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welcome to my fantasies
DVD-box B&S season 5 - "Bloopers" and "Writing for the Walkers"  
28th-Nov-2011 11:13 pm


Not much to write about. There’s only 2.21 min of bloopers, some funny, some not so much, made a few screencaps. It will undoubtedly show up on YouTube or something.

Calista gets hit by a ball, but at least she can laugh over it.

Rachel Griffiths shows her dance-moves and practices the Walkers' favorite hobby.

Oops! Fly is open, the boy who plays Evan has a good laugh over it!

I know the feeling, Calista. :)


The writers-team.

Quick pop-ups for Dave Annable (praising the writers), Matthew Rhys (“God bless them. They put up with our perennial winging, whining, haranguing and harassment.” - you should hear him say it.)
And there's Luke Macfarlane (“I have a really hard time saying ‘sorry’ because I’m Canadian, So sometimes I just say, “can you please take out one of these sorrys for me, so I don’t have to think it about it so hard.”)

Meanwhile they give us 6 ‘sorrys’ from Luke… Contrary to my usual preference for Matthew, Luke wins the ‘cuteness’-trophy on this one.

Other than that we get a quick look on how things work in the writers’ room, pitching ideas and such. I was impressed by Michael J. Cinquemani’s explanation that the K/S scene in the kitchen was written by David and him at a time when his partner had just been diagnosed with a brain-tumor, that had to be removed (the partner is alright now)
“I was dealing with the idea of possibly losing the person that I loved, to a much different circumstance, but that is how, I think, we accessed all those feelings. The notion, like, the person you wanna talk to is that person, but you hate that person at the moment, and every minute your feelings are changing.”

It was also fun to hear them say that David Marchall Grant plays out the characters and then they show a bit of him doing ‘Luc’ (and be more entertaining at it!)

Hear them explain how they talked to Rachel and Sally about their views on plastic surgery and their feelings on it (for episode 5.03)

And Cliff Olin (son of…) who tells about Cooper’s first kiss (Romeo and Juliet thing)
“Max had never kissed a girl in real life and the actress playing little Juliet, she had never kissed either and he was nervous. And then the first take, the first time he does it, he dips her down and kisses her, and then, like a pro, to her he’s like ‘You were great.’, because she was all nervous.” (How can you not like Cooper?)

What struck me as funny was that of all the scenes they mentioned, none of them discuss the ‘super-duper-romantic storyline of the (not-so-much-)power couple Sarah/Luc. I went into it believing that, like with everything else, they would put that storyline on the forefront, but it wasn’t even discussed, ... which was a real relief to me. :)

NOTE:  There are still two audio-commentaries, but I had to gift-wrap the DVD-box as I'm getting it for Christmas, so you'll have to wait for those until after Christmas. :D
29th-Nov-2011 07:45 am (UTC)
Please DO NOT I repeat DO NOT have any expectation on those Audio Commentaries by Nobodies!! its really Terrible and SAD :( its everything but o r i g i n a l !!Duh..
i lost patience and kept on forwarding the lame talks about Sound recording,colour scheme and all crap ! two things that distracted me from me breaking my DVD player is :
1. when they go Sally cries, America cries with her -KINDA AGREE, BUT AM BRITISH I CRY WITH HER TOO LOLZZ. .)they mention Luke MAcfarlane doesnt work out - SPOOKY HE LOOKS SMOKIN HOT ALA IRON MAN IN SEASON 5 HOW what why ??
29th-Nov-2011 07:56 am (UTC)
Well, I quickle listened a bit, but I couldn't stay focused on the conversation, so I thought I'd give it another go when I was less tired, but it sounds like it had nothing to do with me then. :)
29th-Nov-2011 08:03 am (UTC)
i dont have ur patience gal :), so may be they do have some thing important to say but do not expect more :)
No commentary from Actors or the Olins! strange :(
Soz i think i spamed ur inbox today! was just tryin to leava a message and LJ was playin up :(
29th-Nov-2011 08:30 am (UTC)
Don't worry. :) I know LJ is a bit of b**** right now. They were under some cyber-attack again yesterday.
29th-Nov-2011 06:45 pm (UTC)
I'm in shock! They made two kids kiss for the first time for some stupid TV show storyline! I know they're supposed to be working, but really. Even actors who have been in the business a long time dread such moments, so doing that to children is heartless. Just re-write the damn story you stupid moron! No wonder kids grow up so fast these days! If teach them kissing is no big deal. Sorry. I might be overreacting, but this is kind of a trigger for me.

Also, hi! How have you been? Seems like we haven't talked in a long time, but I must admit after the cancellation, the show sort of faded away from my mind. Not for ever, of course! It still holds a special place. Well, first season at least, the one DVD box I own. I will soon get back to the fandom by posting a fic I've been working on since season 3. Though, it's hard to replace the Walkers. I do miss them :( Nora and Kevin mostly, but not the slew of secondary uninteresting characters they created in the end. (I bet you'd vote for Luc. I'd vote for the kids.)

See you around :)
29th-Nov-2011 07:27 pm (UTC)
'The kiss' was a kiss for the play of Romeo and Juliet, but, yeah, I went a bit "WTF" too.

I'm still here, still writing (though thanks for reminding that I need to post the latest addition on Walkers_fics.) But the writing is slower because I post one large entire 'episode' per week rather than 3 pages a day.

Yes, Luc was a total waste of time, but I never 'warmed up' to Olivia and Daniel either, even though they became K/S's kids, the story was predictable for Olivia and stupid for Daniel.

Don't be a stranger, drop in any time you want. :)
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