”
“Where? Why? What happened?” Nora fires her questions at him. Justin waits a few seconds, expecting more questions, but when there are none he answers.

“Where: Saint Francis, where Evan was born. Why: I guess it was about time she had the baby. She was after all nine months pregnant. What happened: Don’t know, but congrats, it’s a girl.”
“It’s a girl? What’s her name?”

“Don’t know.” Justin answers.
“Didn’t you ask?”
“Of course, mom, it’s not on file.”
“Is everything alright with the baby?”

“There’s no indication that there’s something wrong….”
“I’m going to the hospital…” Nora decides.
“Mom….” Justin protests.
“Bye, Justin, and thanks… Sarah? Kitty has a girl.”

“Oh, cute! And the name?” Sarah wants to know.
“No name. Don’t know more. I’m going to the hospital..”
“I’ll pick you up.”
“I’m already in my car. Why don’t I pick you up?” Nora proposes.

“Fine. Luc can stay here for when the kids come back.”
“I’ll see you in a bit.”
“Bye.” Sarah answers, but the line is already dead. She grabs her keys and coat and waits for her mother…

On the other side of town, Kevin checks his message after he could feel his phone vibrate again. All it’s says is:
“Congrats. Ur an uncle again. Girl. No more info.” Kevin sighs, puts away his phone and focuses on the judge again, who’s reading his verdict.


Scotty is surprised to see Luc, when he enters the kitchen of 429.
“Luc, what are you doing here?”
“I don’t know, I just had to get out of the house and away from Sarah.” Luc answers and he looks so miserable that Scotty opens a bottle of wine.

“Here you go.”
“I don’t think this will help.”
“It will. This is from my private stash. I sometimes need it to deal with the Walkers, but I believe it will also help me deal with my mother.”

“Your mother?”
“I don’t want to talk about it. Tell me about your misery instead.”
“I don’t recognize Sarah anymore. She’s no longer the woman I used to know. I love Sarah, but she’s become so… Selfish.”

“Well, Sarah’s been through a lot.”
“True, but it doesn’t mean that she has the right to be mean. She acts like she lives alone and she just takes me for granted.” Scotty is tempted to say that he had heard the same complaint from Joe, years ago.

“Where is she now?”
“At the hospital. I was painting, when she rushed in, told me that she was leaving and that she would take Evan with her. That was it. Didn’t even ask if I wanted to come along.”
“Why is she at the hospital?”

“Kitty. She has a daughter…”
“She does?”
“Born last night.”
“I see.” Scotty answers curtly. It stings that no one told him.

His phone rings and he apologizes to Luc to pick it up.
“Hi, honey. I’m in between two cases, so I don’t have much time, but it would seem we’re uncles again.”
“Oh?” Scotty asks. “Who told your that?”

“Justin. He heard it from Annie - remember his ex? -.”
“Should we go to the hospital?” Scotty asks.
“Sarah and Nora are already on their way there. It’s why I’m here.” Luc answers.
“Luc tells me that your mother and sister are already there.” Scotty tells Kevin.

“Figures that they are invited and we’re not.” Kevin answers sarcastically.
“We don’t know that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had invited themselves.”
“Yeah, maybe.” Kevin shrugs. “I have to go, honey.”
“Kev? Girl or boy?”

“Girl. Love you. Bye.” The line is dead. Scotty turns to Luc.
“It’s a girl.”
“Good for Kitty.” Luc smiles. “Nora will be pleased to have yet another granddaughter.”
“Well, she’ll have Elizabeth soon too.”

“You think Kevin will lose?” Luc is genuinely surprised.
“No. We have decided that it would be better for Elizabeth is she goes to Nora.”
“I see… I’m sorry to hear that… And even sorrier that it would seem that Sarah was right all along, about Kevin catering to his mother wishes.”

“What do you mean?” Scotty asks sharply.
“Well, Sarah already predicted that Kevin would give up. According to her, he always does. But I have to say that, personally, I’m disappointed. I really believed he would fight for Elizabeth… I thought he had more … courage…”

Luc can see that Scotty becomes angry.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” He apologizes.
“You didn’t.”Scotty answers, though it’s clear that Luc had upset him.
“I guess that Kevin just didn’t want to continue his fight with his mother.”

“I suppose…” Scotty bites his tongue to not say more, remembering how defeated Kevin had been the night before. This hadn’t been Kevin’s decision. It had been Scotty’s indecision.
“Mothers seem to have this ability to always get us where it hurts the most…”

“Yes.” Scotty agrees quietly.
“Every time I tell myself that I will not believe my mother again… And every time I do. .. And every time I end up getting hurt or disappointed.”
“Yes. Mothers are good at that, aren’t they?” Scotty replies, his mind far away.


“That was a bit too much for you, wasn’t it, sweetie?” The nurse cleans Kitty’s face a bit and caresses a strand of hair from her face. Kitty nods.
“It felt like such an invasion… Seth and I just wanted to enjoy our girl a little longer and suddenly there was my mom and my sister.

I love them. I really love them, but I didn’t want them here. Not yet, anyway. And I wasn’t very happy when they suddenly showed up, took over and took her away from me….” Kitty feels torn up and wrung out, the emotional roller-coaster ride is making her too tired to think.

