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Fanfic: B&S episode 613: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 13 – I still haven't found what I'm looking for

By Marea67
: Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 4/4 *****

“Hi, Tommy, here Justin again. Man, I hate leaving messages... Listen, I don’t know what is wrong with you, but will you please call Kevin or mom or anyone else? Me, for instance. Kevin isn’t joking when he says he’ll try to get custody over Elizabeth…. He’s very pissed off with the way you and Julia are behaving.

Tommy, Julia’s been missing. We can’t reach you either. We’re worried. If you’re out there somewhere, please, call us and let us know you’re alright, because mom and Kevin are at each other throats over this and it’s effectively hurting our family… Tommy, do something!... Bye…” Justin switches off his phone.


“Well, that’s nice of you, Nora.” Tyler smiles. “We’ll take real good care of Holly…. Carl! Can you bring Miss Harper’s luggage upstairs… And here’s the key to your room…” She hands Holly the key, a sweet smile on her face, and she waits until Holly’s in the elevator before she turns to Nora.

“I mean it, Nora, thank you.” Tyler says.
“It’s alright…. How’s Justin?”
“Good. Busy. Working.”

“I do hope he’s trying to talk some sense into Kevin…” Nora starts, Tyler smiles a little embarrassed, because from behind Nora, she sees Kevin approach.
“I doubt it, mom. Justin happens to be on my side.” Kevin says.
“Kevin.” Nora turns to him. “You have to stop this.”

“Have you any idea what you’re doing to this family? Kitty and Sarah no longer talk to Justin. The kids can no longer see each other. This is a time where we should pull together and join forces to find Tommy, but you tear us apart.

And now poor Saul is the latest of your victims. He had to cancel his wedding-plans again, because he fears a Walker melt-down on his wedding-day. He’s been waiting so long for a little bit of happiness. And now that he’s this close to fulfilling his dreams, you ruin it for him.”

I ruin it? I’m not the one picking the fight here. I just want to take care of Elizabeth. Let me do that and you won’t hear a complaint from me.”
“Elizabeth should be with me, Kevin. This is emotionally too much of a conflict. For you. And for Elizabeth.”

“I’m not the one creating a conflict or confusion. Elizabeth has been at our place for weeks now, she knows the place as well as we do. She misses her parents, but she loves to be with Olivia and Daniel, even with Mateo. She’s found some degree of stability. And you’re the one who wants to take it away from her.”

“I see. You’re going to stick to this, don’t you?”
“Yes, I am.”
“And Scotty agrees with you completely, I suppose?”
“Yes, he does!”

“Fine! Then I’ll see you in court.”
“Perfect. I’m ready for it.”
“So will I be.” Nora says and after a little nod at Tyler she marches away and Kevin watches her leave, looking a bit lost.

“Kevin, are you alright?” Tyler asks. “That was rather ugly.”
“It will get worse, I’m afraid… Here are the papers that Scotty wants you and Cleo to sign.”
“Yes, I know. He told me. How is Scotty doing?”

“I know he’s worried, but I’m so happy that he’s on my side.”
“You’re very lucky.”
“I know. I married the most amazing man. He’s so strong. I don’t know what I’d do without him.” Kevin’s smile is so filled with love that Tyler starts to feel a little envious.


“Hello, Trish.” Kitty says and Trish smiles friendly.
“You look amazing Kitty. Pregnancy suits you. You’re glowing.”
“Thank you.” Kitty nearly blushes under the compliment.
“So, how can I help you? Is everything alright with your son?”

“Ahm, funny you should mention this…” Kitty’s smile is as fake as they come and Trish can tell. “…. I feel so stupid… Now that I see you, talk to you… I’m so silly…. I should go. I’m sorry I wasted your time.” Kitty gets up, but Trish takes her by the wrist.
“Sit down, Kitty. There’s obviously something bothering you. Talk to me.”

“You’re going to think I’m insane….”
“You may be pregnant, but that doesn’t make you insane.”
“I… I keep having nightmares… About you… “ Kitty blurts out. “And how you wish to take Even away from me… And how I’m left behind all alone.. crying for my son and….”

Kitty throws her hands in her air, frustrated that she’s so upset with a stupid dream. Trish doesn’t laugh at her at all, however.
“Well, the dreams are not so weird. You’re pregnant, almost ready to give birth. I can imagine that you’re scared, under stress and worried.

I remember that I kept dreaming that I would giving birth in the weirdest places… At the supermarket, in a cab, on the top of Mount Everest. Once I even dreamt that If was stuck in an elevator…. I was just petrified that something would go wrong…”
“Really? I never knew that.” Kitty says and Trish smiles.

