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39 steps - step 28 - 1.12 Sexual politics

The 39 steps

August 20, 2008
It’s 39 days to go until the start of season 3 in America.
There are 39 episodes for season 1 and 2. (Not taking the unaired episode in account or the original pilot, as not everybody can see those)
I started to watch the episodes again. One episode a day.
And then I got the plan to write a small scene for every episode. (Never more than 1 page long)
1.12 Sexual politics
By Marea67
About: Michelle
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary:She knows    (I think I have a different view on Michelle)


She knows. She knows from the moment she meets Kevin. No matter how many times Chad tells her that he’s just a friend, body-language tells her a completely different story. She sees it in Kevin’s expression. She knows without a doubt that he’s gay. And that he’s out about it. And that he probably already slept with Chad. Kevin’s entire attitude betrays it.
She’s an actress, a very good actress. She learned to master her emotions, her feelings, but Chad? Chad is a pretty face. He never learned to really play a part like she did. She could play a part, like the one he has on “Tempest Bay”, with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back.
She learned to watch nuances in the face and body. She notices the way the light in Kevin’s eyes faded when they were introduced. Her guess is that he just realized he was just an one-night thing to Chad. Chad never has lovers for more than one night. He’s too worried about losing his fans and career. He attracts attention with his good looks and good manners, his low voice and pleasant laughter, his mischievous smile and pretty blue eyes and she loves him.
She’s not ‘in love’ with him, but loves him nonetheless. She wouldn’t want him to get hurt, but she will not allow him to hurt her either. For now, it’s good. She gets noticed as his girlfriend. His love-life is not under scrutiny of the gossip-press. They show up everywhere, a happy smiling couple. They look gorgeous together.
And she acts that she’s happy, she acts that she’s the lucky one. He’s glad this relationship lasts. Two months have they been together. Most others quickly gave up, unable to understand Chad’s desires. She doesn’t care that he sleeps with other men. They are just one night things. Unimportant butterflies of the night. As long as she doesn’t catch him with another woman, it’s alright with her. Sleeping with men is different than sleeping with women, she knows. She’s not entirely celibate herself when she’s in New York, but she never gets caught with another man.
But there’s something about Kevin she’s not sure of. When Kevin walked away, disappointed, she caught the look in Chad’s eyes. He still wants Kevin, he’s practically devouring Kevin with his eyes, undressing him from underneath his eye-lashes, when he thinks she’s not watching. But Kevin doesn’t notice, too caught up in his own thoughts. This is an interesting turn of events. Chad gives her a reassuring smile, as fake as the loving smile she gives him.
She’ll keep an eye on Kevin, to see where this is going. And if it may be more, she will intervene. But for now, Chad chooses to play the part of “loving, caring boyfriend, who just made a new friend, nothing more”, so she will play her part of “ignorant girlfriend who is not aware that boy-friend and so-called new friend are secretly having sex with each other” and she plays her part well enough for everyone, including Chad and Kevin, to believe it.
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