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Fanfic: B&S episode 603: part 1/4

Season 6 – Episode 3 – BANG! BANG!

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)


also starring

Also appearing: Elizabeth Walker, Paula Whedon, the principal of Julia's school, Rick (Rebecca's boyfriend), Cleo Baxter, Evan McCallister, Alex Grodin, Max Carter, Dane Kane (producer of Chad'd new movie)


Hi Holly,

I was actually surprised to get your email. Sorry to hear that David and Rebecca are so far away from you, but I’m happy to hear that Rebecca found another boyfriend. He sounds very nice. I hope that he will treat well, she deserves it. If you ever get really bored, remember I’m just a phone-call away … (and remember  that there is a time-difference between New York and LA, please.) …

Nora makes a smiley, but gets distracted by the clanging noise outside. Brody is working on his motor-home and all bits and pieces of the engine are strewn all over the front-lawn. She mourns for her lawn and closes the window, so she doesn’t have to see the mess.


Kevin can feel the sweat on his forehead and on his back. He had expected to be stopped at the entrance of the building. Some security-guard would look into his briefcase and find the gun. He would have no way to explain it and the police would be called and …. Whatever Kevin had envisioned, it didn’t happen. No one checked him out, no alarm went off.

In the elevator up he had looked at the people around him. None of them paid attention to him, they were all too busy with their own thoughts.  Stepping off the elevator, Kevin has to think twice, but then moves to Stanton’s office. Kevin doesn’t know why, but he had somehow expected that there would be more security around.

“I’m so sorry, but Mr Stanton had to postpone the meeting with 10 minutes due to an overseas conference taking up more of his time than anticipated. I hope that doesn’t  inconvenience you too much?” Stanton’s secretary is a very sweet, young lady, so Kevin shakes his head.

“I know how those things can get out of hand. Busy schedules, right?”
“More a case a too many lines breaking up all the time.” She smiles.  “Where would we be without modern technology?” She jokes.
“Ah! Back to the pigeons?” Kevin smiles back.

He can’t for the life of him understand, why this young lady doesn’t suspect that he has a gun in his briefcase. She should know it. She should see it, be suspicious, feel a vibe, anything, but she simply shows him the waiting area and offers him a chair.
“Coffee, tea…?” She ask.

“Just a glass of water, if you have some. Dry throat.”
“Sure. It’s what you get with these air-conditioning-systems nowadays.”
“That must be it.” Kevin smiles and she leaves him alone, after telling him that Mr Stanton will come and get him, once he’s done.


“Alright, kids, are we ready?” Joe asks and Cooper and Gabe yell a loud ‘yes’ while Paige is not entirely sure of this. Paula sees her reaction and smiles at her. Joe and Paula are both wearing the rucksacks filled with food, water, clean socks and band-aid. The kids have smaller packs for themselves.

Joe carries his compass and the map of the mountain they will visit. Both he and Paula are in a good mood and it rubs off on the kids who start the climb with plenty of energy, even though Joe and Paula continuously remind them to be a bit calmer or they’ll be tired before they’re even halfway.

But Cooper is a ball of energy ricocheting between his brother, his sister, his father and step-mother.
“Jeez, what did you eat for breakfast? Speedy Gonzales?” Paige laughs and she tries to grab Cooper to make him walk beside her for a while.

But Cooper ducks away and runs off again.
“Nope! Road-runner!” He informs her and Gabe has to laugh.
“He’s got you there.”
“Maybe I should have brought the bug-spray, against that little pest.” Paige laughs.

Cooper doesn’t mind, he just found a long branch.
“Look, dad, with this one I can fight of grizzly-bears.”
“Good plan, Coop.” Joe smiles.
“Or dragons…. Yes, dragons.” Cooper nods, liking dragons better than grizzly-bears.

“And here I thought it was you secret magic wand that helps you to fight off evil sorcerers.” Joe suggests. Cooper frowns. Gee, THAT would be cool too.
“An evil witch!” He suddenly figures out.
“Something tells me that I know exactly who that will be…” Joe laughs.

And sure enough Cooper starts to pester his sister with the branch. Paula shakes her head, equally amused.
“Shouldn’t we stop them?” She asks Joe, but he’s now the one shake his head.
“No, as long as they don’t kill each other.”


