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Fanfic: B&S episode 601: Here comes the rain again. 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 1 – HERE COMES THE RAIN AGAIN 4/4

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;)

***** PART 4/4 *****

“Oh, my, it is not that grand.” Scotty notices as he and Kevin drive past the “The June Flower” hotel. It is hard to see it well, as it is nighttime already and the street is rather dark because some of the streetlights don’t work properly, which gives the entrance the image of being rather run-down.

“Maybe it will look better in the day-time?” Kevin tries.
“Maybe…” But the look on Scotty’s face betrays that he doesn’t really believe it will.
“You can always go for the other offer if you really don’t like it.”
“I know.” Scotty says.

“Shall we go home?” Kevin asks and Scotty nods.
“I’d really like to see it on the inside though. Will you go with me tomorrow?”
“Sorry, I can’t. I have an appointment that might take me all day to take care of.”
“Oh. Later this week?”

“Fine. Schedule it for any other moment, just not tomorrow.” Kevin smiles and he caresses Scotty’s knee. Scotty places his hand on Kevin’s and for a few moment it’s quiet in the car as both think over what happened today and what lies ahead for them tomorrow.

“I know it must sound weird to you that I don’t immediately take the money and run…” Scotty suddenly says. Kevin shrugs.
“No, not really. I think this decision suits you. I may not understand, but I’m not surprised by it. It’s not like I met you yesterday.” Kevin grins.

“I don’t understand why this man left me a hotel, but it was an important place to him and he didn’t want to sell it. I feel like I should show some respect towards him, before jumping to conclusions and just throw it away.”
“The decision is all yours, sweetie.” Kevin says with a soft smile.


“I can’t believe they were almost all here.” Brody shakes his head. “When my kids were still living at my house, they wouldn’t even come out of their rooms, when I got home. And your kids drive up to your place just to wish you a welcome home.” Brody takes off his shirt and hangs it over a chair.

Nora doesn’t immediately reply. She’s not sure if it supposed to be some criticism or a compliment. Sometimes Brody talks with pride of his family, though it would seem like none of his children care much about him. But most of the time he talks about his family in general sentences as if he doesn’t know his kids all that well.

It surprises her, because, even though William wasn’t exactly the stay-at-home dad who was closely involved with his kids, William knew a lot about his children, from Sarah’s favorite drink to Justin’s most hated vegetable and everything in between, with perhaps the exception of Kevin, but that was not entirely William’s fault alone.

Brody had always appeared the more social man between the two, but William seemed to have done a better job after all. Even at the lowest moments between him and Kevin, William would never had spoken in the same terms about Kevin, as Brody spoke of his children.

It also bothers her that he still hasn’t done anything to introduce her to his kids, who after all half-brothers and half-sisters to Sarah. He’s very interested in Sarah, so it’s not like he doesn’t care. It’s just as if he’s … ashamed? She puts her hairbrush down.
“Does it bother you that the kids and I are so close?”

Brody seems surprised by her question, but shakes his head.
“No. No, I’m not. I’m very happy for you… Maybe I’m a bit envious, because my family never cared this much about me, though I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of that is my fault. I was never there.”

Neither was William and still his kids were always happy to see their dad. Even Kevin. She sits down on the bed and she realizes she should stop comparing Brody to William.
“I had hoped that, somewhere during our trip, we’d meet your kids.…?” Nora tries again.

“You already met Lori-Lynn at Sarah’s wedding. The others a bit like her. Though she’s the most complicated one.” Nora remains quiet. She remembers Lori-Lynn and she hadn’t left a favorable impression on Nora at all.

Maybe Brody is right and she shouldn’t press the matter so much. She had her own kids to worry about.
“It was so nice to see the kids together again.” She changes the subject.
“You sure have a beautiful family.” Brody admits, glad that Nora changed the topic.

