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Fanfic: B&S episode 610: part 6/6

Season 6 – Episode 10 – I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 6/6 *****



“Merry Christmas, honey.” The waitress nearly sings. Tommy can smell that the coffee is either too strong or too old, but he doesn’t care. He’s in a small truck-stop just outside Seattle, on the way to the Canadian border and the food hadn’t been too bad, just that coffee… He shudders.

“What’s a nice looking guy like you doing in a place like this?” The waitress now asks. Despite the sexy voice, her question seems to be meant as a motherly one. Well, Tommy hopes so, at least, because she looks like she’s way over 50 years old.
“Travelling. I want to cross the border into Canada.” Tommy says.

“Whatever you do, honey, don’t travel with Big Mike over there…” She nods at a huge truck-driver in the corner. “He can’t seem to keep his hands of other men or women. He’s not that picky.…” She says with a big fat wink. Tommy shudders again. “I know that Luke, over there, is leaving in half an hour. Shall I ask him if he’s going?”

Tommy nods mutely. Under any other circumstances it would bother him that she’s bothering him, but not today. He feels completely numb. Yesterday, he had received a text from Julia that had started with “I felt I should give you an update on what’s going on. I’ve met another man and…” He hadn’t bothered to read further.

Though he himself had been temporarily in love with Rose, he had somehow never imagined Julia to fall for another man. Stupid of course. But not as stupid as the pain that had run through him when he realized that he had finally lost Julia. She had been his love-at-first-sight. The flesh of lightning. The only real love of his life…

Even trying to imagine the woman he still loved in the arms of another man, makes him feel sick.
“Hey, honey, Luke is willing to take you with him in his truck….” The waitress returns to tell him. Tommy looks at the man on the other side of the room and nods. He seems reliable, but then,… what does he know?

The man gets up and walks up to Tommy’s table.
“I leave in 20 minutes. That truck over there. You wanna come, you can. But I ain’t gonna wait for you.” He says and he leaves Tommy alone again.

For a moment, Tommy considers that he should continue to read Julia’s text-message, but he can’t. He switches off his phone and pays the waitress.
“Thank you for your help.” He says and he leaves her good tip.
“Honey, I hope you find what you’re looking for….” She answers with a sad smile.

“I already had it all…. I lost it…” Tommy tells her and he grabs his backpack and he leaves for the parking-lot. Approaching the truck, he gets the feeling that he shouldn’t do this, that he shouldn’t leave, but after a deep breath, he ignores the feeling and a few seconds later he climbs on board the truck.


“She what?” Sarah says.
“I swear to God. Justin told me everything.” Kitty answers.
“Can we please leave God out to this mess?” Jason asks.
“Yeah, sorry, Jase, didn’t think about that.” Kitty replies, looking guilty enough.

Kitty apologizes and Jason gives her a grateful smile. He should be used it by now, but it still bothers him sometimes.
“Did I hear my name getting dropped? You’re not gossiping about me, I hope.” Justin asks, entering the kitchen with Tyler right behind him.

“Who? Us? Never! We were just discussing what happened at Kevin’s place last night.”
“You told them?” Justin ask, with a frown at Kitty.
“Yes. I did. It was too good a gossip to let it pass.”
“Come on, Kevin was so hurt last night.” Justin feels sympathy for his brother.

Nora enters the kitchen and puts the glasses on the table so she can fill them.
“Be nice. Kevin and Scotty will be here any moment.” She says.
“It’s going to be a busy at the table tonight.” Kitty starts to count on her fingers.
“So, Kevin will take Elizabeth with him then?” Sarah wonders.

“No, Sarah, Kevin will leave Elizabeth behind, at their apartment, to celebrate Christmas all by herself.” Chad remarks sarcastically. Sarah sticks out her tongue at him, but he’s not impressed and he turns to Nora. “Nora, thank you for inviting Jason, Sophia, Jack and me as well to this dinner.” Chad says.

“That’s okay. I know that Kitty wanted Robert’s children with her, and they are just adorable with Evan. And it will be good for Kevin and Scotty to be with you guys too.”
“Yes, Kitty just brought us up-to-date with what happened with Elizabeth… Kevin must be devastated.”

“I’m not sure.” Nora says. “Kevin has been spending quite some time with Elizabeth, regardless if Tommy was around or not. He just seems to have picked up, where he left off… except now Elizabeth knows that he’s her biological father… Which should it make it even easier for him to keep her close.”

“Mom, you’re acting as if Kevin has some plan for some ‘hostile take-over’ of Elizabeth.” Justin says, feeling annoyed.
“Well, say what you want, but Kevin has been putting himself on the fore-front when it came to looking after Elizabeth.” Kitty says.

