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Fanfic: B&S episode 607: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 7 – PEOPLE WILL SAY WE'RE IN LOVE

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
Warning:  This episode is one those few when religious nut-cases go “I’ve been watching this show since it started, but now they are suddenly pushing the gay-agenda on me by having two men kiss, I quit.” … Bwahahahaha!

***** Part 3/4 *****



“Tyler? What was so important that I had to come here immediately?” Scotty asks, while he’s still dealing with the lunch-rush. Tyler holds up her hand.
“Keys.” She says.
“What keys?”

“To the kitchen of the hotel and to Café 429.”
“Excuse me? I need those.”
“Not tonight you won’t. I’m putting Jane in charge of the restaurant at the hotel and Saul is putting Angie in charge of Café 429. Everything else will just have to wait.”

“Whatever issues will arise, Saul, the staff and I will deal with it. Apron.” A bit intimidated by the way that Tyler suddenly orders him around, Scotty unties his apron and hands it to her.

“Whatever Kevin is planning, Tyler, it’s not very convenient.” Scotty tries.
“Kevin doesn’t know what is going on.” Tyler shakes her head. “Though he might guess it by now.” She pushes Scotty out of the kitchen and towards the front-door of the hotel. A huge limousine pulls up and the door gets opened.

“Get in.” Tyler orders.
“Have fun.” She says and she gives Scotty a push, making him fall backwards into the car. She closes the door immediately.

Without waiting whether or not Scotty is alright, the car starts to drive. Scotty sits up and sees the curious and amused faces of Kevin, Mateo and Olivia and he gets a big smile from Daniel.
“What is going on?” Scotty asks.

“I thought you knew, that this was your idea…” Kevin replies.
“It isn’t…” Scotty mumbles worriedly.
“Why don’t you guys just enjoy the ride then?” Mateo suggests and after a little look at each other Kevin and Scotty realize that there isn’t much else they can do.


“Brody! What a surprise!” Nora says. “You usually call at night-time. Is everything alright?”
“Couldn’t be better.” Brody answers. “I’m sorry to have been gone for so long. You can’t know how great it feels to hear your voice every time I call.”

“Any idea when you’ll be back here in Pasadena?” Nora asks.
“I’m positive it will be before Christmas. I definitely want to be with you then and celebrate that holiday with your family…” Brody answers and Nora frowns.
“My family? … Not perhaps someone from your family as well?”

It remains quiet for a few moments.
“I don’t want to talk about anything right now, but I will explain it all to you when I’m back with you. I know that things aren’t what you had hoped for… I promised I’d be gone for less than a week and it’s been nearly three months now.

But I love you, Nora, and I hope you will remember that. I’ve just had so much to do here. I found out about something and I prayed to God that I was wrong, but I wasn’t and it put everything I thought and believed upside down, but …. I love you. And I am coming back to you. I promise you.”

Nora doesn’t understand what is going on, but she can hear that Brody is upset.
“Are you sure you don’t want to talk?”
“No… Not yet… But soon. I promise…. I love you, Nora.”
“And I love you, Brody.” Nora replies automatically, but she’s a little worried now


“Something tells me…” Kevin starts, when he sees Chad’s house.
“… Chad and/or Jason are up to something.” Scotty finishes. They indeed stop at their door and Jason greets Kevin and Scotty, takes over Daniel and pushes Olivia and Mateo into the house.

Mateo freezes when he sees Chad Barry come out of the house.
“Uncle Chad!” Olivia hugs him tightly and Chad grins, running his fingers through her long hair and telling her how pretty she is.
“Chad. This is Mateo.” Kevin says.

“You’re Chad Barry.” Mateo says in awe.
“So I’ve been told.” Chad smiles, always amused that people are shocked to meet him.
“My grandmother watches Tempest Bay every day. She’s crazy about you.” Mateo confesses.

“We’ll  need to get her an autographed picture then. Come on, drinks are in the garden.” Chad invites them all.
“Brought your bathing-suits and all, just like we asked?” Jason asks and Olivia holds up the large bag that she refused to hand to Kevin earlier.