“After all we’ve been through with Kitty, I’m glad that she’s pregnant. I can only hope that her cancer doesn’t return.”
“She's got to have some luck in her life. She already lost so much.”
“I know. And Tommy….”

“What about him?”
“I was happy to see Tommy and Kevin talk and laugh with each other again. Tommy has had a grudge against Kevin for so long about Elizabeth, while Kevin tried so hard to get Julia to give Tommy more time with his daughter.”

“I still think it’s weird that Julia puts more faith in Kevin and Scotty than in Tommy.”
“Why? Because Kevin and Scotty are gay?” Nora wonders. Brody shakes his head.
“It’s not Kevin’s job to take care of Tommy’s kid. Tommy is Elizabeth’s father.”
“It didn’t stop him from running off and leave Julia to take care of Elizabeth on her own.”

“He’s still a father who loves his daughter.”
“Maybe, but he wasn’t there for Julia and Elizabeth, when Kevin was…”
“Doesn’t mean Tommy wouldn’t be a good father.” Brody insists and Nora wonders if they are still talking about Tommy or are they talking about Brody?

“Doesn’t mean that Kevin wouldn’t have done a better job.” Nora points out. “Anyway, it is all very clear, even to Elizabeth. There’s Daddy Tommy and Uncle Kevin. We shouldn’t mix things up. There’s no reason for her to know the truth just yet.”
“No. Probably not.” Brody agrees.

“Besides Kevin and Scotty are too busy with their own kids. Adding Daniel and Olivia to their busy lives worked out so much better than I thought it would.”
“Lovely family.” Brody admits and he gets in bed with Nora. “I think it won’t take long before Justin and Tyler will consider having a family as well.”

“Oh, please, they’d better take it slow. There’s no rush. Tyler is still young and so is Justin. Besides, she just lost her job, let her first figure out what she wants to do next.” Nora lies closer to him. Brody wraps his arm around her.
“Is Sarah’s ex trustworthy enough? Those are my grandchildren now too, you know.”

Nora smiles and places a kiss on his arm.
“I hate to admit it, but Joe is a good father. He’ll take real good care of them and it will give Sarah and Luc their second honeymoon. Everything is good. For the first time in a long time, everything in this family is finally calm and peaceful.”

Nora looks up at Brody and smiles.
“You know what? After all the drama with William, Robert, Ida, the infidelities, the divorces, the baby-issues, the paternity-questions, I think, this family is finally ready to be happy.

Saul is engaged. Sarah is happily married, Kitty will have her child, Tommy is allowed to see Elizabeth again, Kevin has his wonderful family, Justin is happy too and I have the man of my dreams. Finally, it’s our turn to have some good luck. ” Nora sighs and she nestles closer to Brody.


Seth looks at Kitty once more and he knows that he can no longer remain quiet.
“Kitty, I can’t do this. I can’t go on pretending that I’m happy with this child.”
“This child is going to kill you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Kitty laughs. There’s disbelief written all over her face. He can’t do this to her now.
“You can still terminate this pregnancy….”
“You want me to have an abortion?”

“It’s still legal.” Seth says and he knows straight away that those were the wrong words.
“You… want me … to take away this child?” Kitty asks slowly. She swallows her pain away.
“Yes. I… I do.” Seth stammers.


“I can’t believe this!” Tyler throws a letter on the table. Justin immediately recognizes the name of lawyer who works for Tyler’s husband, Mike.
“Now what?” He asks. “I thought you were just a signature away from a divorce.”
“So did I.” Tyler replies.

“I sense a ‘but…’ coming up.”
“He suddenly claims he owns half of this house.”
“Isn’t that true?” Justin asks, remembering that it was the case when he and Rebecca got divorced.

“Well, yes. But he left and he took all his properties, and then some, with him. He hasn’t paid a dime for this place ever since. Thinking that he wouldn’t be back, I changed all the locks and I’ve been taking care of this house on my own. And now he suddenly claims that half the house is still his and that he should have access to it.