“I disagree.” Tyler answers softly. “Julia is the one who constantly put Elizabeth in Kevin’s hands.”
“And Kevin could have told Julia to bring Elizabeth to me, rather than looking after her himself.” Nora points out.

“But he wasn’t with her that much. We were often at the restaurant with the whole group. Cooper, Mateo, Olivia, Daniel… me. We’re often together, so why shouldn’t Elizabeth be with us?” Paige defends Kevin.
“Paige, this is not for you to interfere in.” Sarah snaps.

“But you’re wrong. Everyone acts as if uncle Kevin spent a lot of time with Elizabeth alone, and that’s not true. Both uncles are with the lot of us, playing with all of us and not singling one out.”
“Paige!” Sarah warns. Paige looks at her angrily and marches away.

“You may silence Paige, but you can’t do the same with me, Sarah.” Justin starts. “Kevin was not acting differently towards Elizabeth, than he would be with Cooper, Paige or Evan. He treated her like a niece and Elizabeth never suspected for a second that he was, in reality her father.”

Tommy is her father.” Kitty stubbornly corrects Justin. “Just because Kevin got Julia pregnant, doesn’t mean he’s a father.” She absent-mindedly grabs Sarah’s glass to drink some wine, but Seth takes it out of her hand with a quick look at her belly, for which she gives him a grateful smile.

“Well. He’s a better father to Daniel than Tommy is to Elizabeth. And he’s a better father to Olivia and Mateo than their own fathers were.” Jason feels he has to say this.
“I’m with Jason. Kevin and Scotty are both doing an excellent job.” Chad adds.
“Still that doesn’t mean….” Kitty starts, but the door opens.

Kevin enters followed by Scotty and the kids. The silence that suddenly falls is awkward, especially when they see Elizabeth. It tells Kevin and Scotty that everyone already knows what has happened and Elizabeth presses closer to Kevin, now that all the people suddenly seems so strange to her.

The door between the kitchen and the living-room opens and Evan barges in.
“Uncle Kevin!” He runs straight into Kevin’s arms and after a quick hug he turns to Scotty and then he grabs Elizabeth and Olivia by the hand and starts talking about the presents under the tree…

“Hey! It’s good to see you.” Chad is the first to break the awkward silence and he hugs Kevin and Scotty and Jason follows his lead. Paige, upon hearing that Kevin and Scotty have arrived, returns, less angry, to confiscate Mateo and Daniel. In the middle of the greetings that follows, the door opens again and Saul enters the kitchen. Alone.

“Uncle Saul, I’m so sorry…” Kevin says, he had not seen Saul in person since he heard of the cancellation of the wedding.
“I’m alright, Kev.” Saul says with a rough voice and he accepts the hugs from Scotty and the others.

“Well, if we’re all here. Dinner!” Nora announces and they all flock to the dinner-table. Jack and Sophia immediately take the places on either side of Jason, making it impossible for Chad to sit next to him, but Mateo steals the seat next to Chad, and that is something that makes Chad happy.

Brody and Luc enter with Cooper and soon enough everyone finds a place of their own. It happens with so much noise that no one but Nora,  hears the front-doorbell go off, but then, she was expecting it to ring.
“Jonathan!” Saul says astounded.

“Can we talk?” Jonathan asks and Saul follows him quietly, knowing that everyone is staring at him.
“Why are you here, Jonathan?” Saul asks once they are alone.
“Saul, tell me the truth. The truth. And straight to my face. Do you love me?”

“Do you want to marry me or not?”
“Yes, but…”
“Then what on Earth is holding you back? What have I done? What haven’t I done?”

“It’s not you. It’s me.”
“You? Now, why didn’t I think of that?” Jonathan sighs. “Now what?”
“We were about to get married for all the wrong reasons.”
“I love you. What is wrong about that reason?”

“Nothing. Like I said it’s not you. It’s me. I realized that my wish for a wedding was not so much based on my love for you, but on the lack of trust I have in you. You’ve led a very busy life, you’ve had many lovers, you always knew what you wanted. You’ve done all the things I could only dream of.

I want to tie you to me, because I’m afraid that if I don’t, one day, you’ll realize that I’m not what you’re looking for and then you’ll leave me… but if we were married that would be more difficult, then if we weren’t….”
“Saul, I have no desire to be with someone else.”

“I know that too. I thought about this long and hard, and … if you truly love me, you’ll be with me, whether we’re married or not. And if you’re not serious about me or get sick and tired of me, then a wedding won’t make a difference…. We might as well not get married at all.”

“Saul what is wrong with having it both ways? I love you and I’ll want to be with you and I want to be married to you?”
“Nothing… I just felt that I had pressured you into this. In an attempt to please me, you’re doing something you don’t believe in and that emotionally has no meaning to you.”

