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Fanfic: B&S episode 608: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 8 – THIS IS MY LIFE

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
Warning: I was in an cut-throat mood when I wrote this chapter.  :S

***** Part 4/4 *****

Cooper slams the kitchen-door behind him and he quickly looks through the window. He’s out of breath and his heart is racing. He’s afraid that Roddy came after him, but he sees no one in the garden. He’s still trembling over the fire.
“Coop! I’ve told you a thousand times. Don’t slam the door!” Sarah yells.
Cooper nearly jumps out of his skin, but Sarah doesn’t notice.
“Come and sit here. You’re right in time. Paige, sit down as well...” Joe hobbles into the kitchen, followed by Gabe. “Kids, Joe, we had a little talk, Gabe and I, and we may have a solution.
If you insist on going to Arizona, which you really don’t have to do, why not let Gabe stay here? .... Now, before you start protesting... He is not a problem to me, and for the record, neither are you. Joe, you can’t expect him to simply pack everything and leave.
He has friends, he has school, he has a life that he wants to go on living. Right here. If you really want to leave, Joe, then let Gabe stay here. Your aunt will be grateful for that too.” She points out. Joe looks at his children and at Sarah. He shakes his head.
“I don’t want to inconvenience you.”
“You’re not.”
“Please, can Gabe stay, even if you don’t want to?” Cooper asks, keeping in mind that he might need a bigger brother against Roddy.
“Please, dad.” Paige adds, giving her father her best puppy-dog-look.
Joe sighs and smiles.
“If you’re sure....?” He asks Sarah. Sarah nods and Gabe starts to laugh as well. He jumps up and hugs both Sarah and Joe.
“Thanks dad, thanks Sarah.” And he grabs Paige to dance around with her in the kitchen .

“That was quick.” Mike says and he sits down opposite of Justin.
“Yes, it was an easy decision.” Justin admits.
“So, do we have a deal?” He reach a hand out to Justin. Justin ignores the hand, as a shadow falls over the table.
We do not have a deal.” Tyler leans over to Mike. “But I can tell you this: I’m done with you and your shenanigans. I want you out of my life. Permanently. And I can promise you here and now, that we will be divorced ... soon.” Tyler tells Mike and Mike backs away from her.
“Yeah, you see, Tyler and I figured out that for $100.000 you can get a very good divorce-attorney and, as soon as we get home, we’ll call my brother, who happens to be a lawyer, and I’m sure Kevin can give us the name of a shark so big, that you wished you never came up with this suggestion in the first place.” Justin adds.
Mike jumps up and glares at both of them.
“I can make life very miserable. For both of you.” He warns.
“Bring it on.” Justin answers. Mike gives first Justin and then Tyler another angry look and then he walks away and disappears into the crowd.
That was ugly.” Tyler says, sitting down next to Justin. “Are you sure that you want to do this?”
“Yes, I am. As a matter of fact, I suggest we go to Café 429 straightaway and talk to Kevin, before our anger is gone and we chicken out.” Justin suggests.
“Good plan. I can’t wait to find out how their evening off was. I’m sure they have had so much fun together.” Tyler smiles, thinking back of Scotty’s surprised face the day before.
“Those two are such lucky bastards. I can only hope that their night off is followed by a day off.”
“Well, I had expected Scotty, at the hotel, this morning, but he hasn’t shown up so far, so I assume that is a good sign.” Tyler laughs.
 “They have been through so much, they deserve to be happy.” Justin agrees and he manages to steal a kiss from Tyler, before they reach their car.
Jason lifts his head carefully. There is smoke all over floor. It smells like something is burning. He has no idea where he is. The long corridor seems gone. Instead he’s in a very large room with all sort of heavy machinery. He hears the heavy foot-steps again and he hears a woman cry.
He carefully gets up and he sees a woman, dressed in long skirts. Her curly hair is nicely done up on her head and she can’t be much older than 25.
“You have to believe me, Jonas.” She cries. “This baby is yours.”
“You stupid woman. What do you think my wife will do when she finds out?”
“You said you didn’t love her.”
“She’s the one who has the money, you silly cow. I don’t need you messing things up.”
“How can you say that? You said you loved me, that you’d marry me.”
“And you bought it and spread your legs for me, which is all I wanted.”
She stares at him in disbelief, suddenly getting angry.
“Well, let’s find out if your wife will also appreciate it.” She says and she lifts her skirts a bit. The floor is wet and she doesn’t want to get her dress wet.
“Suzanne! Stay!” Jonas barks, but Suzanne continues to walk away.
Jonas runs after her, catches up with her and throws her down. He’s very big and heavy, she’s much smaller than him and incapable to defend herself against his brute force. In horror, Jason watches how he punches her face repeatedly. Jason wants to come to her aid, but he can’t move, all he can watch as the blood appears on Jonas’s hands.
“Stop it!” Jason manages to scream. For a moment Jonas stops hitting her and looks around as if he heard Jason, but he looks right through Jason. Suzanne is no longer moving.
“Suzanne? Susie? Susie, wake up.. Susie, come on I didn’t mean it... Suzanne!”
Jonas shakes her rather violently, but she’s limp in his arms.
“This is bad. Very bad... God, what do I do now....?” Jonas looks around. He pushes a bookcase away, grabs one of the huge hammers on the wall and makes a hole in the wall.
He shoves Suzanne’s body in the hole... and puts the bricks back..  He pushes  the book-case back in place... He’s out of breath, due to his heavy work, but he’s satisfied with his work. Evidence is gone... Just another girl who went missing. There are so many of them in this big city...