“Brody! Brody! … It’s for you…”
“Who is it?”
“I think it’s one of your sons.”
“Ah.” Brody takes the phone from Nora and walks away from her.

Nora tries not to take it personal. Just because she feels comfortable enough around him, to talk with her children in front of him, doesn’t mean he should feel the same. Or so she tells herself. However, deep in her heart, she’s annoyed that he acts like it doesn’t concern her.

She enters the kitchen and keeps herself busy with cutting vegetables for tonight’s dinner, until Brody joins her in the kitchen. He looks very serious and Nora hopes it wasn’t bad news. Brody pauses and looks at her, as if he’s trying to measure how much she can handle to know.

“That was my eldest. There are some problems. Family-problems. I need to go back home.” Brody informs her and Nora’s heart sinks. She knows it ridiculous, but she just got back home and she’s not really ready to go away again. “There is no reason for you to come along. I can take care of it myself.” Brody says.

Nora hardly has the time to let the meaning of the words sink in.
“I will pack straightaway and I leave later today. I don’t want to spend too much time away from you. The quicker this is dealt with, the better.”

He smiles and quickly kisses her lips, before he lets her go and leaves the kitchen. Nora is dumbfounded, wondering why she feels confused. She didn’t want to leave, he told her she didn’t have to, and yet she feels somehow insulted that he hadn’t asked her opinion or that he hadn’t asked her to come along…. She butchers the carrots.


Jonathan is closely examining the stack of paperwork he received for “Outreach”, the gay and lesbian centre he works for.
“Busy?” Jonathan smiles at Saul’s question.
“Looking for a distraction if you're willing to provide one.” He replies.

Saul puts his hands in the pockets of his jeans in such a way that it signals that he’s unsure about something. Jonathan is slowly learning Saul’s body-language.
“What is on your mind?” He asks and he sees Saul shy away a bit. Jonathan counts to ten and remembers that, with Saul, sometimes the best approach is not the direct one.

“I’ll go back to reading then.” He therefore says and, sure enough, the moment he focuses his attention back on his paperwork, he hears Saul clear his throat.
“I’ve been thinking… What about the end of December?” Saul asks.
“For what?” Jonathan asks in return.

“Our wedding-day… commitment ceremony… whatever you want to call it.” Saul answers and Jonathan’s heart starts to beat faster.
“Sounds good?” He carefully says. “A bit far away for my taste, but if that is what you want..?”

“It is. I’ve  thought about this and I still feel weird that you proposed to me in the first place. Not that it is really weird that you did, just that … I never believed it would happen to me and I have to get used to the idea of it all. Adjust to the changes…”
“Saul, I’ve said it before. You are the one who has to decide when you’re ready.”

“I think I will be ready by then.” Saul replies and Jonathan starts to laugh.
“End of December it will be.” His face clearly expresses his happiness and Saul wonders why it is so hard for him to accept this man’s love, when Jonathan seems to want to give himself to Saul with all his heart.


“Justin?  I asked you something?” Dan says impatiently and Justin wakes up out of his reverie. “Where are you with your thoughts? …. Please, tell me, it’s not about your ex-girlfriend and the kid again… the one that might be yours … or not.”
“But if he is mine, doesn’t he deserve to know who I am?”

“Stay out of it.” Dan advices, but Justin shakes his head.
“I can’t get it out of my head.”

“Listen, if she’s not sure you are the daddy and she doesn’t want to find out if he is, then don’t get involved.” He sees that Justin still disagrees and he sighs: “Okay, hypothetically…. Turns out he’s yours…. Then what?”
“I don’t know…. Maybe I can be involved in his life?”

“His mother does not want you to… And maybe Tyler will not be too happy to play step-mommy either.”
“But … I’d love to have a child…” Justin says quietly.
“So you want to confiscate the one your ex has, because he might be yours? And what if he’s not?”

“I don’t know.”
“In case you didn’t realize this, your answer to both questions was, that you don’t know what to do. Perhaps you should think twice before you start upsetting a lot of lives. Not knowing may be a curse, but knowing the outcome, may not be the best thing either.”


