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Fanfic: B&S episode 602: part 1/4

Season 6 – Episode 2 – UPSIDE DOWN (DIZZY DOES IT MAKE ME)

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)



Also appearing: Elizabeth Walker, Paula Whedon, the principal of Julia's school, Rick (Rebecca's boyfriend), Cleo Baxter, Evan McCallister, Alex Grodin, Max Carter, Dane Kane (producer of Chad'd new movie)

For those just dropping in: Alex Grodin is a character I created two years ago. A former friend of Kevin, psychopath, tried to kill Scotty, left Jason and Chad for dead in a barn, loves Kevin to death.. literally. To find out more about Alex Grodin and his relationship to Kevin, Scotty, Jason and Chad read  Happy now, Last Christmas and Unfinished (Don't let the last title fool you, 'Unfinished' is actually a finished story). Max Carter is a police-detective who has helped to catch Alex in the past.

***** PART 1/4 *****

“Call me, as soon as you get there.” Holly tries to hold back her tears. She tries to be brave, as David and Rebecca say their goodbyes. She hugs them tightly and eventually there’s also a great big hug for Rick.
“If you need anyone… call my parents, alright?” Rick warns her. She nods.

Rick is the first to get into the car. Rebecca sits down next to him. David turns to Holly.
“I will be back as soon as I can. I promise.” Holly nods, but she’s well aware it might take a few months before she sees them again. One last kiss and then David gets into the car as well and all that is left for Holly is to wave them goodbye.

“This doesn’t feel right.” Rebecca says quietly. “Mom still needs so much help.”
“Becca, she’s not as needy as you think.” David replies.
“I agree with your dad, honey. You think that your mother can’t do without you, but I’m sure she can.”

Rebecca shakes her head, she doesn’t agree with them and fears the worst when it comes to Holly.
“I can’t lose her again.” She whispers.
“You won’t. I promise. She such a strong woman.” David says.

Rebecca doesn’t seem convinced and she hopes that her father is right. Rick wraps an arm around her.
“You worry too much. Your mom will be just fine. She has made friends, she has neighbors, she has her own life. Let her live it.” Rick gently kisses Rebecca’s hair.


“Call me as soon as you get there.” Sarah reminds Joe, who nods with a smile. The little motor-home is filled with sleeping bags, food, stretchers, small tents and anything else they could need for a week of camping and hiking.
“Don’t worry, we will.” Paige promises, holding up her cell-phone.

“Provided we have coverage there.” Joe points out, but he winks at Sarah, who grins when she sees Paige’s worried face. “It may be that you can’t call anyone for da-a-ays….” He teases and Paige’s face clearly shows that she cannot look forward to days without the latest gossip from her friends.

Paige and Cooper quickly hug Luc. It’s more difficult to get away from Sarah, because she has a hard time letting them go, but eventually everything is packed and everyone is ready to go. Sarah and Joe wave as Joe and Paula drive away and Sarah shivers when she sees them drive off.

“Cold?” Luc asks.
“No. Not really. Just concerned. As any mother would be, no matter how much you trust the father.” She smiles. “And now I’m off to the office, where I’m going to put my name on the dotted line and sell the tv-stations. And once that is done…”

“.. We’ll get on our way to France.” Luc says. It is clear that he looks forward to seeing his family.
“Yes, we will be. At what time will you be home? I’ll try to be done by then as well.”
“Three o’clock.”


Jonathan picks up his briefcase and his car-keys.
“You’re leaving?” Saul asks, as he enters the living-room. He had slept in and he had just taken a shower.
“Yes. I’m sorry. I just had a call from Ian. He needs my help.”

“Ian? As in, your ex-boyfriend Ian?” Saul asks.
“Yes, Saul. The ex. The one I broke up with 7 years ago and I’m still befriended with and who’s happy in a relationship with someone else.” Jonathan points out tiredly. He's not in the mood for this. He loves Saul very much and sometimes his jealousy is fun, but not today.

