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welcome to my fantasies
DVD-box B&S the complete 5th and final season is in! 
15th-Nov-2011 05:39 pm
quote: get drunk?
Just thought I'd warn you that I'd might bore you guys tonight with my opinion of the box.

I've quickly browsed through:

- the deleted scenes (Not that there was much to browse through),
- had a quick listen to the commentary (I'll need stronger coffee to stay awake through those),
- controlled my gag-reflex long enough to watch some bits of 'Gilles Marini: uncovered' (It wasn't not as terrible as I feared, but they should have cut out that annoying French dude that was constantly in front of the camera... oh, wait...),
- actually watched 'writing for the Walkers', TWICE!  (It was actually a lot more interesting than expected)
- and of course there are the obligatory 'bloopers & outtakes' (Even the bloopers aren't as good as previous seasons, says I with sad sigh.)

Of course, my comments will come with a screencap or two (3, 4, 5, 6, .... Lots!)

Naturally, I won't discuss the episodes, unless I have to.
15th-Nov-2011 08:17 pm (UTC)
I got my copy through as well yesterday;

I went and watched the deleted scenes - kind of expected more.

I was hoping there would be audio commentary on either An Ideal Husband or Wouldn't it be nice - so got my wish but was like you and would need more than the average amount of coffee to get through it.

Kind of enjoyed Writing for the Walkers - was interesting either and was the right amount of time for it as well.

16th-Nov-2011 12:26 am (UTC)
Well, I had read from other reviews that the DVD-extras weren't much, so I was prepared for that, but it is very poor indeed.

I think that 'Writing for the Walkers' was actually the most interesting of the extras. But I'll get to that one tomorrow. :)
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