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Fanfic: B&S episode 612: part 3/3

Season 6 – Episode 12 – Stand by me

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/3 *****

Kitty walks around in her pretty white dress. She has made home-baked apple-pie and it’s perfect. The sun bursts cheerfully through the windows and she can hear the birds sing outside. Evan looks up at her. A perfect smile on his beautiful face.
“I love you, mommy.” He says and life is just perfect.

There’s a loud knock on her door and when she opens to see who’s there, someone, dressed in black, marches into her living-room. She stops halfway and turns back to Kitty and now Kitty can see that it’s Trish Evans, Evan’s birth-mother.
“Take that boy!” She orders and two faceless men pick up Evan from the floor. He start to cry and Kitty screams.

“What are you doing!” She yells and the woman in black turns around.
“Evan is biologically mine. I want him back.”
“You can’t do this, Trish. Please. Give me back my son.”

“You’re too busy with your own baby. You don’t have time for mine. I’m taking him back.”
“Noooo! I love Evan. He’s mine! Mine and Robert’s!”
“Robert is dead and you’re about to have a child of your own. You don’t need Evan anymore. I’m taking him back!”

my son!” Trish yells.
my baby.” Kitty cries.

“I gave birth to him!” Trish argues.
“I raised him!” Kitty fights back.
“Doesn’t matter! He’s still my son. My DNA. My baby.” Trish laughs out loud.

She’s cold, heartless and uncaring and she marches out the door.
“It’s not true. I .. I am his mother.” Kitty whispers, feeling like she’s losing grip. The sun disappears to be replaced by dark clouds that spew lightning and thunder. The birds have stopped singing. It’s silent and cold. And Kitty shivers…. “My baby. He’s my baby.” She’s cold to the bone.

“Kitty…? Kitty…? Kitty, honey, wake up. You have a nightmare…” From a very far she hears Seth’s voice calling her back from that cold place where she has just lost her son. She wakes up with a startle and feeling warmth go through her body again, Kitty immediately rolls out of bed to run off to Evan’s room.

He’s sound asleep, his arm around his favorite T-Rex. Kitty’s hand covers her mouth as she manages to have enough control to not yank him out of bed, hold him in her arms and never-ever let him go again. She trembles like a leaf, until she feels Seth’s hand on her shoulder.

She turns around and throws herself in his arms. Seth closes the door to Evan’s room, afraid that Kitty’s crying will wake the boy up and upset him.
“What is going on? You came home, all upset, you barely wanted want to talk, went straight to bed and now this…?”

“I had a nightmare. I dreamt that Trish Evans, Evan’s birthmother, came to get him back. She said that, because I’m now having my own child, I no longer need Evan…” Kitty starts to cry again.
“Why would you dream something like that?”

“I know it sounds ridiculous, but I’ve been afraid for the longest time that Trish would come back for her child. The first months were terrible. I just… I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to finally have him. I kept waiting for someone to ruin it. And the most likely candidate was Trish of course....

When the truth came out that Robert had had an heart-attack, while I was being diagnosed with cancer, I had expected she’d show up at our front-door, mad as anything, saying that we were unable to be good parents with both of us sick, or something. Add to that, that I was devastated at the idea that I might not see him grow up…

You can’t imagine the nightmares I’ve had over this. Nightmares that went away as the cancer seemed under control and Robert was doing great too…. After the accident, when Robert was in the hospital, they came back, as if a comatose Robert wasn’t enough to deal with… But they went away again, after … after I took him off life-support….

And tonight… with Kevin wanting to take Elizabeth away from Tommy… I think they came back full force.. I hope not. I can’t handle that stress. I can’t handle sleepless nights. Not now, not now that I’m so close to having my baby.” Once again she starts cries and Seth holds her tight.

“Listen, Kitty, nobody is going to take away Evan. I promise you. You and Evan are safe with me. I won’t let anyone hurt either of you…. And I think you’re putting a lot of emphasize on Kevin’s action. It sounds to me that Kevin is seeking to be some legal guardian… It’s not the same as ‘taking away’ a child, as if he’s stealing Elizabeth...”

Kitty shakes her head against Seth’s chest.
“No. If Kevin gets his hands on her, he’ll never let her go again.”
“Will you just listen to yourself? I admit I don’t know Kevin as long as you do, but has he ever done anything that would pull apart your family like this?

He always seems to me, to be the one who has everyone’s best interest at heart. I doubt that he would knowingly and willingly hurt his brother. Or his sister-in-law. ”
“He didn’t want to come to Mexico to find Tommy either. I think he liked to be the knight in shining armor for Julia and Elizabeth, even when they went to Seattle.