“I have to admit that I first did it to please you, as it was that important to you, but … I grew to like the idea… Something official, something more formal, not so casual… I want to marry you and make it evident to everyone that you’re mine, that you’re not one of many, but that you’re the only one.”

Saul looks up at Jonathan, flabbergasted by his passion, his love and his tenderness. Jonathan caresses Saul’s cheek.
“Saul, you are one of the most annoying and complicated men I’ve ever met… I wonder if that is the reason why I love you so much….”

“So, you still want to do this? Get married?”
“Yes… but now we’ll have to postpone it, because everything and everyone has been cancelled…..”
“We really don’t have to, you know. I love you and ….”

“We’ll do it in February…. Valentine’s day? Because I want it.” Jonathan suggests.
“Valentine’s day? Really?.”
“Is there a better day, than the day of love, to get married?” Jonathan teases and Saul is speechless….

By the time they both return to the dinner-table another chair has been added and when Saul, blushing like a teenager who just had his first kiss, announces the newly set wedding-date, everyone in the room goes crazy and congratulations are given to both him and Jonathan.

“I’m very happy for the both of you.” Luc says and he smiles friendly.
“And we’re very happy that you’re back with us.” Nora reacts. “Sarah hasn’t been the same since you left.” She looks around expecting people to agree with her, but all she gets are angry glares from Paige and Cooper.

“By the way, where’s Gabe?” Kitty asks.
“He didn’t want to be where he’s not wanted.” Paige answers in a very catty tone.
“Whatever gave him the feeling he’s not wanted? He’s Sarah’s step-son and a part of this family.” Saul says.

“Luc doesn’t think so. He thinks Gabe is ‘the enemy’.”
“But it’s true, mom. Gabe said so.” Cooper comes to the defense of Paige.
“Really, the two of you have become impossible these last few weeks!” Sarah complains.

Scotty looks Kevin. He has not noticed much change in Paige’s behavior lately. Kevin shrugs. He has only noticed that Paige and Cooper spend more and more time at Café 429 and that Mateo is the reason for Paige to come, but he has no idea why Cooper prefers to come over.

“Luc and mom are getting divorced anyway.” Paige suddenly says out loud and Sarah’s spoon falls on the table with a clanging sound .
“What?!” Nora stares at her oldest daughter in horror.
“You can’t be serious?” Brody asks, equally shocked.

Sarah’s eyes shoot daggers at Paige, who seems unimpressed.
“Luc and I are trying to work through our problems….” Sarah replies stiffly.
“Yes, by getting rid of dad.” Cooper mumbles.
“What did you say?” Sarah looks at her son and usually it’s enough to make Cooper back off.

But tonight Cooper has had enough of pretending that he doesn’t know what’s going on.
“The only reason why dad left was because Luc was jealous.”
“Who told you that? Gabe?”
“No. I have eyes. I’m not a child anymore.”

“Cooper, do you really believe that I made your father leave?” Luc looks from Cooper to Paige.
“Yes.” Paige answers.
“We will talk about this when get home.” Sarah decides.

“So you can yell at us and tell us that we’re wrong and that we must be nice to Luc, without anyone else hearing it?” Paige wonders out loud and Sarah can see from the reactions of others, that the same thought had occurred to them.
“No. Because I don’t intend to make spectacle of myself.” Sarah tries to reply with dignity.

“Too late.” Chad replies and Mateo can hardly hide his laughter.
“Chad, why don’t we get a bottle of wine from the kitchen?” Jason suggests and he grabs Chad by the arm and pulls him towards the kitchen. “What is wrong with you?”
“Oh, come on, she’s lying.”

“I know, but still…” Jason takes a deep breath and Chad sees a grin come to his face. “Yes, it’s usually too late by the time the Walkers decide to not make a spectacle of themselves…”
“Not that I’m disagreeing, but I do remember another family who’s quite good at it.”

“I know, I should keep my family away from artichokes.” Jason agrees.
“And while we’re being honest…. I know we’ve been trying to make our family a bit bigger, by having a child… but…”
“Chad, I’ve thought about this, but I don’t want a child. Not yet anyway.”

“You don’t?” Chad asks astounded.
“But you’re great with kids. And I know that family is important to you and … I really thought you wanted this….”

“I do like kids. I love Evan. I love Jack and Sophie. I really enjoyed babysitting over Daniel, Olivia and Mateo. Paige and Coop are just fun and I’m sure I’ll love Elizabeth too, if I would get to know her better, but …. In the end I’m always glad to give them back to Courtney or Kitty or Kevin and Scotty. I like my freedom.”

“I thought you wanted a family.”
“I do… One day…. Some day… When you’ve grown up…” Jason teases.
“That’s going to take forever…” Chad jokingly whines with self-knowledge and Jason pulls him closer to kiss him.

