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Fanfic: B&S episode 614: part 2/4

Season 6 – Episode 14 – No reply

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 2/4 *****



“So, I’m going to grandma Nora after all?” Elizabeth asks, already fearing something was up when she was asked to stay, after breakfast was finished.
“I’m sorry, baby, but yes.” Kevin answers, his voice is so choked that he’s barely able to squeeze out the words.

Scotty looks at his heartbroken husband and then at Elizabeth, who is frightfully calm.
“I see.” She says. “Can I be excused from the table?”
“Yes, of course...” Scotty answers, when Kevin can’t. Elizabeth gets up, walks over to Kevin and wraps her arms around him.

“It’s okay, uncle Kevin, I understand.” She smiles at him. And after a quick hug for Scotty she leaves the room and Kevin shakes his head.
“I feel like a fool. Here I sit nearly crying my eyes out and.. she doesn’t care.” Kevin says, but Scotty shakes his head.

“You’re wrong. She sees you’re terribly upset and she doesn’t want to add to that.”
“Scotty, she’s seven years old. She’s not that restrained.” Kevin points out.
“Kev, she’s not an average seven year old. She’s been through too much. She loves you and I’m sure, she’s only trying to protect you. ”

“It’s not her job to protect me. It should be the other way around.”
“I don’t think it’s ‘us’, she’s trying to protect. I think it’s only ‘you’. She knows that you would never let her go... So she must have guessed this is my fault.”
“It’s no one’s fault. It’s a mutual decision.”

“Is it?”
“It has to be. You were right... We can’t take care of everyone.”
“Practicality sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?” Scotty asks with a sad face and Kevin nods and he gets up.
“I could use some more coffee after this conversation. Do you want some as well?” Kevin asks, but Scotty shakes his head.

Kevin grabs his mug and is about to pick up the coffeepot, when the door of Olivia and Elizabeth’s room flies open and Olivia storms out.
“She’s leaving?!” It is all Olivia asks.
“Olivia, honey,...” Scotty starts, but Olivia doesn’t even hear him.

“How can you do that to her?!” Olivia lashes out at Kevin. ‘You’re her father, how can you turn your back on her? You promised her that you’d be there for her and now you just let her fall! It’s unfair! You promised! You promised! How can you break your promise like this? Doesn’t your word mean anything?”

“Elizabeth will be fine with grandma Nora.” Scotty says.
“No!, she will not be ‘fine’. ... Do you know what it feels like to believe that no one wants you?” She stares at Kevin and she sees pain in his eyes.
“I do want her....” Kevin answers quietly.

“No, you don’t! If you did, you’d fight for her..... And I thought you would.... I don’t want Elizabeth to grow up believing no one wants her. Because that hurts. That hurts so much...” Her eyes fill with tears. “I cannot believe that you two would this to her. I just cannot believe it.”

“Olivia, please, don’t do this. We’re very sorry too. It’s just that we realized that 4 kids in the house was just too much.”
“I can still leave, you know.” Mateo now joins the conversation.
“No. You can’t. We promised your grandmother....”

“What about me? You’re choosing me over your own daughter?” Olivia addresses the question to Kevin, who’s looks like he’s about to get sick.
“No.” Scotty answers. “I’m sorry, but you and Daniel and Mateo came first. You’re our family.”

“Elizabeth is a part of that family too. You can’t send her to Nora.” Olivia insists. Scotty opens his mouth to reply, when another voice clearly cuts in to the conversation.
“It’s alright....” Elizabeth says loudly. “Please, everybody, stop fighting! I’m tired of all the fighting! Please, stop yelling at each other... I’m leaving.... I know I make everyone unhappy.”

There are huge tears in her eyes and Kevin scrambles to get up.
“I have to go to the courthouse.” He says, but Scotty sees that his eyes are wet with tears as well. “I have to get out of here.” Kevin softly tells Scotty. “I can’t do this... I just can’t.” He grabs his coat.

As he opens the door, he nearly walks into Wally and Bertha. For just one moment they just stare at each other. They cannot fail to notice Kevin’s red eyes.
“Kevin...?” Bertha asks.
“I’m sorry.” He brushes by and disappears.

The arrival of Wally and Bertha is the immediate end of the drama. Olivia and Elizabeth grab their coats and Mateo searches his bag. Bertha watches how Scotty quickly gives all three kids their sandwiches. A quick kiss goodbye and they join Wally, who will take the children to school and take Daniel to the park.

