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Fanfic: B&S episode 607: part 2/4

Season 6 – Episode 7 – PEOPLE WILL SAY WE'RE IN LOVE

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
Warning:  This episode is one those few when religious nut-cases go “I’ve been watching this show since it started, but now they are suddenly pushing the gay-agenda on me by having two men kiss, I quit.” … Bwahahahaha!

***** Part 2/4 *****

“How was your lunch with Kevin?”
“Why? What happened?”
“Kevin came to pick me up at the hotel. Alone. No Scotty. He got a little too emotional…”

Chad doesn’t say more and alarm-bells go off in Jason’s head. He remembers that Kevin told him about cheating on him with Scotty,.. things got ‘emotional’ then too.
“What happened?” He asks, suddenly suspicious over his husband’s silence over any further events. Chad immediately recognizes Jason’s worry.

“Nothing! I swear…. I’m sorry if I gave you that impression. Kevin just got upset and I … I felt sorry for him, but we were both mature and, above all, faithful husbands!”
“I have faith in Kevin.” Jason teases. He knows Chad well enough to know when Chad is lying and he believes that Chad is telling the truth when he says that he hasn’t cheated.

“I knew you would.” Chad jokes in return and he puts his arms around Jason and he pulls Jason with him to the couch, where he pushes Jason down and covers him. After a few kisses, Chad looks up and asks:
“So, what do we do about Kevin and Scotty?”

“Kevin and Scotty?” Jason asks, slightly distracted by Chad’s many kisses.
“Yes. They are drowning, Jason, and they need help. Our help.”
“Wow, that I may live to see the day that Chad Barry is interested in something else other than himself and his hair.” Jason grins.

“Why? Is there something wrong with my hair?” Chad runs his fingers through it, fake fear on his face and Jason laughs, claims another kiss and just when Chad is about to surrender, Jason pushes him away a bit.
“So? How can we help Kevin and Scotty?” Jason asks.

“I hate you.” Chad pouts, rather aroused by the way that Jason squirms underneath him. “But, alright, if that is the way you want to play it….” And he lets his hips press against Jason’s, making Jason moan with desire. “I got a plan….” He says and he gets up, knowing that he frustrates Jason even more and that can only be good for later tonight.


“Hi, Scotty.”
“Oh, hi, Nora. Came here looking for Saul?”
“Yes. And to see you. You work too much, sweetie.”
“I know but it needs to be done.”

“Funny.” Nora smiles sadly.
“What is?”
“Do you remember how we once talked about how you didn’t want a child, because Kevin was always so busy with work?

You hated the idea that you might have to give up on something. Work less, be left raising the child by yourself most of the time, while Kevin followed Robert all around America for a campaign….”
“I remember….”

“Seriously, Scotty, you were so busy with work that you forgot to pick up Daniel….”
“I said I was sorry… Does it really matter that much?”
“Remember how angry you were when Kevin just left, because Robert called, and you had to take a cab home?”

“I do.” Scotty acknowledges with a sigh.
“You’ve become the Kevin you feared Kevin would be.” Nora says gently and Scotty just freezes.
“What do you mean?”

“You’re never at home, because you’re too busy working to spend quality time with your kids or your husband.”
“What can I do? Stop? Give up? Send the staff home of either the hotel of Café 429? They both depend on me and I’m very aware of the responsibility."

“Scotty, if you continue like that, you’re going to get hurt. Physically and emotionally you’re under so much stress. When was the last time you slept for more than 5 hours? You look exhausted, you sound tired. Your entire attitude gives away that you’re running on your last bit of energy.

You have all of us worried about you. Saul watches you like a hawk and Tyler tries to deal with as much as she can. I know Olivia is concerned and I know that Kevin is too.”
“Has he said something about this?” Scotty wants to know, he wouldn’t like it if Kevin went complaining about him behind his back.

After the drama with the Marcus and the cheating, Kevin and Scotty had vowed to never let it get that far again… Of course then Scotty had only thought of how Kevin would be taking on too much on his shoulders and not about himself… But now that he sees Nora’s worries for him, he feels guilty. Nora shakes her head.

“You know better than that. He’s trying his best to be understanding. He’s been where you are now. He knows how it feels. He wants to support you and he defends you… So, if you can’t do slow down for yourself, then do it for others, and Kevin in particular. You may not be able to always change your plans, but neither is Kevin.

