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DVD-box B&S season 5 - other features: Whathisname uncovered

That guy: Uncovered

Alright. I have to admit it starts good.

Luke Macfarlane (cute): "Okay, what can I say about Gilles?"

Matthew Rhys (even cuter/hotter): "Who?"

Dave Annable: "Oh, the guy is not charming at all. They gotta bring in some guy with 300 abs. Okay, that’s not fair." (He is apparently referring to the movie “300”, that had guys with abssssss, but I Gilles is nowhere near that abs-y)

Now, take a good LOOOOOOONG look at those three faces and remind me WHY on earth, if you have the real deal eye-candy like Matthew Rhys, Luke Macfarlane and Dave Annable and don't forget: Rob Lowe!  --)
Why would you want to add someone like Marini, who is, in comparison, just an artificial sweetener. I just don't get it.

Matthew Rhys: "I wish I had something genuinely bad to say, but he’s that man, who’s, you know, nice to everyone, and ... he makes you sick. He makes me sick to my stomach.” Of course, Matthew is joking…

(I, on the other hand.....…)

I give up…. I throw in the towel… I’ve taken about all I can handle… I think I will stick to this, and just give away some screen-caps, because I am genuinely the worst person to give comment on this segment. In case it escaped anyone’s attention. I,. Just. Don’t. Like. Gilles. Marini… At all!
I don’t know  what it is about him that ticks me off so badly. If this same segment, with the same jokes, the same tour etc. would have been given by anyone else, and not just Matthew/Luke and/or Dave, but for instance Ryan Devlin (Seth) I would have enjoyed this so much more and I would have raved about it, because, in general, it is NOT bad, but Marini is in it and he makes my skin crawl. There is something about him that works on my nerves like nails on a school-board. Completely irrational, I know, but there you have it.

So enjoy the pics and I’ll shut up about it and keep my venom to myself… .

Only remotely funny scene was of GM with his personal trainer Jean-Marc Danois. When he explains that 'working on the legs' is sitting on Danois'neck and being on the phone:

He also tells us that Danois helps him with his lines and they read some line and Marini tells Danois it should be more feminine, so Danois lifts up the leg of his short a bit to show some more legs (And OH MY what legs!)

... Hilarious! They should have hired him for the part of Luc Laurent!

Oooops! Advice to camera-man. If you can count the nose-hairs, you're too close!

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