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Fanfic: B&S episode 603: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 3 – BANG! BANG! 

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** PART 4/4 *****

“Here are some of yesterday’s left-overs, You can eat them tonight?” Nora offers and she gives Brody a rather large box. Brody contemplates explaining to her that ‘left-overs’ are supposed to come in small boxes and not by an entire fridge, but he drops the topic to kiss her.

“Thank you, my love. I will it eat with pleasure and think of you…”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever, you should consider becoming some drama-actor.” Nora grumbles a bit, but she still has to smile, because she can see that he’s happy with what she gave him.
They kiss once again, a long passionate kiss, before they have to let go of each other. “I’m going to hate every minute that I’m away from you.” Brody says sweetly.
“No, you won’t. You’ll be too busy to think of me.” Nora corrects him.
“What will you do in the meantime?” He asks.
“Oh, I don’t know…” Nora replies with a throwaway movement of her hand. “Haven’t really thought about it yet.” Nonsense of course, the grocery-list of tomorrow is ready. Then it’s time to clean up the house top to bottom, put some more food in the freezer in the meantime and, if there’s enough time, do the garden.
“Something tells me it will involve groceries, cooking, cleaning…”  Brody grins, adoring the little blush that comes to Nora’s face. “I know you better than you think… And I am trying to be considered towards your desire for a clean house…” He points out sweetly and Nora rolls her eyes.
“Was that the reason why the dirty clothes were next to the hamper instead of a few feet away from it?” She teases.
"You noticed!” Brody jokes in return. “There will come day that I will actually put them in the hamper…”
“I can hear Buddy Holly singing ‘That will be the day that I die…’ for some reason…” Nora replies dryly and Brody laughs.
“Well, in  that case, I better not learn to use the hamper, now do I? I mean, if it will kill you…”
“Oh, shut up!” Nora laughs too at first, but then she becomes all serious. “Stay in touch, please. You don’t have to report to me every day, but … don’t wait too long either, alright?” She puts her arms around him and their kiss is warm and tender until he lets go of her. Not long after she sees him disappear around the corner.
Kevin opens the filing-cabinet and puts the gun back in it. He rubs his face, wondering what he had been thinking of? Had he been temporarily insane.
"Murder? Kevin, you're crazy." He says to himself. "And for what? Over Robert? You wouldn't have gotten him back and if anyone would have hated this, it would have been Robert...."

There’s a quick knock and Kevin slams the drawer of his filing cabinet shut just in time, before the door opens and Justin pokes his head around the door.
“Can I come in?” Justin asks and Kevin waves him in. “I only have a few minutes, because Tyler is waiting for me, but I need your help with something.”
“Ask away…” Kevin invites, glad to put his mind on something else. Justin explains meeting Fawn and finding out about Julian and that he might be Justin’s. The welcoming smile fades from Kevin’s face to be replaced by another look that Justin isn’t sure of which emotion it is and he can usually read Kevin rather well.
“Sssso, what do you want me to do?” Kevin asks hesitantly.
“The only person I could think of was you… and Elizabeth…?”
Kevin breathes out slowly, obviously expecting the question he’s not willing to answer.
“Should I try and find out if he is or isn’t my child?”
“I don’t know. With Elizabeth we didn’t really have a choice.”
“Didn’t you want to know?”
“No. Not particularly. Did you? ... Not knowing meant not feeling some sort of responsibility. She was my niece. She could have been mine, she could have been yours.” Kevin shrugs.