“They didn’t exactly ‘take her away’… They held her.” The nurse gently corrects Kitty. She looks at the label over the child's head. Grace Whitley it say. “That is a very pretty name. Grace. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby.

And now the mother need some sleep as well. Your baby is asleep, use this time to get some rest of your own.” That seems like sensible advice from the nurse and Kitty watches how she closes the door behind her, to leave Kitty alone.

Kitty closes her eyes. She’s a bit surprised by her own choice of words. Of course, Sarah and Nora hadn’t ‘taken away’ Grace… That thought just keeps going on in her mind.
“Kit, what are you doing?” A familiar voice asks. Kitty opens her eyes with a shock.

“Robert?” She asks surprised. From the shadows, she sees hem emerge. He's just like he used to be, handsome, tall, strong, a bit arrogant, but, oh, how she had loved that about him. “Robert…!” Her eyes fill with tears, as she sees Robert look at Grace.
“She’s very pretty. Just like her mom.”

“Are you angry?”
“No. I’m not. I’m happy for you. And for Seth. He’s a good kid. He loves you.. and that is … very acceptable… for me.” Robert smiles.
“Is it that I keep fearing that I will lose our son?”

“Why don’t you stop thinking about that? Your perfectly protected. Seriously. No one is going to take away Evan … or Grace. If you and Seth won’t be a the barrier to stop it from happening, than Kevin will be.”
“But Kevin….”

“… Is the solution to the problem, not the cause. The cause is Tommy and Julia screwing up. I don’t know why. But they are… Kevin is searching for a solution. You’ve always depended on him to do the right thing and now suddenly he’s the bad guy. Why are you turning your back on him now? He deserves better.”

Kitty blinks and then frowns.
“Of all the things you could have come back for … like comforting me, giving me advice on what to do with my life, how to deal with Evan on my own, whether I should be Seth or not… you decide to come to me over Kevin?”

Her question is asked in anger and yet Robert starts to smile.
“You argue with me. That means you still love me.”
“Of course I love you. I always have. I always will. …. Even though I love Seth too… but that doesn’t answer my question… Kevin?”

Robert becomes more serious.
“This is not about Kevin, but about you and about the fact that you’re about to make the biggest mistake in your life and I can’t let that happen. You can’t see it, but what is going on will rip the Walkers apart if it continues…”

“We’ve argued before…”
“Not with interests that run as deep as this… Not over an issue as important as this one is to Nora, Tommy, Julia and Kevin.”

“But,… eventually Kevin will give in and …”
“… Yes. He will…. And then what, Kitty? … What will it cost to Kevin to give up his child?...” Robert takes a deep breath and tries again: “You stand to lose so much more than you’ll ever realize. You will lose Kevin.”

“No, Robert,….” Kitty shakes her head with a smile, unable to even imagine losing Kevin.
“You will. Because you, Sarah, your mother, but also Scotty are on a path that will break Kevin. Kevin will never forgive himself if he does cave in. Never. Whenever he will look at Elizabeth, it will cut him open again. Like a wound that never closes, it will bleed him dry.

Because when all of you will have forgotten, he will still remember that he gave in, where he should have fought. When all of you will be laughing again, he’ll still be crying inside. He will remember that he fucked it up and he will never, not ever, forgive himself… And one day you will suddenly see it too… and it will be too late to correct the mistake.

Kit, you are about to make the biggest mistake in your life. If you won’t do this for yourself, then do it for Seth, Evan and Grace… I’ve often joked about the Walkers, but I’ve also admired them for their ability to love and to fight for what they believe in. But I’m telling now, Kit, by silencing Kevin you will destroy him. And that will destroy you.”

Kitty closes her eyes, feeling drained of all her energy.
“Kitty?” She opens her eyes again.
“Seth. Robert was here. He talked to me…”
“That must have been a beautiful dream…”

“No. It wasn’t a…” Kitty stops, not so sure anymore. “Yeah, it must have been…” She feels disappointed.
“Was he angry about Grace or me?” Seth asks and Kitty shakes her head.
“He wanted to talk about Kevin.”

“Kevin?” Seth’s face displays so much disbelief that Kitty starts to laugh.
“I know. I guess, it’s just because it’s so much on my mind all the time. And because I love Tommy and Kevin… And Scotty and Elizabeth… And I feel so lost…”
“What did Robert have to say on the topic?” Seth asks.

“He said that pushing Kevin to give up Elizabeth would break Kevin… As if anything could.” She laughs sarcastically.
“I can see his point.”
“You can?”

“I think you should really listen to him. If he’s really a ghost, which I doubt, than this was too important to him. If it was just a dream, which I believe it was, than it means that somehow there’s a grain of this information in your head. You know something subconsciously that you’re not aware off.”

“And I’m having a head-ache now…” Kitty tries to joke.
“Anyway, I just came here to bring you something to drink…. Get a little more sleep, before Grace wakes up.” Seth kisses her head and her lips and then leaves her alone with her thoughts. She closes her eyes…


End of part 3/4



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