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Fanfic: B&S episode 604: part 2/4

Season 6 – Episode 4 – IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT ...

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
***** PART 2/4 *****

“Hi, Kevin, can I come in?”
“Max! Yes, of course. Do you want some coffee?”
“Yes, please…” Max watches how Kevin makes coffee, using the machine in the restaurant.

With the eye of a police-investigator, he can see that Kevin is genuinely calm and confident and Max would like to believe that, if Kevin had pulled the trigger on Stanton, he would be more nervous about Max being here.
“So, how can I help you?” Kevin asks and Max relaxes a bit too.

“I’m here because of the death of Bill Stanton.” Max starts and Kevin nods.
“That is your case?” Kevin asks.
“Yes… Lucky me.”
“What do you want to know?”

“You had a meeting with him yesterday?”
“What was it about?”
“I returned something to him that was amongst Robert’s possessions.”

“Did you argue with him?”
“No…. And he was still alive when I left.”
“I know that.” Max smiles. “Where were you, last night, around nine?”
“We had just finished dinner.”

“Scotty. Chad and Jason were here. Olivia and Daniel, our kids were there too, though Daniel is not exactly witness-material…” Kevin proudly points at a picture of Daniel and Max smiles, finding it even harder to believe that Kevin would actually kill anyone.

“Kev,… I don’t know how to discuss this with you, so I’ll just have to very honest, I’m afraid. I… I had a call from Alex Grodin a few days ago. He was worried, because you had been to see him and suggested that you wanted to kill Stanton. Alex was worried that you would do it?”

Knowing that silence is a strong weapon, Kevin doesn’t reply, but instead he seems to wait for more from Max.
“So, perhaps you can understand my concern now. Someone tells me that you want to kill Stanton, and though I don’t believe you could do it, I now have a dead Stanton.”

Still Kevin doesn’t say anything and an annoyed frown comes to Max’s face.
“Kevin, don’t play games with me, don’t go all lawyer on me, I’m not here to arrest you, unless you plan to confess to the murder? … No, I didn’t you think you would. I just want to know what is going on?”

He takes his hand out of his pocket and opens it to show Kevin one of the tapes that Robert made. It now becomes a stand-off between them, that gets broken when they hear a voice. It’s Scotty and he’s talking to Angie.
“Going to close the door.” Kevin says immediately.

He quickly hangs the sign that says ‘Do not disturb, I’m pretending that I’m working’, so that Scotty knows that Kevin is not available. Kevin joins Max again at the desk.
“Alright, no more games.” Kevin says.

“Thank you.” Max replies, feeling that he deserves Kevin’s trust.
“Yes. I went to see Alex. Yes. I wanted to kill Stanton. And I went to Alex, because I wanted to know what it felt like, what to do, … I don’t know. Some confirmation that I was doing the right thing. I wanted some validation of my feelings….”

“He told me not to do it. Used Scotty, my kids, my mom, the rest of my family, my friends and my reputation and that of Scotty and my kids, to talk me out of it, but … I didn’t want to listen. Or, to be more accurate… it was not what I wanted to hear….”

“So, you left?”
“He gave you a gun?”

“He told me. I was supposed to find the gun in your office and scare the hell out of you. Arrest you or something. Something that would give you a reality check.”
“But you didn’t do that?”
“I didn’t fully believe Alex.” Max admits. “He seemed so normal.”

“I know… Freaky isn’t it?” Kevin smiles softly, strangely moved by the way that Alex had tried to protect him.
“So, did he get you a gun?”

“Where is it now?”
“Got picked up.”

“By whom?”
“We never met before.”
“Can you describe him?”

“You don’t remember what he looks like?”
“I didn’t pay much attention to him. I was glad, that the gun was gone. I didn’t like having it here.”

“Did you use the gun at all?”
“No practicing?”

“No. I’m a good shot. My father thought me how to hunt. I know how to use guns. I just don’t like to. Stanton was never more than a few feet away from me. If I had wanted to shoot him, I could have done so, without trying too hard. So, I felt like I didn’t have to try first. Though maybe I should have. Maybe if I had heard the gun go off, I would have gone ‘back to normal’ a lot sooner.”

“Why did you want to kill Stanton?”
“Did you hear the tapes?”
“Yes. But I haven’t been able to figure out what it is about.”
“That was Stanton, with Robert McCallister.”

“Your brother-in-law?”
“Yes. Robert meant to prove that Stanton was a fraud. Stanton found out about it, threatened Robert, a few days later Robert gets driven off the road.”
“That was an accident.”

