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Fanfic: B&S episode 609: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 9 – (I JUST) DIED IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/4 *****

Kevin wakes up to someone incessantly knocking on the door. He gets up and opens the door.
“What?!” He barks.
“And a good morning to you too.” Justin gives him a cup of coffee, extra strong and walks right in.
“Bro, you look like shit.”
“Thanks! I feel so much better now that you told me that.”
“You're welcome.... Where’s Scotty?”
“You mean the family-gossip-circuit has failed to inform you that Scotty slept at the hotel?”
“Nah. Heard the rumor, but didn’t believe it.”
“It’s true.” Kevin walks to the bathroom and starts to undress.
“I’ll make you some breakfast.” Justin yells at Kevin. “Or rather brunch…” he mumbles to himself.
A few minutes later Kevin enters the living-room again. Clean and fresh, he gives Justin a suspicious glance.
“Wait. You will make me breakfast/brunch/whatshallwecallit? … Alright! Spill! What do you need from me?”
“Can’t a brother make something to eat for his brother without an ulterior motive?”
“Fine. You’re right. Eat first. You look like you could need it.” Justin makes some coffee, while Kevin stuffs himself with the omelet that Justin had quickly made.
“Were you hungry?” Justin asks, though the answer is rather self-evident.
“Yeah. I didn’t eat much last night. Well, I did, but threw up not much later. Probably some physical reaction to the tension…” Though Kevin tries to shrug it off as not important, Justin can see that he’s still upset about it all.
“I got something to discuss with you, that might distract you a bit…”
“Do you remember that I told you about Mike, Tyler’s ex? Well, we want a divorce and quickly.
He really got on Tyler’s nerves yesterday, and mine as well, when he offered to sign the divorce papers in exchange for money and … we really want that divorce… like … yesterday…”
“Yesterday is not a word that distracts me.” Kevin tells him grumpily. “So you want a shark of a lawyer who will rip him to shreds?”
“Something like that. I really want a good lawyer.”
“Hang on.” Kevin slowly gets up and stiffly walks up to his desk and searches through his paperwork. “Here. Call her.” He gives Justin a card.
“She’s a shark?”
“With PMS, attitude, big mouth and a matching ego. She’ll steamroll right over him.” Kevin guarantees his brother. “I need the card back though. I might need if Scotty decides to divorce me.”
“He won’t. He loves you.” Justin says without thought.

“If you say so.” Kevin clearly doesn’t believe him… “Anyhow, I’ve planned a cremation for Alex. I thought about burying him, but … it’s not like anyone will visit his grave anyway…. But, it will Tuesday morning. Just a quick ceremony.. I thought, maybe you’d want to be there?” Kevin asks shyly.
“I can’t. I have to work Tuesday-morning.” And Justin sincerely regrets not being able to be with Kevin, Kevin can see that.
“Oh, I see… Well, that needs to be done too, I suppose.” Kevin says with a sigh. “Is there some more coffee?”
“Wow. That is quite a story.” Jordan says and he puts his coffee-cup back on the table. “What will happen to Michelle now?”
“I don’t know. I want to get her a good lawyer, but Kevin doesn’t want to help me. I think, that he thinks, that she’s insane, she should be locked away, only to throw away the key.” Scotty answers.
“You won’t go behind Kevin’s back, will you?” Jordan asks concerned.
“It’s not exactly ‘behind his back’, it’s my money too, you know. I work a lot of hours a day and if I want to help a friend….”
“Not at the expense of your own marriage.” Jordan points out.
“Come on! I’d do the same for you. Or Mario or Chad or Jason.”
“Yes, but none of us put a gun to Kevin’s head or killed his friend.”
“Alex was a psychopath!”
“He’s dead…. That changes everything.”
“No, it doesn’t.”
“Yes, it does.”
“I don’t understand why everyone is suddenly seeing him as a hero.” Scotty answers angrily.

