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welcome to my fantasies
Fanfic: Recap: Two letters written by Scotty and Rebecca 
1st-Oct-2011 05:09 pm
Normally the new season of B&S would get started by a 'Starter-kit' or a 'recap' of the previous season.

So, here's my recap of season 1 to 5 and what happened in my B&S-world during the summer-break (Chad & Jason, the earthquake), so that everyone is up-to-date again. It is still a little unclear when my season 6 will begin exactly, but I hope it will be soon. ;)

Episode 1 is written, episode 2 well on it's way, I have made a schedule of how what will happen to whom in what episode so that there will (hopefully) not be too much time-discrepancies.

Sorry, there will be no 'cast-pictures' because, let's face it, I don't have the cash, but I've had a look at recent pictures of the two characters, who are (to me) the most important:

Aaaand, I think I can work with those two.

So, without much further wasting of your precious time:

Recap/Starters-kit Brothers & Sisters

By Marea67
: Brothers & Sisters, Season 1 to 5 and then some fanfic. :)
Rate: Ha! Anything over PG-13 will be deleted. Resistance is futile. (but it won't stop me from trying. I'm stubborn!)
Disclaimer: B&S belongs to ABC, who foolishly cancelled this show (and even more foolishly didn't give us a Kevin/Scotty/Justin/Tyler spin-off) . So this is a labor of love and not meant to earn money with.


Hi Rebecca,

As promised, hereby the family-pictures, taken at Sarah and Luc’s wedding. I know it took a while, but after the earthquake, it was such a mess for a few weeks, that I couldn't get back to being me.

By the way, thanks for your concerns, but we’re all okay. Except for a few broken dishes, a couple of bruises and some cracks in the walls and other things that can be fixed, we all got through the quake quite unharmed.

I was worried about Kevin for a while. During the quake he had a car-accident and it triggered some memory regarding the accident 2 years ago. Something he had forgotten about. A black car that overtook ours, but rather than go back to his lane the man decided to drive on, passing your mother’s car and driving Robert’s car off the road, causing the accident that killed Robert (and injured your mother).

After this memory came back to him Kevin toyed with the idea that there had been some conspiracy to kill Robert, Kevin doesn’t talk much about it, but I think it is still eating at him, the idea that Robert’s accident was an attempt to kill him. He and Kitty believe that it might have something to do with with Robert’s dealings with a guy named Stanton, who is according to Kevin, a terrible man.

I haven’t heard him talk about it anymore, so I hope he’s putting it behind him, because I didn’t like the look of hate on his face whenever he mentioned it. It made me uncomfortable. Kevin is not a violent person, but I know he can carry a grudge if he wishes to.

Well, on to something more cheerful… I have so much to tell you. First of all, I wanted to tell you about the man standing next to Nora. His name is Brody and he’s Nora’s old boyfriend and, guess what? Turns out he’s Sarah’s biological father…

Long story where Nora didn’t know if Sarah was Brody’s or William’s, so they took a bloodtest years ago, but it would seem that William blackmailed Brody into giving up Nora and Sarah and together they convinced Nora that Brody wasn’t a match and that therefore Sarah had to be William’s.

The truth hurt Nora and Sarah for a few weeks, but they’ve both dealt with it and it seems Brody is still crazy about Nora, and vice versa, so she and Brody are now getting ‘re-acquainted during their trip around California.

Can you imagine Nora in a motor-home? No, me neither, but I do hope that this newly rekindled relationship can survive, because I like Brody. He’s nice.

Of course, as you of all people can imagine, it was quite a drama for a few weeks when Sarah found out. She was angry at Nora and at Brody, but also at William and….

Well, I think that Sarah’s been angry at the whole world for quite a long time, so this was just the last straw, but she’s doing better now. I guess that being Mrs Laurent made her a bit easier to get along with.

She just came back from a short honeymoon in New York, where Luc had to be for some gallery-opening that showed three of his works. They decided to extend their stay with a few days. But now that she’s back, she has plans for a second honeymoon to France to meet Luc’s family, at long last.

We’ll see how that works out, but considering that the relationship between Luc and his mother Gabriella is a roller-coaster-ride of ups and downs, Sarah hopes that his father will be more like Luc is.

Paige and Cooper are doing great in school. They are happy that Sarah is married to Luc. I think they like him. Cooper is still not interested in girls (or boys, for that matter), but he's only 11 years old, so I'm sure that will come.

Paige falls in ‘forever love’ with another guy every couple of days. It’s hard to keep up with her (or any other 14 year old girl I guess.) .

In other news, Sarah is strongly considering selling the tv–stations again. She says that the work doesn’t bring her any satisfaction, but maybe she’ll feel differently after the honeymoon and the two weeks off.

Other bit of news. Saul is engaged! To be married! I know! Crazy! But Jonathan Byrold is a great guy and I do hope that Saul will finally get the happiness he deserves. He says that, after watching Kevin and me, he has a great example of what to live up to. He’s so funny.

Not that Kevin and I are NOT doing great. Now that we found our son, Daniel, we thought we lost, and we have our daughter, Olivia, it feels as if our family is complete.

Daniel grows so fast and learns so easily and Olivia is just amazing, if you realize what she has accomplished in just these last months.