“Bertha, are you coming?” Wally asks.
“No. I want to stay with Scotty.” Bertha answers.
“The damage is already done, mom. Okay? Happy now?” Scotty says tiredly. Bertha frowns. She signals Wally to leave with the kids and closes the door behind them.

“Why would I be happy?” She asks.
“Because now Kevin hates me.”
“No, he doesn’t.” Bertha immediately says.
“Okay, maybe he doesn’t hate me, but he’s very angry with me.”

“Why? For having a different opinion?”
“No. Because I left it up to him to tell Elizabeth.”
“This quickly? Why tell her so fast?” Bertha asks.
“To not prolong the agony?”

“But if you’ve made up your mind, that you don’t want Elizabeth here, why are you angry with me? Wasn’t it your decision?”
“Kevin said he would listen to me, and he did. So, ...”
“You’ve made it Kevin’s decision again?”

“What do you mean?”
“You make it sound as if it was Kevin’s decision that she should stay and now it’s his decision that she should go....
“Mom, stop acting like Kevin controls me.”

“I’m sorry if that’s the way it appears like to you, because I’m not blaming Kevin for anything, I want to know what your part in this is. Why is it so hard for you to tell me what you want? Why do you only let me hear Kevin’s side?”
“Because I don’t know what I want!”

“But then....? Is it smart to make such an important decision, if you actually don’t know if you’re making the right one?”
“Mom! This is exhausting! What do you want from me? I thought you’d be thrilled with the fact that Elizabeth would be gone.”

“What?! Wait. No! Don’t you dare make this about me! I seriously don’t care what your decision is, Scotty. Elizabeth is a lovely girl and  she’s biologically Kevin’s, so I can understand where Kevin is coming from wanting to protect her, I’m by no means judging him. I actually fully agree with him.

But what I do want is that,  if you decide to go to court over this, that the decision is something that you should agree on, because it is something that Scotty Wandell wants and not out of some misplaced loyalty toward his husband. If you want this, fine, but if you don’t, than own that choice as well.”

Scotty sits down, slowly beginning to see what his mother means.
“I don’t know what I want. I want her, but I don’t see how I can? Look at this place, we thought it would be enough for two adults and a child. Now it has to hold two adults and four kids. I sometimes feel like I can’t breathe...

There’s no room left for impulsiveness, for just doing something because you want to do it, because the time we have is limited and we constantly have to keep an eye on the clock. And, if it wouldn’t have been for the fact that Jordan turns out to be an amazing baby-sitter, I don’t know how we could have done it.

And I know you don’t want to hear this, but having all these kids around has had a serious impact on our love-life.” He can see a little reticence on Bertha’s face and he can’t help but grin at the realization that ‘improved’ Bertha 2.0 still can be reminiscent of the old one in certain aspects. He had almost began to miss the old Bertha.

“Yes... well,... that can be... difficult...” She starts and then her shoulders sink and she looks a little defeated. “I’m trying to ... be more... open about this.... but...” She shakes her head. “I just.... This make me feel uncomfortable... I’m trying, I really am, but.. ” She seems upset that she can’t do this and Scotty feels a bit angry with himself.

“It’s okay, mom, one step at a time..” Scotty calms her down. He had tried to see how far he could push her, but he’s glad that she drew the line here, because he hadn’t planned on elaborating about his love-life with Kevin – or lack thereof – with his mother. It’s uncomfortable for him as well.

Crises averted, Scotty resumes his story.
“But with all the points I could mention against it, ... Olivia has been remarkably flexible towards Elizabeth, and I think that the fact that Olivia has been thrown around by the system is at the heart of that. She sympathises with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is younger, so Olivia gets to mother over her and be a big sister, which she seems to love. Mateo and Daniel just accepted the changes. We seem to be able to handle it. Even if just barely..., but I fear that if one link gets broken, then....”
“The whole chain could come down?”

Scotty nods and Bertha carefully places her hand on his, a reaction that somehow surprises Scotty, because Bertha is usually not the one for hugs, touches and such.
“Don’t send Elizabeth away so fast, Scotty. She’s happy here and this has become her home. You will cause great damage to her, if she continues to get shoved from place to place.

