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Fanfic: B&S episode 610: part 4/6

Season 6 – Episode 10 – I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 4/6 *****

“Julia!” Oliver’s voice on the phone is warm, cheerful and friendly.
“Oliver… I don’t have much time, but I wondered if your offer for the cruise still stands?”
“Yes, of course, but what….?” Oliver starts to ask, but Julia cuts him off.

“I’d like to go with you.”
“But you had made other plans?”
“I’ve thought it over, and …. I want to get to know you as well. I want to be happy again, and I believe I can be happy with you…” Julia softly says.

“How about we meet tomorrow for lunch and I’ll give you all the details?”
“Lunch? … Yes. Good idea…. And, Oliver, how much do I owe you for the ticket?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. It was a gift to you. I’m not going to let you pay for it.”
“Thank you for that.” Julia says, grateful with his words, because, right now, she can’t afford the cruise at all.


“Did Julia seem alright to you?” Kevin asks, when Scotty finally joins him in the bedroom.
“Julia? A bit tired perhaps? She’s been trying so hard to get a job and get back on her feet and she just keeps failing. I know what that feels like. It’s exhausting. I’m sometimes worried that she’s heading for a depression.”

Kevin nods, but says nothing. Scotty wraps an arm around his husband.
“Are you worried about Julia or about Elizabeth?”
“Can I say that I’m worried about both? Elizabeth spends too much time here and Julia spends too little time with her daughter.”

“I agree. But I’m sure that once Julia has a job, it will be one less worry on her mind and then she can focus on Elizabeth again.” Scotty’s words make sense to Kevin and he lies down. A few seconds later he feels Scotty’s chest against his back. Scotty’s arm is around him.

“Mhmm, I needed this.” Kevin mumbles and he can feel Scotty’s grip tighten.
“I thought you would.” Scotty kisses Kevin’s shoulder. “Don’t worry so much, sweetie. It will only give you wrinkles. I promise you that Julia and Elizabeth will be alright and we will be alright too.”



“Well, aren’t we in a good mood today.” Dan grins, as he watches Justin step inside.
“It is official.” Justin hums. “Tyler is divorced. That idiot is permanently out of her life.”
“And you know what this means, don’t you?”

“I do?” Dan asks and Justin bends towards him and shows him an engagement-ring.
“For me?! How unexpected, dude! And I know you’re very liberal about gay men and such… And Kevin and Scotty are very nice, but… ahm…. you’re not my type.” Dan grins.
“Screw you. This is for Tyler.”

“And now I’m offended, disappointed and hurt in my feelings.” Dan pouts and Justin laughs.
“You’re such a girl sometimes… What do you think? Will she take it and say yes?”
“She has to. She loves you…. Speaking of Tyler, here she comes…”

“What? … Tyler? What are you doing here?”
“I tried to reach you, but your phone is off.” Tyler answers. “I don’t have to work tonight and Scotty called, wondering if you and I wanted to join Kevin, him and the kids for dinner. I’ve already said yes. Just wanted to see if you agree, if not, I’ll call Scotty and tell him dinner is off.”

“If Justin doesn’t want to with you, I’ll go.” Dan jokingly suggests.
“It’s good to know, that I have an alternative.” Tyler laughs.
“Well, if you put it like that, I’d rather you go with me. Tell Scotty, I’ll be there tonight.” Justin laughs, not feeling in the least bit threatened by Dan’s offer.

“Oh, by the way, Tyler, congrats on your divorce.” Dan says. Tyler grins.
“Thanks. I’m glad that it’s over and that I have my freedom back. I wish I would have gone to Kevin sooner to get a better lawyer. She was expensive, but absolutely worth it.”
“And now you’re free to marry the right guy.” Dan laughs.

“Are you proposing?” Tyler grins. “No. No thanks. As it is, I’m going to enjoy my freedom and I don’t think I’ll ever get married again… I have to be at the hotel, so I have leave. I’ll see you tonight, Justin. ” She gives him a quick kiss, waves at Dan and Justin, who watches her leave with a sad look on his face.