Jason watches how Jonas takes a large book and he searches for Suzanne’s name in the columns, until he finds her. Behind her name, Jonas writes ‘left for other employment’ and the date Friday, December 07, 1928... Jason gasps. That weekend the floor got destroyed by the fire...
Jonas looks once more at the wall that has become Suzanne’s tomb and he closes the book, places it back on the shelve. His slow and heavy footsteps slowly approach Jason. Jason feels the intense cold pass through him again and with a soft cry of pain, he sinks to the floor and everything fades to black.

Through the window of Kevin’s office,  Alex can see the police-cars stop outside Café 429. He quietly picks up Kevin’s telephone and hides next to Kevin’s filing-cabinet, so that the sound of his voice is muffled again. He calls the cell-phone number that Max gave him earlier.
“How is the situation?”
“Kevin is almost free. They were both trying to sweet-talk her into calming down…”
“Did it work?”
“Not really, she seemed to go for it, but then flew into a rage again.”
“With Kevin? Did she hurt either of them?”
“No, she was angry with Scotty this time, but she seems to hate Kevin the most.”
“I’m going to let her know that we’re here and that we know what she’s doing there. Stay on the phone.”
“I can’t talk if I’m close to the door. She might hear me.” Alex says.
“Call me back in 5 minutes…” Max says and breaks off. Dave joins Max.
“Sir, one of the snipers can see Alex move through Kevin’s office.”
“Don’t shoot Alex. I need him right now. What about Michelle?”
“No good angle at the moment. It’s dark in the restaurant and someone, probably Scotty, if Alex’s information is correct, is in the line of fire.”
“I see. Let them search for a better angle. Meanwhile….” Max picks up his megaphone, takes a deep breath and then his voice booms towards Café 429. “Michelle? This is Max Carter. I’m with the LAPD. Come out with your  hands in the air…” It feels silly to say this. Like she really would do something like that.
Michelle stares at all the cars, that have pulled up with screaming sirens. It hasn’t been a very stealth operation and Scotty and Kevin realize that the situation has now changed dramatically. Tied up they try to figure out what Michelle’s state of mind is, as they watch how her fogged up mind tries to process what is going on.
She tries to answer the questions that comes to her  mind. How do they know she’s here? How come they know her name? Why are they preventing her from getting back her son? 
“Michelle!...” They hear Max’s voice. “Michelle. I want you to look out the window…”
Michelle approaches the window, but stays far enough away to not be seen from the outside.
“Michelle… We have here Olivia….. And we have Daniel…. They escaped... There is no point in keeping Kevin and Scotty hostage any longer…. Come out with your hands in the air.”
Michelle gasps as she sees Olivia standing there with Daniel in her arms.
“Can’t be…” She whispers and she runs over to the storage room and unlocks it. Mateo jumps up. Fueled with fear and anger Michelle grabs him and pulls him out of the storage room into the restaurant.
“Where is Daniel?” Michelle yells and she shakes Mateo back and forth. “Where is my son?”
“Gone.” Mateo answers. “Gone with Olivia.” Michelle screams in frustration and her hand hits Mateo’s face so hard that he falls backwards. Scotty and Kevin scream out in terror, afraid for Mateo’s life, when Michelle, a face full of hatred, lifts up the gun.
She points it at Mateo, who’s on his back on the floor.
“No Michelle!” Scotty yells. “Don’t! Don’t hurt him! Please., … Please don’t hurt him.”
“I want my son.” She says between clenched teeth.
“Let us talk to Max. He’s a friend of ours…” Scotty begs.
Scotty feels a bit stronger now that he knows that at least Olivia and Daniel are safe… Meanwhile Kevin doesn’t even dare to breath, afraid that the combination of Michelle’s hate for him and his affection for Mateo will be the death of Mateo. He yanks on the ropes around his wrists,  feeling them loosen up even further.
His eyes meet Mateo’s, who is remarkably calm. He’s been slapped around too much by his dad to be really impressed by Michelle's slap. He is very submissive, figuring that if it used to work with his dad, it might also work with this woman. He focuses his attention on Michelle.

