marea67 (marea67) wrote,

My only excuse is, it's late...

... but OMG! Is Gilles Marini making some serious attempt to make me like him?

In the future would you like to step behind the camera and have a go at writing and directing?

One very smart Welshman called Matthew Rhys (Kevin in Brothers & Sisters) was one of the greatest inspirations for me. I worked two years straight with this man and there’s no limit to what Matthew can do. He is an incredible actor, he’s very complex, very intelligent and a stunning director. The best ever scene I had (in Brothers & Sisters) was one he directed. Seeing Matthew being able to do that – we’re pretty much the same age – really made me feel like only you can stop you.

If you want to do something like that one day then you have to jump into it. Matthew is a great example of never saying no, never giving up and always doing things that he believes in. I thank him for that forever. I believe one day I’d love to write and direct a little project. I want to start with shorts and then down the line see if TV maybe a it’s something I know a lot about.


I could finish this with something venemous, (easily!) but it's time for bed and too much acid is bad for the stomach. Have a good night.

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