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Fanfic: B&S episode 612: part 2/3

Season 6 – Episode 12 – Stand by me

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 2/3 *****



“What?!” Paige stares at Sarah. “You’re not for real?!”
“Mom?!” Cooper protests at the same time. “You can’t do that!”
“Isn’t that a bit of an over-emotional reaction?” Gabe asks.

“I agree. I think you’re pushing this too far.” Luc adds.
“I won’t do it.” Paige says resolutely.’
“Paige, you’ll do what you’re told.”

“No!” Paige answers, sticking out her chin, signaling she means it. “I’m not going to do this. You can’t make me do this.”
“I can. I am your mother.”
“And Kevin is Elizabeth’s father.” Cooper answers, no more agreeing with Sarah as his sister is.

“Tommy is Elizabeth’s father.” Sarah corrects.
“Well, technically speaking….” Gabe mutters softly. Sarah glares at him.
“This is between Tommy, your mother and Kevin. Why not stay out of it?” Luc offers.

“It’s clear that you ‘re not used to having a family as close as ours is…” Sarah answers, ignoring the painful look that appears on Luc’s face.“… but as a family, we support Tommy.”
“Not this part of the family.” Paige voices her opinion very clearly.

“No, Uncle Tommy is a loser.” Cooper says without much sympathy for his missing uncle.
“How can you say that? He’s been through so much…”

“So, and now we’re supposed to be against Uncle Kevin? And what did he ever to do us? He’s a lawyer, who helps people. He and uncle Scotty worked very hard to the through their problems when Uncle Scotty had cheated on him. He’s finally a father of two children. He has a foster-kid, whom he loves and now he’s taking care of his niece.

He’s always there when I need him. As is uncle Scotty. … This is just not fair and you cannot forbid me from going to Café 429 and be with them. They are my uncles and my cousins. I want to be able to see them whenever I want.” Paige says and Cooper nods, for once, completely agreeing with his sister.

“Paige. I’ve made it very clear! You’re no longer allowed to go there. Not as long as Kevin wants to be so unreasonable.”
“Unreasonable?” Paige echoes angrily. “Uncle Tommy is a total failure as a father. Elizabeth is much better off with Uncle Kevin.”

“Paige Whedon! You’ve heard what I said! You will no longer go there..”
“Sarah… Are you not the one acting unreasonable? … Just because you’re angry at Kevin, your children can no longer see their uncles? They love Kevin and Scotty.”

“Luc, stay out of this.” Sarah bites back. “These are my kids…. And they’ll do as they’re told.”
“Like hell I won’t.” She hears Paige’s voice softly mutter.
“Paige, if you disobey me only once, you’ll be grounded for a week.”

“That’s stupid.” Cooper says.
“And that goes for you too, Cooper!” Sarah warns.
“Even I think this is stupid. Are you now going to ground me too?” Luc asks and Sarah turns to him furiously.

“Luc, you have to be on my side on this!”
“Why? I think you’re wrong and your kids are right.”
“Because we are married. We are a team.”
“We are?” The question almost seems to amuse Luc.

“We should stand by each other on this one.”
“Even if I disagree with you?” Luc now wants to know. Sarah doesn’t answer, too angry to come with a reply.
“You’re only fighting me on this, for the sake of fighting.” She then says.

Gabe shakes his head. He doesn’t agree with Sarah. He can see the point that Luc and the kids are trying to make.
“Considering that Paige, Cooper, Luc and I want to continue to see Kevin, Scotty and their children, you’re outvoted on this.” Gabe says.

“This is not a democracy!” Sarah says coldly. “Until further notice you’ll stay away from Kevin and Scotty and Café 429…” Seeing the little frown on Paige’s face, Sarah quickly realizes the loop-hole. “… and the same goes for Daniel, Olivia, Elizabeth and Mateo…. Especially Mateo, Paige.

I’ve noticed that you’re getting way too close to that young delinquent and I think that some space between the two of you will be a good thing.”
“Young delinquent?” Paige asks.
“Yes, Kevin got to know through his work. That means Mateo is trouble. Stay away.”

“Oh, yes,…” Paige says sarcastically. “Mateo is the kind of boy that prefers sleeping on the street over sleeping in his own warm bed in his own wonderful home with his charming dad. Oh, wait! He didn’t have any of those, did he? … Yes! Don’t give him a second chance! Hold it against him for all eternity, if you want, mom, but I won’t!”

