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Fanfic: B&S episode 609: part 1/4

Season 6 – Episode 9 – (I JUST) DIED IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
A/N: I need to make a correction about something, I just found out that Olivia's full last name is Salazar and not Garcia, like her brother's last name. The difference is last names is one of the reasons that Olivia and Brian weren't linked to each other in the first place. I will fix that somewhere this week.




Also appearing: Daniel Walker-Wandell, Max Carter, Alex Grodin,.

***** Part 1/4 *****

Alex tries to grab the gun. Michelle has no intention to let go.
“Alex! Oh, my god. Alex!” Kevin lifts up Mateo and pushes him in the direction of the bar.
“Michelle!” Scotty screams. Then the gun goes off with a loud crashing sound and Michelle and Alex move away from each other.

The gun falls to the ground and Kevin kicks it away. His full attention is on Alex, whose shirt starts to color red with blood. He looks at Kevin, surprise on his face.
“This… was not supposed to happen. I’m not supposed to die like this… ” He says shocked and he looks down at his bloodstained hands.

“Alex…” Kevin rushes over to Alex, who starts to sink to the floor. Kevin is so shocked by the blood on Alex, that he doesn’t even notice that the restaurant-door is opened full swing and several cops enter, guns in hand. They quickly notice that there’s nothing they can do here and Max enters Café 429 as well.

Max quickly assesses the situation. Michelle against the wall, in complete shock. A young man behind the bar, seemingly alright, just a little bit scared. Scotty is still tied up and Max quickly unties him.
“What happened?”

“Michelle and Alex struggled over the gun. It fired….” Scotty answers confused. Only now does Max see how Kevin is on the floor, holding Alex in his arms.
“Damn it! I need an ambulance! Fast!” Max yells. “And arrest her!” He points at Michelle.
“Ambulance isn’t here yet…”

“I’m a paramedic.” A voice says and Kevin looks up.
“Justin…. Help him… Help him, please.” He begs his brother. Max signals to let Justin through and Justin immediately opens ups Alex’s shirt, but one look tells him there’s nothing he can do for Alex. He looks at Alex and then at Kevin.

Kevin knows that look. It’s the look that Justin had on his face, that night of the accident, when people asked about Robert, when he had known that Robert was beyond saving. Kevin’s stops breathing for a second and Alex catches Kevin’s reaction. He closes his eyes, knowing too, that this is the end.

Justin takes a towel, places it on Alex wound to stop the bleeding, in the knowledge that it’s futile anyway.
“Hey, it’s alright, kid.” Alex grins… “A lot of people are going to celebrate tonight…. Kev,… I need to talk to Max… Fast..”
“Max?” Kevin asks, looking up.

“I’m here.” Max leans over Alex and Alex grabs Max’s shirt.
“Stanton… Bill Stanton… I ordered his murder… I warned you about Kevin, but you did nothing… I had to do something to stop Kevin from destroying his life….

I knew… guy in prison… was safe… he was in no way connected… no one would look for him…. He owed me … He paid me back with the murder on Stanton…” Alex stammers. He can see that Max doesn’t fully trust him. “Come here…. Closer… I’ll give you… the address where you can find… evidence..” Alex is out of breath and slipping away.

Max grabs his notebook and pen and gets his ear close to Alex’s mouth. He writes down the address that Alex gives him. When he finally sits up again he nods at Alex.
“I promise you that I’ll check it out… And I’ll keep my promise this time.” Alex and Max look at each other, both knowing that the end is near.

“Stay with him?” Max asks Kevin who still holds Alex. Kevin nods, tears in his eyes. Max squeezes his shoulder, gets up and starts shouting orders. Michelle is handcuffed by now and is being taken out of the restaurant. Scotty is still frozen to the ground, trying to comprehend everything that happened in his restaurant this morning.

“You don’t have much time.” Justin says softly and he shakes his head, not sure if he’s talking to Kevin or to Alex. Kevin supports Alex’s head.
“I’m sorry, you should have been in Mexico by now.” He apologizes to Alex.
“I never liked tequila anyway….” Alex answers with a soft smile.

“Alex…” Kevin can’t control the sob that escapes from his lips. He doesn't know what to say.
“’s Alright, Kev, it’s alright… I’ve always known that you were the only person in this world I would die for. Never knew .. I’d get my wish though… I’ve made mistakes… done terrible things… but .. I’ve always loved you.” Alex whispers.

Kevin bends over Alex and with his mouth close to Alex’s ear he whispers:
“I always loved you too. The Alex I used to know, this Alex….” He caresses Alex’s face and there’s tenderness and acceptance over his fate in Alex’ hazel-brown eyes.
“I love you.” He says gazing up at Kevin…

Kevin kisses him softly on the lips and he can feel Alex’s final breath against his lips. Knowing that Alex is gone doesn’t stop Kevin from leaving a few more gentle kisses on his face, as a final goodbye to a man who had done so much damage, but who had also been there to save his life.