Hearing the irritation in Jonathan’s voice Saul becomes a bit annoyed as well.
“I just hadn’t heard that you made an appointment with him.”
“I haven’t had a chance to tell you, because you were in the shower.”
“And it can’t wait until after breakfast?”

“I've already had breakfast. I've been up for 2 hours.” Jonathan answers.
“Fine.” Saul answers resigned. Jonathan can’t believe that Saul is actually nearly pouting over this. For a grown man Saul can sometimes be such a sulking child. Jonathan can feel that somewhere, somehow, he’s done something to upset Saul.

“Please, Saul, grow up!” He says angrily. “Stop being so jealous. Come with me, if you must, but we’ll need to go now.”
“I don’t want to come along and insert myself in your relationship with him.” Saul replies coldly and Jonathan’s annoyance grows.

“And I’m not jealous, …” Saul continues to lecture Jonathan. “I don’t care where you’re going or who you are with. I just want you to let me know where you go and not sneak around.” Saul tries very hard to control his disappointment, he cannot understand the need in Jonathan to be so secretive.

“Sneak around?” He can hear Jonathan whisper, but then Jonathan replies out loud: “I’m sorry, but he’s an old friend. He was a friend before he and I got into a relationship and he continued to be a friend after we broke up. And I would have told you sooner, I would have had a chance to and if you had gotten out of the shower sooner.

And I planned to go without you, because I know that you have to go to the market to get fruit, that you have an appointment with Nora this afternoon and that you would most likely not rearrange your schedule to have an emergency meeting with an old friend of mine.

I can explain my actions and I can make decisions, that involve taking both our lives and schedules into consideration. Just because you and I are together doesn’t mean I cannot meet other people. I’m not going to sit here, anxiously waiting for you to come home and, as much as I love your family, I have a life that doesn’t involve them.

I have a large circle of friends and contacts all over America and abroad. I’m not going to break off all my friendships over you, Saul. And Ian is one of those contacts I will not lose over you. And now that you know where I’m going… I’m gone.” He leaves after a quick kiss for Saul to prove that he’s not as angry as his words may seem.

Saul watches him leave and he gets a look of concern on his face. All Saul can do is make breakfast for himself and feel very uncomfortable with the result of their earlier conversation and worry that maybe his words will lead Jonathan to chose someone else over him.


“Hey Scotty!” Justin happily opens the door for his brother-in-law and Scotty enters Tyler’s rather small house. “We were just having break-fast. Want some coffee?”
“Yes, please…” Scotty gives Tyler a quick kiss on the cheek and joins her. Justin pours some coffee for Scotty and sits down as well.

“Why are you here? Not that you’re not welcome here, but …. It just doesn’t happen that often.”
“Actually, I came here to borrow Tyler.” Scotty replies with a smile. “Tyler, as you may remember, it seems that I’ve inherited some hotel and I want to go take a look at it and I wondered if you wanted to come along?”

“I’d love to, … but aren’t you supposed to do that with Kevin?” Tyler asks.
“Yes, but… Kevin came home from a meeting the day before yesterday and he’s been acting weird ever since.”
“Weird?” Justin repeats.’

“Yes. He came home and almost immediately withdrew in his office. I’ve hardly seen or heard him. I’m not even sure if he slept in our bed last night. He wasn’t there, when I went to bed, he wasn’t there when I woke up.” Scotty sighs.
“Did you two have fight over something?” Justin reluctantly asks.

Scotty however understands where the question comes from and he shakes his head.
“No. He was a bit stressed out about the meeting, but we didn’t fight. He told me upfront about it. I could schedule my work and the kids around it. So, no, no fights.”
“Who did he meet?”

“Don’t know, but he asked for clearance to enter a prison, so maybe that is what unsettled him. Prisons make him nervous.” Scotty shrugs. “He’ll come around, I’m sure.”
“Maybe.” Justin agrees.
“Still, I want to see “The June-flower” and I could use some company?”

Tyler smiles at his hopeful look and nods.
“Alright. Why not? It’s not as if I have a job to go to. Let me get dressed.” She replies.
“So? How is she taking it?” Scotty asks, once she’s out of the room.
“Bad. Not just the job, but also the ex. Soon to be ex. Hopefully.”