“Look, lady, so far you haven’t killed anyone yet…” Mateo carefully gets up, keeping his hands where she can see them. “This is bad, but not the end of the world… You can still talk to each other. If you start to use that gun all bets are off the table. Kevin and Scotty will do nothing for you and the police will see you as a criminal.

Lady, I’ve been in touch with the police before. They shoot first and ask questions later, …. If you’re still alive that is… and if you’re not, well, too bad.. they will write their own scenario, how you’re some crazy woman, doing something stupid for no reason at all, while we all should know that you’re just a mom, worried about her kid….”
Michelle listens to him, mesmerized by his soft and gentle voice. 
“Think about Daniel… If you start shooting us, the police will barge in here. Things will get out of hand, people will get hurt and, in the end, you’ll be charged like a criminal. Is that what you want Daniel to hear you are? A criminal?”
Michelle blinks, her mind is incapable to really see the consequences of her actions, but she does not that she doesn’t want her son to be ashamed of her. She runs her fingers through her hair, a signs that she’s insecure, a sign that Scotty immediately uses.
“Michelle, there is no reason to kill anyone of us…. It will not help your case…”

At that moment, outside, Max picks up his phone.
“Alex, talk to me.”
“She’s got the boy out of the storage-room. I thought she was going to kill him, but that kid seems to be able to talk her out of it.
But, Max, she’s not stable. I’m afraid that anything can set her off again. Kevin’s hands are free, I think he’s just looking for the right moment to grab her and the gun.”
“Perhaps we should create some diversion?” Max wonders out loud. Alex hears his question.
“I don’t know. I cannot warn Kevin without letting her know that I’m here as well. If he doesn’t act on it or if he is too late, things might escalate.” Alex can hear Max sigh.
“Alex, I hate to say this, but I’m starting to dislike the fact that you’re sane at the moment and that you actually make sense.”
Alex can’t help but laugh softly, but then becomes serious again.
“Max, she’s completely unstable, living between moments of being lucid enough and being in some state of sleepiness. However, that makes that she acts and that she doesn’t think,… and I have no doubt that she could pull that trigger before she can understand what she's about to do...”
“Nothing will do us better than some coffee for you, some herbal tea for me and one of Scotty’s cupcakes, I’m sure of that.” Kitty laughs. Nora parks her car, agreeing with Kitty. They turn around the corner, shocked to see so much police.
“What is going on?” Nora asks horrified.
Jonathan sees them and walks up to them.
“We have a hostage-situation.” He explains, waving at Saul to join him, Nora and Kitty.
“Hostage?” Nora echoes. “Who is held hostage?”
“Kevin, Scotty and Mateo.”
“Who is holding them?” Kitty asks.
“Michelle.” Saul says, he has now joined them. “And to make matters more fun: Alex Grodin is in there as well.”
“That psychopath?” Kitty asks.