“Does it really make a difference to know?” Justin asks and Kevin sighs.
“Let’s not go there. Don’t open up that can of worms for me, please.”
“Kev…. I’m not asking this to hurt you or anything. Except, I can’t get it out of my mind.. I think of the possibilities… If the child were mine…”
“But he won’t be. He’s Fawn’s child.” Kevin replies.
“Yeah, but he’d mine too… I’d have some rights to him as well, don’t I?”
“Are you asking me this as your lawyer or as a young man with…. Womb-envy?” Kevin remembers how someone had called it.
“I could… do something…” Justin ignores Kevin’s sarcastic question.
“Like what? Sue for custody? Why would you do that? Fawn doesn’t need you, the boy doesn’t need you. If the child is registered with a ‘father unknown’, why upset so many people’s lives. You’d force a situation with Fawn and Julian. Once you start, you can’t stop it anymore and when it doesn’t turn out as you wished or the situation gets inconvenient… then what?”
And have you thought of the consequences for yourself and Tyler? I know that Scotty wasn’t too thrilled at first about me being Elizabeth’s father.”
“But what about you?”
“What about me?”
“Doesn’t it feel better to know? I mean, finding out that Elizabeth wasn’t mine, gave me certainty, some closure.” Justin replies and Kevin wonders if Justin is really that naïf.
“Are you seriously asking me, if knowing that Elizabeth is biologically mine is making me feel better?”
“Yes. I know you had some issues when just found out, but…”
Some issues…?!” Kevin repeats slightly offended. “I was asked to be sperm-donor only. That was supposed to be my only involvement. When Tommy told me that Elizabeth was mine, I felt the entire world collapse around me.
It was easy for me to not be involved when I didn’t know, but then I did and it changed everything….” Kevin’s voice trembles as he turns away…. “But let’s not get into that… If you ask for my advice.. Here it is: Stay out of it.”
“Talk to me, Kev. How is it to know…?”
“I wish that I had never gone along with this completely stupid idea! I should have stuck to my word and not become a sperm-donor. You have no idea how many regrets I have that I let others talk me into doing it against my better judgment.”
“How can you say that?” Justin quietly wonders.
Something in Kevin suddenly explodes.
“What do you think?! At the hospital, once I was allowed out of the bed, one night, I went to her room… and I just sat there watching her sleep… She’s never been ‘Tommy’s child’ again. Not for me.
I know, Tommy made me sign a piece of paper that is supposed to prevent me from telling Elizabeth the truth, as if I would do that to her. I know, Tommy made it very clear that whatever my feelings were about this, they are irrelevant and I should shove them …. somewhere where they don’t bother Mr Thomas Walker.
Seriously, Justin, as a medical student can you tell me where exactly that switch inside me is supposed to be, so that I can stop remembering that that girl is my flesh and blood, because it’s been a few years and I still haven’t been able to find the switch, let alone turn off my feelings.
Tommy cried about how important it was to him to be a dad and then he dumps Julia and Elizabeth to run to Mexico, rather than face the responsibility of his stupid actions. He put Julia so far in debt that she and Elizabeth nearly lost the roof over their heads. Scotty and I had to step up to help her, because Tommy was too busy feeling sorry for himself.
I’ve tried everything I can to make sure that Tommy and Elizabeth stay in touch somehow, because that is the only way for me to find out if she’s alright or not, and what does that moron do? He’s unkind to Julia, constantly puts her down, even if he is more to blame for her issues than him and his latest thing is to not pay for child-support. Way to go, Tommy!
But I have to keep my mouth shut, because it’s none of this is my business. It’s just between Tommy and Julia. It has nothing to do with me that Tommy fails as a father.” Justin takes a step back at seeing Kevin’s anger and Kevin calms down a bit. “You want to know how I feel? Powerless!
