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Fanfic: B&S episode 611: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 11 – LOST!

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/4 *****

Justin doesn’t turn on the lights in the room. He just grabs a bottle of water and lets himself fall on the couch. After a few sips he lets his head lean against the back of the couch and he closes his eyes.
“Tommy, Julia, you two are giving me a head-ache.” He says to himself.

Sitting there, all alone, he’s suddenly reminded of a little conversation he had with Kevin, when Tommy had disappeared the first time and after the grand opening of Nora’s house for parents of sick children, Justin had returned to Kevin and Scotty’s loft with Kevin and they had sat next to each other on the couch.

“You know what? It was easier being angry at him. Now I wish I could just talk to him.”
“Yeah.” Kevin agrees.
“Remember that night on the beach where all he talked about was starting over?
“A clean slate?”

“I know. I want that.” Justin says
“We all do.” Kevin answers.
“You think he’s gonna come back?”
“I don’t know..”

The lights get switched on and Tyler makes a little startled noise.
“What are you doing here, sitting alone in the dark?” She asks.
“I have a bit of a headache.” Justin replies and it’s not entirely untrue.
“Oh, baby….” She starts.

“It’s okay. It’s just all these thoughts about Kevin and Tommy and Julia and Elizabeth. I feel so sorry for Kevin.”
“For Kevin?”
“He’s trying to do the best he can.”

“We all do. And if he needs us, we’ll be there.” Tyler points out.
“I know, but I still think that it’s unfair that Tommy and Julia put the burden of raising Elizabeth on Kevin. Kevin doesn’t deserve it, to be put in the middle like that. And… I’m still angry that Julia just gave Elizabeth the news that Kevin was her father and then just left.”

“That was indeed very cruel, but what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know. I seriously don’t know, but I can see that Kevin has a hard time dealing with it all.”
“And you want to take that feeling away from him?”

Tyler sits down and wraps her arms around Justin. She loves it when Justin is so protective of his family.
“I can’t do anything. It’s so frustrating. And sometimes I wonder how it would have been if I had been Elizabeth's father. Would Julia simply have left her with me and you?

Or was it easier for Julia to leave Elizabeth because she would be with Kevin and Scotty and not with Justin and Tyler. Would we have been considered 'less able' to look after her?”
“I can imagine that you wonder about this.” Tyler caresses his hair.

“You know what? I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Can we change the subject? How was your day?”
“Busy, but fun. I know I’m not supposed to say this, but I like it so much better in the hotel, when Scotty is at Café 429.”

“Why?” Justin asks with a smile.
“It’s just more peaceful. It’s almost as if his presence makes everyone nervous and edgy. I can’t explain it.”
“Well, he’s still the boss. How did it go with the little memorial for Suzanne?”

“That was so pretty. Did you know that the grandson of the man, who murdered Suzanne, also showed up? He introduced himself to Jason and Jason helped him to talk to Suzanne’s family and he asked for forgiveness for his grand-father’s actions. It was so beautiful to see that the family accepted his apology.”

“Sounds like you had a wonderful day.”
“Yes, it’s days like these that make me happy with my job.” Tyler smiles. Justin closes his eyes and he’s not in the mood to tell her more about his worries for his family.


“Scotty. We need to talk.” Kevin sounds so serious that Scotty nods and he quickly gives a few orders so his hands are free for a little while. He goes into Kevin’s office, where he joins Kevin.
“What’s going on?”

“Good question, I don’t know. Max seems to think that we have nothing to worry about.”
“I disagree.” Scotty says seriously.
“So do I… I understand where he’s coming from though. She’s a grown woman, who just seems to have had some nervous breakdown and left for a while.

And just because we know that she acted out of character, doesn’t mean that Max understands that as well. And I can see his point that maybe she’s very embarrassed or too mortified over her actions to come back, but she’s a mother, she loves her child. This is just too much.”

