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Fanfic: B&S episode 610: part 5/6

Season 6 – Episode 10 – I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 5/6 *****

Tyler and Justin carry the last of the dishes to the table.
“Time for dinner.” Scotty announces and Mateo puts Daniel in his chair, while Olivia quickly ‘steals’ the chair next to Tyler.
“I’m very happy, you invited us to dinner, Scotty.” Justin says and Scotty smiles shyly.

Kevin opens a bottle of wine and Mateo places the pitcher of water closer to Justin, who gives him a grateful smile. He likes the young man very much. Kevin is the last one to take a seat, but he’s hardly on his chair or there’s a loud knock on the door.
“That must be Angie.” Scotty replies and he gets up to open the door. “She’s in charge of the kitchen.

Expecting Angie, he’s quite surprised when it’s Julia who enters instead.
“Julia. What are you doing here?”
“I’m here to bring Elizabeth.” Julia answers and she places a large suitcase in front of Scotty and pushes Elizabeth towards it.

“What?” Kevin asks surprised. He quickly looks at Scotty, expecting that this is known to his husband, but Scotty seems just as clueless.
“I know, it’s short-notice, but… I’m sure that you’ll love to have Elizabeth here…” Julia starts.

“You can stay of course, there’s enough food…” Scotty stammers, not sure what is going on, but not wanting to be a bad host either. Julia shakes her head.
“I’m not staying. I just came here to bring Elizabeth.” She states once more. Kevin approaches her.

“I don’t mind that we have to babysit her, but … Tomorrow is Christmas and. …” Kevin searches for words to explain his discomfort that he has no gifts for Elizabeth.
“... Santa might not be able to find Elizabeth?” Justin finishes his brother’s sentence. Julia smiles sadly, wondering once again, home come she got stuck with Tommy.

“Santa’s gifts are in the suitcase… Kevin, you’re such a caring father…. It’s why I’m sure that Elizabeth is better off with you.” Kevin looks at the suitcase, suddenly realizing that it is big. Very big.
“That is either a big gift or Elizabeth is staying here for more than one night?”

He asks his question very carefully, as a sudden feeling of dread comes over him.
“She’s going to stay with you and Scotty for a while.” Julia says. Elizabeth seems as stunned as Kevin over her mother’s words.
“A while?” Kevin echoes.

“What?.... Have you been drinking?” Scotty wonders.
“Or are you high?” Justin now also mixes himself further into the conversation.
“Neither. Oliver is such a wonderful man. And he wants to go on a holiday with me. Two weeks away from everything and I want og go with him.

However, he doesn’t know that I have a daughter and I have no intention to tell him, for the time being. I just want him to get to know me first, and once he’s sure that he loves me, than he will love Elizabeth too.”
“Julia, you can’t start a new relationship on a lie.” Scotty points out.

“I have to. I just wanted one evening of fun, nothing serious, but Oliver turns out to be everything I’ve ever wanted and I believe he can make me happy. And, as I said before, once I have him for sure, I’ll tell him the truth.” Everyone just stares at her. Tyler is the first to regain her voice.

“You’re delusional, if you think this will work.” Tyler says, but Julia doesn’t want to hear it.
“So you dump Elizabeth here with Kevin?” Scotty asks.
“Well, Kevin is her father after all.” Julia replies calmly and the silence gets even heavier.

“What?!” Elizabeth’s astounded voice sound very little in the large room and her eyes are big as she looks from Kevin to Julia.
“Julia!” Justin cries out in horror, which is echoed on the faces of Scotty and Tyler.
“Julia, have you lost your mind?” Kevin wonders in total shock.

“That’s right, sweetie," Julia says, turning to Elizabeth. "Tommy Walker is not your real father, he’s in fact your uncle, because your uncle Kevin is in fact your real father…. That is also why you have that scar on your belly, in the same place as him. You needed a piece of liver from your dad and that is why Kevin had surgery, together with you.”

Julia’s voices trembles a little bit, when she sees how Elizabeth blinks her eyes and how she tries to understand all the information that is dumped on her by her own mother. Elizabeth turns around and sees the horrified looks on a lot of faces. Obviously she’s not the only one who’s world just got rocked.

“Are you insane?” Kevin softly asks, hardly able to control his anger. “How dare you? She didn’t know, did she? She had no idea, when she walked in her, did she? You said you’d wait until she was old enough to understand . How can you just drop this bomb on your daughter like this? ….”