But, do make up your mind if you want to take the risk or not. And make it your decision, own it and don’t act as if Kevin took the decision-making from you. This must be even more difficult for him than for you. He will need your support, no matter what you decide to do. And he can’t depend on you if you flip-flop over your decisions all the time.”

“And now I’m even more confused than before.” Scotty looks so sad that Bertha smiles and shakes her head.
“Alright! Let’s end this discussion... right now. Time out.... How about you show me the hotel? I want to see what Wesley left you.”

“I keep forgetting that Mr Corvin has a first name...” Scotty smiles, appreciating the change of subject.
“Well, there’s no way that I’m calling him Mr Corvin. He used to be one of my best friends.” Bertha answers, and Scotty wonders why hearing her say this, gives him an uneasy feeling.

“What is the story of you and Mr Corv.... Wesley anyway?”
“I don’t want to talk about it. I haven’t treated him very well, though it seems to be all in the past, it’s still painful and ... I just prefer to forget it.”
“Alright, but just so you know, this only makes me more curious about him.”


“Kevin, it’s good to see you here.” Kevin is happy to meet one of his former bosses again.
“Mr Carter, what are you doing here?”
“It’s a courthouse, I’m a lawyer.” He answers dryly. “Though it is true that I’ve spent too much time in my little ivory tower.”

He holds up a sheet of paper.
“Found out the date of the hearing who will your judge. February 15th. And your judge will be Judge Ingrid Zisman.”
“You already went ahead with it?”

“Yes, that’s what you wanted, no?” Mr Carter asks. Kevin hesitates, because, yes, that is what he wants, but that was before Scotty had yelled at him the day before.
“I’m not sure…”

“What happened?”
“Scotty had said that he supported me, but he has had a change of heart. And I can handle fighting my family, but fighting Scotty as well….”
“… that would be whole different ball-game, indeed.”

“Scotty was angry and upset last night… I somehow feel that my mother-in-law had something to do with that, she always brings tension to the place, but… if he stands by what he said,… which he usually does…, then …”
“You’d give up?”

Kevin looks up at him, suddenly not so self-assured.
“I don’t know… I …. I cannot give up on Elizabeth… But I promised Scotty I would…. And I’m not sure if I can honor that promise and still look at myself in the mirror for what I’m doing to Elizabeth. Nor would make me feel better to protect Elizabeth, thus telling Scotty that my word is worthless.”

“Seems to me like you only have one choice and that is to talk to your husband and get him to change his mind.”
“But if he fundamentally, deep in his heart, doesn’t support me…”
“Don’t over-think this, just talk to him… I have faith in your abilities.” Mr Carter smiles.

“Wow. Then you’re the only one right now.”
“You’re needed in court, Mr Walker.” Mr Carter reminds Kevin.
Kevin walks up to the room where he’s supposed to be, when he turns around.

“Mr Carter! Did you say judge Ingrid Zisman?”
“Yes.” Kevin frowns. That was the judge who had ruled in the DUI against Scotty. A case he won easily. Was that supposed to be some sign ?


“I’m sorry I had to ask you not to tell anyone just yet…” Kitty sighs. “She’s so pretty.” Kitty holds her daughter’s hand, letting the tiny little fingers slip between her fingers.
“I’m glad you did. I wanted some time to adjust to this baby myself...” Seth’s finger slides along his daughter’s face.

“The last thing I wanted was a whole herd of Walkers banging on my door to talk to me and gawk at her...” Kitty laughs. “I just want to hold her and look at her myself....”
“I want to call Evan though. He must be scared.... I can only hope that Luc hasn’t told anyone yet.”

“Let’s hope so... Of course if Sarah was there...”
“She wasn’t. She was on her way back from... somewhere.”
“We have to tell Evan... I’m think I’m ready for it now.” Kitty agrees.
“Me too.”

One of the nurses comes in.
“I have to take the baby for a check up.... I’ll bring her right back...” She picks up the chart and looks at it. “She doesn’t have a name yet...?”
“We couldn’t really decide on a girl’s name....” Seth replies embarrassed.

“I somehow believed it would be a boy....” Kitty takes the blame for it.
“Happens more often.” The nurse smiles. “Or that parents each want another name... But, I’d like to have one if possible, I can’t go around calling her ‘hey you’.” She jokes and Kitty laughs.

“I’ve seen and rejected so many names.... You chose.” Seth is surprised by Kitty’s suggestion.
“Me? Oh. Ah. Right. I really don’t know....”
“We’re not going to name her after your mother.”

