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Fanfic: B&S episode 610: part 3/6

Season 6 – Episode 10 – I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
A/N: I need to make a correction about something, I just found out that Olivia's full last name is Salazar and not Garcia, like her brother's last name. The difference is last names is one of the reasons that Olivia and Brian weren't linked to each other in the first place. I will fix that somewhere this week.

***** Part 3/6 *****

Cleo walks up to Chad and taps him on the shoulder.
“Ah, you’re back.” Chad says.
“Yes. I had an idea and I was right. Here, look at this. Mr Corvin was fascinated with the history of this building and he had bought some old lists, with the names of those who worked here in 1925 to 1929, from the former owner.

The 5th floor indeed used to belong to a cleaning company. They washed laundry, but also provided people to clean houses, windows, basically, if anything needed cleaning, they were the people to call. The place was run by a certain Jonas Innes. He was married to the daughter of the man who owned the company…

…. That is what got me thinking when you mentioned the name Jonas… It actually fits into your husband’s story.”
“He must have read about it in an article.” Chad deducts.
“Well, I’m not so sure.”

“I have here several clips of newspapers, but all the journalists spoke to the owner and never to Jonas Innes. His name is nowhere to be found and you wouldn’t find it unless you know what you’re looking for.”

“And Suzanne?”
“Well, fortunately you gave me a very specific date. And … this book where they wrote down the names of the employees, is still here, and look there… Just like in Jason’s vision…” Cleo opens the old ledger at the point where she kept her finger and shows it to Chad.

There it is, black on white. Suzanne Flowers. And behind her name ‘left for other employment’ and the date Friday, December 07, 1928... Chad looks up at Cleo.
“I think we should have another look at the 5th floor.” He says.
“Let’s go.” Cleo agrees.


“You’re not serious.” Julia says.
“I’m sorry.” Diane replies. “I know it sucks for you, but you knew the rules. You could stay here as long as I hadn’t sold the house, but I finally have a buyer and he wants to move in as soon as possible. You have to leave this house.”

“Where am I supposed to go?” Julia asks out loud.
“Jules, you’ve had several weeks to search for a place to stay. I’m sorry, but I can sell my house for a very good price and I want you out by the end of the week.”
“The end of the week?”

“Yes. First of all, you don’t have that many belongings, so you can get out fast. And once you’re gone, I can pack all my own things between Christmas and New Years Eve.” Diane explains. Julia is horrified. Truth be told, she had not expected the house to be sold. The price Diane asked had been way too much, but obviously some idiot didn’t think it was.

“I need to talk to Nora… and maybe Kevin…. Maybe Scotty can help by letting me stay at the hotel….”
“I’m sorry, Julia..”
“No, you’re right… I should have realized, that this could happen.” Julia answers curtly.

Diane looks really guilty and Julia feels sorry for her.
“Diane, I’m sorry, I’m so grumpy. You’re right. I knew the rules. You were specific and I guess it’s not the end of the world….” Yes, it is. Where can she go? “I’ll find a solution... I always do…”


“Well, this is where we found Jason…” Cleo says and she looks around.
“From what he told me it happened not that far away from him, so if he was here, I’d say…. By room …. 522?”
“Funny you should estimate it at that room.” Cleo replies with a frown.

“Room 522 is not a room. It’s just an empty space with a door so that the doors in this hallway would remain symmetric….” She walks up to room 522 and opens it with a master-key.

“This room was used for storage and then forgotten about, when the 5th floor was barely being used as it was. The reason why they couldn’t make it into a room was because there’s a huge pillar in there that supports this floor…” Cleo explains and Chad stares at the huge block of concrete that takes up half the room.

“I start to get chills… Tell me it’s my imagination…. If Jason is correct, then… Suzanne’s body might still be in there?”
“Yes. To my knowledge they never found a body in this hotel. Mr Korvin would have told me if it had happened. He loved these gruesome ghost-stories.” Cleo shivers.

“Yet, he never suspected this floor to be haunted?” Chad asks, Cleo look at him.
“Mr Barry! ‘Stories are just stories and not reality.’ as mr Corvin would say.” Cleo smiles.
“I see. What do we do now?”
“Make a hole in the wall.” Cleo answers cheerfully.


