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Fanfic: B&S episode 611: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 11 – LOST!

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 4/4 *****

“Hey, what are doing here all by yourself in the back of the garden? Why don’t you go and play with the Olivia and Elizabeth?” Nora asks. Cooper shakes his head. “Is everything alright, honey, you’ve been rather quiet lately. You’re not the Cooper I’m used to. You haven’t been taken over by aliens, have you?” Nora jokes.

Cooper shakes his head. He can’t laugh over Nora’s joke. In fact, he suddenly can no longer stay quiet anymore and he starts to cry. Shocked at his reaction, Nora quickly sits down next to him and she puts an arm around him.
“What’s going on, sweetheart?” She asks.

“I’ve done something very bad and I’m so sorry about it, but I don’t know how to fix it.” Cooper sobs and Nora is shocked by the depth of the boy’s pain.
“What have you done?” She wants to know.
“I can’t tell.”

“Well, keeping it a secret isn’t working very well for you either, is it? Come on, spill. You know me, I’m worse than a dog with a bone, now that I know there’s something going on with you.” Even though Nora is sweetly joking about it, Cooper knows she won’t let it go until she knows the truth.

He sits up straight and he wraps his arms around his knees to make himself a bit smaller.
“Do you remember that a shed burnt down, near us, and the owner then got a heart-attack when he saw the damage?”

Nora mumbles ‘yes’, even though she’s still digging in her memories for the story.
“I saw the fire get started and I ran away and I did nothing to stop it.” Cooper says. Nora thinks very carefully about the construction of Cooper’s sentence. ‘I saw the fire get started..’ and not ‘I started the fire…’.

“How did the fire start?” She asks.
“Toolbox ended up on the ground and there was gasoline and…” Cooper doesn’t know how else to answer.
“Cooper, did you start the fire?”

“Did someone else?”

“I don’t want to say it, because I don’t want that person to get in trouble.”
“Was it an accident?” Nora asks after some hesitation. Cooper looks up at her, a tortured look in his eyes.
“I don’t think so.” He answers, looking almost sick.

“Are you scared of him?”
“Yes. I think so. I’ve been avoiding him in school, but I know he keeps watching me and I’m afraid of what he will do, if I tell on him…. I heard mom talk about Kevin’s friend Alex? Roddy me reminds of that guy…”

Roddy’s name escapes Cooper’s lips without him noticing and Nora pretends that she hasn’t heard it.
“And now you believe that boy’s just as crazy?” Nora asks instead. Cooper shrugs and wipes away his tears.

“He threw rocks at an old cat, just ‘for fun’. He set the shed on fire ‘for fun’. But it’s not funny at all. That man could have died! He could have died of a heart-attack just like grandfather, and it would have been his fault. His and mine.”
“Yours? Why yours?”

“I didn’t stop him, when I should have.” Cooper answers and Nora can see his point.
“Let me think this through a bit and see if I can come up with some solution?” Nora suggests and Cooper gives her a grateful smile. “Now go and play with the girls and let your grandmother think about this problem in peace.” Nora laughs.


Seth pretends he’s reading the magazine in his hands, but in reality he watches how Kitty plays with Evan. He loves these moments, when it’s calm and quiet and there’s just Kitty, Evan and him. He’s always amused by how much Evan knows about dinosaurs and he wonders if Evan will grow up to be a paleontologist.

“Seth! Come and play?” Evan asks, but Seth shakes his head.
“Not now, I’m reading something.” He apologizes. Evan immediately forgets and runs off to his room.
“Is there anything about dinosaurs he doesn’t know?” Kitty asks.

“If he doesn’t, then I certainly don’t know what it is.” Seth smiles. Kitty takes her tea and joins him on the couch.
“I see a bright future ahead for him in history, archeology or something like that…”
“I was thinking something along the same lines.” Seth sighs.

“It’s fun to daydream about your kids like that.” Kitty smiles lovingly, caressing her ever growing belly. Seth’s hand joins hers.
“Kitty, …. Will you marry me?” He asks, way too casually. Kitty gives him a puzzled look.
“Is this a question or a proposal?”

“I …. I don’t know.” Seth answers. “I just …. I think that … with the baby an all… shouldn’t we sort of make our relationship more…. I don’t know… permanent?” Seth asks, wishing by now that he had kept his mouth shut. Kitty stares at her tea-cup.
“I can’t say, that I haven’t thought about it myself….” She starts.

“So, you want us to get married?” Seth asks, not sure if it’s hope or fear he feels.
“No.” Kitty answers resolutely.
“No. I don’t think we’re ready.” She says.

