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Fanfic: B&S episode 611: part 1/4

Season 6 – Episode 11 – LOST!

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)




***** Part 1/4 *****

Kevin slowly opens his eyes. He reaches out for the alarm-clock, which hasn’t gone off yet. Nearly six. This means he still has half an hour. He turns over carefully, but Scotty moans nonetheless and opens his own eyes.
“Hey.” He speaks slowly, because he’s still sleepy. “Come here.”

Kevin lies closer to Scotty, head against Scotty’s chest and he can Scotty’s heart beat. He lazily caresses Scotty’s back, his fingers making little and bigger patterns. Scotty remains quiet, stuck between sleep and being awake, and enjoying Kevin’s tenderness in the silence of their bedroom.

“I wish it could be quiet like this all the time...” Scotty sighs.
“No, you don’t... The only way we could accomplish that, would be if we no longer had the kids... And I can no longer imagine a life without Daniel, Elizabeth, Olivia and Mateo.”
“Me neither.” Scotty smiles and he kisses Kevin’s hair.

They remain quietly in each other’s arms a little longer, just enjoying touching and caressing each other, without making it something sexual. They are adrift somewhere between being asleep and being awake.
“You didn’t sleep well last night, did you?” Scotty asks needlessly.

Kevin shakes his head against Scotty’s chest and he sighs tiredly.
“I don’t know what to do.”
“My best advice would still be, go to Max and ask for his help.”
“I know... and your advice does make sense, but ....”

Kevin moans softly and crawls even closer into Scotty’s arms. Scotty caresses his hair in a comforting way.
“Kev, Julia said she’d be gone for two weeks. That was three weeks ago. She hasn’t contacted us once...” Scotty starts and he can feel Kevin tense up.

“I know. But ... she’s a grown woman, who was heading for a depression....”
“... who dumped the child she loves with us, left and hasn’t contacted us in 3 weeks. Not a postcard, not a call, not a letter. She didn’t contact anyone else either,.... that we know of...”

“You’re right... I’ll talk to Max later today... alright? Can we just enjoy what little time we have together and actually be together...?”
“I know, babe.” Scotty kisses Kevin on the lips and Kevin replies to his kiss with more hunger than he had planned.
“I miss this...” Kevin sighs.

“Can we ask Chad and Jason to babysit again?”
“No. Not right now... Jason is thoroughly happy that Sophia and Jack are gone. I doubt that I can talk him into giving up his regained freedom to look after our kids...” Kevin laughs.

“Oh, that’s alright. Just five more minutes, please, before mayhem starts again...” Scotty wishes.
“What time did you get in bed, last night? I was so tired I didn’t even notice....” Kevin apologizes. Scotty smiles.

“One thirty. But, not as tired as usual... I swear, Angie is gift of God, and I’m not even that religious begin with, but I must have done something right in my life to have her in my kitchen.”
“She had an amazing teacher...” Kevin reminds Scotty.

“Maybe, but even then... The dedication, the energy, the power... I used to have that...”
“You’ll get back to that, Scotty, I swear...”
“I badly wanted a family, but ... now.. on occasion.... I can almost forgive Julia and Tommy and understand where they’re coming from.”

“We still manage to get our own work going, the kids are doing good in school and all them are fed, clothed and clean. We’re doing a good job, Scotty.... And once Julia will be back, we’ll have the care of one less child and it will give us some room to breathe again..”

“True... which is why I’d like to know when Julia is coming back. I love Elizabeth and the fact that she’s part of our little family right now, but we both know it’s only temporarily...?” He puts a bit of a questioning tone to his voice to see how Kevin reacts and Kevin raises his head.

“I know, Scotty. I have no illusions. She’s ultimately Tommy’s and Julia’s and not mine. I know. I haven’t forgotten or pretended it to be otherwise.” Kevin emphasizes how aware he is of current situation. Scotty gives Kevin an apologetic smile and pulls Kevin back in his arms.