“You guys were in on this one?” Kevin asks.
“No. Nora just helped us pack our overnight-bags.”
“Overnight-bags?” Scotty becomes even more suspicious.
“Yes… Chad and Jason will explain.” Olivia shrugs…

“Chad? Jason?” Kevin ominously turns to them and Chad gives them a large envelope.
“What is this?” Scotty opens it to find a reservation for room at the Casa del Mar. “Wow! I … I don’t know what to say.”
“Nothing. You and Kevin will spend the night there and we’ll look after the kids.”

Jason’s words make Kevin and Scotty look at each other.
“Our kids? With you two?” Kevin asks, just to be sure.
“Exactly.” Jason answers.
“It’s not like we haven’t done it before, we’ve looked after Evan. And Sophia and Jack…” Chad says.

“Plus,…” Jason picks up a sheet of paper. “We have here the phone-numbers Nora, Kitty, Sarah and Courtney and Daniel’s doctor. Justin will be on stand-by. Whatever disaster comes our way, we can handle it. Saul and Angie will take care of Café 429. Tyler and Jane will run the kitchen at the June-flower. You two have nothing to worry about.”

“Somehow those words worry me more than anything else.” Kevin states and Scotty smiles. Chad just gave him back Daniel and Daniel happily cuddles up to his dad.
“Oh, that is so cute.” Jason says, more tender than Kevin is used to hear from him.
“Which one? The father or the son?”

“Oh, you know, I am not in a position that I should put too much thought on the father…” Jason teases.
“Well, I’ll do it for you...” Kevin grins, unable to take his eyes off his husband. Catching Kevin’s hungry look Scotty can’t help but blush a bit.

“You two just have some fun tonight, alright?” Chad says and he puts an arm around Kevin’s shoulders. “You two deserve a few hours to yourselves and a good night’s rest.”
“Chad,.. You can't have 'fun' and a good night's rest. It's either one or the other....” Kevin promises. He can’t wait to spend some time alone with Scotty again.


“How many times did they say goodnight to us?” Olivia asks, half an hour later.
“I stopped counting at five.” Mateo laughs. Chad and Jason turn to them.
“Well, off the pool and do some swimming. Aren’t you coming, Mateo?”
“I can’t swim.” Mateo answers politely, still too much in awe over the fact that he's talking to Chad.

“Why don’t I teach you?” Chad suggests.
“Would you? Would you really want to teach me?”
“That would be great.”


“It is strange to be here again, after everything that has happened.” Ryan says, looking at Nora sitting with him at Nora’s kitchen-table. “I’m very sorry about so many things that I’ve done. The sabotage at Ojai… The troubles between Rebecca and Justin… I was responsible for those.

I was so angry at William and I know it’s no excuse for what I’ve done, but … I hated him so much and it was so easy to see my mother as the victim of his evil ways… but the truth is, she was just as responsible for the affair as William was. They were both consenting adults who willingly and knowingly began an affair, though they were both married…”

“I agree.” Nora says.
“I’ve travelled around a lot and I’ve been trying to get everything organized in my head again. It was hard to find out that I wasn’t my father’s. It was hard to discover that my real father wasn’t a very likeable person either.

Or to come to the realization, that my mother had a free choice and chose to end her life… regardless of what it would do to me or my family.” There is still a bit of bitterness in his voice and Nora places her hand on his wrist. Her smile encourages him to relax and he’s genuinely happy to see her and to know that she’s not angry at him.

“Ryan, are you sure she killed herself? That is wasn’t just an accident? It can happen so quickly. One moment of distraction, just a second too slow to react and your life could be turned upside down. Just look at what happened to Robert, or Holly.”
“I nearly had an accident near Las Vegas and that is when I thought of that as well.”

“Ryan, did you plan to stop here on your way through or would you just have passed us by?” Nora now asks.
“I’m not sure… I was still weighing my options. I’ve screwed up so much and it affected so many people… I wasn’t sure if I could be forgiven.

Sure, after Kitty’s operation, everyone was grateful, but how long would it be until all my mistakes would be flung back in my face? I dreaded apologizing to Justin or you two, thinking that you’d just laugh and tell me to get lost… At the same time, I felt that I should stop here, make amends, ask forgiveness and talk to you, Nora. You’ve been so kind to me….”

