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Fanfic: B&S episode 601: Here comes the rain again. 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 1 – HERE COMES THE RAIN AGAIN 3/4

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;)

***** PART 3/4 *****

Tommy brings in the coffee and places the cup in front of Sarah.
“Well?” He asks. “Made up your mind?”
“No.” She sighs. “I keep thinking that I’m insane. The tv and radio-stations are doing great, why should I sell the whole thing….? And then I remember…”

“… You just don’t like the work.”
“Exactly. Remember the smell of Ojai? Just walking into the office made me feel … home. The place where I should be. This place is just not giving me that ‘ah!’ feeling of a comfortable place where I like to work. Can you understand that?”

“Yes. I still miss Ojai as well. But… Even if you could buy it back, even if we could go back to working together…. It wouldn’t be Ojai anymore.”
“I know. I chasing ghosts.” Sarah sighs again. She browses through her paperwork. “I wish I could look into the future and see what selling this place would mean to me.”

“You can’t stall your decision much longer, Sarah. You have some investors who are interested right now. They want answers. And if you don’t give them something they will leave and take their offer with them.”
“I know. … So, how are you?”

Tommy shakes his head, knowing Sarah abruptly changes the subject because she no longer wants to talk.
“Don’t know. I don’t have a job or an income. My daughter is back in Seattle, I’m back into legal battle with my ex-wife and I feel, in general, rather useless…

Picking up mom’s mail from the mailbox is the most exciting thing I do all day. There’s not much else. Justin, Kevin, Saul and you are all working and Kitty is too far away.”
“Normally I’d say that you can have my kids to look after, but they’re leaving with Joe, so Luc and I can go on a little second honeymoon to France.”

“I hate you.” Tommy informs her, but Sarah knows he’s not serious about hating her.
“What can I say. You either have it or you don’t…” She jokes. “If I sell, I can finally give everyone his or her share and get that out of my system as well.”
“You were given permission to spend it.” Tommy shrugs.

He’s still jealous of the freedom that was given to Sarah. The trust that his family put in her annoyed him, because, somehow, he never managed to get that same amount of trust from the others in their family. He just couldn’t stop feeling as if he was just second choice. Not only William but also Nora had chosen Sarah over him.

“Oh, come on. It was supposed to be a family-project. When we sold Narrow Lake the money was divided in 3 equal parts between the 3 owners of the land, Holly, Mom and me. But we only managed to get Narrow Lake because Kevin pulled a few strings, when we lost Ojai.

Ojai Foods was supposed to be an income for everyone in the family and the entire family tried to keep it together. We managed to hold on to Ojai as long as we did, because we got Rebecca’s money to help us extend the time to find Narrow Lake. That money was supposed to be for her and Justin’s future.

Robert and Kitty were willing to help financially, but realizing it would just postpone the inevitable, we turned down their offer. Ojai was a family-business, where both the Walkers and the Harpers did all they could to save it. It’s only fair that, after Holly got her cut, that the remaining money would return to the Walker-family and not just mom and me.

Wanting to provide for our entire family was the reason behind putting up the trust-fund. Mom and I talked about it and she was right, with all of us at such low points in our lives we could have used that money the wrong way. Justin on drugs, Kitty on keeping Robert alive, Kevin and Scotty on growing even further apart and you….

You weren’t doing so good either at the time either. If I remember correctly, you were still ‘finding yourself’, fighting Julia to see Elizabeth more often and, working in a supermarket.” Sarah defends herself. She’s annoyed that Tommy tries to make her feel guilty all over again.

Tommy reluctantly nods, realizing that he has no right to be upset.
“I thought I had found happiness when I found Rose, but I managed to wreck that relationship too.”
“It was a bit hard to keep up with you.” Sarah carefully says.

“I know. Rose got sick and tired of running after me and adjusting her life around me every several weeks, because I couldn’t stay in the same place long.” Sarah can see that it hurts Tommy to admit this and she wraps her arms his neck to kiss the top of his head, before she takes a step back.