“Paige! I forbid you to see any on them! Especially not Mateo!” Sarah replies, her voice makes it clear that she won’t be disobeyed. Unfortunately, Paige has had it.
“I hate you! I hate you so much!” She says, and it’s not so much her words as the look on her face that makes Sarah take a step backwards.

Paige turns around and walks away. Cooper follows her example and even Gabe closes his books, stuffs them in his bag and goes up to his room. Sarah turns to Luc.
“What do you think of that?” She asks, unable to see the anger on her kids. Luc laughs sarcastically.
“It is your family. Your kids. Your marriage… It apparently has nothing to do with me.” And then Luc leaves as well.


Kevin sits down on the couch. Saul just left. Neither Kevin nor Scotty had been in the mood to tell Saul anything. He’d hear it from Nora soon enough.
“Are you mad at me?” He asks quietly.
“No, honey, why should I be?” Scotty answers.

“I should have talked to you first.”
“You fell asleep in the car, sweetie. You’re tired.” Scotty walks up to Kevin and Kevin wraps his arms around Scotty. His head rests against Scotty’s belly. Scotty runs his fingers through Kevin’s hair, pushing Kevin closer to him.

“I love you.” Scotty can feel Kevin tense up after his words.
“But….?” Kevin asks and Scotty smiles.
“Nothing. No buts. Just… I love you.” Kevin shakes his head as if he can’t believe Scotty’s words. Scotty kneels down.

“How bad was it really in Seattle?” He asks now and Kevin shakes his head, not really willing to talk, but then he sighs.
“I feel so stupid.”

“I feel stupid on so many levels… Trusting Tommy. Trusting Julia. Trusting my family… I can’t believe they turned their backs on me like this. And mom…” His lip trembles and Scotty wraps his arms around his husband, quickly kissing Kevin’s lips to sooth the pain he sees.

“Shh, the kids are close. They are in their rooms and I don’t want them to see you like this… So upset.” Scotty caresses Kevin’s hair and Kevin nods, trying to get his composure back. “It will be better tomorrow, you’ll see. Everyone will have had a good night’s sleep over this.

Emotions won’t be running so high anymore… Tomorrow Nora will call you and say she’s sorry. It’s understandable that she’s worried about Tommy first.. She knows where you are and that you’re okay and that you eat healthy and that you’re not sick. Her first concern is not with you, but with Tommy.”

“I don’t know, Scotty. I hope so.” Kevin answers, but he shakes his head contradicting his own words. Scotty, holding Kevin’s hands, kisses the tips of Kevin’s fingers.
“We’ll get through this.” Scotty promises. Kevin opens his mouth to reply, but the door to Olivia’s room swings open and she comes into the room.

“Why am I not allowed to go to grandma Nora, all of a sudden?” Olivia asks.
“What? What are you talking about?” Scotty asks.
“Well, she called me and said that I would not be able to come to her house for a few weeks? And that you’d explain it?”

Olivia looks up at both Kevin and Scotty, expecting an answer to her question, when Mateo walks in as well, holding up his phone.
“I just spoke to Paige. She’s furious! Livid! Mad as hell!”
“Why?” Kevin now asks.

“Seems that Sarah has forbidden her from seeing us. That means not only you and Scotty, but also us, as in Olivia, Elizabeth and me. Paige is to come straight home after school and not come here to study with us, or, with me in particular.” Mateo says.
“I’m sorry.” Scotty replies, shocked at Sarah’s decision and how it affects Mateo and Olivia.

“Paige told me why. She agrees with you two and ... so do I.” Mateo says.
“What is going on?” Elizabeth asks, starting to feel suspicious and just as Kevin turns to answer her, the telephone rings and they all stare at it, frozen, as if the strange goings-on stifles them all. After two rings it goes straight to the answering-machine.

“Hi. It’s Kitty. I think, under the circumstances, that it would be better if we would cancel the play-date that Evan would have with Elizabeth and Daniel, next Wednesday. I cannot handle the extra pressure. I hope you understand....”
“I really want to know what is going on. Right now.” Olivia says, really spooked.

Kevin and Scotty exchange looks and Scotty shakes his head, angry that the decision, on when to tell the kids, has been taken away from them. He opens his mouth to say something, when the phone rings again. Already ignored once, it goes straight to the answering-machine.

“Hi, this is Saul... I just got at Nora’s... Are you two crazy? ... What are you thinking off, taking Elizabeth away from Tommy and Julia? Are you really that vindictive, Kevin? Do you really hate Tommy that much, that you want bring shame to him by telling everyone in public that he can’t make children and that you had to help him?