“Hey, Olivia, can I talk to you?” Kevin asks, entering her room. Olivia puts aside her book.
“Yes, of course.”
“Sweetie, Jill talked to us this afternoon and she said you might be a bit worried.”

“About what?”
“Oh. That.” Olivia wraps her arms around her knees. “I’m not worried. I know that we have to keep it a secret that she’s your child and I will keep the secret. Honestly.”

“So you don’t feel that she’s spending too much time here?” Kevin asks and Olivia looks away from him, when she shakes her head. “Liar.” Kevin says gently and he makes her look at him. “Talk to me. You’re a smart young lady. If something bothers you, then let me know…. I make mistakes too.”

Kevin seems to make himself as vulnerable as possible and Olivia slowly lets go of her defenses.
“You’re not going to like it.” She says softly.
“If you’re mad at me, let me know, I cannot always guess what’s in your head. I need you to tell me.”

“I don’t mind that Elizabeth is here. I mind that it hurts you.” Olivia softly explains. “Elizabeth is a great girl and she’s so smart and sometimes she just reminds me of you so much. And I can see that you see it too.” Olivia looks straight at Kevin and Kevin can’t hide his shock, but also not his pain.

“I’ll try to…” He doesn’t know what he can do to make Olivia more comfortable, but Olivia puts her hand on his.
“Don’t do anything. Elizabeth has not noticed it. Only me. And I’m not worried. Or scared. Not like I was when Daniel showed up.

But I’m sad because I can see that you are hurting and … I don’t like to see you or Scotty get hurt.” There’s more compassion in her than Kevin could ever have imagined from a nearly eleven year old and he suddenly feels the tears sting. He has to swallow very hard to keep control of his emotions.

However, Olivia watches him closely and she can tell. She knows Kevin better than he thinks. She wraps her arms around him and Kevin holds her tight.
“Thanks you, baby.” He says from the bottom of his heart and he can feel the big fat kiss she places on his cheek.


Kevin has to wait until Scotty puts down his phone and by the time he does, Scotty looks a bit sick.
“Is everything alright, babe?” Kevin asks concerned.
“No. They just found a body in our hotel.”

“Oh? Did one of our guests die?”
“No, they found the remains of a young, pregnant woman, bricked into the wall of the 5th floor. The assumption is that she was murdered in 1928.”
“How did they find her?”

“Remember that Jason was found unconscious? Apparently he had some dream or vision, that led to the finding. I don’t have all the details yet….” Scotty sits down and shakes his head. “Did you talk to Olivia?”
“Yes, we understand each other…” Kevin smiles softly.

Scotty nods, his mind is full with all the going on around him.
“I don’t need this. This body..” He says softly. “I’m too busy as it is and my head feels like it’s about to explode.”
“If the body is indeed from 1928, then I doubt that we’re considered as suspects.”

“No, that’s right.” Scotty smiles at the simplicity of Kevin’s statement.
“I’ll talk the police, if you prefer.” Kevin promises.
“Thanks. I really would like a nice and calm Christmas without too many disasters for once.”

“Hey, Alex is dead, Michelle is in prison, everyone around us is fairly happy. We will celebrate Christmas at my mom’s in the standard and predictable way. No psychopaths chasing us, no snow-accidents, no snow-blizzards, no mothers running off, turning her kids into idiots, nothing. I can guarantee you that we will have a drama-free Christmas this year.” Kevin smiles.




Julia puts down a box and she’s glad there aren’t that many of them.
“Hey, Jules. Need any help?”
“Justin! Oh, no, I don’t want to trouble you. I’m just glad that I can put these in Nora’s garage.”

“Why don’t you stay here at the house as well?”
“Scotty agreed to let me have a room at the hotel. I respect your mother and the fact she’s still willing to fight for Tommy. It’s her prerogative as a mother, but I’m done. I’m completely, totally and ultimately done with Thomas Walker.”

“I get that. Kevin feels the same. And… I’m not sure about how I feel. I don’t understand why he’s being so awful and jealous and just…. Terrible.” Justin finishes his sentence.
“I don’t get it either and I no longer want to make excuses for him either.” Julia says.
“But you’ll be here for Christmas?”