He could be everything that Tommy was not. It gave him the chance to finally be above Tommy, be the better man. The thing that father never believed Kevin could be.”

“Kitty, do you seriously believe that? Because this is not just about them, it’s also about Elizabeth. Tell me, do you sincerely, and from the bottom of your heart, believe that this is just some pissing-contest between two brothers? Do you really believe that Kevin would that petty? That he’s getting back at Tommy by using Elizabeth?” Seth clearly does not believe this.

“Yes. I do…. When it comes to Elizabeth… I think that Kevin would do just anything to get her back. He never wanted to be a sperm-donor. I think he regrets that he did it. And I believe that he’ll stop at nothing to get back the only child that is biologically his.” Kitty answers with a shiver. It frightens her to speak those words out loud.


“Good-morning. Did you get any sleep at all? It seemed to me that you just tossed and turned all night.” Tyler runs her fingers through Justin’s hair. He pulls her into his arms and kisses her passionately.
“No worry. I did get some sleep. Not much. But enough. I’ve had worse nights.”

“Did you think about this whole situation with Kevin and Tommy?”
“Yes… I don’t know what to do.”
“I wish I could help you. I think the smartest thing would be to just stay out of it… Don’t get involved.”

“I once tried that with Rebecca when all that shit between Holly and Tommy happened… Know what? Didn’t work. … You have to chose sides in this family.”
“How can we chose? I can see everyone’s reasons, the rights and wrongs, but … we can’t fix anything.”

Justin pours some more coffee for both of them.
“I forgot to make you breakfast…” He starts.
“… I was so far away with my thoughts. I sincerely forgot…”

“It’s fine with me. You don’t have to make breakfast.”
“I know, but I’m usually up earlier than you are and … you’ve grown used to it, haven’t you?” He asks with a little satisfied grin. Tyler’s lips curl up.
“I have…” She admits with a tease. Justin looks at her over his cup.

“Would you mind terribly if I ask you to make me some breakfast? I have to leave in a 10 minutes. Dan’s coming to pick me up. And … I have something I need to do before I leave…?” He asks. Tyler nods with a smile, glad she can help Justin. She watches how Justin leaves the kitchen.

In the bedroom Justin picks up his phone and dials Tommy’s number. Voice-mail.
“Tommy? It’s Justin. Listen, bro, if you’ve ever cared about your family, about your ex-wife or your daughter, you call me back within 24 hours. I’m not used to calling you. You know that.

The fact that I do, is because it’s serious… Serious!... 24 hours, bro. Call me.” He closes his phone and lets it rest against his chin and he closes his eyes. “Call me… call me…” he whispers softly, as if he wants Tommy to hear him on some ethereal level. But then he stops. He believes that he has done all he can do. The rest is up to Tommy.


Kevin picks up his phone without checking first who’s calling.
“Kevin....” He hears Nora's voice.
“Oh, hi, mom.”
“Kevin, I’ve done some thinking, and...”

Kevin breathes a little easier. Scotty was right. A good night sleep will make all the difference.
“... I’ve called a lawyer to find out how I can officially get Elizabeth to stay with me.” It’s as ever Kevin gets hit by a bucket of cold water.

“I don’t want this to escalate any further. It would things so much easier, if you would just bring Elizabeth here...” Nora’s voice is so calming, so reasonable that Kevin doesn’t get it at first. His grip on the phone tightens.

“No, mother, she’s staying here.”
“We don’t have to drag this to court, do we?”
“Apparently we do.”
“Kevin, be reasonable...”

“Elizabeth stays right where she is. It has become her home too.”
“Bye, mom, .. see you in court.” Kevin switches of his phone, only to see Scotty standing in the doorway, dishing-cloth and wet glass in hand.

His eyes fill with sympathy and love for Kevin and he can see Kevin tremble.
“She’s going to do it....” Kevin says.
“I’m sorry, babe... I guess I was wrong...” Scotty replies. He holds Kevin in his arms for a few moments until the door-bell of Café 429 rings.

Scotty looks over his shoulder to see who entered.
“Oh, now what?” Scotty hears Kevin whisper.
“Hey, we heard it from Kitty.” Chad’s voice is nice and warm.
“What happened exactly?” Jason wants to know, not sure he completely believes Kitty’s story.


“Justin, I swear, you check that phone one more time and I’ll take it away.” Dan warns.
“I just want Tommy to call me.”
“And checking your phone every two minutes won’t make him call faster.”
“I know that, but...”

“This tic of yours is driving me insane.”
“No, what is insane, is your driving. Will you slow down. I don’t want Tommy to call when I’m strapped to a stretcher.”
“He hasn’t called yet, has he?”