“Hey, don’t worry, she’ll change her mind when she sees the ring.” Dan says.
“I think, I’ll wait a little longer….” Justin answers.
“Good idea… I guess, she’s too happy to be rid of the ex. I’m sure that she’ll love to marry you, once that’s over…”

“Yeah…” Justin doesn’t quite believe it.
“And otherwise you can always marry me. I’d need a bigger ring though.” Dan jokes and Justin starts to laugh.
“It’s good to know, that I have an alternative.” He teasingly repeats Tyler’s words.


“Hi, Diane, this is Julia, sorry that I have to leave you this message , but I don’t want you to worry, if you won’t hear from me for two weeks. I’m going away on a cruise with Oliver and … I could really use the break… Maybe two weeks away from everything will clear my mind and help me to get back to myself.

Everything has been taken care off. I no longer have any of my things at your house, so you can move. Everything is safely at Nora’s place, where Elizabeth can still access them, if she needs to. I will give all my paperwork to Kevin. I’ve notified Tommy, by text, of my plans to leave, so that he knows where Elizabeth is…

I’m still very busy, so I may not speak to you again. Just in case I don’t, I wish you a merry Christmas…. I’m very grateful that you helped. I am. … Let’s hope that the next year that will bring us even more happiness, alright? Bye.” Julia hesitates, but not knowing what else to say, she switches off her phone.


“Where are Sophia and Jack?” Chad asks, when Jason enters their bedroom, where he’s lying on the bed.
“Playing some computer-game.” Jason replies tiredly. “They are great kids, but they are a handful.” He sighs.

Chad manages to just keep the words ‘they are spoilt little brats’ in, knowing that Jason loves his niece and nephew.
“What are you doing here anyway?”Jason asks. “Headache?”
“Reading a script.” He holds a stack of papers. Jason takes a sharp look at it.

“Upside down? That must be exhausting.” He comments dryly. Chad looks caught, but quickly rebounds.
“It gives you a different perspective.”
“R-r-r-right.” Jason obviously doesn’t believe him. “You don’t like them much, do you?”

“Sophia and Jack.”
“They’re okay.”

“I just… I don’t think they really like me….” Chad explains.
“Maybe because they feel that the feeling is mutual?” Jason tries.
“Is it? Is that the vibe I give? Because I’m really trying to like them.” The words come out wrong, he knows it. “I mean…”

“Don’t try and talk yourself out of this. It will only get worse.” Jason answers and he sighs. “It’s alright. I noticed the same reaction when I was still with Kevin. From the kids. From Kevin. It’s true, they don’t seem to like it, that their uncle has a partner… And they act out on that.”

“I know you love them. So, I’m trying to be nice. But … I have to admit… Evan is much easier to get along with.”
“It’s alright… But.. if we have a child of our own, you can’t hide in the bedroom forever, you’ll have to deal with him or her too?”

Chad freezes. Ah, so this is a test about his parenting skills. A test he apparently just failed.
“I know. And I will deal with our kid, … but that’s not the same as having someone else’s kid to deal with.” He says. Jason wants to say something about that, but then they hear Jack call out for Jason and Jason shrugs and leaves the room.


Sarah hears the keys in the key-hole and stiffens. The kids are in school and she’s home all alone. She walks up to the door and is surprised to see who’s standing there in front of the door.

“Hello, Sarah.”
“I’d thought you’d still be in France.” She smiles.
“I didn’t think we could solve our issues from there.” Luc replies tiredly.
“I agree…. Are you feeling better?” She asks carefully.

“I’ve done a lot of thinking, if that is what you mean.”
“And have you come to some conclusion?”
“Yes… that we need to make some changes, Sarah. I know, that you’re used to making your own decisions, lead your own life, and you’ve been alone for a long time…”

Sarah doesn’t quite agree with the ‘long time’, thinking of Graham, but she lets Luc talk.
“…. But you’re not anymore. You’re married. To me. I want to be a part of that relationship and not some…. After-thought. A name on your to-do list. I’m not stupid. Talk to me.