“I think that I never told you, because I knew that there was one person more terrified than me. And that was you. You wanted to be a mother so badly. It meant so much to you. I remember very little of the day that your son was born. But… I do remember the look on your face when you saw him the first time.”

Kitty’s eyes fill with tears. Yes, she remembers that too. She had not paid one more second of attention to Trish. All she could see was that little boy. Her son. Her Evan. Trish’s hand covers Kitty. She smiles gently and comforting.
“I have no desire whatsoever to take him back. I’m too much in love with my life as it is.”

“Again, I’m sorry. It’s just that … Seth, my new boyfriend, the father of this child, said I should face my demons…. But, now I believe that the demon is not really you but something else…” Kitty’s tears fall so easily and Trish lets her cry for a moment.
“Kitty, why don’t you tell me what is going on?” She then asks very sweetly.


Max places a little piece of paper on the table. It has two names and two telephone- numbers written on it. Tommy Walker. Julia Ridge. He picks up his own phone and dials the first number. Julia’s. It rings and rings, but no one picks up until he hears a voice:

“This is the voice-mail of….” He closes his eyes and waits until he can speak.
“This is inspector Carter of the LAPD. Miss Ridge, I’d like you to call me back as soon as possible. It’s urgent. My number is…” As he drones his well-rehearsed speech, he can’t help but wonder if it will really make a difference.

Next is Tommy’s number. Again it rings and rings and just as Max is expecting the voice-mail to kick in, there’s a click. Someone’s picking up.
“Hello?” He asks. “Tommy, is that you? … Tommy, can you talk to me…?”
“Who is this?” A voice asks.

“My name is Max Carter. I’m with the Los Angeles Police Department… I was trying to get in touch with you, because Kevin and your entire family is looking for you…”
“This is not Tommy.” The voice on the other side says and as the man continues to talk, Max starts to sit up more straight.


“Hi, sweetheart, can we talk to you for a moment?” Bertha asks and Scotty nods as he lets in Wally and Bertha.
“I’m feeling a bit … ambushed?” He tries to joke and Wally gives him a little smile.
“Don’t worry, son.”

“It’s nothing serious… Well, we hope it’s not.. It’s just… We… your dad and I, thought that perhaps we should talk to you. About something that, … and we both agree on this… it’s something that ‘s on our minds and...” Bertha starts hesitantly.
“This can’t be good. What is it?” Scotty asks, all walls around him are going up.

“Are you sure that you really support Kevin…?” Bertha asks out loud.
“ I disagreed with your mom first, but then after some thinking I could see how she could be right. You’re going along with this so easily. We’re not saying that Kevin is wrong…”

“Then, what are you saying?”
“We … your dad and I, …. have the feeling that this is more Kevin’s idea than yours, that it’s something that Kevin wants and you follow…. Perhaps not blindly. And I don’t believe that Kevin is pushing this against your will… But you were so upset when you called me. I believe that you reached out to me for a purpose.

So, I just wonder, if you truly want this… I wonder if you really support this plan. Would you really do this if it wasn’t what Kevin wanted… If you would not  take your feelings for Kevin into account, would still want this child to be a part of your family…?” The directness of Bertha’s question stuns Scotty.

"I’d like to have an answer to that question as well, Scotty.” All three Wandells look at Kevin, who just walked in, without them noticing because they were too busy talking. Scotty looks a bit caught. He looks from his mom to his dad to his husband.
“I… honestly… don’t know.” He finally answers.

He runs his fingers thought his hair and gives Kevin a tortured look.
“I’m sorry, baby, mom and dad are right. … I’m not so sure this is a good idea.. I’m not saying you’re wrong either. I think that Elizabeth needs and deserves to be protected, but … at what cost?

Sarah and Kitty are furious with us. Your mom is taking you to court. Nora and Saul are hardly talking to each other and even Justin is caught in the middle. Our kids are suddenly no longer allowed to play with Paige and Cooper… What we’re doing seems to hurt so many people... And I wonder if it will be worth it to have Elizabeth, but lose everything else and all those people we love.”

“So, you think we should give Elizabeth back to mom?”
“Yes… No… I think she belongs with us… I don’t know…”

“Scotty, I need to know where you stand. I’ve started up the procedures. I have an appointment with Mr Carter… I need to know what you want.”
“I don’t know! Alright!? I don’t have a clue! I only know that I’m exhausted of it all! I’m sick and tired of worrying over Julia and Tommy. I hate them for putting us in this situation.

When we bought this place it would be just for us two and one child. Olivia. Then we discover our child is not dead and we get Daniel back. Mateo gets added. And now Elizabeth. We have a restaurant, a law practice, a hotel and four kids to deal with! Every time I get adjusted to one change, something happens and I have to adjust again.

