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welcome to my fantasies
About LJ and stuff 
21st-Jan-2012 11:08 am
Someone pointed me towards this article: The return of LiveJournal and I found it most interesting to read. In the wake of changes that were made last month,the (99,3% negative) comments to the changes and the subsequent 'screw you' attitude that LJ had, this is what I found most enlightening (and annoying):

LiveJournal's leadership has made it clear that their future American business strategy lies in generating new traffic rather than catering to the service's current small-but-loyal membership.

I know that change is inevitable and that there will always people that don't agree with changes, but if a large group of people feel that their joy on LJ has been undermined, then the reaction of LJ could have been one that showed more respect and dignity than a 'shrug,-if you-don't-like-it,-watch-my-middle-finger-and-get-lost' attitude they have now.

I am now not personally affected by the changes as they target larger communities, but what if the next change does affect me or my joy to be here? Then my feelings will be greeted with the same wall of silence that LJ has now for others. They don't care.

And what "today's new traffic" doesn't see right now, is that, in  a few years from now they will be the  'small-but-loyal membership' who'll get brushed aside, for the next round of changes, because LJ's attitude now also speaks volumes about their attitude in the years to come and, to me, right now, it screams 'not trust-worthy', 'unresponsive' and 'careless'.

I've paid for Marea67 until December 2012 so it will be around for a while longer, no worry. :) But I do notice the migration towards dreamwidth and the less and less posts under the 'friend's page' of LiveJournal, because 'friends' are moving away from LJ. Even I have 'laid claim' on marea67 and sylviane over at Dreamwidth - yeah! my name wasn't used yet.

I've been here at LJ for a little over 4 years and I hate changes, but I will change place if I have to and I will most certainly stop payment for my accounts, if paid-users are treated with so little respect by LJ.
21st-Jan-2012 10:39 pm (UTC)
My sister is so ranting about these things LJ is doing. I agree it is unfair to the members of Lj that stuck with it for so long. Lately as you mentioned people are immigrating to dreamwidth, so I too have created account with my user name (still haven't posted anything though)
30th-Jan-2012 12:27 pm (UTC)
Yes, I have 3 accounts now at Dreamwidth and I'm getting know it better there.
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