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Fanfic: B&S episode 614: part 1/4

First: I wish to thank Walkersfics, Semisweetsoul, Darkestboy, Sleepykraken, Tiffany39 and Lilypoppy for their help. It was a tough choice, but I had one name just 'felt right'. So, I went along with it.

Second: This chapter is shorter than you're used to. It's been a busy week. But I promise, I'll make it up to you guys next week, with a (belated, I know) Valentine's episode. :)

Season 6 – Episode 14 – No reply

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)




***** Part 1/4 *****

“Breathe! Breathe, Kitty!” Trish orders……. Kitty wakes up with a jolt and she feels likes she’s out to breath. False alarm! How can it be? Kitty stares at the ceiling. Here she had hoped that the wait would finally be over and that she’d finally know whether it will be a boy or a girl. But it was just fake contractions, even though the pain had felt pretty real to her.

The door opens and Trish comes in.
“I’m off duty and about to go home. Just came to check on you.”
“Thank you. That’s so sweet. I’m sorry about the fuss…”
“Hey, even I thought you were about to give birth…” Trish smiles.

“I feel so stupid.”
“Don’t. These are very scary days for you. And to be honest, I hadn’t thought of it either.”
“Did you manage to get in touch with Seth?”

“I tried to call him on the number you gave me, but there was no reply.”
“Oh. I guess he’s out with Evan then..” Kitty closes her eyes.
“I understand that you’re staying overnight, just to make sure, that you’re okay?”
“Yes, I feel so tired.”

Trish checks the medical file.
“They’ve given you something to help you sleep.”
“Isn’t that bad for the baby?”
“No. It’s just a mild sedative. You’re exhausted and dehydrated… That is reason for concern.”

Kitty nods that she gets it, but she feels too heavy to reply. Trish caresses Kitty hair from her temple and under Trish’s soft touch Kitty drifts off to sleep. Trish stays with her a few more moments, before she dims the lights in the room . After one more look, she closes the door behind her.


“Pancakes!” Evan yells cheerfully and he storms to the kitchen. Seth follows him with a smile on his face.
“I think we deserve them after all this playing in the park, don’t we?”
“Yes!” Evan agrees.

“Do you want to help me make them?”
“Can I?” Evan asks, he’s usually not allowed to get near kitchen appliances.
“Yes. Of course…” Seth laughs. He has followed Evan into the kitchen and hasn’t noticed the blinking light on the answering machine.


“I love you, Kevin. I want you to be happy, but at this point… I just don’t see it anymore. I don’t see how we can seriously add another kid to this family… I’m not the Salvation Army. I’m not the Red Cross. I can’t take care of everybody. No matter how much I’d like to, I just can’t. And neither can you. Maybe we should have to accept that.”

Scotty can still hear the words in his head. Oh, and the look on Kevin’s face.... His pain, his confusion, his disappointment. Scotty hadn’t seen that look since the night he had told Kevin that he had cheated on him. Remembering how well that confession had ended, Scotty is worried why Kevin isn’t home yet.

He sighs, when he hears the key in the lock and a few moments later he sees his husband enter the bedroom.
“You’re home.” Scotty can’t control the sigh of relief to see that Kevin is still in one piece. “I was worried about you.”
Kevin sits down on the bed. He looks worn out.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to add more worries to your list.”
“No. It’s alright. I shouldn’t have exploded like that.”
“You had valid reasons...”

“Doesn’t make it right.”
“Are you mad at me?”

“Not really.... I’m just tired... I’m so tired. I think I’m as tired as you said you were.”
“I had a good cry.. Feel a bit better now.”
“Good for you.” Kevin starts to undress.

Scotty watches him. Every movement seems to display how exhausted he is. Kevin doesn’t even fold his shirt, the way he usually does, he just lets it fall to the ground. He lies down next Scotty and Scotty feels unsure. Does Kevin want some space or does he rather want Scotty to hold him?

Kevin looks at Scotty. Their eyes meet and Scotty makes a decision. He puts away the book he’s still holding, turns over to Kevin and wraps his arm around him, knowing that Kevin will either reject or accept his tenderness. With a sigh Kevin turns to him and cuddles closer.

Scotty kisses Kevin’s hair and he feels Kevin’s fingers gently caress his back.
“It’s alright, Scotty. Tomorrow I will call off Mr Carter and we’ll bring Elizabeth to my mother.” Kevin’s voice is soft and Scotty just knows that he’s fighting his tears.
“We don’t have to....”