“Mrs Baxter?” Tyler asks and Cleo turns around.
“Oh, it’s you. Please, do call me Cleo. Mrs Baxter is my mom, I always say.” She laughs warmly and, though it’s obvious that she has told this joke a million times before, she can still smile over it.

“Cleo. I was wondering… Could I have another walk around? The other day there was just so much to take in and I feel that by the end, I had no longer a clear memory of what I had seen at the start…” She explains. Cleo nods.
“Yes, of course. You wish to go alone or do you want me to come with  you?”

“I’d rather you come with me, but I know how much work running a hotel is and …. I don’t want to be an inconvenience….”
“You’re not. It not exactly the busiest job in the universe these days.” Cleo replies apologetic and this time it’s Tyler who nods.

Cleo follows Tyler into the elevator and while they go up to the first floor, she asks:
“Do you know if Mr Wandell had made a decision yet?”
“No. Scotty and I have been throwing a few ideas around, but … we have to see what we can do financially.”

“I see. But you don’t think it’s hopeless?”
“No, definitely not. We can envision the possibilities…” Tyler says. “I mean, look around this first floor for instance. Yes, it’s a bit old, but I think that a fresh coat of paint will take us a long way. It is clearly a hotel from the 70’s.

But look at the beautiful doors. Nothing is done by code-cards yet, which could actually be a blessing for so many people. Is one of the room empty, so I can see them? One I haven't seen before?” Tyler asks and Cleo decides to not inform her that most of the floor is empty. She opens the door to room 118.

“As you can see, the rooms are very square, which makes that we don’t lose much space and the bathrooms are small, but fit perfectly.”
“I agree, it’s all very practical.” Tyler agrees as she looks around. 'Practical' would indeed be the key word for this place.

“I’ve often thought that some new wall-paper… some fresh flowers… New pillows. New bedcovers….  This place could be so beautiful.” Cleo sighs.
“My fingers itch. I admit it.” Tyler laughs. “But Scotty and I need to talk to our partners first, do the math and then decide whether we dare to take the plunge…”

“I understand that it must be difficult, especially with the current financial situation in America…. It was always difficult enough to get new guests here, but lately it’s even worse…”
“I know, it’s hard, but … we’ll see.”

“It’s not just curiosity, you know. If we don’t have a solution soon, we’ll have to close the hotel, fire the staff and … it  won’t be easy for some of them to get employment elsewhere. 99% of the people who work here are dedicated to this hotel and I wish to be honest with them. If we do have to stop, they deserve to be told in time.”

“I agree. You know what? Tell those who ask for information that Scotty and I are working very hard to find a solution and that we hope to give them an answer after the weekend… Scotty and I may need the weekend to convince our other halves to go along with our wild ideas.” Tyler replies with a wink. Cleo laughs, wishing them both lots of luck.


“Mr Walker?... Sorry to have kept you waiting.” Bill Stanton seems all smiles and hospitality. If he had hoped to make Kevin nervous with the extra waiting-time, it hadn't worked, because Kevin feels remarkably calm.
“That’s alright. Your secretary brought me enough coffee to stay awake. Loved the choice of magazines.” He replies cordially.

“I’m so sorry about what happened to your brother-in-law, Mr Walker. Did Mrs McCallister send you here?” Stanton asks almost as if it is unimportant. Kevin cringes, somehow he had expected that question.
“No. I found the tapes, quite by accident. I saw no reason to discuss it with her.”

“I do understand.” Stanton says smoothly. “She’s been through enough, hasn’t she? Why make life more complicated for her. Especially now that she seems to have her life in control again.  She’s pregnant, right?” The fact that he knows this should feel as a threat to Kevin, Kevin assumes, but somehow it just ignites his anger again.

“We have taken it upon ourselves to not discuss this until the first 3 months have passed. You are of course aware of the dangers of the first trimester?”
“Ye-e-e-s, of course.” Stanton is all friendliness, almost nauseatingly so. “I understand that, especially considering the drama she’s had before…”

“Exactly!” Kevin couldn’t have been sweeter if he had complimented Daniel for peeing in his diaper. “Why bother her with trivial things like strange tapes…” Kevin puts his briefcase on his lap and lets his hands rest on it, to make it obvious to Stanton that the tapes are in there.


End of part 1/4


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