“Agreed.... Nora and Ida are of the table as well.” Seth replies.
“I can live with that.” Kitty nods. “No fruit-names. Such Apple, Pear, Pineapple....”
“I like Jasmine. Or Rose... Or Camellia....” Kitty suggests.

Seth looks up at the nurse.
“This might take a while...” Seth says apologetically.
“You have one hour...” She replies with a little smile and she leaves Seth and Kitty to fight it out amongst themselves.


“So, this was the entire hotel, top to bottom.” Scotty says cheerfully. Bertha smiles distantly. “Shall we have a drink at the bar?”
“Yes, I’d like that, but can we perhaps take one of those tables, there in the back, and have some privacy to talk?”

“Yeah, sure.” Scotty orders some coffee for his mother and some tea for himself and he joins his mother at the table.
“It is indeed a very beautiful hotel.”
“It used to be rather run-down, but Tyler did a lot of amazing patch-up jobs.”

“Nice girl. Tyler.” Bertha nods.
“Can’t wait for her to become my sister-in-law.”
“You two seem to know each other well?” Bertha asks, looking at how Scotty reacts to her a question about his private life.

“She started dating Justin at around the same time as I started dating Kevin. We broke up at about the same time with the Walkers boys, then we both met them again on Valentine’s day.... But with Kevin and me it was just a one-night thing. Justin and Tyler lasted a bit longer...”

“And then you got back with Kevin again?”
“Yes. Tyler and Justin ran into each other again a few months ago.... They’re both in a better place than they were 6 years ago, more ready for a relationship...”
“As you and Kevin were, when you met again?”

“Yes..” Scotty answers, not wanting to discuss the times he was homeless and penniless and depending on Kevin’s kindness to have a decent roof over his head. Bertha can see that her question has struck some nerve in Scotty.
“Is it really that hard for you to talk to me?... I know you talked a lot to your father...”

“I don’t like to dwell on the past.” Scotty shrugs. Bertha sighs.
“I get that. It’s hard sometimes to look back at yourself and the mistakes you made.” Bertha’s mind seems far away and Scotty can no longer control his curiosity.
“You’ve been a bit odd, ever since Cleo told you how much Wesley had loved you until the end.”

“It is weird.” Bertha replies. “He had no reason to. I hurt him so badly...”
“Because you chose dad over him?”
“No... I hurt him because I betrayed him and the trust he had put on me. I knew he loved me, but... I used it against him.”

There’s a lot of sadness in Bertha’s voice and Scotty suddenly wonders.
“Mom...? Dad is my real father, isn’t he?”
“What?! Yes! Yes, of course he is!”
“I’m sorry, mom. I just have to know. What happened?”

Bertha sighs and takes another sip of her coffee before she answers.
“You have to understand where I was coming from. You do remember your grandparents, don’t you...? Church several times a week, hell and temptation everywhere and only severe punishment was the solution to reaching heaven...”

“I remember...” Scotty replies with a little shudder, somehow glad his grandparents are no longer alive.
“Wesley and I came from the same background. Our parents knew each other, so we grew up together and it went without saying that Wesley and I would become a couple.

It was so ‘obvious’, that I started to believe it too. For me, Wesley had already become the man I was going to marry, my future husband... I had all these beautiful dreams for us.... And I grew older. Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen. All these fantasies of ‘happiness ever-after’ became bigger and bigger and then.... the bubble burst.”

“What happened?” Scotty wants to know, sitting closer to his mother. Bertha bows her head...
“I’m not proud of myself... or what I’ve done...”
“We’ve all made mistakes, mom. Just tell me...”

“I never told anyone...”
“Then should talk about it now.” Scotty says gently and Bertha’s eyes fill with tears.
“Right after my seventeenth birthday, he came to see me. He wanted to talk to me... So, we went out and sat on the bench that Dad had in the back of the garden...

I knew that dad could see me from his study, so he didn’t have to doubt the fact that we remained perfectly platonic. ... Wesley told me that he needed to talk to me, because he feared that he could never marry me... He said I wasn’t worthy of him, that I deserved better... that I deserved a man by my side....

I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Then he told me that he was cursed. That God was punishing him, though he didn’t know what he had done wrong.... And I still didn’t get it... Until he told me that he was sexually attracted to men...”
“He was gay?” Scotty’s jaw drops.