“Great! If one doesn’t kill Kevin, the other one will kill Scotty.” Nora says. Too late she sees that Olivia is behind Saul and judging from Olivia’s shocked face, she heard what Nora said. “Oh, honey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that… I’m sure that Kevin and Scotty and Mateo will be just the fine.
“Actually, it’s Alex who contacted Max Carter. Alex escaped and could have run away, but he didn’t.”
“Oh, my God, what is going on? Where is there all this police here?” Justin and Tyler want to know this as they join Saul, Jonathan, Nora and Kitty.
Nora hears how Saul explains it again. She takes Olivia in her arms and comforts her. She kisses her granddaughter’s hair and stares at the restaurant.
“Please, my boys, be alright…”  She prays softly and she tries her best to hide her fear from the sobbing Olivia.
Max picks up the megaphone again.
“Michelle, … this is pointless… we have your son here. There is not further need for you to hold Scotty and Kevin at gunpoint. They are not the ones who can help you.. We can…”
Michelle, a bit enchanted by Mateo’s caring way of talking, snaps out of it.
“No!” She pushes Mateo back to the floor and raises her gun.
“Michelle! Don’t! Scotty screams, but Kevin takes this moment to jump forward, knocking her over.
Michelle, scared and shocked, however doesn’t let go of the gun. Using it as protection, she hits Kevin with it, manages to hit his head and roll away from him. Her theatre- and dance-experience make that she’s up on her feet before Kevin is. She now points the gun at Kevin.
“That was stupid.” She says. Kevin places himself between Mateo and the gun.
“You will not hurt him."
“I don’t want to hurt anyone. I just want my son.”
“He’s not your son.” Kevin reminds her, sick and tired of her words.
“I want Daniel back!”
“You’ll never have him!” Kevin yells back.
“Stop it! … Don’t think that I won’t kill you. I hate you!”
“Good! Because I hate you even more!” Kevin suddenly barks back. Scotty’s jaw drops.
“You’re in a no-win situation, Michelle. You are not Daniel’s mother. You never were and you never will be. Reality-check! Daniel is Scotty’s baby. Scotty’s and some unknown woman’s. Unknown, Michelle. You are not Daniel’s mother.”
Michelle’s lips tremble, but Kevin, finally able to unleash all his anger and frustration, isn’t impressed.
“And what will you do now? Mateo is right. You have run out of options. The best thing you can do is surrender to the police.A good lawyer can throw your actions on temporary insanity. Wouldn’t be too difficult. You’re completely insane!”

Michelle gasps at Kevin’s words, tears filling her eyes.
“Kevin…” Scotty begs softly, wanting his husband to stop hurting his friend.
“I’m gonna….” Michelle warns and cries, the gun in her hand shakes.
“What? Kill me? What will that accomplish? Scotty will hate you. You’ll be a murderer and you'll go to jail. And Daniel will only know about you as that crazy bitch who killed his other father…. The man who does take care of him, now that Scotty is drowning in work… If you kill me, you’ll lose Daniel and Scotty forever.
That is beauty of it all, Michelle… You have no choice but to surrender… Whatever else you do.. Whichever one of you kill. … You’ll never have Daniel…. Never.”
"Kevin..." Scotty's voice is just a whisper and Mateo doesn't dare to move.

“I hate you…. I hate you so much…” Michelle cries, her face suddenly turning bitter. “If  I will never have Daniel, then it really doesn’t matter who I kill…..” She raises her gun at Kevin. Kevin closes his eyes, knowing that this is it.

Mateo screams out Kevin’s name. Scotty yells at Michelle to not do it. From Kevin’s office a figure emerges and launches into Michelle. Michelle, aware of someone coming at her, turns away from Kevin towards Alex.
Alex tries to grab the gun, but still Michelle has no intention to let go.
“Alex! Oh, my god. Alex!!! ” Kevin lifts up Mateo and pushes him in the direction of the bar, where he's safe.
“Michelle!” Scotty screams, fearing that Alex will kill her.

Then the gun goes off with a loud crashing sound and Michelle and Alex move away from each other. The gun falls to the ground and Kevin kicks it away. His full attention is on Alex, whose shirt starts to color red with blood.

Alex looks up at Kevin, surprise on his face.
“This… was not supposed to happen. This is not happening… Not to me... ” He says shocked and he looks down at his bloodstained hands.



See you next week, around the same time, for episode 609 "(I just) Died in your arms tonight".


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  • Luke is really busy!

    Hallmark continues to ramp up its holiday movie lineup. Roswell, New Mexico star Heather Hemmens and Hallmark regular Luke Macfarlane will…

  • Luke has another job coming up.

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