Kevin feels the extra responsibility to be there for Daniel, Olivia and Mateo, now that you are so focused on your jobs and Kevin won’t complain about anything to you, because he doesn’t want you more stressed out than you already are, but he’s very upset by everything.”

Scotty frowns and he’s not sure how to answer. He feels annoyed by the fact that Nora tries to tell him what to do and at the same time, he’s touched by her concern for him… Fortunately, the phone brings rescue and Nora checks to see who is calling her.
“Why would he call me?” Nora asks herself and she makes a face.

Scotty watches her leave his kitchen. He can’t hear the conversation, but he can see a smile appear on Nora’s face and also that she nods enthusiastically.
“Now what?” He wonders and he’s even more surprised when she looks up at him, waves and goes to Saul, without continuing their conversation….


“Miss Altamirano? Tyler?”
“Hi, it’s Jason McCallister, you called me the other day about helping Fawn?”
“Yes, I remember.

“I was wondering if I could now ask for your help in return?”
“If I can help you… What can I do for you?” Tyler replies.
“It is about Kevin and Scotty. You know that they are friends of my husband and me? Well, I need your help with the following…..” And he starts to explain.


“Thanks for your help.” Justin says to Ryan, who followed the ambulance to the hospital.
“You’re welcome. I was glad I could help. Glad to see that I didn’t take the first-aid classes for nothing.”
“How about we grab some coffee?”

“Alright…” Ryan follows him to the canteen and accepts the coffee that Justin buys him. Justin sits down at the other side of the small table.
“So, where have you been these last two, three years. Mom still occasionally calls you dad and he never really knows either.”

“He doesn’t. I’ve been travelling a lot. Making some money here and there. Just enough for me to move on and go elsewhere.”
“Why? Is it still over us? Or dad? … I mean William.”
“Well, I think it’s been established that he’s my ‘dad’ as well.” Ryan sighs.

The coffee is too hot and he lets the cup turn around between his hands on the table. It makes a rasping sound. He looks at Justin for a few seconds.
“Justin, I’m sorry about everything. I was really impossible to you. And Rebecca.”
“I didn’t make things easy either.” Justin admits.

“No, but the counter-hostility were not a good thing either.” Ryan smiles.
“I know. I guess I felt… I don’t know. I was always the youngest, the last one. And I could handle Rebecca, she was a girl, but another boy… that was ‘competition’ somehow, even though you never knew my dad or knew that he was your dad as well.”

“Can we get a fresh start?” Ryan asks suddenly. Justin needs to think for a few seconds. There had already been enough history, most of it bad memories…. But did that really matter in the end? Ryan had helped to save Kitty. And even without Ryan, his marriage to Rebecca had ended in divorce.

And though Ryan’s actions hadn’t helped, Justin doubts that there could have been any way that they could have saved Ojai Foods… Justin reaches out to Ryan.
“I’m Justin Walker… Your half-brother.”
“Ryan Lafferty. .. Your half-brother…” Ryan smiles and he takes Justin’s outstretched hand.


“Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m Cooper’s mother.”
“It’s nice to meet you.” Roddy says politely and he shakes her hand. “Can I help you carry any of the bags inside?”
“Oh, are you polite. No, sweetie, that won’t be necessary, I can take care of it myself.”

Sarah puts her handbag on the table and leaves the kitchen to get her groceries. Cooper turns to Roddy.
“I’ll be right back. Stay here.” Cooper runs after his mother and leaves Roddy behind. Alone in the kitchen, Roddy quickly moves to the table, opens Sarah’s handbag. Her purse is right in sight.

He looks around, but when there’s still no sign of anyone, he opens the purse. The first thing Roddy sees is a 50 dollar bill. Without hesitation he crumples it between his fingers and puts in his pocket. He places back the purse and by the time Sarah and Cooper enter the kitchen Roddy is studying the pictures on the wall.


“I’m so happy that you told me, Seth.”
“Did you have a long talk with Evan?”
“Yes, he’s a bit worried that I might like our baby more than him. How could I? He’s my baby, still.”

“He had questions about Robert I couldn’t answer.” Seth says and Kitty starts to brush her hair. Her belly is starting to show very well under the night-gown. If this goes on, she’ll have to buy something in a larger size…. The mere thought of it makes her smile. But then her mind returns to the topic they were discussing.

