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Fanfic: B&S episode 610: part 2/6

Season 6 – Episode 10 – I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
A/N: I need to make a correction about something, I just found out that Olivia's full last name is Salazar and not Garcia, like her brother's last name. The difference is last names is one of the reasons that Olivia and Brian weren't linked to each other in the first place. I will fix that somewhere this week.

***** Part 2/6 *****

“Mom? Mom! Are you in?” Sarah yells, once she’s in the kitchen. Ryan walks out the living-room to greet Sarah.
“You’re back?” Sarah asks, surprised to see Ryan in her mother’s kitchen. “I thought you and Holly went ‘searching for William Walker’…” Sarah quotes dramatically…

“Holly and I had a few good long talks. In fact, I’ve had quite some interesting conversations with a lot of people down in Ojai. Former employees of Ojai gave me an insight on his work-ethic. Saul told me about what happened between Saul and my mother the night before she died. It was all very... enlightening.”

“And now you hate him even more?” Sarah wants to know.
“No. Can’t say I love him either though.” Ryan shakes his head. “I just feel like I haven’t missed much in not knowing him.”
“Isn’t that a fact.” Sarah sighs. “Where’s mom?”

“Nora left with her boyfriend… Brody?”
“Brody? He’s back?”
“Yes… Holly told me quite an interesting story about Brody being your father and not William Walker?” Ryan fishes.

“I bet she couldn’t wait to tell you.” Sarah replies grumpily.
“Doesn’t it just suck when you find out that the man you thought was your father actually isn’t?” Sarah looks at Ryan, not sure if his question is out of genuine interest or a sarcastic stab in the back.

“It’s … different.” She answers thoughtfully and Ryan grins at her reply.
“Yeah, been there, done that. So, … how are you coping with the news?”
“Well, it helps that Brody is still alive and I can still ask him for explanations, which is more than William Walker could give you.”

“True…. Maybe I miss that. The fact that I can’t ever get answers to my questions.”
“That doesn’t mean I like the answers I got from Brody.” Sarah corrects. “It was very hard to understand.. I mean, I believe that I can finally understand why you got so mad when you found out about dad… William I mean.”

Ryan sits down and thinks about what she just said.
“Yes, maybe, … but it didn’t give the right to take it out on you and Saul and the others…”
“Because you couldn’t make William pay, I think that Ojai was the next best thing…”

“Maybe, but it never brought me anything. All I could do was be mad, be vindictive, waste energy on wanting some sort of pay-back and, in the end, it didn’t give me the satisfaction I hoped it would give me and I had nowhere to turn with my anger and frustration… It was a very painful process….”

Sarah looks at him. So young and so much anger and confusion to deal with.
“Well, listening to you talk like this, I’m re happy that I at least had a chance to talk things through with Brody….. Coffee?”
“Yes, please…. And I’m happy for you too, there’s no fun in having so many unanswered questions in your head…”


“Hi, Cleo.” Cleo blushes like a teenager when she sees Chad at her desk. Cleo has always had a crush on Chad and getting to know him personally, hadn’t diminished the feelings. She knows Chad is in love with Jason and she has no illusions towards him, but she still gets butterflies in her belly whenever he talks to her.

“How can I help you?” She asks cheerfully.
“Do you still have very old records of employees who used to work here in this building?”
“If related to the hotel, yes…”
“And prior to that?”

“I don’t know… I’d have to see. Why?”
“It is a bit of weird story that Jason told me about, but… I don’t know… I can’t get it out of my mind. Do you remember when you found him on the 5th floor?” Cleo nods. “When he got out of the hospital, he told me the weirdest story.

While he unconscious he ‘saw’ a murder that got committed some 80-85 years ago. The murderer was a man named Jonas, the woman he killed was called Suzanne and the date Jason saw in the books was 1928. December 7th to be exact… It was just before the weekend, when that fire destroyed the entire floor.

And I just wondered… Could it have happened for real?  And if Jonas left Suzanne’s body somewhere on the 5th floor, was she ever found? Is it linked to the fire that happened the same weekend or was that an accident….?”
“I’d have to see if we still have records going that far back….” Cleo hesitates to answer.