These last few months, I‘ve been up and down, I’ve been lied to, held at gunpoint, I saw my trust in people obliterated. And I feel like I’ve been taken for a fool. A complete and total idiot. Tommy. Julia. Michelle. Alex. The June-Flower. Café 429. Everything is such a mess.

I’m tired! I’m tired of worrying, I’m tired of taking responsibility for other people’s errors, I’m tired of my work! I’m just tired of everything! I wake up in the middle of night with a feeling that I can’t breathe! I’m suffocating! I’m drowning!....” Scotty’s outburst makes Kevin back off. Seeing the reaction on his husband, Scotty calms down a little bit.

“I love you, Kevin. I want you to be happy, but at this point… I just don’t see it anymore. I don’t see how we can seriously add another kid to this family… I’m not the Salvation Army. I’m not the Red Cross. I can’t take care of everybody. No matter how much I’d like to, I just can’t. And neither can you. Maybe we should have to accept that.”

Kevin is as white as a sheet. There’s an expression on his face that seems to be a mixture of disappointment, hurt and disbelief.
“I… I need to think this over…” Kevin’s voice is rough as if he has difficulty with talking.
“Kev….” Scotty cries softly, hoping Kevin will at least understand him.

“I want to think…” Kevin backs away to the door and then turns around and leaves. Wally is with Scotty in two steps and Bertha sees how Scotty now collapses in his father’s arms, crying loudly. She slowly walks up to her son and her ex-husband and puts her arms around both of them.


“That is quite a story.” Trish says and she sits back. “Your family is very interesting, but, man, ….” She doesn’t finish her sentence.
“I know.” Kitty sighs. “I could do with less drama as well. If only Kevin would simply back off, I’d feel so much better.”

She sees the frown on Trish’s face and wonders what is going on in her mind.
“You don’t agree?” Kitty asks.
“It’s not up to me to agree or disagree. And, I certainly don’t want to upset you any further, but … I can’t completely disagree with you brother. The gay one. Kevin?”

“Why not? Tommy is Elizabeth’s father…”
“You came to me about your nightmares, but perhaps you’ve asked me the wrong question. As the situation is now, I would never consider to try and get Evan. Why should I? As I said, I love my life, I love my work. Why throw everything upside down?

And why disrupt Evan’s life? I believe he’s happier with you, than could ever be with me. I think you’re a good mother. Of course, I kept track of what was going on. I gave birth to that little boy, so I’m not as disinterested as I try to appear, but it’s something I’ve done from the moment I knew I was giving him up for adoption.

To me, he was always your child, never mine. You wanted to be a mother, I didn’t. You were willing to make sacrifices and compromises for him. Not me. I’ve made a very conscious decision to not be involved with your son. No pictures, no videos, no contact. Nothing. That was my choice. So I would never even dream to taking him away from you.

But… And here it comes…. I don’t know what I would do, if I’d find out that you were abusive to him or if you wouldn’t be a good mother or if you neglected him. Children are precious. And I got pregnant when it didn’t suit me and I didn’t him in my life, but that doesn’t give you the right to destroy his life.

The way I see it: Kevin tried to do the right thing by his brother, believing that his brother would be a good father, … and perhaps Kevin also believed that Tommy would the father that he could never be, because he’s gay. … But Tommy ended up hurting the daughter that Kevin gave him…

I will never interfere between you and Evan, the two of you are mother and son, but … If I were to find out that you’re hurting him…. I don’t know what I would do… I can’t speak for Kevin, of course, I don’t know him. But perhaps as the biological father, he feels, just like me, that there’s a certain responsibility towards the child you’ve put on this earth.

I may not be Evan’s mother in day-to-day life, he still has my DNA. He’s a part of me, whether I acknowledge it or not. If he’s older and he might want to meet me, he might find recognition of parts of his personality in me.”
“Wow! You’ve given me quite a few things to think about.” Kitty sighs.

“I hope that I’ve at least taken away your worries…. I recently saw a picture of you, your son on your side, he looks great, ….
“He is great.”
“Then hold him tightly and love him. That’s all I want.”

“Thank you so much for this, Trish..” Kitty smiles, happier than she’s been in days.
“I have to get back to work.” Trish gets up and so does Kitty. With a cry of pain, Kitty grabs her belly.
“Kitty?” Trish ask.

Kitty’s face is distorted with pain.
“Breathe! Breathe, Kitty!” Trish orders and she quickly gets on the other side of the table to help Kitty sit down and she calls 911. Kitty cries softly, now the first wave of pain is over and she hears how Trish assures her that she’ll be in the hospital soon.




Episode 614 will be posted 12 February. The working title is "No Reply", but that could still change. 

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