Our daughter. She’s yours too.” Julia says once again, she starts to shake with fear and anger. “She’s your daughter too. Don’t you dare to say that it isn’t so!”
“I’m sorry, but what the hell do you want me to do? I agreed to be a donor when you couldn’t get pregnant. Justin and I were never to know who the father was.

But then Elizabeth got sick and needed help. I helped you out. And what was the thanks I got for it? When I told Tommy that I trouble dealing with the knowing he told me fuck off with my feelings and just deal with it on my own. He made me sign a piece of paper saying that I was to never tell Elizabeth that I’m her father…”

“I’m not responsible for Tommy’s actions.”
“And I am?!” Kevin retaliates. “Elizabeth is Tommy’s child!”
“No. She’s not! Tommy is just the worthless man I was married to at the time that I got pregnant. She’s your child. She’s your responsibility.”

My responsibility?!! Isn’t that fucking convenient? Tommy and you both deciding to have some emotional breakdown and dump your kid with Scotty and me? ... You just can’t be serious!!”
“Elizabeth goes to the same school as Olivia. She loves to be with you and Scotty. I’m sure you can provide her with everything she needs.

And it’s not like you don’t have the cash… But just so that I don’t have to hear anyone whine about that….” She hands Kevin an envelope that contains money. “Here’s nearly 1000 dollars. Enough to take care of Elizabeth for a few weeks.”
“I don’t need your money.” Kevin pushes it away and the envelope ends up on the floor.

“Whatever you want.” Julia says and she looks at Elizabeth one more time. She sees in her daughter’s eyes all the pain and the inability to understand. Kevin’s expressive eyes, Elizabeth has them. It takes Julia’s breath away, it hurts so much to have to leave Elizabeth, but she deserves her own happiness too.

And once she finally has that happiness, she will share it with her daughter. She swears to that. But for now, … she caresses Elizabeth’s hair and then her face. One more kiss.she gathers all her strength and she turns around to walk away, not even spending one more look at her daughter.

Everyone is still frozen when she turns around and runs down the stairs and enters the bar-area of Café 429.
“Julia!” Scotty is the first to have caught up with her. “You can’t be serious? You can’t do this to Kevin.You and Tommy can’t go on flinging Elizabeth back into Kevin’s arms whenever it suits you!” He yells angrily. “Have you any idea how much that hurts him?”

Julia stops in the middle of the room. Both the bar-area as the restaurant-area are full of people, who are looking up from their dinner. They all hear Scotty’s distressed words and Julia’s words of reply.

“Your husband is the father of my child. The whole world can know this now. I no longer care about that. Kevin is Elizabeth’s father. Deal with it!” Scotty remains frozen to the ground, unable to understand how Julia can be so cold.

It isn’t until he feels a hand on his back that he snaps out of it. It’s Justin, who runs past him and after Julia. Scotty follows Justin out the door, just in time to see Julia get into a cab and drive off.

“Julia!!!!” Justin yells, but the car simply speeds away and after a few seconds the red tail-lights disappear around the corner.
“Has the world gone mad? What the hell just happened?” Scotty asks, out of breath.
“Beats me, but I believe that Kevin and Elizabeth are going to need us … upstairs.”

“She’s gone. Julia is gone… Hah!... I… I don’t believe this!….What do we tell Elizabeth?”
“That her mother is gone.” Justin answers dryly. “I think that after all that’s been said, this bit of news won’t be the weirdest to deal with for Elizabeth… I just think that she shouldn’t be lied to about anything at the moment. Be honest.”

“I don’t get it. How can Julia do this? To her own daughter?” Scotty asks himself.
“She’s been under a lot of pressure lately. Unable to get job. Dating. That business with Tommy and all his arguing. She told me, a few days ago, that she has trouble sleeping. I think that it all became too much for her.”

“Too much for her? Will that be her excuse for what she did tonight?” Scotty asks angrily.
“People react differently to pressure. Some take drugs…” Justin points at himself. “And some people just run off. Like Tommy…. and now Julia too... And others cheat….” Though he doesn’t explicitly make this about Scotty, Scotty does get the message.

Justin feels bad about his words when he sees the painful look on Scotty’s face.
“I’m sorry. That wasn’t nice. Two years ago, you let a bad situation get the better of you. You lost it. You made a mistake. You did something you can’t undo. Not ever. All you can do is live with the consequences.