“Dying while saving someone else’s life usually does that.” Jordan points out dryly.
“Well, that sucks.” Scotty sighs. “Because, while Kevin’s making a drama over Alex, I’m not allowed to help my friend.”

“That same friend who stole your child and your money and then got pissed off when you wanted at least you son back? I’m sorry, Scotty, there was a time where I liked Michelle a lot, but lately? Not so much. When I think of everything that she put you and Kevin through…..”

“She’s my friend….”
“… who doesn’t deserve your loyalty, she forfeited that right when she stole Daniel.”
“So you agree with Kevin?”

“Why does that feel like an “either/or”- situation to me? I don’t know what Kevin thinks about it all, but I also don’t agree with what Michelle has done and I don’t believe that she deserves some special treatment from you. You owe her nothing….”
“I’m sorry, but I had hoped that you would understand me. You used to like Michelle as well, but I guess, I was wrong…. I don’t think that I have anything left to say..” Scotty gets up, as does Jordan.
“Why Scotty? Because I don’t agree with you blindly?”
“You are my friend….”
“Yes, I am, but I still have an opinion of my own.”
“Well, then, that is your opinion. I have mine..” Scotty walks up to the door and Jordan tries to stop him.
“Come on, Scotty, let’s talk about this…”
“No, thanks.” Scotty answers and he slams the door behind him.
“Yeah, Scotty, just run away. Really mature of you!” Jordan yells at the closed door.
“Good afternoon.” Chad answers cheerfully, picking up Jason at the entrance of the hospital. “Are you ready?”
“Yes, I just want to get out of here.” Jason smiles, but once inside the car, Chad notices that Jason is all quiet again.
“Are you sure you’re alright?” Chad asks.
“Yeah,.. it’s just… Have you ever had something happening to you that seemed so logical and simultaneously completely impossible?”
“What are you talking about?”
“If I tell you… you’ll think I’m crazy…”
“I doubt it. You’re one of the most normal persons I know.” Chad interrupts.
“… but if I don’t tell you, I will go crazy, for sure.”
“And we can’t have that, now can we?” Chad smiles.
Jason remains quiet and just when Chad assumes he will never hear what is on Jason’s mind, Jason starts to talk.
“I had a dream… a vision…. Or something like that, while I was passed out. I saw a woman get murdered and bricked away into a wall on the 5th floor of the June-flower.”
Chad doesn’t say anything.
“… and now you think I was imaging things, or something, right?” Jason asks.
“No. I’m listening…. And you believe it really happened?... You mentioned the word ‘vision’…”
“I know, it sounds absurd. As a man of God, I shouldn’t even believe in ghosts, but … it all felt so real, it all looked like it could have happened, and I can’t get it out of my mind, it was like a cry for help and I feel like I can’t ignore it, while at the same time, I think I should, because it can’t be real….”
“Tell me what happened…” Chad invites Jason to open up and Jason starts to talk, as Chad continues to drive, his mind focused on the traffic and on Jason’s story. By the time they get home, Jason stops talking.
“Wow, that is quite a story… Perhaps we should double-check if there is some truth to this?”
“I don’t know… Missing persons. Other records. Google. Hire a private investigator… I don’t know. Just find a way to verify the story.”
“I’ll think about it.” Jason answers, suddenly not sure that he should have said something to his husband.
“Kevin?” Scotty enters the apartment, not sure what to expect. The place is clean and quiet. No dishes in the sink, no sign that the kids are home, no tv, no radio, computer is off. “Kev?” Scotty checks the bedroom, but the bed is made up tightly. Except for a towel drying on the side of the bathroom-sink there’s no sign that anyone has been here.
He looks around until he sees a piece of paper on the table. He picks it up and reads:
“Scotty, if you read this, the kids and I are at mom’s. I have a few things to do and that I need to take care of. I won’t be home tonight. Mom will take the kids to school tomorrow. Alex’s cremation will be Tuesday-morning, but I suppose that you’re not interested…”
No, he’s not. He sits down at the kitchen-table and continues to read:  “I’ve also left this message at the hotel, as I figured you might stay there for another night. Kevin.” Great! He picks up his phone and calls Nora.
“Hi, just read a message from Kevin. How are the kids?”
“Fine. Mateo’s homework is done. Olivia just took a shower, she’s braiding her hair and Daniel is asleep, having had a nice meal and a clean pajama… Do you want to talk to Kevin…?” Nora asks. Scotty hesitates. Does he?
“No… thanks. Just wanted to know if the kids are alright.”
“They’re fine, but Kevin….”
“I don’t want to talk, Nora. I need to deal with this on my own and without Walker-interference.”
“But, Scotty….”