“What will you do if he doesn’t call?”
“I don’t know. I just hope that my message made it clear to him that it’s serious and not some social call. ... On the other, if he doesn’t call me back, that is also an answer.”


“Kevin, I’m so sorry.” Jason says. “This story is indeed different from what Kitty told us.”
“Incredibly different...” Chad adds.
“I appreciate that you guys came here to hear my side of the story. It’s going to be tough enough as it is, without losing my friends over this.”

“You won’t lose us. I agree with your decision.” Chad says. He frowns and looks at Jason.
“Don’t worry, Chad, it’s alright if Jason disagrees with me.” Kevin answers. “I don’t want the two of you to fight over this. Or that there would a disagreement between Jason and Kitty.”

“I’m not disagreeing. Just trying to get all the facts right in my head. It makes no sense.” Jason explains softly, placing a comforting hand on Kevin and Scotty.
“We know.” Scotty sighs.
“You guys must also be worried about Tommy and Julia?” Chad asks.

“We are....” Kevin sighs. “I don’t understand why they won’t contact us. I can’t believe that no one would have called them yet. I keep expecting Tommy to call me and tell me that I’m completely insane. I want him to be mad at me. I want him to yell at me. This silence is what scares me more than his anger.” Kevin explains.

“So, what’s going to happen now?” Jason asks. “I hate to say this, but Kitty is firmly on the side of your mother.”
“I know.” Kevin replies with a sad face. “So are Sarah and Justin and Saul... Suddenly it’s a small world...”

“I can talk to Kitty if you want.” Jason offers, but Kevin shakes his head.
“Let it be. She’ll get upset and I don’t want to upset her too much, this far in her pregnancy.” Kevin says.
“You’ll feel very alone, without your family.”

Chad’s warm sympathy makes Kevin feel better. He shrugs and smiles.
“I have all the family I need, right here.” His fingers intertwine with Scotty’s. “And I’ve contacted Mr Carter, one of my former bosses at Carter, Wright and Dupré. He listened to my story and he’s willing to help me.”

“That’s a good start.” Jason says. “And Chad and I are here for you as well. Anything you need....” Kevin’s grateful smile says more than a thousand words could.
“I just spoke to Jordan.” Scotty adds. “And whenever we need a babysitter for Daniel or any of the other kids, we can call him...”

“That’s amazing.” Kevin smiles.
“It is. We’re not alone. We may not have the Walkers on our side, but we’re not alone.”
“I know..” Kevin says, he gets up and walks away, clearly trying to hide his emotions from the other 3 men.

“Scotty, we can try to be as supportive as we can, but we all know that it’s going to kill him that his family is not on his side.” Chad says softly, making sure that Kevin can’t hear him.
“I know.” Scotty whispers back. “But do you want me to do?”

No one can see Kevin’s side in this?” Jason asks.
“Nora is trying to get Elizabeth for herself. You’ve heard Kitty’s opinion. Sarah has forbidden her kids to come near us and our kids, and we haven’t seen Saul all day. And I don’t know what Justin thinks, but if he’s smart, he won’t pick a side in this one.”

“That means that Kevin will be all alone... And after everything he’s done for that family... And how he always supported all of them... I’m disappointed.”
“Not half much as I am, Jason, I’m beyond disappointed. Last night I was shocked and upset, but now I’m furious.” Scotty admits.

“Jase, I hate to break this up, but I have the appointment...?” Chad reminds Jason. Jason nods and gets up, apologizing to Scotty for the fact that they have to leave again.
“It’s alright. I’m glad you came and ... that you guys are standing by Kevin in this.”
“Goes without saying... Take good care of him, alright?” Jason hugs Scotty...


Paige feels two arms around her and then a push towards the wall. She turns around to protest, but then she sees it’s Mateo.
“What are you doing here?” She quickly says, her heart beating faster, because his arms are still around her. “If mom catches you in our house...”

“Ssshhh, Luc is upstairs, painting, I don’t want him to come downstairs and see me here.” Mateo smiles at her and caresses away a strand of hair. “Don’t worry. No one knows I’m here and I’ll be gone soon enough. I just wanted to know that you’re alright.”
“I’m so angry at my mom.” Paige says.

“Yes, I heard that last night.” Mateo grins.
“How are my uncles?”
“Kevin is very sad, but Scotty is right by his side.” Paige is surprised by how proud Mateo seems to be about this.

“I’m not surprised.” Paige smiles lovingly.  "It took me a while to get those two idiots back together, I doubt that they’ll ever screw it up again.”
“Afraid that you’ll get involved again?” Mateo jokes.
“They’re terrified of me...” Paige laughs. Mateo’s arms are still casually around her.

