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welcome to my fantasies
28th-Jan-2012 01:10 pm
Remember Olivia's brother Brian? And his issues with the fact that Kevin and Scotty were gay? Well, turns out that the actor playing Brian, Douglas Spain, came out as gay according to advocate.com.

Now, of course, Brian is just a part he played in B&S, but now I can't help but wonder about Brian.... ;)

The interview has 2 pages: On page 2:
You also appeared on Brothers & Sisters, playing the homophobic brother of the girl adopted by the gay couple. Was that difficult for you?
I loved that role because it gave me a chance to step into another person’s shoes and understand their perspective. I’ve known some people who felt this way. I think there is a sort of religious system behind a lot of these beliefs, and most individuals don’t have their own perception. It becomes a group collective. I had a roommate who was very religious and there were many nights we debated God’s word. When you grow up believing this for a long time, you tend to just follow a certain path. My mother’s on that path, and I think there’s a struggle between what you’re being shown and what’s in your heart. It’s a huge struggle for a lot of people. The character from Brothers & Sisters came from that situation. He loved his sister and wanted her to be happy, but what he was raised to believe conflicted with that [situation]. In the end you just have to be truthful and respectful. That’s what the character ended up saying: “I don’t have to agree with you, but I do have to respect you because this is our world, not mine.

Mhmm, we haven't seen much of Brian in my season 6, have we? Maybe I should bring him back.
28th-Jan-2012 03:13 pm (UTC)
*** If you've got a story for him, go for it. ***

Not yet, but I had sort of forgotten about him and now it opens up opportunities again.

*** Interesting interview there. ***

That's what I thought too. I just felt it ended a bit abruptly and then I noticed there were 2 pages to the interview (I usually don't notice that) and that's when I ran across his words about B&S.
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