“No, it was on purpose. It was meant to scare Robert, … instead it killed him…”
“And you wanted to get back at Stanton?”
“Yes, but when I talked to Stanton, I found out that Robert’s death had not been what Stanton had ordered. I understand that the person who did it, is no longer alive either.”

“So, you could have killed Stanton but you didn’t? Why not?” Max asks and Kevin sits back and needs to think over the answer.

“Three reasons: First, I believed Stanton when he said that he hadn’t wanted Robert’s death. Second, I realized that Robert would not have wanted me to do this. And third, but perhaps the most important reason…. I have a husband and two kids…. I cannot do this. It would just be wrong… I came to my senses.”

Max thinks over Kevin’s words. They make sense to him and they seem to reflect his own belief about who Kevin is.
“Very well.” He says, as he gets up. “I’ll have to verify your story….”
“Ahm… it won’t be necessary for Scotty to know that I’ve been to see Alex, is it?”

Max looks at Kevin, surprised by the fact that Kevin suddenly seems uncomfortable.
“Come on, Max, we both know what Scotty, but also Jason and Chad went through with Alex. Alex nearly killed them. I don’t mind if you tell them that I went to see Stanton and that you need to verify my alibi.

However, I can’t see what good it will do to tell them that I saw Alex too. Alex is in prison and of no danger or importance to them, they’ve moved on and there’s no reason to bring back bad memories…” Kevin explains carefully. Max can see the logic of his words.
“I will not discuss it, as long as I don’t have to.” He promises.


Nora rushes through the long corridor of the hospital. Why hadn’t Sarah called her before? She could have been there so much sooner. She finds the nurses-station and immediately asks:
“The Whedon-kids? Three of them? Where can I find them?”

“And you are?” The nurse asks.
“I’m their grandmother. Well, Paige’s and Cooper’s, not Gabe’s and…”
“Grandma!....” Cooper nearly jumps in her arms.
“Oh, baby…” She holds him close. Paige now also exits a room.

Nora pulls her closer and then she sees Gabe in the doorway. His blank stare scares her…
“Gabe…” She whispers. Gabe had tried so hard to be strong, but the mere mention of his name in the sweet way that Nora says it, makes all his defenses come down. He almost literally crashes in her arms.

“Sshh.” Nora holds him tightly, softly rocking him a bit, caressing his back. She’s not as tall as he is, but at that moment she’s the rock he holds on to. She can feel Paige and Cooper’s arms around her too and for a short moment she tries to console all three of them at the same time.

“Where’s Joe?” She asks carefully, disentangling herself from her grandchildren.
“In there.. He’s kept asleep to give his leg time to heal, without it hurting him too much.” Gabe replies between sobs..
“And…. Your mom? … Have they found her?”

Nora isn’t sure if she should even ask this question or if she wants to know the answer. She somehow still hopes it is all a horrible nightmare. That somehow the kids and she will wake up and find out that Paula is alright and alive, but Gabe nods with a sad face.
“She’s in the mortuary of this hospital…”

“Have you seen her?”
“No… She’s …. Too…. damaged… from the fall. I’m not allowed to see her…”
“Maybe that is for the best.”
“I guess.” Gabe replies in a way that means that he doesn’t agree with her.

“I want to see your dad…” She steps into Joe’s room and he’s on the bed, very white, very still. His leg is well encased from the thigh to his toes.
“It’s badly broken and it will take a while to heal.” A voice behind her says and when she turns around she sees the doctor standing there.

“My daughter, who is his ex-wife and the mother of two of his three children, is on her way back from France. Should the children stay here for observation or can I take them home?”
“I’d rather wait for your daughter to get here.”

“I see. Are there complications?”
“No, but the kids are very shocked by everything that happened and will needs extra attention to be given to them.” The doctor replies calmly and Nora looks over her shoulder at Paige, Cooper and Gabe, who try to comfort each other.


Scotty is a bit surprised when Max starts to ask him questions about the night before and even more so when he finds out that Kevin had met with Stanton, without telling him about it, and that Kevin was a suspect. At the same time he’s glad that he can provide Kevin with an alibi.

He gives Max the phone-numbers of both Chad and Jason to make things easier for Max and he’s glad to be able to help Max. After another cup of strong coffee, Max leaves the two men again and Scotty can finally talk to Kevin privately.
“I have to admit, I’m a bit shocked… You went to see him?” Scotty immediately starts.

“Yes. But I didn’t kill him.”
“I didn’t think you would, but Kevin…. what possessed you to this? Is seeking revenge for Robert’s death this important to you?” Kevin bites his lip, because he feels it’s about much more than just Robert.

“If it is any consolation… I didn’t kill him. And that was because of you and our kids. I couldn’t do that to any of you. I wanted Stanton to pay for what he had done, but not at the expense of causing the three of you more pain. Thinking of you kept me grounded…” Kevin explains softly and Scotty is stunned by his words.