“Hey, you two. There are people waiting for the wine in there.” Mateo says and he grins when he sees the two push apart with an embarrassed look on their faces. Chad and Jason grab the wine and leave the kitchen. And Mateo looks for Kevin’s phone, that Kevin had sent him to search for.

“Need any help?” Paige asks.
“No. I got it.” Mateo answers. “What? Where you banned to the kitchen?”
“I don’t think mom likes me much right now.”
“Well, maybe you shouldn’t have said something nasty about Luc.”

“He had it coming. I’m so mad that he chased my father away. I was glad to see that mom and dad were getting along again, and then Luc had to ruin everything.”
“Well, if your mom and dad got very close, then maybe your step-father had a reason to be jealous… Especially if he loves your mother.”

Paige shrugs and is about to answer when something else catches her attention.
“Who put up that mistletoe over here? This is such a stupid place, people hardly ever stand still here.” she wonders.
“We do.” Mateo grins and Paige begins to blush, but it doesn’t stop her from coming closer.

Mateo takes a step nearer too and is about to kiss her, when Sarah’s voice sounds from the living-room.
“Paige! Have you found it?!” Paige jumps away, startled by her mother’s voice and she grabs the stack of napkins she came for.

When she turns back she sees that Mateo is still under the Mistletoe, she smiles, walks back to him, plants a firm kiss on his cheek and runs off, leaving Mateo behind, surprised and amused. For a moment he plays with Kevin’s phone and he waits for his heart to beat at normal speed again and then he returns to the living-room.


Kevin and Scotty enter their apartment. Olivia and Elizabeth are both exhausted and Daniel is half asleep on Mateo’s arm.
“I’ll put Mateo to bed, why don’t you two take care of Olivia and Elizabeth.” Mateo suggests, not entirely comfortable with helping with either of the girls.

“Oh, that would be great.” Scotty replies grateful and he and Kevin help Olivia and Elizabeth to get changed and get in bed. Both girls try to convince Kevin and Scotty that they are too tired to brush their teeth or comb their hair and both Scotty and Kevin agree that, they are can skip it this once.

The girls are asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows and Scotty and Kevin now go to Daniel’s room, where Mateo is about to adjust the sheets around Daniel.
“He’s out as well.” Scotty says, watching his sleeping son. Mateo nods.
“He was so excited with all the Christmas-wrapping-paper. Played with it for hours.”

“Thanks, Mateo, you’re a great help.”
“It’s alright… Thanks for the lovely gifts, by the way… I didn’t expect anything…” He shyly hugs both Kevin and Scotty.
“Well, you deserved it. You’ve been great so far, and we’re very happy you’re here.”

“It’s nice to hear that… After all these years of being told that I was just taking up space.”
“Don’t stay up too late?” Kevin smiles. Mateo shakes his head.
“I’m too tired as well. Your family is exhausting.” He laughs.

“Tell me about it.” Scotty jokes.
“Hey! It’s still my family, you know.” Kevin protests sweetly.
“And I love them…” Scotty immediately replies.
“Me too.” Mateo adds.

Kevin and Scotty watch him close the door to his room and go to their own bedroom, where Kevin lets himself fall on the bed. Scotty smiles and starts to undress.
“I’m too tired.” Kevin answers.
“Here, let me help.” Scotty takes off Kevin’s shoes and socks.

He reaches out for the button Kevin’s pants, when Kevin’s hand grabs Scotty’s wrist.
“Not unless you mean it.”
“Thought you said you were tired….” Scotty teases.
“Not that tired….”

Scotty gets up and locks the door.
“Locking the door? What if one of our kids needs us…” Kevin gives Scotty a sexy smile and he takes off his shirt. Scotty watches Kevin and he bites his lip, trying to control the desire that starts to make him feel hot and cold at the same time.

“They can knock.” He answers, throwing his own shirt on the floor.
“Good point.” Kevin agrees and he disappears under the blankets, but peeks to see how Scotty undresses himself further. Scotty slips under the blankets as well and without much hesitation he claims Kevin’s lips.

He carefully rolls on top on Kevin and makes the kiss more intense and deeper. Kevin wraps his arms around Scotty and pulls him closer. Scotty breaks the kiss long enough to gaze into Kevin’s eyes, before giving him another little kiss on the lips.
“I love you.” He says, suddenly amazed by how deep his love for Kevin is.

Kevin seems to be equally taken by surprise, considering that he gives Scotty a confused look.
“Glad to hear that… I … I love you too.” Kevin laughs a little insecure. Scotty caresses Kevin’s face and kisses him once more.



I will take a few weeks off at this point, returning either 15th or 22nd January 2012. :)
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