“There’s so much that Evan doesn’t know. He never really got to know Robert. You’ve been more a father-figure to him than Robert was. We tried, but between the heart-attack, the marriage-problems, the cancer-threat and all the other drama, I believe that Evan never really got attached to Robert…. Though Robert was as a good a father to Evan as he had been to Sophia and Jack…

Seth,… I’ve called Courtney and we talked about this and she has invited me to come to Washington for Christmas. We are invited. Evan, me and.. you… She’d like to meet you too. Do you want to come with me?”

“I’d love to. But … are you sure that Robert’s kids won’t have problems with that?”
“I’ve told them about you and so has Courtney…. We both just want to preserve the memory of Robert and give his kids the chance to be together as much as they can, despite the fact that we live on different sides of America.”

“If you are sure that my presence won’t be painful for anyone… than I’d love to go with you.” Seth smiles. Kitty nods and continues to brush her hair. Seth watches her for a while and then suddenly he says. “Kitty?... I like the fact that you want me to come along… like I belong with you….”

His words are rather shy and Kitty gets up to join him in bed. She lies down close to him.
“You are a part of my life, like it or not. I know I shut you out a few times, but I was foolishly believing that I was protecting you that way. I know better now. I want you with me for everything. Good or bad.” Kitty wraps her arm around his waist and lets her head rest against his shoulder.


Luc undresses fast and lies down. Sarah looks up from her book.
“What is wrong, Luc? You’ve hardly said a word to me all day.”
“You were busy with Joe and his guitar.”
“I’m sorry. He just had this song in his head and he couldn’t get it right.”

“So what? You desperately had to help him?”
Desperately?! … No…. He had a catchy tune for a soap-product in his head, but couldn’t get the lyrics right. He knows that I used to be in advertising and asked for my opinion… We worked on it together.”

Sarah defends herself, but at the same time, she feels unaware that she had somehow broken some cardinal rule in this house. “Before the children were born, I would often help him with song-lyrics as well.…”
“When the two of you were still happily in love…?”

“Luc, I don’t like what you’re implying. Joe just needed a bit of help with words, sentences. We sat at opposite sides of the table and he has a broken leg. Not exactly the right way to have some secret and passionate love-affair. Especially not with my husband, the man I love, upstairs painting some masterpiece.”

“Is that what you’d like me believe is going on? An affair?”
“You implied it.”
“I never used the word ‘affair’.” Luc denies.
“You’ve been hanging around Kevin too much.” Sarah frowns.

Luc lies down and turns his back to Sarah.
“So, how did the painting go?” Sarah asks, hating the fact that she’s speaking to Luc’s back.
“Oh, now you ask?” Luc replies and Sarah counts to ten.

“You usually don’t want me see, think or smell the painting, so I don’t give an opinion that might ‘break your creative spell’, so asking you that question is already a dangerous step to take for me.” Sarah bites back, getting a bit sick of Luc’s acting as if he’s some injured party.
“It’s not working… I can’t get what I want on the canvas.” Luc says.

“Is that why you are so irritated?” Sarah now asks, concerned about Luc.
“I’m just tired of seeing Joe and Gabe all the time. I feel uncomfortable in the house that is supposed to be mine as well, but has gone back to feeling like it is Sarah and Joe’s house and not mine and… I feel …. wrong. Like I’m not free to express myself....”

Luc sits up and wraps his arm around his knees.
“I’ve been thinking about this for the last few days and I … I’m going back to France for a few weeks and be with my father…”
“Excuse me?” Sarah asks baffled.

“The papers were right, I need to find my creativity again… I can’t do that, when I’m constantly annoyed by Joe’s presence…”
“So… you just pack your bags and go to France? Just like that? Without discussing it with me first? Or see if we can think of another solution?”

“There is no other solution. If there had been one, I would have found it.” Luc says with a sigh. “I’ve looked at it from every angle.”
“Oh. THAT makes me feel so much better.” Sarah replies bitterly.

“Don’t bother. Go to France. Let me deal with Joe and our kids here.” Sarah shrugs as if it doesn’t matter, even though, inside, she’s crying. “When are you leaving?”
“Tomorrow night. I have a flight from LAX.”

“What?... You already made reservations and all? You talked about this with your father?” Sarah goes from being shocked to being beyond angry at Luc’s childish behavior.
“Yes. It’s all been arranged.” Luc replies, somehow hoping that Sarah will ask him to stay.

Instead, Sarah smiles as sweetly as she can and answers:
“Well, have a safe flight then… Shall I drive you to the airport?” Luc is disappointed that Sarah lets go of him so easily.
“No thank you. I’ll take a cab.” He says and he turns over to get some sleep.


End of part 2/4

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