“But it is possible…?”
“Let me check this out…” Cleo answers.
“How long will it take?” Chad asks. Cleo thinks long and hard before answering, but when she does she has news for Chad.

“I actually have ad option. I CAN look to see if we have old records. My former boss loved the history of this place and your story rings a bell in my head. If I’m correct, I’ll have the answer in 10 minutes…?”
“I’ll get something to drink at the bar and … wait.” Chad answers.


“Saul! I didn’t expect to see you here… What happened? The entire family is uproar over the fact that your commitment ceremony got cancelled. Did Jonathan get cold feet?” Sarah wonders. Ryan pours some coffee for Saul and hands it to him, earning him a thankful smile from Saul.

“No… I don’t want to talk about it. Where’s Nora?” Saul asks.
“Nora left with Brody, not sure where though.” Ryan answers.
“Brody is back?” Saul sits down. “Well, that is good news.”
“Yes, I’m sure mom’s thrilled. Now, spill the gossip. What happened?” Sarah wants to know.

Saul cringes and Ryan rolls his eyes.
“Sarah! Maybe this just between Saul and Jonathan?” Ryan suggests.
“Oh, come on. Nobody can keep a secret in this house. Besides, I could use something else to focus on, other than my own issues.”

“What issues?” Saul asks immediately. “I could use something else as well, so tell me about your problems…”
“I screwed up. Again.” Sarah laughs sarcastically. “Luc called this morning and told me that he’s not sure about our marriage anymore….”

“That is …. unexpected….” Saul carefully chooses his words.
“So, are you getting divorced again?” Ryan asks.
“I don’t know… He didn’t either…. God, I’ve been so stupid… You warned me, uncle Saul, but I didn’t listen… I should have gotten a prenup.”

“Are you really thinking along these terms already?” Saul wonders, sitting up a bit better and leaning closer to Sarah.
“Yes. I’m afraid so. And to think I just gave him a way to get his hands on millions… I’m so mad at myself… Blinded by love like some love-sick schoolgirl…”

Saul remains quiet for a few moment, but then gently says.
“You have nothing to worry about. There is a prenup. If Luc is divorcing you, it isn’t for your money, because he’s not getting any of it and he signed for that.”
“Wait! What? When?”

“Two days after I discussed it with you and Luc and you both turned it down, Kevin drew up a contract and Luc signed it…”
“Why? Did Kevin pressure him into it?” Sarah wants to know, not sure if she should be angry or grateful.

“No.. of course not… Kevin knows better than to do that. He’s more devious, like a real lawyer. He used Luc’s weaknesses, namely his pride and his desire to be a good human being, and then he used his own best weapon, Scotty, against Luc.”

“Yes. Scotty brought the subject on prenups and Kevin said that he was glad that he and Scotty had everything arranged between them in prior to their ceremony and then he left the kitchen on the pretence that he heard his phone. Scotty then explained to Luc, that the prenup, in his eyes, wasn’t so much about being negative about their future, but about being fair.

Scotty explained that when Kevin and he got married, he didn’t have half as much as Kevin, not in possessions, money or social status, so he didn’t think it would be fair, if they got split up that he would be entitled to half of it. And that hadn't felt right to Scotty. 

It got Luc thinking and then Luc decided he wanted a prenup anyway, because he felt he needed to be fair towards you… Which also makes me think that Luc planned on a future with you and he’s not be interested in a quick divorce, because that would not amount to anything, if that is your worry.”

Sarah agrees with Saul’s opinion.
“Well, in that case, I hope he’s only still upset and that he’s willing to give us another chance. One of these days.”
“I’m sure he will.” Ryan says.




“Yes, yes, just a minute…” Kitty mumbles from underneath her blanket and she reaches for her phone. “Hello…” She answers, still groggy with sleep. “Oh,… hi, Courtney…. Your sound awful…. No. No. I get it…. Yes, that’s very sad… What? Me? … Ahm, yes, sure… No problem…

Yes, I’d love that… I’ll call Jason… Listen, don’t worry, go to bed, let me take care of this…. Bye…” Kitty puts her phone back on the shelve.
“Who was that?” Seth asks.
“Courtney. She cancelled Christmas.”

“Sick as a dog. She’s even sending the kids this way to make sure that they won’t get sick either.”
“We’re going to have Jack and Sophia? Here? In this house?” Seth freaks out at the thought.