And, I believe that, right now, Julia is the one drowning in her problems. She made a bad decision tonight, Scotty. She has just said and done things that she can never take back. But I’m sure that once she regains her senses, she’ll be SO sorry for what she’s done. Just like you were. I have to believe that, Scotty.

That woman who just ran off tonight, isn’t the Julia we know. We all know Julia. She’d die for Elizabeth. She loves her child unconditionally. I’m sure that a good night of sleep and some time to clear her mind, will make her see how wrong she is. And she’ll be back.”

“Yes, she will be!” Scotty nods angrily. “And she’s going to come here and take Elizabeth away from Kevin again. You remember Kevin? Your brother? Who was supposed to be only a donor? But who gets turned into ‘the daddy’ to pick up on Tommy’s responsibilities when Tommy decides it’s the time of the year to be a douche-bag again!

And now he can be ‘the daddy’ because the mom has a nervous breakdown! It’s always Kevin who ends up paying the price! Because Julia is going to come back and she’s going to rip Kevin’s heart out again, by taking his child again, who of course won't be his baby anymore, when he’s not longer needed by either Tommy or Julia!”

Justin takes a step back. He can’t recall ever having seen Scotty this angry. Scotty sees his reaction and calms down a bit. He raises his hands in a sign of surrender.
“I’m tired of seeing the man I love get hurt by people who just don’t deserve his loyalty or his love…” Scotty says softly.

Justin bows his head. True. He hadn’t thought of the repercussions for Kevin. He remembers, right after the operation, it had been tough for Kevin to deal with all these emotions about finding out that Elizabeth was biologically his. Just like it had taken Justin a few days to come to terms with the fact that she wasn’t biologically his.

“I’m sorry. You’re right. I hadn’t thought of the impact on Kevin… Or you…”
“Or our kids…. We adopted Olivia with the idea that she would be our only child. She had to deal with Daniel being added to the family, then with accepting Mateo in our lives and now …

And what about Elizabeth…? She’ll be with us for God-only-knows how long…. At least, until either Tommy or Julia become the adults again that they are supposed to be and then Elizabeth gets taken from us away again, because we just became useless again, until the next drama anyway. And so, we keep floating from one difficult moment for Kevin to the next.”

Justin frowns. He hadn’t thought about that either. He had been too shocked with Julia’s entire attitude to even think ahead of time, but he had to recognize that Scotty was right about the impact on Kevin’s own little family.
“Shall we go back to Kevin and Tyler and see what we can do?” He then says.

He wraps an arm around Scotty’s waist and gently guides him back inside. He watches Scotty go up the stairs with deliberately slow steps and he knows he can’t take away any of Kevin or Scotty’s burdens. All he can do right now is just be a good brother and be there for Kevin, Scotty, Olivia, Daniel and Mateo… and Elizabeth… and Julia. And what about Tommy?


“Julia is gone.” Justin announces, when he sees that Scotty can’t find the right words. Elizabeth’s eyes are wide with pain and shock and Justin softly suggests: “Why don’t we all sit down and have dinner?” His voice is normal and calm and everyone quietly sits down, the more cheerful mood is completely gone.

Tyler and Justin exchange looks, understanding that the balance in this family is upset. They are all confused and shocked. Elizabeth remains frozen to ground and not even Scotty gentle request to join them at the table can make her move. It isn’t until Kevin says something to her that she seems to acknowledge the world around her again.

“Elizabeth, honey, please come and sit down.” She stiffly walks up at the table and she sits down next to him. Scotty serves the food and everybody is trying to act like nothing is going on. The atmosphere is weird. Not hostile, but more as if everyone is waiting for something to happen.

Their conversations are limited to requests of one what the other should pass. Everyone is staring at each other, only to look away when they see eyes fixed on them. Even Daniel seems to understand that something is going on and quietly lets Tyler and Scotty feed him.

Elizabeth stares at her dish, she plays with her food, but doesn’t eat. She doesn’t look up or around her. Her eyes are fixed on the fork browsing through the few green-beans before her. Kevin looks around at Justin and Tyler and Scotty searching for help, but they all avoid him and he realizes this can’t go on.

“Elizabeth, baby, you have eat something.” He says and that is when he sees a tear fall on the dish. “Elizabeth…” Kevin whispers with love, unable to remain unaffected. In one sob she flies into his arms, she holds on to him and starts to cry. Kevin holds her as close as he can without hurting her. His tightly closed eyes are unable to hold his tears.