“Kevin… Kev, he’s gone…” Justin softly says.
“I know… Shhh,… I want to hold him just a little longer…” Kevin cries quietly.
“The ambulance is here, ready to take over…”
“Just a little bit longer, Justin, ... please…., please….” Kevin begs and Justin gets up.

He walks up to the paramedics who enter the restaurant. Fortunately, he knows them and when he tells them that there’s nothing they can do for Alex, they move respectfully around Kevin and Alex to establish for themselves that there’s nothing they can do for Alex anymore, without bothering Kevin too much.

Justin moves in and helps Kevin up. He wraps his arms around Kevin and holds him as Kevin cries against his shoulder. With a firm, but gentle hand Justin coaches Kevin away from Alex. The paramedics place a white sheet over Alex’s body, cover him up completely, but within seconds, a red stain appears on the sheet.

Scotty watches it happen. Perplexed. In shock. He feels completely numb, but in his mind there are a thousand and one questions. He’s worried about his kids, wonders what will happen to Michelle, what impact this all will have on his reputation and that of the restaurant.

At the same time, he can see how Justin takes care of Kevin. He watches it in a detached way, like it doesn’t concern him. He cannot understand why Kevin is so upset. It’s not like Scotty is happy that Alex is dead, but he cannot care much about his death either. Alex had hurt him too much for him to feel any compassion for the man.

“Scotty? Are you alright?” Max asks him and Scotty looks up at him.
“I’m fine… Really, I am… Just … just wondering what will happen to Michelle?”
“Well, once she was taken out of the restaurant, she saw Olivia and Daniel standing in the crowd and she completely went hysterical…

For the time being she’s completely sedated, but she’s going to jail. She was never caught for the kidnapping of Daniel, because you two decided not to press charges, but now it’s different. Stalking, carrying a weapon, threatening people and killing someone…”
“It was self-defense.” Scotty says softly.

“Excuse me?” Max asks, not sure if he heard Scotty right. Scotty clears his throat.
“It was self-defense. Alex came from out of nowhere and attacked her.” Scotty’s voice is bland and Max wonders if Scotty really knows what he’s saying. He looks around, suddenly wanting to be someplace else.

“Take Mr Walker, Mr Wandell and that young man over there, Mateo, to the police-station. I will need statements from everybody… And I have an address to investigate…” Max holds on tightly to the address that Alex gave him. This time he will not ignore Alex’s words.


Jason blinks. There’s too much light. He closes his eyes.
“Jason? Jason, sweetie, are you awake?” It’s Chad’s voice, coming from afar. He sounds worried, so Jason tries again. “Hey, baby. You gave me quite a scare…”
“What happened?”

“I don’t know. You didn’t call to confirm that you had found my wallet, like you had promised and …. Kevin and Scotty had something else going on, I suppose.… You weren’t with them… I called the hotel. Cleo said that she had seen you go up, but she hadn’t see you leave. So, they went up to check… They found you on the floor… unconscious.”

Jason shivers as memories come back.
“Was there a fire or something?”
“Did I  get hit over the head, drugged or something?”

“We don’t know. The doctors did order a scan for drugs in your blood, but they found no visible markings that something had happened to you. You just passed out.”
Jason remains quiet and he tries to process what Chad just told him.
“Are you okay? What happened to you?”

“I don’t know either…” Jason lies. “One moment I was moving towards the elevator and… then I wake up here… with a terrible headache.”
“But everything else functions?” Chad asks and he lets his hands slide over Jason’s chest and lower down.

Jason makes a shocked little noise.
“Don’t! We’re in an hospital!” He whispers insistently and Chad laughs.
“Just had to check if it still works…” He teases.
“It does.” Jason confirms with a little blush on his cheeks.

“Well, you will have to stay here a little longer.”
“Boring. Are there any magazines to read?”
“I brought you something else.”
“Latest edition of the Chad Barry fan-club-magazine?” Jason teases.

“No. That will have to wait until Christmas…” Chad immediately replies. “No, it’s something better. I …. Uh… I’ve been searching on the internet to find some more information on having children…. I personally think that adoption or fostering would be a great idea.”
“Ahm? What?” Jason has to change his train of thought. “Children?”

“Yes, I know, it’s quick, but after babysitting for Evan and the time we spend with Mateo, Olivia and Daniel, I thought it would be great to have our own family.”
“That is … spontaneous.” Jason adds for lack of a better word. “I want to read a bit more.”

“Yes, no worries. We don’t have to decide today… whenever you’re ready, so will I be.. I have to talk to the doctor… I’ll be right back.” Chad gives Jason a quick kiss and leaves the room, but once outside the room, he takes a deep breath. He’s not ready to have a family, but if this is what Jason wants, he’ll do anything he can to make Jason happy.

In his bed Jason sits up against the pillows, wondering since when Chad is hearing his ‘biological clock’ ticking. He cannot imagine that Chad really wants children, he likes his freedom too much and, to be honest, so does Jason himself. He sighs and picks up the papers… If this is what Chad wants….

End of part 1/4

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