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Fanfic: B&S episode 607: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 7 – PEOPLE WILL SAY WE'RE IN LOVE

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
Warning:  This episode is one those few when religious nut-cases go “I’ve been watching this show since it started, but now they are suddenly pushing the gay-agenda on me by having two men kiss, I quit.” … Bwahahahaha!

***** Part 4/4 *****

The door to Kevin’s office at Café 429 slowly opens and Alex sneaks in.
“You should do something about your security, Kevin.” Alex whispers in the dark. He looks around the office. “Cute. It will have to do for tonight.” He carefully moves through the restaurant.

He believes that Kevin and Scotty are asleep upstairs and he doesn’t want to wake them up, because he bumped into something. He opens the door to the fridge. Food. Just what he needs. He finds slices of bread to make sandwiches and he quietly takes it all to Kevin’s office where he makes a few sandwiches for himself, which he hungrily eats.

His hunger satisfied, he picks up the little blanket that he found next to Kevin’s couch and without a further thought, he lies down and covers himself. The couch is uncomfortable, but it’s only for one night. He only hopes that Kevin will remember that he still owes Alex a favor.


The insistent knock on the door wakes up Kevin. For a moment he wonders why Olivia simply doesn’t come in. He already said ‘come in’.
“There’s someone knocking at the door.” Scotty mumbles. “Go check it out.”
“Why don’t you do that?” Kevin answers, not willing to move.

“Because I’m naked and you’ve got the robe on your side of the bed…” Scotty answers and then Kevin remembers they are not home. He quickly gets out of bed and wraps the robe around him, before answering the door.
“Room-service. Your breakfast.” The young lady rolls in a little car and leaves without another word.

“What is that?” Scotty asks, sitting up.
“Champagne breakfast.”
“Wow, Chad really pulled out all the stops.”

“We should thank them when we see them again…”
“This has been just amazing.” Scotty agrees. “You know, Kevin, I’ve been some thinking and I believe we should make some changes. I can’t go on like this. Your mother, Saul, Tyler…you,… you were all right. This is asking too much of me.”

“What are you going to do?”
“I don’t know yet. I need to sort it out, but I swear, Kevin, I will make more time for you and the kids….” Scotty promises and Kevin smiles, pouring the champagne in the two glasses…

“Then we have a reason to celebrate.” He lifts up his glass and hands Scotty his and they toast to Scotty’s decision. Getting back in bed with his husband, Kevin feels that breakfast can wait. He places the glasses on the nightstand and turns to Scotty, who lets himself fall back on the pillows and takes Kevin in his arms to kiss him.


“Max Carter.” Max frowns when he hears who’s calling. “You’re not serious… How could that have happened?” He sits up straight, as if stung by a bee. His colleague, Dave, looks up from his paperwork. “Damn it. I’ll have to immediately alert a few people… Thanks for the call. Keep me posted.”

“Problems?” Dave asks.
“Alex Grodin has escaped.”
“What? How?”
“They haven’t figured that out yet. He’s just gone. He was no longer in his cell this morning.”

He searches through his own mess on his desk until he finds his phone.
“I have to warn Kevin and Chad…” Because Chad is alphabetically the first, his is the number that Max calls first.
“Chad Barry? Hi, it’s Max Carter…”

“What is going on?” He can hear Chad hold his breath.
“I just called to say that we’ve just been informed that Alex Grodin has escaped.”
“Oh, no.”
“We have no idea where he is or how long he’s been gone…”

“I understand.”
“I have to call Kevin as well…”

“No! Don’t! Ahm… Kevin and Scotty have had a bit of a rough time lately and Jason and I surprised them with a night at a hotel…There’s no need to upset them right away, is there? I mean, they are safe where they are now. No one, except Jason and I, knows where they are… Why don’t you let me tell them when they come here to get their kids? If they want they can leave the kids here. This house is better protected than Café 429.”

Max doesn’t really like Chad’s suggestion, he feels it is something that he should do personally, but he also knows that Chad is closer to Kevin than he is, so he decides to leave it up to Chad to tell them.
“If Kevin has any further questions, he can call me.”


Julia opens the mailbox on her computer, glad to have a chance to read the messages before Elizabeth wakes up. There are several replies from the dating-site and Julia takes a deep breath. Some of the men look good and charming and Julia nervously tries to not get over-excited.

She hadn’t been with another man since her last time with Tommy. Just the idea of sex had repulsed her for a long time. She had had with men in general and Tommy in particular, but now she’s very sure that she has cut Tommy permanently out of her life and, watching the pictures, she has to recognize that she’s interested in a few of the men.

Two in particular stand out to her and she opens her account to reply. She answers Oliver that she would love to have lunch with him and she allows him to pick the place. She confirms to Henry that she would love to have dinner with him at the restaurant he chose. She closes her eyes tightly and then presses ‘enter’ to send away both messages.


“Kevin, Scotty, can I talk to you two? In private?” Chad asks and Jason gets the hint.
“Come on kids. Ice-cream is in the kitchen..” Jason says and he picks up Daniel and follows Mateo and Olivia to the kitchen, after giving Chad an encouraging smile.
“What’s going on?” Scotty asks, worried that there might be something with the kids.