I may not always completely understand at first, but I’ll ask and I’ll let you explain. I want to help you with your life, your work, your kids, just as much as I’d like to be able to tell you about what is going on in my life, what my thoughts are. .. and have those believes respected and not thrown away as if they are unimportant.”

“I’m sorry, Luc. Maybe you’re right. I’ve dealt with my life, alone, for a long time and it’s no easy to switch. I don’t mean to exclude you… I just…. It’s what I’m used to, what comes to me naturally and I … forget to include you… But I can’t change that overnight.”
Sarah explains. Luc nods.

“I know that too. And me, walking away, and leaving you to do it all alone again, is not helping.” Luc says.
“No, it’s not.” Sarah acknowledges, then, a little softer, she continues: “You look tired. Was it a long flight?”
“Want to get some rest first, before we talk some more?”

“Do you want to sleep in our bedroom?” She asks carefully.
“Unless you want me to take the guest-room?”
“No.” Sarah shakes her head and a few seconds later, she follows Luc up the stairs.


“You know, I sure spend a lot of time on Kevin, Scotty and you two.” Max laughs, when he sits down in the living room of Chad and Jason’s house.
“Sorry about that.” Chad grins. “Any news?” He asks immediately.
“Well, it’s been quite interesting…. You were right, Chad.”

“About?” Jason asks.
“The body was examined and it is indeed a woman. She was pregnant and judging by the clothes and shoes, she lived around the 1920s, 1930s. And her name is indeed Suzanne. We found, on record, a missing persons report from late 1928, when she was first reported missing.

There was a rumor that she had found another job, but when she never got in touch with them again, the family got worried. She had a younger sister, Mrs Goodkind, who is now 95 years old, and thanks to her, we could establish that the woman we found is related to Mrs Goodkind…”

“That is incredible.”
“It is. She’s so happy to finally know what happened to her big sister. It’s been on her mind so often, she told me. At least, we finally gave her some peace in the family…”
“I’m impressed.” Jason says.

“Yes, me too.” Chad adds. “I didn’t expect Jason’s vision to be real.”
“Me neither, it was like I was there…”
“If you don’t mind… We haven’t told anyone about Jason’s vision. I know that perhaps you want to have credit…”

“No. No. I’m fine with this.” Jason immediately answers. “I’m still a minister at heart, I don’t think that a church appreciates it if I would start to see dead people or talk to ghosts… Keep me out of this.” He laughs. He is glad that the murder is solved and that Suzanne’s body is found.

“Good. Then our official story will be that they did some random construction on the hotel, when they found the body. And only Cleo, you two and I know what really happened and no one needs to know the truth.”
“Fine with me.” Chad says and Jason agrees.


“Holly!” David waves at her and Holly almost flings herself in his arms.
“David! I’ve missed you so much!” She tells him and their kiss is a warm and passionate one.
“If you guys would rather get a room first….?” Rebecca asks.

“No, not yet.” Holly laughs and she hugs her daughter first and then Rick. “It’s so good to see you two again. I’ve thought so much about you, Rebecca, these last weeks. I have so much to tell you… I think, I’ve had memories coming back to me and I want to double check them with you.” Holly tells Rebecca.

“About me?” Rebecca asks astounded.
“I’m not sure…” Holly answers hesitantly. “That is what I want to talk you about. I think they are about you, but I don’t want your hope to go up too high, but … I’m almost sure…”

“I can’t wait.” Rebecca smiles and then sticks out her hand to show off her ring.
“Oh! That is your engagement ring? It looks great. Excellent choice, Rick.” Holly compliments her future son-in-law, who grins.
“Now, if only we can set a date...?” He teases Rebecca, who sticks out her tongue at him.

“You must be tired.” David says.
“A bit.” Holly agrees.
“Let’s get you to our hotel and there we can talk some more.” He wraps an arm around Holly and Holly’s glad to have her family with he once more.


End of part 4/6


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