“I just watch both you and Elizabeth walk a very thin line and you two never really seem to know how deal with each other.”
“It’s tough for her to understand that I’m her father, but I’m not, because Tommy is, yet he’s never here...” Kevin sighs.
“It’s tough for you to know that she’s yours, but cannot be so.”

“I knew that before.” Kevin shrugs.
“Doesn’t make it easier.”
“No. But it is, what it is. Elizabeth and I both know the truth now and we have to deal with it.”


Jason watches as Chad adjusts his t-shirt once more and he smiles softly at the realisation that Chad is getting a little tummy. He doesn’t know why, but he finds it endearing.
“I should lose some weight.” Chad says with regret in his voice.

“Mhmmm, love you just the way you are.” Jason answers, giving Chad a little kiss in his neck.
“Can I have one more of those?” Chad begs.
“No. They will distract you too much.”

“Oh, please.” Chad tries one more time, but Jason shakes his head.
“One more will lead to another round of sex, and you have an appointment in one hour. Now get dressed and move.” Jason orders.
“You’re such a slave-driver.” Chad complains not very seriously.

“And you just love it.” Jason answers, giving Chad a quick little spank when he passes and he runs off when Chad makes not-very-convincingly shocked noise.
“Where are you going?” Chad asks.
“To the June-Flower. I’ve been asked to bless the 5th floor.”

“Are you permitted to that?”
“I’m going to do it, permitted or not. I will face my demons.”
“Very brave of you.” Chad laughs.
“I’m off.” One kiss lands on Chad’s nose and then Jason is gone.


Sarah enters her mother’s kitchen, only to find Brody, peeling an orange.
“Where’s mom?”
“Upstairs, getting dressed, we slept in this morning.”
“Too much info.” Sarah replies.

“We slept.”
“Even that is too much info.” Sarah grins. “Listen, Brody, I’ve been doing some thinking about everything you told me about your children. I know they are my half-siblings and I can imagine how hurt you must be that they tried to get rid of you.”

“I doubt that you can understand and I hope you’ll never have to.” Brody corrects her.
“I’ve thinking… What if I went up to see them? Talk to them? So they can see they have nothing to fear from me.”
“That wouldn’t be smart.” Brody warns.

“They are my half-siblings…” Sarah replies.
“Yes. And right now, they don’t like you that much.”
“And that won’t get much better, if I continue to ignore them, like they ignore me.”
“And it won’t help matters if you poke the hornet’s nest.” Brody points out.

“Hornet’s nest? Is that what you call your children?” Sarah supposes that her voice should have been lighter, more teasing, but it isn’t and of course it goes down wrong with Brody.
“Yes! I do! Because they deserve it. I wasn’t that bad a father.”

“You had no issues with walking out on mom and me.” Sarah shrugs, but when she sees Brody’s pain, she regrets her words. “I’m sorry… but I can perhaps relate to your children. You weren’t really there for me either…. If only they would stop seeing me as the enemy.”

“They won’t.” Brody answers in an irritated tone of voice. Sarah takes a deep breath.
“Still, I’d like to try.” She says stubbornly and Brody frowns for a second, obviously wondering if he should go on arguing with her about this, but then he decides not to go on about it. Sarah will have to find out for herself.

“Fine, suit yourself, but don’t come crying to me if they give you the cold shoulder. I warned you they would.” Brody shrugs. “I’ll give you their phone numbers and addresses later on. First, I have to call your mother downstairs, breakfast is ready. After breakfast, I’ll see what I can do for you.”


“So, if I understand you correctly, you want me to start investigating the disappearance of your sister-in-law?” Max asks and Kevin nods. “Kevin, I can’t do that, unless you officially report her as missing. She’s a grown woman, who decided at a certain point to throw her old life overboard and leave….”

“… but without her child?!”
“Kevin, you really don’t want to have to feed the women who walk out on their families. There are just too many of them.”
“Not my sister-in-law.” Kevin shakes his head.