“I guess, I had hoped that somehow we’d be able to create a new Ojai, something that belongs to the family, but this place…? Mom works here, but that is about it. Kevin couldn’t care less. You don’t care. Justin doesn’t. And Kitty, … has other priorities. But even then… I want another Ojai, not this.” She throws her hands up in frustration.

Tommy doesn’t say anything, not sure what he can say. After all, the downfall of Ojai was mostly his own fault.
“So…. Sell it.”
“But then I’ll be without a job again… Didn’t work for me the last time.” Sarah reminds him.

“No. But if you sell, you can give everyone their share as mom wanted. Everybody is in a better place now. Mom and Brody. You and Luc. Kitty and Seth. Kevin and Scotty. Justin and Tyler. Me. We’re all doing just fine. And if everyone gets their share they can do whatever they want and it will take a burden of your shoulders.

Perhaps without the responsibility on your shoulders that you have to take care of the ‘entire family’ you can relax and do something ‘just for Sarah’. Start from the bottom up, … like you did with Greenatopia.” Tommy suggests and Sarah starts to smile at the memories that come back.

“I was at their office a few weeks back. Kyle and Ethan are still like two kids in a candy-store and so full of energy and ideas and … life! I miss that. I miss that feeling that going to Ojai used to give me. The excitement, the fun, the worries, but also this feeling that I accomplished something. This…. This is too big for me.”

“Then sell it. They are willing to offer a good price.”
“That is what Kevin said too.”
“Listen to him, if you don’t want to listen to me.”
“I do listen to you. You and Kevin seem to agree with my point of view.” Sarah corrects.

She picks up the contract once more and stares at it as if it is supposed to give her an answer. She looks up at Tommy.
“You really think I should do this, right?”
“Yes. I do.”


“Hey! I’m talking to you!”
“Mhmm?” Chad looks up from the script and stares at Jason if only now notices that he’s in the room. “Oh. You’re up.” He says genuinely surprised and Jason sighs.
“I’ve been talking to you for about 5 minutes, telling you about my not-so-good night.”

“Mhmm? Oh. Sorry. Didn’t know that. I fell asleep straightaway. After the amazing sex we had last night.… I was just exhausted.” Chad waves Jason’s words away with one throw-away movement and continues reading. Jason wonders if he should empty the pitcher of cold water over Chad’s head. That would get his attention… Well, maybe.

“What are you reading?” Jason asks instead.
“No kidding?” Jason answers sarcastically. “Why didn’t I think of that? My actor-husband is reading a script… Of all the things he could read.”

Chad breaks away from the script.
“Is everything alright? You sounds so cranky.” He asks, suddenly all tender attention. Jason makes an annoyed sound and marches out the kitchen, leaving Chad to wonder what is going on, but not for long, because the script is calling him back.


It feels weird for Kevin to be back in the building where he had worked for so many years. It still smells the same, but the buzz that used to be around these offices is more quiet now, more a little murmur. Some offices are empty and the general mood is subdued, where there used to be so much activity.

Scotty is glad they got here earlier than expected, because some ex-colleagues recognize Kevin and soon enough Kevin is talking to several of them. They remember Scotty as well, from when they attended their commitment ceremony, so Scotty doesn’t feel too excluded, but the clock continues to tick and he has trouble breaking Kevin free.

Andy Winter has a new secretary, who doesn't know Kevin and she announces their presence to Mr Winter, who immediately comes to meet them.
“Kevin! It’s good to see you again.”
“Yes, it’s been a while, but it was nice to see some familiar faces again.” Kevin smiles.

Scotty follows Kevin and Andy into Andy’s office. Coffee is brought in and they sit down.
“I’ve asked you to come here, because one of my clients, a man named Wesley Corvin, has left you something to you in his will, Mr Wandell.”
“Please, call me Scotty.” Scotty says.

“Good, Scotty, Mr Corvin came to me a few months ago, when he was diagnosed with a brain-tumor, and he wanted me to draw up a will. I already took care of all his other legal work, this was just a small extension of my work, though not exactly my field. But, as I said to Kevin, the will is rather straightforward.

He told me that he had decided to leave something to you, because he once had very strong feelings for your mother once and he had followed your career since he noticed your name in an article and realized that he knew who you are. He had no wife or children, he was estranged from his family and didn’t have many friends.