“Don’t be silly. I should have realized that you were lost, but I was so worried and pre-occupied with Tommy….” She sighs. “And here you are, looking so much more happier. Are you happier?”
“Yes, a lot happier and more comfortable in my own skin, that’s for sure.”

“Where are you staying? If you need a place to stay…. I have plenty of rooms available.”
“Thanks you, Nora, but Tyler and Justin got me a room at the June-Flower. It’s also for free and it gives me a place to withdraw if I need to.”
“The Walkers can still be a little too much, huh?” Nora teases.

“I guess.” Ryan admits. “Justin and Tyler informed me on the latest drama last night.”
“I’m glad that you and Justin are on speaking terms now…”
“Yes, me too. It was, in all, less awkward than I feared it would be and Tyler was very kind.”

“What about the others?”
“I don’t know yet. I had most problems with Justin and Sarah and I never really got to know Kitty or Kevin. And Tommy….”
“Shh, the least said, the better it is…” Nora sighs. “I love my son, but I don’t agree with what he has done.”

“But he’ll be your son forever, right?”
“Always. That is not going to change. No matter how angry I am, I will defend him like a lioness with a bad temper, if anyone would hurt him.” She smiles.

“Nora, I know I screwed up, but … will you give me a second chance?” Ryan asks. Nora leans back, surprised by his question and by his whole attitude. Yes, he’s no longer the angry young man he was a few years ago. He seems more at peace with the world.

“I’d love to give you another chance, if you give us a fair chance as well?”
“I’d like to do that very much.” Ryan answers.


“Mhmm, I really like this.” Kevin says, dressed in just a bathrobe, he’s has Scotty underneath him as Kevin massages Scotty’s back with his strong hands. There was a time where Kevin would never even have believed that he would be good at this, but Scotty had taught him differently.

He kisses Scotty’s shoulder, but it doesn’t evoke the same impatient moans in Scotty as it used to. For a moment Kevin thinks that maybe Scotty has fallen asleep, but he hasn’t.
“I do hope that they will give Daniel his favorite bear to sleep with…” Scotty says and Kevin sits up.

“Excuse me?”
“You know how badly he sleeps when he doesn’t have it.” Scotty replies, still in thoughts.
“Scotty, in case it had escaped your attention, we were sent here to enjoy some time with each other and not to worry about our kids.”

“Kevin, he’s our son and….”
“.. I’m your husband and there was I time when I was your lover as well, when you enjoyed it when I did things for you and to you, when I could make your lose your mind. Now, you don’t even notice that I’m trying to seduce you.”

“I did notice, but…” Scotty apologizes clumsily.
“Forget it.” Kevin gets off the bed, disappears into the bathroom and locks the door behind him, leaving Scotty behind on the bed, feeling like he just missed some important clue.


“Uncle Jason! I can’t find it!” Olivia yells and Jason sighs.
“Chad, you finish washing Daniel, I’ll go check on Olivia.”
“Me?” Chad asks, trying to control his panic.
“Yeah, you. Come on. Just pretend you’re a film-dad and make it an Oscar-performance.”

Jason grins as he leaves the bathroom. Chad had been great with Olivia and Mateo, just like he was always fantastic with Evan or even Sophia and Jack, but Daniel… Chad had sort of shied away from him, as if he was afraid that Daniel would break in his hands. Well, now Chad is on his own…

Chad turns to Daniel, who, plays in the bath-tub, sitting in a few inches of water. His big eyes now look at Chad and Chad puts on his best smile.
“Listen, kid, I need your help…” He tells Daniel, who listens attentively to Chad’s voice.

“I’m not good at this, but I need to impress your uncle Jason and show him that I’m just as good at this as he is… Capice?” Daniel looks up at Chad and rolls his eyes, as if to say ‘not another one’ and Chad grins. “I’ll make you a deal. You don’t anything foolish and neither will I… Agreed?”

Chad holds out his hand and Daniel stares at the hand for a few seconds, looks up at Chad and then grabs one finger of the outstretched hand. Chad cannot help but laugh and now that his laughter is genuine, Daniel shows him his beautiful smile as well, before splashing on the water with so much force that Chad is almost soaked.