Elizabeth is biologically mine. She’s my child. Nobody is ever going to change that. And I can never go back to not knowing about it. Every time I see her, I know. Every time she smiles at me, I know.  It hurts when she climbs on my knee and calls me uncle , because I know….
The only child on this planet that I know is mine, is completely out my reach. She can’t even know the truth about me. Not anytime soon anyway…” Kevin sees how shocked Justin is and he softly says: “Be careful what you ask for, Justin. Once the cat is out of the bag, you can’t put it back.”
Kevin’s words shockingly echo the words that Rebecca once had said to Justin about Elizabeth.
“So, I should just forget about it?”
“Not knowing can be a blessing.” Kevin replies. Justin mumbles a ‘thanks’ and a ‘sorry’ and leaves Kevin alone with his reopened wounds.
Paige lifts up her head when she realizes that she hears voices approach. Instinctively she takes hold off Cooper’s hand, not noticing the painful look on his face over her firm grip on his smaller hand.
“Is it Gabe?” Cooper asks.
“Don’t know. Can’t see. Though sometimes I think I hear his voice…. But I’ve done that before and then no one came…”
“Yes, but now I hear voices as well.” Cooper points out and Paige nods. His words give her hope.
She carefully tries to stand up, feeling stiff after having sat on the ground all this time.
“I think, it’s him … and he’s not alone.” She says hopeful. She starts to cry when she seems him come around the bend and within a few steps she’s in her brother’s arms.
“It’s alright, Paige. It will be alright.” Gabe whispers in her hair.
Suddenly the place is buzzing with action. Yelling into walkie-talkies, ropes thrown over the edge and a helicopter joins the rescue, hovering not far away. Paige and Cooper are handed over to a female ranger. She’s so nice and caring. Warm blankets are thrown around them. There’s hot chocolate.
Paige watches the rescue-action as if it happens on television. Something in the distance, something unreal, something that isn’t about her. She’s allowed on board the helicopter too, together with Gabe and Cooper, so they can be with their dad. They fly straight back to Los Angeles.
“Doorbell!” Kevin yells from the bedroom. He has freshened himself up a bit after the argument with Justin and he feels a bit better. He hears how Olivia rushes to the door.
“Uncle Jason! Uncle Chad!” She hugs them both. “I’ve got a new house for Zemulon! Do you want to see?”
“Why do you think we’re here?” Chad asks with a smile.
“Scotty’s cooking?” Olivia replies, quite aware of the truth.
“That too. But also for Zemulon’s new house…” Jason laughs, but over her head he looks at Chad, who shakes his head to let his husband know that he has no clue what Olivia is talking about either.
“Hey! Newly-weds!” Scotty comes out of Daniel’s room, with Daniel on his arm.
“Oh, look at that sleepy-head.” Jason grins.
“Want to hold him?”
“Can I? I’d love to.”
Scotty carefully hands over Daniel to Jason. Daniel seems to not be too sure about Jason at first, but then he leans closer to Jason.
“Looks good on you.” Scotty smiles.
“He’s adorable.” Chad says.
“He sure is, but a handful too. He’s standing and making a few steps of his own now, before tumbling down again. But he crawls at light-speed.”
“Yes, it’s our latest morning-exercise, chasing after our son to get him ready for day-care. And he of course loves it.
Nothing brings more fun than having two daddies run after him, with his pants, his shirt, his shoes, only to find out that his socks have gone missing in action again. That kid lives to torture us.” Kevin jokes.
“Apparently, he’s a lot like you…” Scotty can’t help defending Daniel.
“I was never like that…” Kevin denies with a shake of his head.
“That’s not what Nora says….” Scotty sing-songs. Kevin sticks out his tongue.
“I should forbid her to talk to you. Get a restraining order or something.” But Kevin laughs as he speaks those words.
“Oh, who are you kidding? You’d be the first to break it and run to your mother.” Jason points out and his words get confirming nods from Chad, Scotty, Olivia and even Daniel decides to nod too, copying his dad’s movement, which makes everyone laugh.
“You guys know me too well.” Kevin replies quasi-insulted.

