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DVD-box B&S season 5 - deleted scenes

Hereby my first recap of the DVD-box of B&S season 5.

Please, remember, it’s all a personal opinion, I don’t plan to sell you the DVD-box or dissuade you from buying it. What might annoy me, may be just the thing you were looking for.

“You’re really leaving”
Very strong and powerful moment as Justin is packed and ready to leave and is about to say goodbye to Rebecca. Well played by both Dave Annable and Emily VanCamp.

However,… this re-affirmed my complete and utter dislike for Rebecca. She’s worried that something might happen to Justin. Okay, I get that.
So Justin tries to explain that this could be the thing that could fix him and he expresses how frustrated he is. And so, with him just minutes away from leaving for war, she goes into ‘if you leave, I want a divorce’ and ‘do you have any idea what I’ve been going through- mode and …. I just wanted to kill/strangle/maim her.

You don’t let your husband leave to place like Iraq with those words on his mind. I know, I probably supposed to feel sorry for Rebecca (and her endless tears) and Holly's situation, but all it did, in fact, was make me even more in awe about Justin and the fact that he didn’t fall for her blackmail and went for Iraq anyway and that he did it without falling back on drugs.

Unfortunately, it also gave me less respect for Rebecca.

As I said, it is strong scene, well played by both actors, but I’m glad they left it out, because I feel that by leaving it out, it was much better and, for me personally, it gave Rebecca a chance to leave with some dignity tjat I felt she wouldn't have had to me, if I had seen this scene.

“True wreckage”
A moment between Nora and Kitty after the stage of the Romeo and Juliet-play has come down. It is a lovely scene where Kitty wants to come back and stay with Nora, but Nora talks to her, encouraging her to stay in Ojai (where Jack is).

Funny moment:
Nora (looking at the mess): "I hope our family is not responsible for this."
Kitty: "Oh, nothing says 'the Walkers were here' like true wreckage."

Taking sides

Only 1 deleted scene on this disc,  but WOW!!!! What a good one!!! Sometimes I wonder why they delete certain scenes that are amazing and bore us to death with others. And this one of those times!

5.06. Saul is writing a cheque (presumably for Marcus) when Kevin enters. Saul discretely closes the book, so Kevin doesn't see it.
(On a side-note - What is it about Drunk!Kevin that just makes my fanfic-heart beat faster?)
Saul tells him that he's sorry about what happened with Scotty and that he feels that Scotty broke their vows. Kevin is glad that someone is on his side. Nora enters and wants to know is going on and here's the conversation that follows:

Kevin: "Someone is actually taking MY side. Imagine that."
Nora: "Oh, Kevin, I wasn't not on your side, I was totally on your side, I was telling you, your marriage is worth saving."
Kevin: "Really? What do you think, Saul, is my marriage worth saving?"
Saul: : "Kevin, I don’t know, you’re the only one that can answer that question."
Nora: "Saul! Of course it’s worth saving!"
Kevin: "Okay, well when you’re done debating the dissolution of my marriage, let me know what I should do, I’m gonna get another drink."
Kevin leaves. Nora turns to Saul.
Nora: "What were you saying to him?"
Saul: "I told him that I thought that Scotty violated a trust."
Nora: "Ah! Well, aren’t you all holier than thou? - What about all the years you sat at my dining room table with my husband and me, knowing full well all the things he was doing behind my back and you never said a word? That was violating a trust."
Saul: "Nora, I did that to preserve the family."
Nora: "And what Kevin’s family?!"
And she leaves to let Saul think about that.

WHY, OH WHY???, did I have to sit through endless scenes with Pepe Le Pew screwing Sarah, when I could have had THIS?!?!?!?! It is moments like this, that remind why I fell in love with this show in the first place. Because it used to be so freaking awesome!

Let’s get started

A short one about Kitty where she writes down her full name Kitty Walker-McCallister and says that each name is important to her… I’ll take her word for it and we didn’t miss much by cutting that scene.

Figgy pudding thing
Justin apologizes to Annie that he couldn’t get figgy pudding and Annie admits that she only asked for that because she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing how glad she is to see him and she wanted him to suffer a little. Sweet.

Should I be worried?
Annie arrives at Justin’s place, all tired, and Justin goes into interrogation-mode on Annie about Dr Rick. So she admits to dating him, but that it’s over for more than a year. Justin thinks it weird that they seek help from Annie’s ex-boyfriend, so she reminds him that they got introduced to each other by his ex-wife’s mother. Ha! I like her! I think that Cheerful Annie was a nice change from Crying Rebecca and in all a nice bridge back to Tyler.



We could lose her
Takes place in front of the judge, who will decide if Olivia should go to her brother. The judge says that she read that Brian (Olivia’s brother) got promoted to assistant manager someplace and that he has held that position for four months. The judge calls that ‘very impressive’ (Bitch!) and tells everyone that she will make her decision. Brian has a smug grin on his face.
When Scotty and Kevin get up, Scotty turns to Kevin.
Scotty: “This could happen.”
Kevin: “Yeah ,we could lose her.”

I feel that in a way, this scene mirrored the role-playing scene where Jill came to collect ‘the baby’ and Kevin, after a bad start, got all emotional, while Scotty had been the strong, supportive realistic one.

But now, in front of the judge, it is Kevin who’s all realistic and practical and it’s Scotty who’s horrified when he realizes that they might lose their daughter.

I had to watch the scene several times to screencap etc. and I paid attention to how Luke Macfarlane shows a growing amount of upset. Matthew and Luke are always so ‘in’ their scene.

Extremely awake :

Awwww, Justin/Tyler, with a dash of Kevin/Scotty. My B&S-heart beats a little faster. I just looooooooove that one. Short, but oh so sweet.

Tyler is asleep (not sure if it’s her place or Justin’s) and Justin wakes her up with a kiss. The phone starts to ring. It’s Kevin asking Justin: “Is the tent up?” and Justin replies: “As a matter of fact it is.” Shoot! We should have had that scene! Too precious!

Alternate ending: an engagement ring
Just a different ending where Nora is in the radio-studio and says: It’s never too late to be what you might have been. And she looks at her engagement ring. I don’t believe we’ve missed much by not using this ending. I think that the ending of the show, as it is, is just perfect.


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