“I have no choice. I’m almost broke and … this family is the only stability Elizabeth has in her life. I prefer to see her having fun with Kevin and Scotty and the others, then sitting alone with me in some hotel-room, feeling miserable.” Julia cleans her hands on her jeans and sits down on one of the boxes.

“Jules… It’s not my place to judge or anything, but …Isn’t Elizabeth spending an awful lot of time with Kevin?”
“I have to say that I can’t think of a safer place than with her uncle..”
“He’s not Elizabeth’s father.” Justin reminds her.

“I know that!” She nearly bites Justin’s head off, but then shocked by her own aggressive attitude she bursts into tears… “I’m just pathetic. Diane is right, my life is stuck in a few boxes. I have nothing. No job, no security for my daughter, no safe place for her to stay. Tommy is never there and ….

I’m angry that I need to rely on Kevin. I’m forced to spend Christmas at Nora’s, which I wanted to avoid and I somehow can’t get my life back on track… I lie awake at night wondering what I can do. I see everyone else around me be happy, be successful and, no matter how I hard I try. I just…” She sobs. “… I’m such a loser.”

“Hey, easy.” Justin wraps an arm around her and comforts her. “I’m not judging you… and, yes, Elizabeth is as safe as can be with Kevin. I’m sorry I didn’t think about what is going on in your life. I’m was actually more worried about Kevin, it’s so hard for him to lose Elizabeth every time you or Tommy have a fight over something.

He will never tell Elizabeth the truth, but he knows… and it still hurts him that he’ll never be more than her uncle. I was just trying to protect Kevin, not to criticize you... I know that Kevin wouldn’t want to see her anywhere else if she’s not with you or Tommy.”

“I never thought about Kevin’s feelings at all, you know. I promised him I’d tell Elizabeth the truth one day, but …. I never thought about it again once I had left Pasadena.”
“Don’t worry. He’ll be the last one to remind you of your words.” Justin smiles. “but that doesn’t mean, that it gets any easier…”

“You’re right… I see that now.” Julia replies and she bites her lip, thinking very deeply about everything Justin had just said.
“Hey! Jules! I’m talking to you!” Justin yells. she looks up. “Where do you want this box?”
“Over there.” She answers and she points at a pile of other boxes.


“Are you sure I should do this?” Holly stares at the ticket in her hand.
“We’re already at the airport. You flight leaves in 55 minutes, you can’t change your mind now. David and Rebecca are waiting for you…”
“I know, but …. I’ve done so much for myself these last few weeks,…”

“And you can continue your search for Holly Harper when you return in the new year. I promise you, you’re more than welcome to return.” Nora says. Holly hesitates.
“It’s been a rough couple of weeks for you, right?” Holly says with more compassion than Nora feels she deserves.

“Yes. And, Holly, you were the least of my concerns, it was nice to come home and have someone to talk to and argue with.”
“Even if it was me?” Holly smiles.
“Yes…. I’ll miss you, but David and Rebecca miss you even more.”

“I’m a bit worried…”
“Don’t be. You’ll be just fine. Wait until you’re back in the arms of David…” Nora winks and Holly laughs.
“Admit it. You want the house to yourself so you chase Brody around.”

“Holly Harper!” Nora pretends to be offended by the suggestion, but the grin that follows says that she doesn’t dislike Holly’s idea. “Now go! I’ll see you in two weeks.”
Holly hugs Nora and leaves for the boarding gate. Nora watches her leave, waves one last time, when Holly turns to her, but then Holly is gone and Nora leaves for home as well.


Julia looks around once again, just to make sure she hasn’t forgotten anything, but it would seem that everything around her is Diane’s. She locks up the house and walks up the mailbox, probably for the last time. There are two letters in there, both addressed to her, both from schools where she had applied for a job.

She opens the first, but closes it again the moment she reads the dreaded words ‘We regret to inform you….’. She takes a deep breath, says a quick prayer and opens the second one…. ‘We are grateful for you letter, but…’ Oh. Alright. Thanks for nothing. Julia closes her eyes, but she can’t find back her tears of frustration and defeat.