She relaxes into the touch and he notices it. Their eyes meet. Paige looks away, suddenly a bit shy, but then she forces herself to look at him anyway. Her boldness makes Mateo look away and she starts to laugh, suddenly giving him a kiss on the cheek. She can hear Mateo gasp.

Taking advantage of his surprise, she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him softly on the lips. She has kissed boys before, having been ‘in love’ before, but this time it feels different and she really enjoys the sensations, until Mateo pushes her away.

“What are you doing?” He asks.
“We’re kissing.” Paige answers, considering it very obvious.
“I know that, but...” There’s the sound of keys at the front-door. “I have to go!” He says and pushes Paige away and he runs to the back-door, from where he came.

Paige watches him leave and she feels confused. Had he liked the kiss? Or not? Had she been too bold? Should she have waited for him to take the first step? She bites her lip and turns to get up the stairs, before her mother walks in and sees that Paige is confused over something.

She freezes, halfway the stairs is Luc and he has a serious look on his face. They can hear how Sarah immediately goes into the kitchen and Paige opens her mouth, to say something, but she doesn’t know what to say. One word from Luc and all hell will break loose, she’ll be grounded for life.

The look on Luc’s face softens when he sees her terrified eyes. Has it come to this? That Paige is afraid of him? He shakes his head.

“I heard your mother’s car pull up and decided to greet her... I saw nothing...” but the emphasis he puts on the word ‘nothing’ says enough. Paige nods silently. She’s relieved that her secret is safe just a little longer and she rushes up the stairs. When she passes him, he takes her arm and stops her.

“Be careful, Paige. Your mother is on the warpath when it comes to you and Mateo.” Luc doesn’t have to warn Paige however. She knows that too. She shrugs.
“Maybe I made a mistake anyway. He... didn’t seem to like it...” Her disappointment is so clearly written on her face that Luc smiles.

“I think he likes you very, very much... But, maybe, this is not the right moment... With Kevin and Sarah arguing? ... Don’t become a second Romeo and Juliet. ... Things ended bad for them.” He winks and Paige smiles too. Yes, maybe Luc is right. The timing was perhaps a bit too inconvenient.


“Any news?” Tyler asks. Justin shakes his head. He rubs his face, trying to mask how insecure he feels. Tyler sits down with him. “No one is forcing you to make a choice.” Tyler reminds him.
“I know.” Justin says. “Why doesn’t he just call me back?”

He jumps up and paces the floor for a few seconds, but then he lets himself fall down next to Tyler again and makes himself as small as possible by wrapping his arms around his knees. He bites his lip for a second and looks at Tyler, he’s all worried and upset, Tyler can tell.

“I don’t want to think the worst....” He starts to explain. “... but if he’s not dead or badly injured.... then he doesn’t give a damn about any of us... And if he does care for us and he’s not calling, then it’s because...” He doesn’t finish his sentence.
“... He may be dead or severely injured...” Tyler understands.

“So, what is the reason that I want as a reason for not calling us?”
“Maybe he just hasn’t heard your message yet..” Tyler suggests.
“Yeah, like I’m the only who called him today.” Justin rolls his eyes and, no, Tyler can’t imagine this either.

“Maybe he and Julia are together?”
“And so busy with whatever they’re doing that it escapes their attention that Kevin is trying to became a legal guardian to their child? .. If they are working out their troubles, then that would be a reason more to contact us.” Justin points out.

“I’m out of options....” Tyler sighs.
“Oh, I have plenty of options. Just doing my job today as a paramedic, gives me plenty of ‘options’ why Tommy doesn’t call us... I just don’t like them... But I promised him 24 hours and that’s what I’ll give him...”


Scotty puts down his knife and slides the tomatoes to the side, when a sound, at the door, makes him look up.
“Hi, Scotty.”

“You’re early?”
“Yes... I know... Is Kevin in?”
“No. He would drop off the kids at school and then go to the courthouse.”
“I see.”

“But if he had been here, I wouldn’t have allowed you to see him. He’s hurt enough as it is, without getting another lecture from you.” Scotty’s words are calm, but Saul can feel the anger in them.
“I know. And I’m sorry.”

“His entire family has turned against him... He’s always been there for everybody... For Nora, for Sarah, for Kitty, you, Tommy, Justin, Julia... And how do you repay him? ....” Scotty’s anger is starting to bubble closer to the surface. “When you found out that I had cheated on Kevin, you told me that you had never more disappointed in anyone in your life... Well, right now, I’m very disappointed with the Walkers. And if you came here, expecting me to apologize for Kevin’s decision, a decision I support, you can forget it!”