Have you thought of the consequences of your actions?... Dream all you want, Kevin, but as long as she lives, Elizabeth will not be your child. Tommy’s name is on the birth-certificate. He is the father, not you....” It’s obvious that Saul has more to say, but Scotty tears the plug out of the machine.

“That’s enough.” He says angrily. When he turns around he sees a sea of white faces, with perhaps the exception of Kevin, who looks like he’s about to pass out.
“I’m getting ostracized by my own family?” Kevin whispers, complete disbelief marking his face.

“You’re going to take me away from my mom and my dad?” Elizabeth asks, her eyes looking straight at Kevin, even though, to Kevin, it feels as if she looks right through him.
“No, honey, no...” Kevin shakes his head.

He takes her by her hands and sits her down on the chair and sits down with her. Not breaking their stare, not shying away from her, he starts to explain:

“Your mom said she’d be gone for two weeks.. that was nearly four weeks ago... and she’s still not back. She hasn’t talked to any of us. She has not even sent a postcard. She hasn’t taken money from the bank either... She’s not on the passenger-list of the cruise..."

“They don’t know where she is?” Elizabeth wants to know.
“No, and right now, we have the police looking for her.”

“The police?” Mateo begins to understand how deep the problem goes.
“Yes. The police is also searching for Tommy.” Kevin explains to the children in general, before returning the focus on Elizabeth. "And while everyone is looking for Tommy and Julia, someone is going to have to take care of you.

And grandma Nora wants it to be her, and I want it to be me. Grandma Nora says that she, as a mother and a grandmother, has the better chance, but I think it should be me, because...” Kevin stops abruptly, not sure how to go on.
“... because you’re my real father?” Elizabeth’s question is without much mercy.

“No... No... When Julia left, Julia decided where to take you. She could have left you with anyone. Sarah, or Kitty, or Grandma or Justin, but she didn’t. She left you with us. With uncle Scotty and me. With Daniel, Olivia and Mateo. On purpose. Because this is where Julia wanted you to be and this is where, I feel, you should stay.

And Tommy is your father.... He’s the only father you have. I’ll never come between you two. I’m not going to take his place. I couldn’t if I tried. I may be angry with my brother right now, but I love him too, and I know how much he loves you and I don’t understand what is going on, but I would never want to hurt him so badly by taking away his child...

But someone is going to have to look after you. Officially. Someone is going to have to make decisions about you, if for instance you end up in hospital, need to change schools, or whatever. And, as long as Tommy or Julia are not here, I want it to be me and not my mother.”

“So, all of you are fighting over me?” Elizabeth assesses in a small voice.
“Yes. Unfortunately. ... And I’ll continue to fight for you, because you’re worth fighting for.” Kevin answers.
“I don’t want you and grandma Nora to fight.” Elizabeth’s lip starts to tremble.
“Neither do I, but no one, other than Tommy or Julia is going to take you away from me.”

“But mom and dad aren’t coming any time soon, are they?”
“I don’t know, kid.” Kevin answers in all honesty, not wishing to see Elizabeth’s hope dashed over and over again. “I really don’t know...”
“I do! They are not coming back! Not ever!!!” Elizabeth cries out.

She storms off and Kevin lets her go. Olivia get up off her chair.
“Stay here. You’ll upset her even more.... I’ll talk to her.” Olivia sighs and she follows Elizabeth out the room. Kevin turns to Scotty and Mateo. They can both see that Kevin is completely devastated.

“Kev...” Scotty starts.
“How can they do this to me? To us? I understand that they are pissed off with me, but to take it out on you or our kids? What have Mateo, Olivia and Daniel done to them?!” Kevin yells.

Mateo gets a strange feeling inside when Kevin names him as one of ‘our kids’, but also notices that Kevin doesn’t mention Elizabeth. As a young man, who’s simultaneously inside and outside this family, he watches the pain on Kevin’s face and Scotty’s loving attempt to calm Kevin down.

“Kevin, sweetie, don’t let them get to you...” Scotty says quietly.
“I don’t mind if they want to punish me, but our kids....? That’s so unfair.” Kevin says, his voice trembling, as he tries to control his disappointment, his anger and his sadness, because he doesn’t want to break down in front of Mateo and Daniel.