“Bye, Nora.” Scotty's phone falls on the table and he . lets his head rest on his arms and he starts to cry, finally giving in to the tears that he held back for too long. His entire body shakes and trembles from the force of the pain, that wants out of his body, and Scotty cries until he’s completely empty and he falls asleep at the kitchen-table.
In Nora’s kitchen, Nora turns around to look at Kevin. She can see the expectation in his eyes, and then watches it die, when she puts away her phone.
“I’m sorry, honey. He asked about the kids… We also talked about you…”
“Did he ask? Or did you volunteer information?”
“I’m sure, I just beat him to it.” She answers diplomatically. Kevin nods with a cynical look.
“I’m going to read a bed-time story with Olivia and then I’ll get some sleep too, I think. I’m not such good company now.” He sighs.
“You’ve been on the phone for a quite a while, when the Olivia was taking a shower. Care to tell me what is going on?”
“Nothing important. Just something I felt I had to take care of… and somehow now I wish I hadn’t. “ Kevin replies cryptically. “Anyway…” he continues. “Alex’s cremation is Tuesday-morning and….”

“Honey, I’ve thought about this, but … I can’t do this. I never cared much for Alex, always thought he was a bit weird and I can’t forgive him for what he has done to you, to Scotty, to Chad, to Jason…
I’m sorry, but I don’t feel right about paying respect to someone who, in my opinion, doesn’t deserve the attention and the care that you plan give him, almost at the expense of your marriage.” She can see that he’s disappointed and her heart breaks for him.
“Fine. I can only respect your decision.” Kevin answers tiredly and he leaves the kitchen.
“Are you sure you have everything?” Gabe asks.
“I’m sure…” Joe answers.
“Have a safe trip.” Paige hugs her dad tightly.
“Hey P, I won’t be gone forever, just a few months.”
“I know, but I’ll miss you every day.” She answers.
“I love you, sweetheart.” Joe hugs her once again and Cooper, tired of waiting, cuts in.
“Can I go with you?” He asks, but Joe shakes his head.
“It’s school for you, young man. Be good. Listen to your mom.”
“Don’t I always…?” Cooper  answers and both Sarah and Joe laugh.
“Liar.” Joe ruffles his son’s hair and turns to Sarah. “Bye Sarah… I hope you can patch things up with Luc.”
“Yeah, me too.” She smiles sadly.
She hugs Joe tightly and for a second there’s a small kiss on the lips. It’s nothing romantic, just a memory of a time long gone.
“Take real good care of yourself... and come back when you’re ready. You’re always welcome here.” Sarah says.
“Thanks.” Joe sits down in the back of the car, trying to protect his leg as much as he can, while Sarah thanks Joe’s friend for wanting to drive the whole distance to Joe’s aunt. They wave goodbye as the car drives away until they can no longer see it. Sarah turns to the children.
“Come on, you guys, off to school.” She says and she chases the kids inside to get their school-bags and she picks up her phone, to check her messages. There is one from Kevin. ‘Alex’s cremation tomorrow. Can you come?’. She shakes her head. And replies ‘Can’t. Have appointments.’ That is not true, but she hates funerals and such. 

End of part 3/4

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