“I wasn’t expecting that at all.” Saul shakes his head. “Actually, I came here to apologize. When I called you two that night, I had just quickly spoken to Nora and my words were my first reaction... Ever since then, I’ve calmed down, spoken to Jonathan about it, thought about Kevin. And about Tommy and.... I’ve reached the decision that I support Kevin on this.

I know that Tommy is in a bad place. He’s hurting. And he doesn’t deserve to lose Elizabeth, but... I’m more concerned about Elizabeth, and weighing everything against each other, I think that Kevin is the one who’s doing what is right for her and not for himself.”

“Are you sure?” Scotty asks. He just stares at Saul. Saul nods. “Because Nora will kill you if she finds out...”
“I know. But I have to do what I think is right. And .. I disagree with her. And so does Jonathan...” He smiles.


It’s late when Kevin finally enters his apartment. It’s very quiet and dark, but he sees that there’s a message on the answering-machine. He presses the ‘play’-button.
“Hi, babe,...” Kevin smiles at the sound of Scotty’s voice. “I’m at the hotel tonight, dinner is in the micro-wave, just turn it on and you’ll have it in a two minutes...

I spoke to Saul and it turns out he and Jonathan agree with us and not your mom.... That’s a plus... I think?... Chad has taken Olivia, Mateo and Elizabeth with him to watch a movie. I believe, it’s that new Disney Movie, which name escapes me right now, and they will sleep over at his place tonight.

Daniel is here with me at the hotel under the watchful eyes of Tyler and Cleo. Anyhow, don’t be too lonely tonight. And don’t work too long. I love you.” Kevin turns on the micro-wave and quickly puts on some more comfortable clothes. He puts his work on the dinner-table, but can’t find the energy to start his work...

He takes his dinner out to the micro-wave and enjoys the sweet smell of the food that Scotty prepared for him, when there’s an impatient knock on the door.
“There goes my dinner.” Kevin whispers, but he answers the door anyway. Standing before him is Justin.

“Hey.” Justin greets. “Can I come in?”
“If you’re here to try and talk me out of it...” Kevin warns. Justin brushes past Kevin however and enters the apartment.
“No. I’m not here to make you change your mind...”

He looks rather nervously up at Kevin.
“I... I left a message for Tommy asking him, no, begging him to call me, but ...”
“Nothing, huh?”
“Absolutely nothing.”

“See what I mean? It’s not like I haven’t tried calling him myself.... This is not some out-of-the-blue decision, that I made between the airport and mom’s house... I’ve thought about this, since Julia left, the night before Christmas. At first because I was livid at how things had happened.

Then I dismissed it, I wanted to give Julia a chance to get her act together. ... When Julia didn’t come back, I got concerned. And the idea came back. I’ve thought about it, dreamed about it, thrown it away a few times, but .... by now, I’m scared, and I want some secure place for Elizabeth.”

“And she’ll have it with you... When you said the words out loud, I couldn’t think... and then mom, Sarah and Kitty started yelling and everything got out of hand. And I didn’t know what to do. Man, I love Tommy, he’s my brother, but... so are you. And... I believe you’re right. It’s time to take action.”

“And.. you’re on my side? ... I mean, I’d totally get it if you don’t want to chose sides....”
“I’m with you. All the way. 100%.” Justin answers. He watches how Kevin’s eyes fill with tears of relief.
“Thank you.” Kevin says and he’s happy, because he knows the choice had been hard for Justin.


Scotty looks at the telephone in front of him and he gathers his strength. It still amazes him that dialling that particular number still makes him terrified. It’s not like it is still as bad as it was, several years ago. He pushes in the numbers, deliberately slow, and when he hears it rings, he’s not sure if he wants her to pick up. But she does.

“Hi, mom, ... it’s me... No, I’m fine...” He laughs sarcastically at his own words. “Actually, I’m not fine.... And I was wondering if you could come here to Pasadena.... I .... I need you.” The words are so hard to say and he expects the rejection.
“Oh, honey, what happened?” He hears his mother say and that is when Scotty breaks.


Episode 613 is called "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" and will be posted 05 February.
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  • Luke is really busy!

    Hallmark continues to ramp up its holiday movie lineup. Roswell, New Mexico star Heather Hemmens and Hallmark regular Luke Macfarlane will…

  • Dave in Fantasy Island

    The 2nd episode of the new "Fantasy Island"-series is really good. Dave and Odette Annable did a great job. I laughed and teared up a bit…

  • Luke has another job coming up.

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