Julia stares at the screen. Should she do it? Is a dating site really her thing? It would be nice to go out again, meet other people, other men… Register… Name. First name… Married? No, divorced… Her fingers slide over the keyboard as she carefully gives the information they ask for.

Children? Julia hesitates, she’s just convinced that most men won’t be interesting in a single mother… She waits a few more seconds, but then, without further thought, checks the box ‘no’. It feels weird for a momen,t to deny that she has a child, especially considering that, from where she sits, she can see Elizabeth sleep in her room.

She can only hope that if she ever meets a guy who’s really nice, and who likes her in return, that he’ll forgive her her little lie and that he will love Elizabeth as well. Next, she has to tell something more about herself. She looks at the empty space, not sure how to fill it, but she starts typing anyway.

“My name is Julia. I’ve recently moved to Los Angeles after a divorce and I'm trying to find my happiness here. I don’t know anyone in this town and I would like to meet new people….” It’s all a big lie, but she tells herself she can always correct that later, once she has met someone really nice and loving.


Kevin comes out of the bedroom, dressed in his clothes. Even his tie hangs loosely around his neck. He grabs his jacket.
“Where are you going?” Scotty ask, he had not expected Kevin to actually leave.
“I don’t know. I’m just leaving and see what I can do best…”

“I somehow don’t see how getting drunk, Walker-style, and create a fuss would solve anything.”
“I’ll go home. Perhaps. Someplace. Anyplace. Does it matter?”
“Yeah, it does… Kevin, I’m sorry that… You’re right… I sort of… killed the mood...”

“Scotty, you didn’t kill it, you butchered it …” Kevin replies. Scotty now gets up as well.
“Wait, Kevin!”
“No, I’m gone…” Kevin grabs the door-knob. Scotty reaches him however before Kevin can open the door.

He slams the door shut and Kevin is suddenly pressed between the door and Scotty, his face to the door.
“Don’t go…” Scotty softly begs and he kisses Kevin’s ear. Kevin tries to push Scotty back, but Scotty keeps him pinned against the door.

“I see I have to convince you otherwise.” Scotty’s voice is perhaps supposed to be menacing, but all he does is turn Kevin on. He lets one hand slip between Kevin and the door, feeling his way down from Kevin’s chest. There’s a soft moan coming from Kevin.

“Don’t.” Kevin tries to refuse, but it’s not very convincing with the way he pushes back against Scotty. Scotty bathrobe falls open and there’s no denying that he’s aroused. Kevin can feel it too and smiles wickedly, and, knowing that he has Scotty’s full attention now, he gently protests, though he squirms away from the door and closer to Scotty’s body.

“Why don’t we continue this conversation in bed?” Scotty suggests and Kevin can only nod. He hears Scotty’s soft laughter as he’s allowed to turn in Scotty’s arms and kiss his husband.
“Or we finish it right here on the floor?” Kevin moans.


“You set the alarm? At two in the morning?” Jason groans.
“Yeah. Had to.” Chad mumbles.
“Why? It’s not like Daniel still needs a night-feeding.”
“I know. But someone else does.” Chad says and he picks up his phone.

“Who are you texting?”

“Of what?”
“Sex.” Chad repeats. “Speaking of which,….” And he turns over to kiss Jason tenderly.


With an annoyed groan Kevin reaches out for his phone…
“What idiot sends you a message in the middle of the night?” Scotty asks, not wanting to lose Kevin’s warmth against him. Kevin reads the message.
“Someone with the best intentions and a lot of good ideas…”

Kevin’s hands disappear under the sheet and judging from the shocked little noise Scotty makes, followed by a little appreciative laughter, Kevin has not only found what he was looking for, but Scotty likes the suggestion as well.

Scotty’s first reaction may have been shock, but soon enough Scotty presses closer to Kevin and kisses him hungrily.
“Don’t stop.” He whispers.
“I didn’t plan to.” Kevin answers and he kisses Scotty again.

“Told you that Chad has the best ideas and intentions.” Kevin teases, but Scotty doesn’t care about Chad’s abilities.
“Don’t… talk… so much…” Scotty sighs between two kisses.
“I have other plans with my mouth anyway…” Kevin grins and his head disappears under the sheets.


End of part 3/4


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