He sits down at the table, suddenly even more relieved that he had not killed Stanton after all. Alex had been right. His life would never have been the same again. And, surely, he would no longer have been able to sit here and enjoy watching his husband and kids and his friends. 

“Have you guys heard the latest news?” Scotty asks, as the food is being passed around. “I’ve inherited a hotel… Not very far away from here.”
“Seriously? Big? Small? Modern? Old? A place I’d know?” Chad asks.
“It’s shady enough for you to know it.” Scotty laughs.
“What’s it called?” Jason asks.
“The June-flower.” Scotty replies and  Chad starts to laugh.
“Seriously? Doesn’t sound too exotic.”
“We might have to give it another name.” Kevin agrees. Scotty seems undetermined.
“I found out today why he called it the June-Flower. My mom’s birthday is in June and he always said that she was the beautiful flower he ever saw….” Scotty sighs and while Chad and Jason can’t stop a little ‘awww’, Kevin bites his tongue to not point out that Mr Corvin obviously hadn’t seen Bertha in 30 or so years.
Scotty however sees the look in Kevin’s eyes and warningly waves a finger at him. Kevin lets his fingers slide over his lips to show his mouth is zipped.
“It is a romantic gesture. Is the hotel a bit romantic as well?” Jason asks and Scotty reluctantly answers.
“For some reason it reminds me of ‘The Shining’ and the name of Jack Nicholson has fallen between Tyler and me. Especially the 5th floor seems to have something ominous about it. It could be just that it’s the longest corridor of all the floors and all the closed doors give it something claustrophobic. And some of the lights didn’t work…”
Scotty sighs and remembers how much work needs to be done. Chad plays with his fork, his mind tries to ignore the thought that comes up, but he can’t .
“Is it really that bad?” He asks. Scotty nods. “Can I see it? … I’ve accepted a role in a movie. A psychological thriller with a dash of horror.
It all happens in a hotel and they are looking for a place to shoot. It’s an independent movie, so their budget is not that high, but maybe we could use that floor for shooting… Of course, you’d get paid.”
“You think they would do it?”
“They might. How about I set up a meeting?”
“Sounds good to me.” Scotty replies enthusiastically and Kevin can’t help but enjoy the look of anticipation on Scotty’s face. He has the impression that Scotty wants to keep the hotel and that he and Tyler have big plans for it.
Sarah picks up her phone.
“Ooooh, it’s Paige…. Hi, honey. It’s great here, you should see the garden of Luc’s father and ….”
“Mom?” It sounds like a sob and Sarah immediately stops talking.
“What’s a matter, chicken?” She asks, immediately concerned.
“It’s dad… and Paula… and … there was an accident.. and…” Paige starts to cry and Sarah hears someone else talk.
“Mrs Whedon?”
Ex-Mrs Whedon, yes. Who am I talking to?”
“My name is Guy Green, I’m a volunteer here at this hospital.”
“You are aware that your family was on a camping-trip?”
“Yes. What happened?” Sarah starts to panic. “My kids…”
“Ma’am, we’ve had a lot of rainfall here and a piece of a ledge gave up and come down. I’m sorry to have to inform you that Mrs Paula Whedon died from the fall, Mr Joe Whedon has a broken leg…
The children, Gabe, Paige and Cooper are physically alright, but … they’ve witnessed the fall, the broken leg, the rescue-operation. I fear that they are deeply traumatized by it all….”
“I’m coming home. Straightaway.” Sarah says. “I’m going to hang up and go home.”
She puts immediate action to her words and looks up at Luc.
“Luc, you can stay here if you wish.. but … there’s been an accident. Paula is dead, Joe is injured, the kids traumatized… I have to be with my kids.”
“Stay here? Non, Sarah, I’m coming with you.”
“I’m sorry.” Sarah tells Luc’s father and Luc translates immediately to make sure that there’s no miscommunication. Luc’s father immediately starts to take action to get tickets and Luc rushes upstairs with Sarah to start packing. Neither of them had expected their little honeymoon to be this short.
Bill Stanton steps off the elevator and walks over to his car, car-keys in hand. It’s late and his footstep are rather loud. His car is one of the last ones left in the parking-garage. He points the remote on his car and the little beep sounds rather loud in his ears as well.
He opens his car-door, throws his briefcase on the passenger seat and takes off his jacket to put on it on the back-seat.
“Mr Stanton?” Assuming it’s one of his assistants, who are still at the office, he turns around.
“Yes?” He asks. The hooded man comes closer. Stanton hardly has the time to feel fear or concern, nor does he have the time to register the gun that is pointed at him. He does notice the first bullet that hits his body though. It is hits his stomach to be exact. The second bullet is aimed a little higher, hits him plain in the heart.
He’s dead before he falls on the ground and he doesn’t know that 3 more bullets are put into his body, before the shooter turns around and, carefully avoiding his face to be filmed by the security cameras, he disappears into the darkness. By the time security finds Stanton’s body and have secured the area, they cannot find the man anymore.

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