So, he felt that this would the perfect solution, especially in view of the fact that you managed to make Café 429 such a huge success.” Scotty nods, still not really understanding where all this was supposed to lead to. Andy looks from Kevin to Scotty and warns softly:

“Don’t get too excited, but he has left you a hotel named ‘The June Flower.”
“The….? I never heard of it…” Scotty replies and Andy seems a bit embarrassed.
“It was his intention to make it grand place, but .. it wasn’t. He made some big mistakes in his life and by consequence was always in trouble to get the hotel organized.

I’m not going to lie to you. It is nothing special. It should be torn down and rebuild. And this is where it gets interesting. I have a group of investors who are interested in buying the land the hotel is on. And at for far more money than the place is worth. Wesley just couldn’t say goodbye to his hotel or the dreams he had for the place.

But you are allowed to do with it whatever you please, including selling the place, which I suggest you should do.” Andy emphasizes. Scotty looks at Kevin, who only takes the papers that Andy holds up for Scotty and he quickly looks through the pages. The hotel isn’t worth much on paper, the land on the other hand is priceless.

He recognizes that Scotty can make a fortune on selling the place, but Kevin is wary. He knows Andy and he knows that the biggest motivation in his life is earning money and he also knows that Andy will look at what is in his own best interest and that means he’s not looking out for what is best of either Scotty or the late Mr Wesley Korvin.

By just browsing through the papers he notices the huge discrepancy between what the land is worth and what the investors are willing to pay. It makes sense to Kevin that the land is expensive, but still…
“Kevin?” He hears Scotty ask quietly.

“We’ll go through all the paperwork on this and we’ll get back to you.” Kevin replies to Andy. Andy smiles, a fake attorney's smile, Kevin can see it immediately.
“Kevin, I think I’ve already negotiated a good deal for your husband here and all you have to do is make him sign it.”

“Scotty has this annoying tendency of making his own decisions, so I really never make him do anything. But this is a bit of a surprise to both of us and I’m sure that we will most likely come to the same decision as you have, that selling it is the best solution, but … I’d like this to be our decision, or at least Scotty’s and not yours.”

Scotty follows Kevin’s example and gets up as well. He can see that Mr Winter is rather annoyed by Kevin’s words, but he doesn’t get involved. This is Kevin’s turf, not his. Andy escorts them to the elevator, where he, once again, points out how important it will be to sell and that they should get back to him soon, while the investors are still interested.

It isn’t until they are on their way down and alone in the elevator that Scotty asks:
“You don’t trust him?”
“With guys like him… you know, if it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it is most likely a zebra.”

Scotty laughs and takes a quick look at the paperwork himself.
“You think I shouldn’t sell?”
“I don’t know. Never heard of the place, don’t know what it looks like or anything and yet the investors are ready to pay four times the normal price…”

“It is weird.”
“Listen, let’s have Saul have a look at it. And perhaps Sarah too. Why jump into this straight-away without knowing what we’re dealing with?”
“Good idea.” Scotty concedes. “I’ll call Saul.”


Nora can’t believe she fell asleep so easily after lunch. She’s glad that Brody decided to move closer to home again, judging by the names she had seen pass by before she had fallen asleep, they were well back on their way to Pasadena.
“What time is it?” She asks groggily.

“With a luck we’ll be where we’re supposed to be by nightfall.” Brody answers.
“That’s not what I asked.”
“Almost 4 o’clock.” Brody’s words make Nora nod. She thought so, because she’s hungry.
“Where are we?”

“Check. Road sign coming up.” Brody grins. Nora focuses her attention on it, unable to believe what she’s reading. And yet… there it is.
“But… this means we’re close to Pasadena.”

“Are we going home?” She hardly dares to ask the question.
“Yes. I thought that you would like that very much.”
“Oh, Brody!” She jumps up to hug him and the motor-home nearly drives off the road.
“Not while I’m behind the wheel!... Wait to thank me until we’re in bed.” Brody laughs.