“So what do we do now?” Scotty asks and Kevin seems troubled for a moment.
“Scotty, I know that what I’m about to say comes at a very inconvenient moment,… for both of us… but… I want to go to Seattle and talk to this Mr Peel in person and perhaps also talk to the principal of Julia’s school…?”

“You want to fly there?”
“Yes.” Kevin sighs. “I know it’s inconvenient…”
“How long will you stay there?”
“I don’t know. I hope two days, three perhaps.”

Scotty looks at Kevin and he shares Kevin’s concern. He knows that Kevin is right about it all being very inconvenient. His time is already limited and taking the care that Kevin that usually would give to the children on top of his own and his work will be stretching his already limited time.

“It won’t be easy… I could ask Jordan to help me. The kids love him…” Scotty thinks out loud. “He doesn’t have a job now anyway…”
“I think that’s a good idea… I’m sorry. I know I’m putting an awful lot on your shoulders…”

“No. No, don’t worry. I see why it has to be done, but I agree, it’s inconvenient.”
“So, I can go?”
“Yeah, I’ll think of something.”
“Well, if you need me… I’m not gone yet…” Kevin smiles and he kisses Scotty gently to show his gratitude.


Mr Peel looks at the man sitting across from him and remains silent for a few moments after Kevin’s explanation. He can see that Kevin is not concerned or impressed by the silence and he smiles softly.
“That is quite a story, Mr Walker.”

“It is, Mr Peel.” Kevin acknowledges. “Which is why I had hoped that you could help me further on my way to find him.”
“I’m sorry, I wish I could, but all he told me was that he would go to Canada and ‘look around’ there…

If it is any consolation,… I did have the impression that he planned on coming back… in time… just not that soon. He seemed hurt and … angry, but controlling his anger… a sort of volcano ready to blow… It all looked calm on the outside, but inside…”
“I think that would aptly describe my brother.” Kevin nods.

Kevin plays with the paperwork in front of him on the table, where he and Mr Peel sat down earlier.
“I know you may consider this a breach of confidentiality… If so, I will understand… but, did my brother make any other arrangements with you, regarding others?”

“Your brother has allowed me to give you, and you alone, any information you could ask for… So, I’m not sure if this falls under his acceptance, but … yes, he made other arrangements… for a certain Rose ….” He checks his papers for her last name, but Kevin stops him.

“I know who she is…. What did he arrange with her?”
“He gave a cheque for 10.000 dollars…”
“Wow…” Kevin answers quietly. “I’m not the one who will find fault in this… He treated her badly.”
“No. We shouldn’t judge.” Mr Peel answers dryly, because he can see that Kevin has a very strong opinion on it.

“I know what Tommy said in his letter, about providing for Elizabeth, but keep a tight budget when it came to Julia…but,… to your knowledge... did he give her extra money besides what I was allowed to do in the letter. Did he draw up a cheque for her as well? Leave her money in another way?”

“If he did, he did not inform me about it.” Mr Peel nods.
“I see.”

“Is that a problem?”
“With what you just told me about Rose, I hoped that maybe he had given one to Julia as well, which would explain why she still hasn’t taken any money from her account.” Kevin answers, disappointment clearly on his face.


“… and I really think I want to do this.” Sarah concludes. Luc makes a little noise. It’s annoying enough as it is, that she just marched into his studio and started talking to him, taking him out of his concentration and the flow of the painting.

“What do you mean ‘what’? I’ve just spent I don’t know how much time on explaining to you, that I want to meet Brody’s family.” Sarah asks annoyed.
“But , Sarah,…” Luc sighs, his mind still more focused on the painting. “Brody doesn’t want you to.”

“What about my feelings?” Sarah asks and Luc realizes that he won’t get any painting done, until she done talking to him.
“What about his feelings?” Luc answers. “He has a good reason to not want this meeting, perhaps you should respect Brody’s wishes for now.”

“And give up on the chance to a meeting with my half-siblings?”
“You’ve managed to live without them for many years and you have amazing siblings right here. Plus, you have your own little family. Why are you so desperate to meet them, especially when they don’t even want to meet you?”