“I understand that it’s hard to see the reality of it, but …. She’s gone.”
“I don’t believe that. Julia is not that type of woman. She loves and adores her child.”
“Yes. Perhaps. But … She feels she left her daughter in a safe and stable place. She left her daughter with you, the child’s biological father, the brother of the man she was once married to.”

“It was supposed to be two weeks. Just the time of the cruise… She would tell this, this Oliver, the truth, and she believed after that there would be happiness forever after.”
“So. She told him the truth. He kicked her out. Dream burst like a bubble. She’s too embarrassed to come back.” Max suggests.

“And just leave her daughter with us?”
“Not making any sense.” Kevin says. “Not if you knew Julia.” There’s a stubborn look on Kevin’s face and Max recognizes that by now.

“Max, I’ve put in charge of both the financial accounts of Julia as well as those of Tommy, but neither of them has done any financial transactions these past 3 weeks. They didn’t draw cash, they made no payments, no credit-card use….?”

Max looks at Kevin and he has to recognize that this is weird. No matter how careful you are with your money, three weeks without withdrawing money is very much. Maybe not for Tommy, who seems to be travelling around, but Julia? On a cruise? In strange places? And never any cash taken up…? He frowns and he’s a bit concerned.

“Listen, if you want I can carefully make some enquiries. Just check if she got on board that ship… How was she on the cruise? Did she seem depressed?… Did she perhaps suffer extremely from sea-sickness? Did she get into a fight with this Oliver? … These are small things I can ask for and hopefully get an answer to.”

“I don’t want you to get into trouble…” Kevin points out. “If I’m supposed to file a missing person’s report first….?”
“Let’s wait with that until I made a few calls and, if I have no answer that will satisfy me, we can still file a report. Don’t worry. I’ll be discreet.” Max promises.


“Hi, Cleo.” Jason greets Cleo like an old friend. These last few weeks he’s been in touch with her repeatedly to learn more about the young woman they found, Suzanne Johanson, and Cleo has learned quite few things about her.
“I’m so excited. Today is the day that we open the memorial room for Suzanne.”

“I know, that’s why I’m here. I wanted to come here and face my own demons.” Jason sighs.
“You’re going up to the 5th floor?”
“Yes. If you don’t mind?”

“No. I’ll go with you.” Cleo says cheerfully and she gets on the elevator with him. Jason feels strangely nervous about being back on the 5th floor. He hadn’t been back since they found him. However, his fear is unfounded. Just stepping out of the elevator, he immediately senses the change in atmosphere.

It’s no longer eerie and dark, but it feels as if a breath of fresh air went through it. It no longer feels oppressive to walk around and the lights seem to shine more brightly somehow. Cleo introduces Jason to some remaining relatives of Suzanne and Jason can’t help but be honored, but also shy, with the thanks he gets for finding Suzanne.

The guests follow Cleo and Jason to room 522, where the door opens to a small area that used to be a storage-room and is now turned into a little memorial-place for Suzanne. The hole in the wall has been fixed and nothing shows any detail about how Chad and Cleo had found Suzanne’s body. On the wall is a large picture of Suzanne.

“As it turns out, the family still had some pictures of her, somewhere in the attic.” Cleo softly tells Jason, because Suzanne’s family take a moment of silence to remember the family-member that had been missing from their lives for so long. “The girl who ran away. The aunt they never got to know. Sad actually.”

“Well, this little shrine is very pretty and she deserves to be remembered. She had been forgotten for too long. Who’s that, over there? Also family?” Jason asks and Cleo looks at the man that Jason mentions. She shakes her head.
“Possible, but I haven’t seen him before.”

She mingles with the family and points to the man, who’s now reading the captions to the pictures of Suzanne. Several persons shake their heads and Jason understand that the man is a stranger to them. So he walks up to the man, who doesn’t seem to belong here in the room.