“Yes... but at that time, end of the 70s, it was still a taboo, especially in communities like ours. People ‘like him’ were an abomination. Perverts... I was shocked, hurt, confused. I felt like I’d been taken for a fool. I couldn’t see how he believed me to be his friend and that he believed he could confide in me... I was just so angry with him!”

“What did you do?” Scotty asks, dread in his voice.
“I did the worst thing I could do.... I told a girl in my class about it... She was such a gossip... Within hours the entire school knew...”
“What happened with Wesley when they found out?”

Bertha closes her eyes, she looks a bit sick....
“There were a couple of guys.... He walked right into their trap... He... They beat him so badly... Said they didn’t want guys like him in our school... And I just stood there and I let them beat him up... He used to be my best friend, but I didn’t even call for help.”

Tears slide slowly over Bertha’s face and Scotty is shocked, not only by his mother’s confession, but also by the fact that she’s so openly displaying her feelings to him. Scotty rubs his face and runs his fingers through his hair, wanting to simultaneously walk away from the table and stay to hear his mother’s story... He takes a deep breath.

“Go on.” He orders, deciding that walking away was no option. Bertha wraps her arms around herself as if she’s cold.
“I felt terrible when I saw him so hurt.... So, I took him home with me and started to take care of his wounds... I felt bad... I was angry at him, ... but ...” She shrugs helplessly.

“To you, he was also still your friend?”
“I regretted it so that I had told his secret... He knew that the gossiping girl was known for always finding the worst or best gossip... He also knew I didn’t like her.... She was such a repulsive person..... I don’t believe he even suspected me...

I think he believed that he had somehow slipped up or that she had guessed it... I don’t believe he ever knew it was me who had told her... And I certainly didn’t plan on telling him. I thought that if I could only take care of his wounds I could somehow make amends for my stupidity...

And then his father come to my dad’s house. My father made me watch how Wesley got dragged out of the house and beaten up by his dad. The things his dad said to him... Awful! Just awful...” She shakes her head... “It ended up with the fact that Wesley was told that he could never ever set foot in his dad’s house again.

I begged my father to help Wesley, but.... dad called him a pervert and said that he no longer allowed me to stay in touch with Wesley. To make sure that Wesley would never come near me again, my dad gave him money and told him to go away and never come back.... So, he left... And never came back...”

“What did you do then?” Scotty asks, feeling it wasn’t the end.
“I was mad, angry, hurt... Wesley was gone. I lost my best friend, the man I dreamed off. The future I dreamed off... A few days later there was a party. I got invited. I got drunk. Your father offered to drive me home...

I just flung myself at him. At first Wally turned me down, but then.... as I insisted... He gave in... and I got pregnant...” Scotty gets a déjà-vu feeling. It sounds a lot what had happened between him and Michelle. “Your dad then did ‘the right thing’ and so we had a quick wedding.

Not in church. I was no longer the blushing virgin. No pretty dress, because my father insisted I had put disgrace on his family. No big party, just my mother sobbing that this was not how she had raised me...” There’s so much bitterness and pain in Bertha’s eyes that it shocks Scotty.

“Then I had you... And I was carefully happy again... I had all these dreams for you... You were going to meet this pretty girl, and get married, and have the house with the white picket fence and the 2.8 kids... You were going to have everything I never had...” She shakes her head, a bitter smile on her face.

“.... And then I came out as being gay....” Scotty says.
“The first person I told, was our priest.... I needed help. I was sure this was some punishment from God. And he said that I was right. Had I been a better person, then you would not have been gay...”

“So all the praying.... To ‘heal’ me?...”
“Penance for my sins. I begged God to take it away from you and punish me instead.”
“Mom, I am who I am. That’s not your ‘fault’.”
“That was unacceptable for me.”

“It was. I told all this to my psychiatrist and he made me see that what I really wanted to do was punish myself... because I got away with it.... I ruined the lives of Wesley and your father with my selfish actions, but somehow... no one held me accountable... So, I punished myself.... and you and your dad were the casualties....”

“Wow, that’s quite a story...” Scotty leans back. Bertha nods.
“I’m so sorry for everything. And I hope that you can forgive me?”
“I’m not sure I can... What you did... to Mr Korvin, to dad, to me. The way you treated Kevin, ... I have to think it over...” Scotty answers and, upset, he leaves Bertha...


End of part 2/4


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