He says that he should be able to come here whenever he wants… It’s insane!... He is insane.” She runs her fingers through her hair, tears are stinging in her eyes. Justin gets up and wraps his arms around her.
“We’ll go talk to your lawyer, first thing in the morning, alright?” He suggests and she nods against his shoulder.


Sarah packs the last suitcase. Everything is ready. Not just her own luggage, but also that of her kids. In a few days, Joe will come to collect the children in the morning and a few hours later, early in the evening, she and Luc will be on their way to France. She stretches her arms over her head, suddenly aware that she’s very tired.

Somehow she had hoped that Luc would still be awake, but when she enters the bedroom he’s asleep. She gets in bed too and watches him sleep for a while. It’s quiet in the house and she enjoys the silence. By the end of the week, she’ll be on her way to France and everything will be alright. With that thought on her mind she falls asleep.


“Miss Ridge, this is the third time I have to call you in here to discuss parents’ complains ….” The school-principal starts and Julia cringes. She wishes her head-ache would go away. “.. Your attitude these last few weeks leave much to be desired. This last week alone, you’ve been late 3 mornings in a row.

Your child looks as if she’s been sleeping in her clothes and you practically sleep on the job. You are a teacher. The children deserve a teacher who’s mind is on her work and not at last night’s party. Mothers are complaining that you were rude to them and your colleagues complain that your class is loud and unruly.

I’ve told you before, that your behavior is unacceptable. If you have any personal problems that we should be aware of….?” He asks, not too unkindly. Despite her headache Julia suddenly wonders how he would react if she would tell him about her ‘personal problems’.

“Well, you see, I came here with a the hope of a new future and it’s been nothing but misery. The kids are spoilt brats, their mothers a bunch of stuck up bitches, the friend who got me here got married and pretends I no longer exist. I also no longer exist to my ex-husband. He’s late with his alimony… Again!

Let’s see, what else there is. I’m divorced. I have a child with one man, but the child is actually the child of his gay brother, who turns out to be a better father to her than his brother is and my daughter makes it clear that she likes him better than she likes her dad.

Add to that that, a month ago, I felt like my life is complete waste of time. I couldn’t remember the last time I went out or that I had some fun. or that I had some freedom. I’m stuck in a house with a 6-year old every single day. I felt like my body was dying, like my mind was dying. Trapped. And I couldn’t get out. I had to be the responsible mom and the good teacher.

And then I let Elizabeth stay with  Kevin and Scotty for a two weeks and I had so much freedom… Freedom to go out, to have fun, to get drunk, to be a bit flirtatious. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, just some innocent fun. And then Elizabeth came back and now I feel like I’m forced back into a straightjacket.

After some great time of no work, no Elizabeth, no responsibilities, Elizabeth suddenly feels like a burden to me and I wish that I could feel differently, but I want my freedom back. I want to be … Julia Ridge…”

“Miss Ridge…!” The principal barks and Julia jolts out of her fantasy. “Are you having personal problems we should be aware of?” He asks and Julia shakes her head. “You don’t. Good. Then, … if you don’t shape up, we’ll have no choice but to let you go. Consider this your last warning.”

Julia nods and quickly walks out the door. To hell with the school and those awfully spoilt kids of these meddling bunch of mothers who have nothing better to do than gossip all day. They have no idea what is going on in her life and how hard she has to struggle to make ends meet.

And all this because of that lying, cheating good-for-nothing Tommy Walker. She has the feeling that people should be able to see the steam come out of her ears. She quickly walks to her class, but just before reaching the class-room she stops and leans against the wall.

“Miss Ridge? Are you alright?” Julia looks up and finds the principal looking at her as she leans against the wall.
“Yes, sir, just trying to catch my breath and look calm before I enter the classroom.” Her reply seems to be the right one, because the man nods and leaves her alone.