“No, silly. The kids will go to Jason and Chad, they have plenty of spare-rooms, but Courtney hoped that we would celebrate Christmas with the kids and Chad and Jason….”
“Does this mean that we’ll have to send even more text-messages to Santa?” Seth asks, with a grin on his face.

“We’d better, or Evan will not be able to sleep for the remaining nights, worried that he won’t get his presents… Is this arrangement alright with you, honey?” Kitty suddenly asks Seth. “Maybe you’d prefer to celebrate it somewhere else? Your mother’s?”
“No. Chad and Jason’s house will be fine with me.” Seth assures her.


“Thanks for dropping in, Jill.” Kevin says and Jill declines the coffee he’s offering. “Any problems?”
“Olivia is doing great and so is Mateo. And Daniel, … He has grown so much…”
“Yes, he’s doing just fine.” Scotty answer proudly.

“Actually, there are two things I need to discuss with you guys. Nothing serious, just… Extra information. The hospital has informed us that Mateo’s grandmother might need to go to a retirement home… She’s still not capable to take care of herself. She needs professional help.

Think in terms of washing herself, taking a bath or shower, general bathroom use, getting dressed and such. And it would be too big a burden on Mateo… He’s too young.”
“What will happen to him?”

“Mateo’s grandmother has worked all her life and has quite some money set aside, she can take care of a place for herself, but … her main concern is Mateo and she would so grateful if you guys could continue to care for Mateo. She likes the both of you. She’s very grateful for everything you’ve done so far, and she will completely understand if you turned down her request.

After all, looking after Mateo would only be a matter of weeks, not months or even years… But Mateo loves it here and … it would be so wonderful if we can continue this arrangement? ... Mateo's father is not an option. He's out of prison, but he has vanished into thin air since...

I haven’t spoken to Mateo just yet. I first wanted to know how you two felt about this and this will avoid a painful situation, if Mateo thinks he can stay and you decide that you prefer to focus on Daniel and Olivia instead, sending him away.…. I can protect you by stating that leaving you is what the law says he should od and that he has to comply.”

Kevin and Scotty look at each other. Kevin shrugs.
“I don’t mind if he stays here…”
“Neither do I…” Scotty says. “But we’d like to know if it will be more permanent for sure. If it is, he can make the room he’s in, his own. It is the guest-room right now, but if he becomes a more permanent member of our family that will have to change….”

“Yes, it will be a more permanent arrangement. I will have to make it official, but that is most likely just a formality, as there’s no one to contest it. Also, there’s something else I’ve been meaning to ask….

Kevin, Olivia has told me that you have a daughter? But when we discussed adoption vs foster, you and Scotty had repeatedly said that neither of you had a child. Can you explain this to me?” Jill looks from Kevin to Scotty.

“My niece, Elizabeth Walker, is biologically mine.” Kevin sighs tiredly. “My brother discovered he was sterile and that he and his wife could therefore not have children. He asked my brother and me to be sperm-donors, so that his child would still be a Walker…

We were never to know who the bio-daddy was, but… Elizabeth got extremely sick, and needed a liver-transplant, so we needed to be tested and the result was that I’m her biological father,… but you have understand, she is Tommy’s daughter and not mine. She never will be.

Elizabeth doesn’t know anything about this and her mother, Julia, has no intention to tell her anything. So, as long as nobody tells her anything, Tommy will be her father and I will be her uncle.”

“I see,…” Jill nods. “… I just want to point out that Olivia did mention this because the girl… Elizabeth?... spends a lot of time here. It’s not that Olivia minds, but she could quietly feel threatened by the child’s presence, like she had been with Daniel. I fear, she still considers herself second choice.”

“I’ll talk to her.” Kevin promises.
“I’m sure you will.” Jill smiles.


“Very well, it all seems to be just fine.” Tommy says and he puts his signature at the bottom of the page.
“I have to say, Mr Walker...” Mr Peel clears his throat. “You’re entrusting your brother with quite a lot of money.”

“I’m not worried, that he will abuse the freedom I’m giving him. He has it all. He and his husband own Kevin’s little law-firm, Scotty’s restaurant and a hotel. They have a son and a daughter and are looking after a teenager. They have more money than me and they don’t need mine.