“You naughty….” She mock-slaps him on the wrist, but grins happily. “Do the kids know?” Brody shakes his head. He still can’t believe how close Nora and her kids are. His kids usually don’t care where he is, who he’s with or if he’s coming home. “I will send Tommy a text straight-away.” Nora says excitedly.


“… This is why, Mrs McCallister, I still think it would be better for you to not have this baby…” Doctor Avadon tells Kitty one more time. “You’re running out of time to make a different decision.”
“But I don’t want to make another decision.” Kitty explains one more time as well.

“The consequences…” Doctor Avadon starts, but Kitty cuts her off.
“I am well aware of the consequences. I’ve been told about them repeatedly by my boyfriend, my family and now by you. I am aware of the risk I’m taking, but … I want this baby.”

“Kitty….” Seth now carefully mixes himself into the conversation. “Maybe you should remember that Dr Avadon only has your best interest on her mind. Maybe it would be better…?”
“No!” Kitty’s answer is loud and clear and Seth gives Dr Avadon an exasperated look.

“If the cancer returns….” Dr Avadon points out.
“… I’ll deal with it then.” Kitty replies. Seth bites his lip, not wishing to fight with her in front of Dr Avadon. Besides, Kitty knows his opinion, they’ve argued about it often enough these last few weeks.

Dr Avadon can see his frustration however and feels concern that the young man may not be able to deal with the pressure if ever Kitty would get sick again.
“Listen, I’m not stupid.” Kitty says softly. “I just want this baby so badly. I am aware of how dangerous it will be if the cancer returns, but if it will not return I will finally have my baby.”

Seth shakes his head and puts is hands in his pockets.
“Fine. Whatever.” He sighs.
“Don’t be such a child.” Kitty scolds him and Dr Avadon wonders which of the two is acting the most immature and irresponsible.


Tommy quickly clears the last items from the kitchen-table, when Sarah enters with Luc, Paige and Cooper in tow.
“Is it true?” She asks. “They’re coming home?”
“That’s what mom texted.” Tommy shrugs.

The back-door opens again and this time Justin and Tyler enter the kitchen.
“Man, thanks for the text. I’m glad if mom will be home again. I missed her. It’s not the same to come here and not find her here.” He says to Tommy as Tyler greets the others.
“I know what you mean.” Sarah replies. “Nothing against you, Tommy.”

“Good. I was about to feel very unloved.” Tommy grins. He opens his mouth to say more, but the back-door opens again.
“Daniel! Olivia!” Paige storms up to the two of them, “He’s walking?” Paige squees.
“Yes. Well, just a few steps and then he topples over, but he’s so funny.”

Olivia beams like a proud sister and for a few moments everyone forgets about the return of Nora and Brody.
“Oh, he’s faster than Justin. Couldn’t walk until he was 2 years old.” Sarah points out and everyone starts to laugh.

“Why bother? I got carried around by my mother and sisters all day long.” Justin fires back.
“I think it’s a boys’ thing. Cooper didn’t walk until he was nearly 2 years old either, but Paige was already running around at age 2.” Sarah remembers.

Kevin was a bit over a year old too. I remember he walked out the front-door and nearly under daddy’s car. Mom almost had a heart-attack.” Tommy says.
“Goes to show I was different than the other kids in this family already way back then.” Kevin shrugs, seeing Olivia’s face from the corner of his eyes.

Olivia looks from one to the other. At moments like this she regrets that she doesn’t have her real family to fall back on. She doesn’t know when she took her first steps. She feels a hand on her back and when she looks up she sees Kevin smile at her.
“You don’t know it, do you? About yourself? First steps?” He asks quietly. She shakes her head.

“Maybe your brother knows the answer. Why don’t you call Brian tonight?” Kevin suggests and she nods at Kevin’s idea, only to focus her attention back on Daniel. Kevin and Scotty share a smile. Olivia’s turning more and more into an overly protective sister to Daniel and it makes them feel like they are slowly becoming a real family.

Again the back-door opens and this time Kitty comes in, alone.
“Where’s Seth?” Sarah asks.
“In the park. With Evan. Being a spoilt brat.” Kitty answers angrily.
“Seth? What did he do?” Sarah asks.