“I think that it might make a difference to them if they see that I’m just another human being, searching for her roots....”
“They don’t want to know you. Brody was clear about that.” Luc reminds Sarah once again.

“...I could book a hotel-room. I’d have to drive quite a while, but that’s alright. If we drive together…”
“I’m not coming with you.” Luc says without hesitation.
“Why not, Luc? It will give us some time to be together. Alone.”

“I want to paint. I have inspiration now and I want to continue my work.” Luc points at the painting. “Besides…. Who’d be looking after Gabe, Paige and Cooper?"
“Ah, yes. I suppose that I could ask mom. Or Kevin and Scotty…”
“Seriously? Kevin and Scotty?” Luc shakes his head.

“Oh, right, I keep forgetting about Elizabeth and this… Mateo. No, you’re right, Kevin is not an option…. It will be too much for Kitty, but maybe Justin wouldn’t mind…?”

“Sarah, I’m not going with you. Not if you’re going this week. If you insist on going now, you’ll have to go alone and I will look after the children…”
“Why can’t you go with me? I could use your support.” Sarah points out and Luc counts to ten.

“Sarah, do you really expect me to drop everything, so you can go after some idiotic plan you have? Something that both Brody and your mother have specifically asked you not  to do? In case you forgot, my last exhibition was completely trashed, because it wasn’t good enough. And I took another good long look at my paintings and the critics were right. It was lacking something.

But I believe that I have that feeling back, right now, and I want to use it while it’s there. It’s called ‘having inspiration’. I want to go with you and hold your hand and be there to support you, but you’ll have to wait until I’m done painting. And that means I won’t leave this week.”

“I don’t want to wait.” Sarah says decidedly.
“And I cannot come with you now.”
“Then I’ll go alone.”
“Think it through, Sarah. Brody…”

“I know, he doesn’t want it, but … it’s my family too and I want to know now and not wait until he’s finally on speaking terms with them again.”
“Whatever…” Luc throws his hands in the air.
“I have to start preparations. I’ll talk to you later..”

Sarah leaves the room and Luc lets out a sigh of relief.
“Yes,” Luc mumbles. “You always talk to me, but you never listen when I say something in return.” He closes his eyes to rid his mind of the negative feelings he has and when he opens his eyes again, he focuses immediately on his painting once more.


“Mr Walker, I have to admit, I find your story most disturbing.” The principal of Julia’s former school says and he’s serious about it too. “I’ve never known Julia as a bad mother. Quite to the contrary, she was devoted to her child. Whatever troubled her, it wasn’t her child…”

“Troubled her?” Kevin asks.
“Yes…. Prior to the holidays she had been already reacting rather … unsettled, dissatisfied with her life, quick to anger… I assumed it had something to do with her desire for the summer to begin. The children are impatient, so are the teachers.”

“She left Elizabeth under my care during a large part of the holidays.” Kevin says.
“I’m afraid that was my fault. I advised her to take some time for herself. Elizabeth always talked with love about her family and I managed to convince Julia to leave Elizabeth with someone other than her ex-husband….”

“Did she indicated that she hated Tommy that much?”
“No. She was still in love with him. That is what bothered her so much. She wanted her freedom back, but at the same time, couldn’t break free from him. She was madly jealous when Tommy fell in love with another woman….

I’ve never seen Julia as mad, as the day after she had met ‘the other woman’. Called her few words, I had never heard Julia use before…” The principal seems still upset over this and Kevin smiles.
“Rose is a bit…. not what we’re used to…” He says carefully. “But she’s not a bad person.”

“No. I don’t think Julia thought so either. She was far more friendlier once the relationship between Tommy and this other woman had broken up. She planned to have Elizabeth and this … Rose? … meet. It would seem that Elizabeth hadn’t disliked Rose.”
“But Julia was jealous?” Kevin asks astounded.

“Yes. Very much so.”
“Because she was still in love with Tommy?”
“She has a funny way of showing that.” Kevin can’t help but say those words.


End of part 3/4


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