marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Twitter? I give up!

Followed all instructions, got rid of cookies, webbrowsing history and whatever else, updated, checked places I never even knew were on my computer, NO! I don't want Google Chrome and NO! I don't want IE9, wasted an entire day on this shit and I'm done! I guess, I'll just have to go on without it. I asked 'Service' for help, but, so far, that didn't help either, (well, I asked yesterday, so perhaps it can still happen - shrug. Of course, if Twitter Service is as good LiveJournal's then I might as well forget about EVER being able to use my Twitter again. - roll eyes.).

For now, however, no more of it, I'm too tired for this nonsense and, guess what, I actually have A LIFE too... ! So, I'm going back to writing my own season 6, which I could have better used my  time on today. The next episode, number 11 already, is called "Lost" and will appear on January 22, 2012, .... provided that LiveJournal DOES continue to work for me. ;)
Tags: marea67 - all sorts of things

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