“Really?” he asks, not entirely sure if Kevin is telling the truth. Kevin nods.
“I love you, Scotty Wandell, I was never more sure of that, then when I left Stanton’s office, without a murder on my conscience. Robert is dead, but I still have a future with you…. I hope?”

The little questioning voice at the end of his ‘confession’ makes Scotty laugh lovingly.
“I love you… and that very annoying brain of yours… and the fact that you put us above getting revenge.” He takes Kevin in his arms and kisses Kevin.

Though he enjoys the kiss, Kevin feels bad because he cannot tell Scotty the whole truth. Alex is something of the past, a person who did a lot of harm and is safely in prison and Kevin will not allow him to bring back the nightmares that Scotty had overcome. He’s grateful for the way that Alex had tried to protect him, but that is as close as Kevin wants him to come to his family.


“Are you sure about this, Fawn?” Dr Franken smiles at her. “If you don’t want to do this, then you shouldn’t.” Fawn quickly looks at Justin, who seems worried that she might still change her mind. She shakes her head.
“I want to do this. I want to know if Justin is my son’s father.”

“You'll have your reply as soon as possible.” The doctor confirms. Fawn and Justin leave his office.
“And what if he is yours? Are you going to take him away from me?” Fawn now asks. She hadn’t really dared to ask the question before.

Justin shakes his head.
“No, like I said before… this whole thing with my niece had me thinking about a lot of things in life. Rebecca and Ryan who have been lied to for so long, who never knew their real father and how much pain it brought when they did discover the truth.

From the moment that you said that he could be mine, I wanted to know. I don’t want him to find out several years from now and that he will then start to believe that I never cared for him or that he wasn’t important to me, because that isn’t true. If he is mine, I feel that he’s entitled to know. And that I should take my responsibility.”

Fawn walks next to him and she thinks over his words. It all seems so reasonable. She never knew who her father was and she remembers how it used to nag at her when she was younger.
“I can’t wait to get the answer.” She says quietly.


Max straightens his back. He feels tired and a look at the clock tells him that it is past 9 at night and so he’s allowed to feel terrible. He closes the file on Bill Stanton.
“Calling it a night?” Dave, one of his colleagues, asks.
“Yes, I’m afraid so.”

“Do you have an idea as to who could have done it?”
“Ha! The only 2 persons that I know had a good motive, both have an alibi.”
“Really?” The young man opens the file to see. “You seemed to have focused yourself on Kevin Walker and Alex Grodin?”

“Stanton seems to have been responsible for the death of Kevin Walker’s brother-in-law. Alex Grodin is madly, passionately in love with Kevin and would literally kill for him. However, it is Alex that warned me that Kevin wanted to kill Stanton.”
“And you’re sure it wasn’t Kevin Walker?”

“Had a dinner with his husband. His guests… Jason McCallister, brother of Kevin’s brother-in-law and an ex-lover of Kevin’s. The other one … Chad Barry…”
“The actor?”
“Exactly, married to Jason McCallister and also an ex of Kevin Walker.”

“They could cover for him?”
“I doubt it. I know Kevin, his husband Scotty and also Jason and Chad personally. They care for each other, but I don’t believe for a second that they’d cover a murder for each other.

I watched Kevin closely while asking questions, but Kevin didn’t react very nervous or scared. He was rather open and seemingly honest. I also spoke with Kevin and Scotty’s 11 year old daughter and she confirmed Kevin was home. Furthermore, Jason and Chad were smuggled out by the back-door of the restaurant.

The kitchen-staff saw Kevin and Scotty say their goodbyes to Jason and Chad at around nine, which means that Kevin couldn’t have killed Stanton on the other side of town.”
“What about Alex Grodin? Does he have an alibi?”
“The best one there is.” Max laughs.

When he sees that Dave has no clue about what he means, he explains:
“Alex Grodin is in prison, serving several consecutive life-sentences, for murder, attempted murder, embezzlement and causing severe physical and emotional trauma.”
“Nice guy.” Dave replies sarcastically.

“He is. That is the danger of it all. He’s a very clever guy, but insane.”
“And in prison, so it couldn’t be him.”
“Plus, we did a re-enactment of what happened at the shooting and, from what we could see, the murderer was taller and more slender than either Kevin or Alex.

Being heavier is something you can simulate by stuffing something under your shirt, but being thinner…. You can’t fake that...” Max sighs and rubs his face. “I think I will go home and dream about it for a few hours…” He clears away his file and turns off his computer and wishes Dave a good night.


End of part 2/4

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