The silence from the others becomes even more crushing. No one seems to know what to do or what to say, until Scotty gets up and leaves the dinner area, a few unneeded spoons in his hands. He walks over the kitchen-area, where he angrily throws them in the sink.

Justin jumps up and follows Scotty, while Tyler puts aside her napkin and joins Kevin, where she gently rubs the back of the still crying Elizabeth.
“Scotty, Kevin needs you.” Justin says softly.
“I know, but, right now, I’m just so incredibly mad at Julia. How could she do this?”

“I don’t know. And I’m sure that Julia will feel even worse once she’s realized what she has done.”
“I don’t care about her feelings, let her choke on them! All I care for are Kevin and Elizabeth. They’re both hurt because of this.”

“Yes, and they both need you. So, put your anger at Julia’s actions on hold and go to Kevin.” Justin gives Scotty a push back to the table. Scotty gives Justin an angry glance, but then moves to Kevin, where Elizabeth is slowly calming down.
“Feeling a bit better?” Kevin asks Elizabeth.

He gratefully accepts the handkerchief Scotty gives him and quickly wipes away his own tears, before concentrating on Elizabeth’s.
“No. Yes. I think so.” She answers and she lets Tyler wash her warm face with a cold towel.

“I don’t understand…” Elizabeth then whispers. “I don’t understand why mommy says that you are my father, when she was married to my dad and you’re with uncle Scotty. Were you in love with mom before?” By the look on her face she betrays that the idea itself is inconceivable to her and Kevin shakes his head.

“I like your mom a lot, but I’ve never been in love with her. Or she with me.” Kevin answers. “It’s more complicated than that…” He looks up at the others, but no one seems to want to give Elizabeth some sexual education. Olivia comes up with something though.
“Elizabeth, did your mom tell you how Kevin and Scotty had Daniel?” She asks.

“Yes…” Elizabeth nods. “… a boy in school said that two men or two women can’t have babies together, and I asked mom and she explained that Uncle Kevin and Uncle Scotty went to the hospital, where they took a little piece of both of them and mixed things up and put it in the belly of a woman who then got pregnant… Like some sort of milkshake.”

Elizabeth starts to blush and she hides against Kevin when she sees a smile appear on the faces of Scotty, Justin and Tyler. Feeling stupid she looks up at Kevin, who manages, just in time to look serious again. He caresses her cheek and gives her a little nod and whispers ‘well done’ to her.

That is a…. fairly good explanation of what happened…” Kevin says out loud. “It is actually far more complicated, but l think a milkshake is a reasonable explanation for it.” He gives the others a warning glance to not make Elizabeth feel as if she’s being laughed at.

“I don’t think I’ll ever look at milkshakes the same way again.” Mateo sighs, breaking the silence of the others. Justin grins and he takes Elizabeth’s hand to get her attention.
“I think Kevin is right and Julia tried to explain it the way a 7-old could understand. Kevin is right though. It is in reality far more complicated.

What you should know is that the about the same thing happened with you. Normally, when a man and a woman are together they can make babies, but Tommy and Julia couldn’t. Julia could have a baby, but Tommy could not make her pregnant. So he asked Kevin and me for help, so that you would at least be a Walker, like Cooper and Paige.

We went to the hospital and they … took a piece of us?...” He repeats Julia’s explanation. “which was put inside Julia and then you came to be.... But you were always supposed to be Tommy’s baby. Nor Kevin, nor I would have to find out who your real father, your biological father, was.

But then you got so sick and you needed a liver-transplant and then we had to find out and it turned out you were Kevin’s.”
“But that didn’t change anything. You were still Tommy’s baby and my niece…. As far as all of us are concerned.”

“You don’t want me?” Elizabeth asks quietly.
“Fell for that trap.” Scotty whispers, to no one in particular.
“You’re not my baby…. Your Tommy’s .” Kevin repeats, but his voice is less certain than before.

“For the law, on paper, for all those around us, for all everyone knows, you’re Tommy’s child and not Kevin’s.” Tyler carefully explains. “Kevin is not allowed to put a claim on you. He is not allowed, by the law, to tell you that he wants you. You’re not his to want.” Elizabeth looks around and then back at her hands.

“I’m tired.” She says. “And I’m not hungry.”
“It’s okay, baby, you can catch up tomorrow. Do you want to go to bed?” Scotty asks. Elizabeth nods quietly.
“I’ll help.” Olivia immediately offers and she slips off her chair


End of part 5/6


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