Julia fights back the tears. She’s tired of it all. But the principal is right. She’s the teacher and she should set a good example. It’s what she gets paid for. She leans back, she counts to ten, takes a deep breath and enters her class-room.


Jonathan approaches Saul, who’s working at Café 429, putting everything in place for tonight’s guests.
“Saul, can we talk?” He asks softly.
“Yes, of course.” Saul replies and he motions Jonathan to take a seat.

“Saul, do you even want to marry me?” The question comes without much further introduction. Saul blinks, wondering if Jonathan had guessed what was on his mind.
“Sure.” Saul answers, though the word does come across as rather ‘unsure’. Jonathan shakes his head. He doesn’t believe Saul.

“I thought that once I had asked you, you’d jump at the occasion, pick a date, be more enthusiastic…. But you’re not and … if you don’t want to do this… be honest about it. I don’t mind, if you’ve had a change of heart, but stop giving me the feeling that I’m more committed to getting us married than you are.”

Saul seems to be taken aback by Jonathan’s words and he sighs.
“I have issues with this…. I do want to marry you, but … something in me keeps telling me that this sort of happiness is not for me. It’s not real. Something will happen to jinx it. I don’t know. Some great divine intervention, or something.”

“Why all these thoughts of impending doom?” Jonathan asks. “Am I such a black cloud in your life?”
“No! No, you’re not. You are the best thing that as happened to me in a very long time and I’m so happy to be with you. I count my blessings every day, I swear.”

“Then, why not take it a step further? I’m happy with you, you’re happy with me, why not make it permanent?” Jonathan asks. He places his hands on Saul’s and Saul shakes his head.
“I…. I guess, I’m scared….”

“Of what?”
“I’ve seen people find the love of their lives, where I thought I had lost mine. I’ve watched couples get married in the knowledge that it would never happen for me. I’ve believed for so many years that this degree of happiness would never be on my path. I fell in love with you so long ago. I’ve longed for you for so long… And now I can finally have everything I’ve ever wanted….”

“Take it!”
“It terrifies me.”
“Why? I’m right here. I want you. I’m ready for this. With you.”
“This is my dream, Jonathan… And… I’m scared… That I will wake up and find that there’s nothing.” Saul quietly confesses.
“Oh, Saullie, …. So, you want me to pinch you?” Jonathan asks and that is exactly what he does.

“Ouch!” Saul retracts his hand with a painful look on his face and an angry look at Jonathan, who smiles as sweetly as he can:
“See, you’re not dreaming. This is real….” Then Jonathan sighs. “But I’m not going to discuss it anymore. If you ever pick a date, let me know, I’ll put on my calendar.”

“It’s alright, Saul, I’m not going to push you into anything. I will not discuss the topic of marriage again.” Jonathan promises and Saul knows he should be happy with not getting pushed anymore, but …. he’s not happy with this either.


Kevin nervously walks around, clenching and unclenching his fist. For the 20th time he looks at the door, but despite the voices and noises he hears outside, it’s still not opening up. Maybe this was a stupid idea. Maybe he should not do this. Yes. He should leave. Leave while he can.

The other door swings open. A prisoner is brought in. Hands cuffed to the top of the table. Another cuff, attached to the leg of the table, gets put around the prisoner’s ankle. All measures are taken and Kevin calmly waits until the guards are done and leave the room.

Prisoner and lawyer stare at each other. Calmly. Waiting for someone to take the first step. A tug of war between blue eyes and hazel-brown eyes. Kevin’s locked jaws opposite a smirk, that might be just there to cover insecurity. Or not. The prisoner runs a hand through his dark curls. He’s the first to speak.

“When I was told my lawyer was here, you were about the last person I was expecting.” Kevin doesn’t answer, he just merely keeps staring at the prisoner, wondering if he shouldn’t better get out of here, while he still can. Then, he makes up his mind.
“Hi, Alex.” Kevin calmly says, placing his file on Alex Grodin on the table.

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