“Making a big drama out of the fact that I want to keep this child.” Kitty protectively her hands on her belly. Sarah’s mouth forms an ‘O’, but she doesn’t say anything else, as the family breaks up, suddenly very busy doing ‘something else’. Kitty sees it and fumes: “What?!”
“Let’s not argue.” Tommy says…. “Mom’s here…”

Happy to be saved by the bell, the siblings run up to the door and Tommy opens it before Nora can put her key in the key-hole.
“Mom!” Nora is surprised to see her kids nearly jump her, but she can’t worry about it for too long as she and Brody drown in a sea of hugs.


Seth watches how Evan runs around, playing with another boy he just met. He’s still angry, but above all he’s scared. He never believed that he could fall so deeply in love with someone, until he met Kitty. She’s like a drug to him. He just can’t get enough of her.

It doesn’t scare him that Kitty is carrying his baby. What scares him, is the thought that she might die, trying to have it. Seven more months of being terrified that the cancer will return. In itself a thought that would drive many men away, but the idea that Kitty would not be able to get treatment gives him nightmares.

“Seth!” Evan runs up to him and flings himself into Seth’s arms. Seth catches him, laughs, lifts him up and throws him up in the air above his head. Evan laughs out loud and Seth can’t help but think that Kitty would have a fit, if she would see him do something this ‘dangerous’ with Evan.

Evan lands safely back in his arms, demands an encore, which he gets, before he’s ready to go back to the car with Seth.
“Is grandma really back?” He asks.
“Why don’t we go to grandma’s house and we’ll find out.” Seth suggests and Evan grabs his hand.


“Holly, we can’t do this. We can’t leave you alone here in New York.”
“I’m not alone. There are other people in the building. There’s gym, doctors meetings, therapy. I cannot walk away from that. And I don’t want any of you to give up on what you love to do, just to babysit me.

I’m a lot better now, than I was several months ago. Some memories are coming back to me without you guys telling me about it. I’m optimistic, but I need to continue my therapy. I will be fine. I’ve been alone before and I can do it again.” Holly insists. David still isn’t sure, but he can recognize that maybe he should have faith in her.

Rebecca seems to be reluctant too and she quickly looks at Rick.
“Maybe I should stay here too…?” Rebecca carefully starts, but, much to everyone’s surprise, Holly immediately strongly disagrees.
“Go there with your dad and your boyfriend. It is where you want to be, so go for it.”

She looks from David to Rebecca to Rick, wishing she could explain how important it is to her to be her own again. She’s been told that she always took care of herself, but these last few weeks the feeling of being ‘taken care of’ is so strong that it suffocates her.
“I’ll be fine.” She says one more time.


Jason is reading his mail, when Chad walks in. Without another word Chad wraps his arms around Jason and kisses him rather thoroughly.
“I’m sorry, baby. I was so wrapped up in that story that I didn’t notice you. That wasn’t nice and my only excuse is, that this script is amazing.” He holds it up.

Jason sighs and takes the script from Chad’s hands.
“That good, huh?”
“Couldn’t put it down. I want to play the part of Neville. They want me to audition for the part of Terry, but I just must be Neville. His character is so well written….”

“So, what are you going to do?”
“I’ve asked my manager to arrange it so that I can read for the part of Neville, but … he says it might be difficult and he assumes the director already has an actor in mind for the part…”

“He thinks I’m not good enough.” Chad sighs. “And … I don’t know, maybe he’s right. Maybe playing such an interesting multi-layered character would be out of my league, but … I love that part.”

Chad seems so in awe, that Jason quickly looks through the script. The name Neville doesn’t show up as much as Terry’s, but the text seems to be longer. He drops in halfway in a conversation that, even on paper, sounds awesome. He tries to imagine the words coming from Chad’s lips and how they could be sincere.

“I think you should go for Neville. I think you can play him.”
“Really?” Chad seems completely surprised by Jason’s words.
“Yes…. Why don’t I read the rest of the script and I’ll let you know what I think?”
“That would be great.” Chad reacts, surprised by how Jason wants to help him.

End of part 3/4

**** Commercial Break *****

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