“Not ready? We’re about to have a child.”
“I know. But that was more … accidental? It doesn’t mean we’re suited for ‘eternally ever after’.”
“You make it sound like standing at the gates of hell…” Seth mumbles.

“Sorry. It’s nothing like that.” Kitty answers more cheerful. “It’s just that you don’t exactly give me this ‘yeah, I want to marry Kitty’-vibe. It feels more like a chore on your ‘to do’ list…” An idea comes to her mind. “Did my mom say you should do ‘the right thing’ and marry me?”

“…Wasn’t your mom.” Seth reluctantly admits.
“I’m going to kill Kevin.”
“It’s not him either.”
“Then who?... Oh! Wait! Justin?”

“If he wants a wedding, let him plan his own day.” Kitty says angrily.
“I believe, he just wants what is best for you.” Seth’s voice is calm and gentle and Kitty becomes less angry.

“Pushing you into marrying me, is not what is ‘best’ for me.”
“He’s not ‘pushing’ me. He just made me think about it. Think about my future, our future. You, me, Evan, this baby.”

“Seth, I like our life just fine as it is and I don’t think that getting married will make a significant change.”
“If I ask you something that may be painful, will you not get angry at me?” Seth asks carefully. Kitty looks at him and mentally steels herself. She nods that he can ask his question.

“Is it because of Robert? Because you love him more than me? And what we have isn’t good enough?” He looks right her and she can’t ignore his stare. She bites her lip, before she can start to formulate an answer that will have to calm him down, save their relationship and ease her own unrest.

“Yes. Robert is a large part of that. I still miss him. I still love him. Not more or less than you. It’s not a competition. He’s dead. I’ll never get him back. You’re here. That doesn’t mean you’re a replacement. You’re Seth and you’re completely different than Robert ever was or ever would have been.

I love you for who you are. I’m not comparing notes. But .. I haven’t forgotten Robert either. I’m not ready to be Mrs Whitley. I’m still too much Kitty McCallister…. That, however, doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. I do.”
“And I love you…” Seth answers quietly and he knows that, for now, this will have to be enough.


Scotty clears away the last of the dishes and he looks around for something else to do, but the small kitchen of their apartment is clean. Going downstairs to the kitchen is not an option. He’ll drive everyone crazy. He grabs his phone to check for the 53rd time if Kevin hasn’t called yet.

He places it back on the desk. The desk where a few years ago, Kevin had sat, looking through one of the drawers looking for something. Scotty had watched him from the kitchen-door. He had known that he had overreacted about lending Julia the money to stop the foreclosure on her house.

He had apologized to Kevin, but Kevin had waved it away, telling him that he had been right to worry and Scotty had been pleased to hear that Kevin didn’t play down Scotty’s concerns.
“It’s you I’m worried about.”

“I’m fine. I’m just a little tired of feeling I have to make up for Tommy being such a failure as a father. I did everything he wanted. I was a sperm-donor when I had some serious reservations about it. He was so eager for a child. And he promised me I wouldn’t have to find out who the biological father was.

Then he made me sign his stupid contract saying I’d never tell Elizabeth the truth all under this promise of being a great father. And then he left.”
“He’ll come back… Eventually.”

“It doesn’t matter. Too much has happened. Even if he did come back, I could never forgive him…. It’s over."
“Kevin, I’m so sorry.” Scotty says quietly and he kisses Kevin on his head, just a little sign of comfort that he can offer.

Even now, Scotty can remember how disillusioned Kevin had been. Tommy had been a disappointment, time after time. He had lied to Kevin about being a great father. He had lied about still being in touch with Julia and Elizabeth. Kevin had taken every punch, but Scotty is worried that Kevin can’t take any more slaps to the face.

A little knock on his door takes Scotty out of his thoughts. Scotty opens the door.
“Hey, Scotty, can I come in?” Max asks.
“Yeah, sure.”

“Is Kevin here?”
“No. He’s … not here.” Scotty doesn’t want to tell Max that Kevin is in Seattle. Scotty quickly cleans up some space on the couch so Max can sit down and Scotty sits down as well.

“Where are the kids?”
“A friend of mine, Jordan, has taken them to a McDonalds-restaurant.” Scotty replies.
“Good. Because I didn’t want the kids to accidentally hear the news I have.”

“Which is…?” Scotty asks nervously.
“I’ve looked into the matter of your missing sister in law and I’m confused by what I found out.”
“What is it?” Scotty’s worries get more intense.

“Alright. Seems the cab-driver does remember taking her to the place where the boat would leave. He remembers, because he wondered why on Earth on a woman, about to go on a cruise would be crying so hysterically. He claims that Julia was very upset, but had calmed down by the time she reached the ship and was ready to board.