“Come on, baby, it’s been a hectic couple of days for you and you’re stressed and tired. Go take a long hot shower, it will make you feel better...” Scotty suggests, holding Kevin’s gaze for a moment and Kevin sees that Scotty gives him an excuse to get out of the room.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea...” Kevin answers and he leaves for the bedroom. Scotty seems defeated when he turns to Mateo and Daniel. Mateo looks at him.
“Why don’t you go after him? Be with him? He needs you...” Mateo now suggests. Scotty shakes his head.

“What about Elizabeth? And Olivia? And I have to feed Daniel...” Scotty starts to make a list in his head of all the things he has to do, but Mateo stops him.
“I’ll take care of Daniel... And then I’ll check how Olivia and Elizabeth are doing. For now, I can take care of the girls and Daniel, but taking care of Kevin is your job.”

He gives Scotty the quirky smile of someone who knows that his words have a far deeper meaning. Scotty laughs softly.
My job. Yeah, you’re right about that. Thanks.” He squeezes Mateo’s shoulder gently and then Scotty leaves for the bedroom as well. Mateo turns to Daniel.

“Well, it’s you and me, buddy.” Daniel looks up at him with big eyes. “Did you hear what Kevin said? Said I was one of his kids?” Daniel smiles at Mateo. “Do you like that?”

“Well, thanks, that’s very sweet of you. You do realize that that sort of makes me your older brother, right?”
“Yes, this means that I’ll be the one who’ll give you dinner.”

“And that means in your mouth and belly. Not on my shirt.”
“You took the words right out of my mouth.” Mateo laughs and Daniel laughs along with him.

Mateo bends over to him and in a conspiratory tone of voice he whispers.
“Tell you something, little bro?... We’re going to have a rough couple weeks, I can promise you that.” Mateo says with a serious face.
“Krebo.” Daniel replies equally serious and Mateo starts to laugh again.

Around the corner Scotty has spend just a few seconds listening to Mateo and Daniel talking to each other, while he himself gathers courage to go to Kevin. He smiles lovingly, when he sees Mateo spoon-feed Daniel and he pushes himself off the wall to join Kevin in the bedroom.

Kevin leans against the wall of the shower and he lets the hot water run over him. He wants to cry, but can’t, because he’s unable to quite comprehend all the repercussions of his actions. He had expected some resistance to his plans, but not a complete rupture from his family and he feels terribly alone.

A colder breeze touches his body and a few seconds later, he can feel Scotty join him under the hot water. Arms are put around him. Kevin turns around and wraps his arms around Scotty and he holds him tight, seeking some comfort in the arms of the man he loves.

He can feel Scotty’s lips on his face, Scotty’s fingers go through Kevin’s hair, while his other hand soothingly caresses his back. Cocooned in Scotty’s loving embrace, Kevin lets his defences fall. His body shakes as tension gets released and tears can finally flow, immediately taken away by the water.

Scotty only tightens his hold on Kevin, while he continues to kiss Kevin and calm him down.
“I’m sorry. Now I’ve made you lose your family.” Kevin apologises, knowing what the Walkers mean to Scotty. He doesn’t even dare to look at Scotty, who smiles and lifts up Kevin’s chin.

“Hey. You are my family.” Scotty says softly and sweetly.
“I know the others are important to you too.”
“They are. But who really matters to me is you. And our kids. And Elizabeth.” Scotty’s words are simple, but they satisfy Kevin’s need to be loved.

“Am I wrong, Scotty? Am I really losing some sense of reality? Tell me the truth. If anyone should be honest with me, please, let it be you.”
“Kev, I don’t think you’re wrong. I think you’re making the right choice.”

“Then, you’ll stand by me on this?”
“There’s no other place where I belong.”
“Because you are the only one who can stop me. If you say, you don’t want this...”

“But I do want this.”
“It’s going to be tough...” Kevin cries softly.
“It will be. But.. I’m ready for the fight and we will win this.” Scotty assures Kevin.
“I hope so.” Kevin says quietly, nestling back against Scotty’s chest.

He enjoys the feel Scotty’s warm body against his own. “I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you.” Kevin holds Scotty even tighter.
“You won’t. I’m right here. You’re not alone. I’m right by your side...” Scotty words leave no reason for doubt.

Kevin sighs contently, resting in the arms of his husband as the warm water washes away the tension that was inside both of them. Scotty sighs softly. He’s not sure he can handle even more pressure, but he agrees completely with Kevin and that, he hopes, will give him strength to face was is to come.


End of part 2/3

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