Scotty is one of the nicest persons you can meet and Kevin can be a ruthless lawyer, he’s also extremely loyal to his family and a dedicated father. Almost everybody loves them and they are the persons that my family turns to when they need something. They would not hurt my trust, ...

It was me who hurt theirs... theirs and that of others... and I’m paying the price for that now... I don’t know if my brother will ever forgive me, but whatever issues we had or whatever pain I’ve caused him, he would never ever take that out on my daughter. Or on my ex-wife.

He has everything I ever wanted in my life. Well, except maybe for the husband, I would still prefer a wife...' Tommy smiles. "And I had one. A good wife... And I screwed that up. And I had a good job... And I screwed that up too. But those are my faults. And I’m trying to deal with them.”

Mr Peel looks at Tommy and he sees regret and pain. He doesn’t know what exactly has happened in Tommy’s life, but it’s obvious that Tommy has had a lot to deal with.
“Very well, if you’re sure. I just want to make sure that you aware of the consequences and that your trust can be misused...”

“I know it can be, but it won’t be misused. Not by Kevin.” Tommy shakes his head with a smile. “You will send him the papers?” When he sees Mr Peel nods, Tommy hands him an envelope. “Will you please put this in there as well? It’s addressed to my brother.... It will explain a few things to him ...” Tommy says, hoping Kevin will read the letter.


“Julia!” Oliver gets up and waves at her. Julia smiles and joins him at his table. “It’s so good to see you again. You look … very pretty.” He gives her an appreciative look and Julia blushes over his kindness. Involuntarily she tries to remember when Tommy gave his last compliment over her appearance, but .. she fails.

“You look great as well.” She smiles shyly and she takes the menu to pretend to be busy reading it.
“Ahm, Julia?”

“I said I had a surprise for you?” he reminds her and she looks up. She starts to feel tensed and worried and he stammers. “We’ve been going out for three weeks now… and I really want to get to know you getter, …. because I really like you and …I know this is extravagant... But I’ve taken the liberty to book two places on a cruise that leaves the day before Christmas, ….

And I had hoped that you wanted to come with me? … It is two separate rooms, so ... you’ll have perfect liberty to do what you want. I’m not presuming anything… I just…. I want to get to know you better.” He sighs, clearly showing his interest in her.
“I.. I … I can’t.” Julia says quietly.

“Why not? We’re both alone. And Christmas is not a time to be alone…” He says quietly. Julia looks at her hands. Tell him. Tell him that you have  child. Tell him you will not leave without your little girl. This is the moment. Tell him! Julia takes a deep breath.

“I have a….” She can’t do it. “I have a friend… The woman who lets me rent the house… She’s all alone too and … she asked me first and…. She already bought everything we could need… And I’m so sorry . I wish I would have known about this sooner, I would have loved it to go with you and …. Get to know you better.”

“I see. No, I understand. It was a bit late and cutting it short….”
“I’m so sorry.” Julia says in all honesty.
“Hey, no harm done. I had to give it a try. It’s alright… Why,… uh, why don’t we order lunch?” Oliver suggests.

“Cooper! Hey, Coop! Wait up!” Cooper continues to walk, ignoring Roddy’s yells for him, but Roddy catches up with him. “Come on, Coop… I know it was stupid to set fire to that shed.”
“You’re crazy. Get away from me. And don’t ever call me Coop again.’

“Cooper, I’m sorry. About everything…” Roddy’s voice is soft and begging and Cooper turns to him.
“That man had a heart-attack! And that is your fault! You put him in the hospital!”
“He was just an old guy…”

“M y grandfather died of a heart-attack. It was no fun. That man could have grandchildren too. Or children. I know he has a wife. A wife who was very upset and worried sick about him. This may be a joke to you, but it’s not a joke to me.”
“I said I’m sorry.”

“That’s not enough.”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Stay the hell away from me.”
“Are you going to tell anyone? About what I did?”

Cooper stares at Roddy, suddenly seeing why Roddy is willing to please Cooper.
“No. I can’t. Not without explaining how come I know all this… But that doesn’t mean we’re friends. We will never be friends. Do I make myself clear? …. Leave me alone!” Cooper says and he walks away from Roddy.


End of part 2/6


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