Scotty gives Justin an enquiring look and Justin quickly tells him Mike, Tyler’s ex, is making trouble with his claims on the house.
“Of course, he doesn’t really stand a chance, but he keeps trying to postpone the end of this marriage.”
 “Maybe he still loves her.”

“Or maybe he can’t deal with the fact that she found someone else.”
“That too is a possibility…” Before Scotty can talk more, Tyler enters the room again.
“I’m ready.” She cheerfully tells Scotty.


“Morning.” Chad kisses Jason on the cheek, but Jason doesn’t seem to notice. “Hey! I thought I had apologized sufficiently the other day… Why the cold shoulder?”
“Mhmm?” Jason looks up from his computer-screen. “Oh, sorry, I was just reading this email I got and I was kind of lost in it.”

“Anything I should know about?” Chad asks.
“Not sure just yet. Do you remember Father Timothy?”
“That guy we met in Malaysia during our honeymoon?”
“Yes, ‘that guy’.” Jason grins. “He has asked me to help him again.”

“What can we do for him? Fund-raiser?”
“Thanks for the ‘we’, but no, he wants me to come and help him in Malaysia.” The smile on Chad’s face freezes and Jason feels like he has a déjà-vu with Kevin several years ago. He mentally prepares himself for the argument.

“I see.” Chad says calmly. “Are you going?”
“I don’t know yet. I’m not a minister anymore. I’m not sure what I can do.” Jason still waits for the resistance to come from Chad.
“I get that. And when is it all supposed to take place?”

“I haven’t agreed to anything yet, but you yourself indicated that if your get the part of either Terry or Neville, that you would most likely be working in another state. I want to have something to do in the meantime. Father Timothy gave me an option. I’m not saying that I will take it.”

“I can’t dictate your life for you. You’re your own man, but … I don’t really like the thought of you so far away.” Chad replies with his sweetest smile. “Knowing how things ended with you and Kevin…”
“I’m not going to make that mistake again. I’m going to call you every single day.”

“I have no doubt you will.” Chad quickly kisses Jason again, but Jason pushes Chad back.
“Wait! Don’t distract me here… How did your audition go?”
“I auditioned for both parts…”
“And…?” Jason asks.

“So far, the reaction was more of a ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you’-thing.” Chad shrugs. Jason sympathizes with a soft ‘awww’, knowing how much Chad wanted to play either of the two characters, but preferably Neville. “I just have to hope that they will call me….” Chad adds and this time Jason doesn’t stop him from kissing him again.


“I’m not going to have this argument with you again. My mind is made up and I don’t care what my family, Dr Avadon or anyone else has to say about it. Not even you.” Kitty says. Seth grabs her arm, but she pulls away. “No! And that’s the end of it. I won’t have any more discussions over his.”

“Kitty, you’ll have to. Having this baby is simply too dangerous.”
“Don’t you want to have children?”
“You’ve asked me this before to make me change my mind and, yes, I want them, but not at the expense of you. I want you more than I want a child.”

“I’ve always wanted a baby. This may be my last chance…” Kitty starts to cry. “I’ll take my responsibility and….”
“There’s no responsibility to take if you’re dead.” Seth nearly spits out the words.
“I’m not dead. I’m not going to die.”

“You will if your cancer resurfaces and you won’t get the treatment you need.”
“I plan to do this together with you.” Kitty says with determination.
“And I’m afraid, that I’m going to end up taking care of a child all by myself.” Seth is by no means intending to surrender. Kitty takes a deep breath.

“What if I can guarantee you that I won’t get sick…?”
“You can’t.” Seth points out. They glare at each other, both tired after days of fighting over this, but neither willing to concede to the other. There’s just too much at stake for each of them.

The door slams open and Evan runs in followed by one of his school-friends.
“Can Andy stay with me this afternoon, please, please?” He nearly sings.
“Sure.” Kitty replies, glad that the presence of Evan and Andy puts an end to their fight.
This discussion isn’t over. We’re not done yet.” Seth warns her however.


End of part 1/4

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