She left the cab, gave him a fairly good tip and he watched her leave and enter the hall where she was supposed to show her ticket…”
“So, she got on board?” Scotty sighs of relief, but Max shakes his head.

“No. She didn’t. Her ticket was never handed in, her cabin not used and, I’ve spoken to this Oliver, who she was supposed to meet, and he didn’t see her either. He waited for her for hours, but she never showed up and once the ship left port, he got message from her that she was sorry, but that she had changed her mind about going with him.”

“Wait! She didn’t leave with him? But then… Where is she?”
“That’s what I’d like to know. Somewhere between exiting the cab and boarding the ship something happened that made her change her mind and not leave with Oliver after all.”
“Did she plan to come home?”

“Not that I know of.” Max shrugs. “The cab-driver was pretty sure that she planned to go on board, because she told him that she was going to be with a man who would be her future. So, to the cab-driver Julia made it clear that she would be with Oliver, but somehow, within 5 minutes she changed her mind.”

“Could she have seen him with someone else and misinterpreted what she saw?”
“I don’t know, but Oliver had boarded an hour earlier and he was already on board, so she could not have seen him unless she got on board, which she didn’t do. He spent the first few days alone, but then met a girl with whom he got along with very well.

He showed me Julia’s text without much trouble. Said he was sorry he didn’t think more of it, but apparently his relationship with Julia had been one of mixed signals. He believed that she was interested in him, but at the same time, she seemed to keep him at a distance. She didn’t talk much about herself.

In fact, Oliver told me that he was very convinced that Julia had been in an abusive relationship, which explained, to him, the reason why she wanted him to love her and why she was simultaneously afraid to give herself to him.”
“Abusive? Tommy wasn’t perfect, but… abusive?”

“No. He didn’t say that those had been Julia’s words, just that it was his interpretation of her previous relationship.” Max quickly corrects.
“So? What do we do now?”
“Honestly? I’d start to take action and file her as a missing person…” Max answers.


Rose starts to smile when she sees Kevin standing before her.
“Kevin! It’s nice to see you again.” She greets him with a cheerful hug and Kevin answers the hug. “How are you? And that cute husband of yours? I was so surprised to hear you were here in Seattle. And that you wanted to see me.

Coming to see Julia and Elizabeth, I guess? I ran into Julia, by accident, a few months ago. We had only met once or twice…. Coffee?.... Anyway, I asked her then if I could see Elizabeth again, because I really like that little girl. She had started to call me auntie Rose….

Which was just fine with Tommy and me, because we both knew straightaway that I would never be her mommy… Sugar?... Milk? …. So, she promised me I could see Elizabeth, I gave her my phone-number, but she never called me… Guess she didn’t want to be reminded of Tommy, huh?...

These cookies are so delicious, can’t stay away from them….. Well, it’s not like Tommy stayed in touch with me either… In fact, I haven’t heard from him in months, until, a day before Christmas I got a check from him, saying that he owed me something and that he was so sorry for what he had done…

Look at this letter.. . Have you ever seen a letter of apology this short? I couldn’t believe it. Thought the cheque would be bad or something, but, no it was the real deal and I sure could need it. I thought he would call me to find out if I received it okay, but, no, not a single message or call. It’s like I no longer exist, now that he has given me this cheque….”

Kevin quietly lets the waterfall of words wash over him, Within a few minutes he had gotten the information he came to get. Rose hadn’t known that Julia was gone and she had probably no idea where Tommy was either. He plays with apology-letter and he starts to feel really concerned.


Nora places the cookies on the table and checks the coffee again.
“Does anyone know what this is about?” She ask once more. Sarah shakes her head.
“I don’t.” Kitty answers.
“We’ll just have to wait and be patient. Kevin and Scotty will be here any moment.”

“That’s easy for you to say, Justin. I suspect that you already have an idea as to what is going on.”
“Actually, I don’t, Sarah.” Justin answers. “All I know is that Kevin went to Seattle to find Tommy and that he’s coming home and that he has landed at LAX a little while ago.”

“Could it be that he’s bringing Tommy with him?”
“I don’t know, mom, all Scotty told me, was that Kevin had asked him to get the family together.”
“But Justin….”

“Nora, Justin is just as curious and concerned as all of us. We’ll just have to wait to find out what is going on and why Kevin convened a family meeting.” Tyler feels annoyed at the way Nora is harassing Justin for information. Justin gives her a grateful smile.
“Oh, by the way, Sarah, we need to talk about Cooper.”

“What has he done this time?” Sarah sighs.
“Well…” Nora is about tell Sarah what she heard from Cooper about Roddy, when Tyler turns to Nora and the others.
“Kevin and Scotty just arrived.” She announces.



Episode 612 is called "Stand by me" and will be posted 29 January.

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