“Can I help you?” Jason asks. “I understand from the family that you’re not known to them?” The man looks up and there’s something vaguely familiar about him.
“I’m sorry.” He says with a soft accent that Jason cannot place. “I didn’t dare to introduce myself to the family of Suzanne. My name is Hans. I’m the grandson of Jonas, the man who killed Suzanne.”

Hans introduces himself and Jason is shocked. Of course, now he understands why Hans had seemed so familiar to him.
“You know about that? That he killed Suzanne?”

“We always believed that grandfather had turned mad. By the end of his life he kept babbling on and on about ‘Suzanne’ and how she was ‘in the wall’ and he kept saying ‘I killed her, I didn’t mean to, but I did.’ We never understood what he was talking about, until I heard about the body they found here ‘in the wall’.

It was a shock to realize that grandfather had actually been telling the truth. And if ‘Suzanne’ had been found ‘in the wall’, then it was only natural that his statement that he ‘killed her, though he didn’t mean to’ was also true. I came here to apologize to the family, but…. I haven’t got the courage.”

Jason smiles gently, surprised by the man words and the fact that he almost felt personally responsible for the murder.
“Come with me. I’ll introduce you…” Jason invites and he takes Hans by the elbow and guides him closer to Suzanne’s family.


“I sure wish she would stop harassing you about your kids.” Nora says, still annoyed over Sarah’s persistent attempts to get more information about her half-siblings from Brody’s side.
“It’s only natural that she want to meet them.” Brody sighs.

“That may be so, but …”
“I don’t know… It’s not Sarah’s fault that my kids and I aren’t talking. I never thought my kids would turn on me like this and now they have and… I want to be able to see Sarah as ‘different’ from them…”

“She is….” Nora says.
“… but I’m scared of what may happen when she meets them.”
“How bad can it be?” Nora wonders, though in all honesty, it still bothers her that Brody seems to want to keep his family separated from her and Sarah and the Walkers.

“I don’t know, but especially my eldest two are furious. They had to deal with younger half-siblings added to the family after I divorced my first wife and when I married the second. That was tough enough, but they still had their place in the family. They were the eldest two.

However when Sarah got added they suddenly have an older sibling and it seems to threaten their position in the family or something. Suddenly they are no longer the eldest two, but there’s one above them and that must feel strange to them.”
“Maybe, but that’s not a reason to hate Sarah, why don’t they give her a fair chance?”

“I don’t know. Shock? Prejudice? Perhaps they believe that they finally found the reason why I left both mothers? They think I was more in love with you than with my exes? And now they’re jealous that maybe Sarah is more important to me than they are?” Brody guesses.

“Is she?” Nora asks.
“I love all my kids. But I’m glad that, right now, I’m finally allowed to get to know Sarah too. She was often on my mind. You too. I often wondered if she was indeed mine or William’s. Or who she had become. Or how you were doing.

You were a part of my life, my past, my youth and I had many regrets about accepting William’s offer, but at the same time I thought I made the right choice for you. And now I wonder how things could have been if I had stayed. Would Kitty, Tommy, Kevin and Justin have turned out differently if they had been mine?”

“I do wonder how you would have dealt with Kevin’s coming out.”
“Not sure that I would have been better than William. After all, all those years ago, being queer was still just … unacceptable… but… I think I would have come around to the idea faster though.

I certainly would not have let it stand between us for years. I’ve never carried any grudges towards my children. But on the other hand, I wouldn’t have given Sarah and Tommy their business-experience either. I wasn’t much of a businessman.” Brody laughs with self-knowledge.

“Not sure if Tommy wouldn’t have been better off without his desire to follow in William’s footsteps.” Nora sighs, suddenly worried about Tommy again. Brody puts an arm around her.
“Hey, Tommy will be alright. One of these days he’ll suddenly pop up again.”

“I hope so. This ridiculous fight with Kevin has been going on for long enough. It should end.”
“I agree. And I’m sure that Tommy will come to his senses, one of these days, and then he’ll be back.” Brody laughs with encouragement and he gives her a quick kiss on the head.

End of part 1/4


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