Tyler freezes when she sees her mail. She immediately recognizes one the letters as coming from Mike’s lawyer.
“Tyler? Are you alright?” Cleo asks, watching Tyler’s shocked face.
“It’s my ex-husband…. Again.”

“What does he want this time?”
“I don’t know. I don’t even want to read the letter…. Oh, Cleo, will you do it for me? And if it’s bad news, just tell me, and I’ll read it after Christmas.” She hands the letter to Cleo, who hesitates before taking it, but then she resolutely opens the letter and she reads it.

A smile spreads across Cleo’s face and Tyler’s hope goes up.
“Bad news? Good news?” she asks Cleo.
“Depends…. How devastated are you over the fact that Mike has signed the divorce-papers?” Cleo asks with a grin.

“No way!” Tyler nearly tears the papers out of Cleo’s hand and her eyes quickly scan the letter. There it is, black on white. She’s divorced!
“Oh, my God! Oh, my God! He signed it! He signed it! I’m free!!!” Tyler jumps around like a little girl. “I’m free! I can’t believe it… I have to call Justin!.. I’m free!”


Julia enters Café 429 and she hears the laughter, before she sees what is going on. In the restaurant, she can see Scotty and Kevin play a board-game with Mateo, Paige, Cooper, Olivia and Elizabeth. Daniel sits between Kevin and Scotty, fully engrossed in tearing up a sheet of paper.

The cute, perfect family. Julia suddenly feels so bitter and once again her anger at Tommy shoots up. It should have been her. With Tommy and Elizabeth. At the table. Having fun. But it never will be again, because Tommy ruined everything. Tears sting in her eyes, as she’s once again reminded of what she wanted so badly and she’ll never have.

She approaches the table and Scotty is the first to see her. He gets up and walks up to her.
“I’ve told the staff at the June-flower to be nice to you. And Cleo will make sure that a meal is sent up to your room, if you prefer to eat alone with Elizabeth.”

“Thank you.” Julia replies softly. “Elizabeth! Come on, baby, we have to leave.”
“Can’t I stay just a little longer…? Can’t we have dinner here tonight? Scotty is cooking.”
“No, honey, we can’t burden Kevin and Scotty any more than we already have.” Julia says tiredly. Scotty frowns.

“Elizabeth is not a burden and neither are you.” He says.
“I know the reason why you and Kevin sort of feel obliged… but … I’m the one responsible for Elizabeth. She’s my daughter and I have to take care of her.” Scotty is surprised by Julia’s words.

“I don’t feel obliged to do anything. You’re still a sister-in-law to both Kevin and me and we love you and if you need us, we’re right here.”
“And I appreciate that, but … it’s not fair to Kevin. And I didn’t realize that until today. I’ve been so busy with my own problems…”

“Jules, if you need any help… Financially or in any other way.. Let us know. Kevin and I both want to help you.”
“I know, but I don’t want you to help me. I’m a grown woman, Scotty, and I should be able to take care of myself. And be independent.”

“And right now you’re swamped. Listen, I know what it’s like to not know where you will be by the end of the week and having to rely on the kindness of friends to have a roof over your head and I didn’t even have a child to worry about….” Scotty becomes quiet, a knot in his stomach returning at his own memories of insecure times.

“Scotty, don’t worry. You’ve given me a roof over my head. My belongings are stored at Nora’s. I still have a little bit of money set aside and if I don’t do anything extravagant I can get by for a few more months, but it is terrifying to see all my reserves slink away and not being able to find a job to get it back…”

“Alright. Whatever you want. Just…. Know that we’re here?”
“Yes, I know, and I’m grateful for that.” Julia smiles and she quickly lets the back of her fingers caress Scotty’s cheek. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I just need to… relax..” Scotty lets her go and calls Elizabeth over.

Julia watches Elizabeth hug her nieces and Mateo, before planting a huge kiss on Kevin’s cheek, before she runs over to Scotty and kisses him as well and once again there’s voice nagging in her head, that says ‘it should have been Tommy’. She takes a deep breath.
“Come on, princess, we have to leave.” Scotty watches Julia leave and he feels uncomfortable.


End of part 3/6


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