“I got a call from Max Carter…. Alex Grodin has escaped.”
“What?” Kevin feels a sudden dread coming up, remembering Alex’ words on the phone. ‘You owe me.’ He had nearly forgotten about it, unable to see what Alex could do from behind bars, but a free Alex is capable of anything and Kevin is suddenly scared to death.

“How?” Scotty asks, surprised by hearing the name of someone they hadn’t spoken about in such a long time.
“They don’t know yet. Could have been insider help, or a flaw in security. We all know that Alex is smart and able to see opportunities, where others don’t see them.”

Chad looks at the two shocked faces of his friends.
“Jason and I have talked about this… If you’d prefer the kids to stay here just a few more days,…” Kevin is about to answer positively to Chad’s words, but Scotty answers before he can.

“That won’t be necessary. Alex wouldn’t be of any danger to us. Kevin made it very clear to him that he will never in touch with Alex again. Alex wouldn’t be wasting his time coming after us. He’s smart enough to know that we are the first persons that the police will be watching.”

Kevin bites his lip. He has to tell the truth. Just say it. ‘I talked to Alex... I brought him back in our lives… I owe him something… Or so he thinks.’, but the words don’t leave his mouth and Scotty smiles.
“We’ll just take the kids home with us.”

“You know.. maybe…” Kevin tries, but Scotty shakes his head.
“I’m not going to live in fear over Alex. I cannot let him control our lives. If he is as smart as we think he is, he’s already in Mexico.” Scotty says, confident that this is exactly where Alex has gone.

He just cannot imagine why Alex would bother to stick around, if he had successfully managed to escape. He doesn’t notice Kevin’s unease, because he’s too focused on going back home and spend a little bit more time with his husband and kids, and not wanting to worry about Alex.


Sarah can’t believe that Luc is actually doing it.
“You’re really leaving.”

“I told you that. I was not joking. I cannot stand to watch your ex-husband anymore. If I don’t leave now, I will start to say and do things that we both regret…I know, I should trust you. You told me that your marriage to Joe is definitely over and I should be able to believe that…”

“If there’s so much as one ‘but’ following those words, you don’t need to bother to come back here.” Sarah warns. Luc looks at her.
“I’m not lying. I’m just here to help the father of my child to get back on his feet after a terrible accident made him loose his wife and made his son, my step-son, loose his mother. I’m not in love with him, I am in love with you. I divorced him because we were completely, and I do mean completely, through.

And then I got remarried … to you… because I love you and I want you in my life and in my future…. So, Luc Laurent, if you’re going to France to find you inspiration back or just get rid of some frustration, fine, I can’t wait for you to come back home. But if you leave, because you think that I can’t wait to get bed in with Joe…… Don’t come back. Not ever…”

Luc looks away from her. He wants nothing more than just believe her, but his jealousy is much stronger than his reason. He nods that he has heard her words. He kisses her goodbye and walks away and Sarah watches him leave, not sure if she should be mad, worried, confused or hurt.


“As tiresome as it all was, I had a great evening with those kids.” Chad says.
“I know, me too. It just feels so good to have kids around. They have so much positive energy. I just love it when Evan can stay here a night, but having older kids like Olivia and Mateo was equally interesting. I’m glad that you taught Mateo how to swim.

He seems like a bright kid to me, if only given the opportunity to learn…Kevin likes Mateo very much for exactly that reason. And Mateo couldn’t stop talking about how grateful he is to Kevin either… I do hope that Kevin and Scotty will now ask us to babysit once or twice. I did tell Kevin he could ask us. He said he’d keep it in mind.” Jason rattles on.

“You really like to have this many children around you, don’t you?” Chad asks.
“I love kids.” Jason replies without further thought and he quickly looks through his mail. Chad watches him and he has to recognize that Jason would be such a good father. Chad had always been adamant about not wanting to have children.

His job took him to all places and he always felt that if he would become a father, he’d have to be there for his child and that would mean losing his freedom to stay and go as he pleased. He never asked for Jason’s opinion on the matter and now he wonders if he’s not cheating Jason out of the wish to have a child of his own.


Alex stretches his back. He slept for a much longer time than he had planned. He’s a bit surprised that Kevin hasn’t shown up yet, but it’s Saturday morning, so maybe that has something to do with it. Daylight is streaming in and Alex sees that he left quite some crumbs on Kevin’s desk. He quickly cleans it up, knowing that Kevin hates messy desks.

At that moment, he can hear the door of Café 429 being opened. The door between Kevin's office and the restaurant is a bit ajar so he can see what happens in the restaurant. He sees a young girl enter, with a child on her arm, followed by a young man, teenager no doubt… but there’s something wrong… They are all very quiet.

Kevin enters and Alex frowns. It’s the way Kevin holds his hands. It’s as if… Alex doesn’t fully get what is going on until Scotty enters as well, followed by a woman holding a gun in her hands. Alex presses himself against the wall. What is going on? Is she trying to rob the restaurant? He looks again.

“Listen, Michelle, I get that you’re angry with us… But, please, put the gun down, someone might get hurt…” Scotty tries.
“Shut up! All of you!” Michelle raises her gun and Kevin and Mateo immediately place themselves between the gun and Olivia, who is holding Daniel…


See you next week, around the same time, for episode 608 though I'm not sure yet what the title will be. ;)

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