“Yes, we do. I told you that you’re the only person who could stop me. I needed you by side, and if you’re not...” Kevin shrugs.
“I am!... Elizabeth is your daughter.... She should be with us.” Scotty states.
“She not my daughter, she’s Tommy’s daughter...” Kevin corrects him, inching closer to Scotty.

“I think,” Kevin continues. “That we have lost grip on what is going on. Maybe I am too eager to look after Elizabeth because she’s mine. It’s become all too confusing. We need to distance ourselves from Elizabeth. And I think that bringing her to mom will be a good solution.” It all sounds so logical to Scotty and yet if feels wrong.

“Are you sure that we should do this?” Scotty asks, he can feel Kevin nod in his arms. “Okay, we’ll do just that.” Kevin closes his eyes and soon enough Scotty feels Kevin drift away to an exhausted sleep, but Scotty can’t catch his own sleep. The feeling that he failed Kevin is weighing too heavy on his mind.


“Still here?” Dave asks his colleague Max Carter. Max shakes his head.
“I don’t know what to do...”
“What’s going on?”
“You know that case of the missing couple of ex-partners...? Tommy and Julia?”

“I just thought I’d try Tommy’s number one more time.... Perhaps leaving a message as a police-officer would have a bigger impact.... Except... this time someone picked up.”
“You spoke to Tommy Walker?”

“No. I spoke to an officer of the Canadian Police....” Evan gives Max a puzzled look. “They found the phone in the bag of a body they found along the road. The body is in a bad state and ....” Max swallows visibly. “... unrecognizable...”
“Oh, my god...Was there no other identification on the body?”

“None. The....” Max swallows hard again as if he’s feeling sick. “The body was set on fire.... There’s not much left of it.”
“Oh, no, that’s awful.” Dave is visibly horrified and he begins to understand what duty lies ahead for Max. Max sighs.

“It would seem that whoever did this, tried to get rid of the body and left the bag thinking it had no value. The bag doesn't contain anything else than something that seems to be a change of clothes. No papers and no money. No ability to take fingerprints, nothing. All they found, at the bottom of the bag, was the phone.

It was switched off, but they’ve managed to get it working again, in the hope it would give some information. And then suddenly it rang and they had me on the phone.”
“So, it could be Tommy Walker?” Dave asks and Max shrugs.
“I don’t know... How am I going to tell this to Kevin? I’d have to ask him for dental records.”

“He’s going to be crushed.”
“Not just him. His entire family.” Max answers.
“What are you going to do now?”
“Well, first job will be... finding out who Tommy’s dentist is... And if that person really is Tommy.”


Seth opens the door to Kitty’s room.
“Sorry, sir, you can’t be here right now.” A nurse stops him.
“I’m the father of the child.” He’s out of breath. “I just got here. Got here as fast I could. Is she…?”

He points at Kitty, but he’s unable to finish his sentence, because Kitty screams out in pain.
“She started an hour ago…” The nurse explains and Kitty falls back in the pillows, tears of frustration on her face.

“Kitty!” He storms up to the bed and grabs her hand. She looks at him. A sudden smile coming to her face. “I got the call… Brought Evan away first….”
“You’re here, that’s all that matters…. It’s coming, Seth. Our baby is coming.” She smiles through her tears. Just one second.

She cries out in pain again and there are several calls for her to push and Seth feels how his hand gets squeezed so hard it hurts. Out of breath Kitty falls back in the pillows.
“One more, Kitty!” Seth hears someone say, but he only has eyes for Kitty, who seems to be barely able to catch her breath again. She remembers her breathing.

“… Evan?” She asks, focusing on Seth.
“With Luc and Sarah… Or rather, Luc and Paige…. No worries… They will take real good care of him… One push… Come on, girl, you can do this.” He encourages.
“I can’t.” Kitty tries. “I tired and I’m scared…”

“You can do this, Kitty. This is what you want. Come on, girl, I’m right here with you. Squeeze my hand as hard as you can, but … push!!!” And with a loud cry Kitty pushes as hard as she can, feeling something inside her give in. Her scream turns into an astonished cry.

She falls back, completely amazed by the loss of pressure on her body. She breathes too fast, scared by the nothingness around her. People talk, but she doesn’t hear them. The words have no meaning. She’s unable to move or ask for something… And then, piercing through the temporary silence in her head, she hears her baby’s first cry….


End of part 1/4


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