Oh, by the way, Olivia is now officially ours. Her brother is not currently fighting the adoption, thank God. From what Olivia told me, I understand, that he has enough problems in his relationship and wouldn’t have been able to handle taking care of Olivia on top of his issues. Kevin and I are not complaining.

For a while we were worried that Michelle, my (former) friend, who carried Daniel and then kept him from us, would come back, but we haven't seen or heard from her ever since her argument with Kevin. I hope she at least stays away from Kevin, because I believe that he can still strangle her for what she did to us (and our marriage).

And, no, you're not prying by asking, our marital problems were rather broadly discussed by the family, so I'm not surprised that you heard it about through Holly and David (and Justin, I presume).

But, yes, it's true. I cheated on Kevin and it nearly ruined our marriage, but Kevin forgave me and, though I believe that not everything is forgotten, we don't dwell on it either.

I think that, in the end, going through this pain,made us stronger and even more determined to make this relationship work, because we found out we truly love each other and don't want to be without each other, even when being with each other was very painful.

Café 429 is doing great as well. We’re usually fully booked. It is a wonderful feeling,  so we are considering a second restaurant or perhaps buying out the neighbors so we can expand or … who knows, maybe a second restaurant in New York…?  Just kidding! (…I think.)

Tommy is back in LA at the moment. He lost his job in Phoenix and he’s staying at Nora’s house, while she’s driving around with Brody. Over the summer-holidays Julia has allowed Tommy to spend some time with Elizabeth, provided that Elizabeth would stay with Kevin and me for the duration.

It was great to see Tommy and Elizabeth get to be father and daughter again, even if it meant having a full house with 3 kids, plus Tommy dropping in whenever he felt like it.

It is very hard for Kevin, though he won’t complain, but he still has strong feelings about Elizabeth to deal with,  and I know I shouldn’t say this, but Kevin and Elizabeth are so beautiful to look at. She resembles him so much sometimes that strangers immediate assume she’s Kevin’s, which was kind of awkward for Tommy, who was with us at the table.

Tommy is not making things easier for Kevin. by partially being grateful to us that Julia will allow him to see his child this way, but, at the same time, resenting Kevin, because Julia puts more faith in him (and me) than in Tommy.

Though it is Tommy’s own fault that Julia doesn’t trust him (and he knows it!), he’d rather put the blame on Julia and Kevin. But, that seems to be his MO.

Of course, I also secretly wonder if that isn’t a bit Julia’s plan to pit Kevin and Tommy against each other. It is very tiresome though. I can’t say that I'm unhappy that Elizabeth had to go back to Seattle a few days ago, so Tommy is all alone again and not constantly on our doorstep. He seems a bit depressed at times, but I’m not too concerned that he will run off again.

I’m actually more concerned about Kitty. She’s pregnant and, though her health remains stable at the moment, if she gets sick again, she might not be able to get the treatment she needs. I don’t know what to say or think about all that. She’s very strong and her new boyfriend, Seth, loves her very much and he's is willing to stand by her, but I wonder if that is enough. I hope she won’t have to choose between her baby and her treatment.

And, I hope you don’t mind that I write this, I don’t know how hard it is for you to hear news about Justin, but the young lady standing next to Justin is Tyler. She was Justin’s girlfriend, before you came (Kevin and I just started dating too, so for me personally, it was nice to see her back) and Justin and Tyler seem to have found each other again recently. I hope that this won’t hurt you too much.

And, yes, it’s true. Jason McCallister and Chad Barry got married. Kevin and I were there with them. I’m glad that, after all, they decided to have a small private wedding. The McCallisters and Chad’s mom were angry, that they weren’t invited, but frankly I don’t believe that either Chad or Jason have lost a minute of sleep over it.

As for your question about Ryan Lafferty, which I kind of surprised me, I had to ask Nora.She doesn't know where he is either. Last she heard, after he served as Kitty's bonemarrow-donor, was that he returned to his family in Bakersfield and would go back to school.

However, you made her curious too, so she called George Lafferty and heard from him that Ryan finished school rather well. Good grades and all, but that he was struggling with himself. Ryan left his family to do some travelling and perhaps come to terms with who he is, his past, his mom, William and all. Sad, but true.

Well, that is the latest news from this side of the ocean. I hope you’re alright and that Holly and David are doing great as well.

Let me know if/when you receive this letter?


Hi Scotty (and Kevin and kids),

Thanks for the picture. Good to see everyone happy and having fun.

No worries about Justin. I’m happy that he’s found a new love. He’s a great guy and deserves it. I remember that Justin told me about Tyler, when we  still believed we were siblings. I think it’s great that she’s back in his life.

Wish Sarah, Luc, Nora and Brody lots of love from me and my congrats to Saul and Jonathan for the engagement and to you and Kevin for the adoption.

Sorry to hear about Kitty, but she’ll be in our thoughts. I agree. Let's hope she won't have to make a difficult decision. She and I have in common that we lost a baby and I cannot imagine how hard it would have to be for her to have to make this decision. I know, I'd go crazy.

Thanks for the update on Ryan, even if little, now that it's further behind me, I can see how awful things must have been for him and how confused he was. I hope that, wherever he is, he'll find peace of mind.

I’m actually surprised by what you wrote about a black car. When mom was still in the hospital she would often have nightmares about a car, a black car, but none of us knew what that was all about. I guess, this  could clear a gap in her memory. Dad and I will tell her about it.

Speaking  about my mom, she’s doing better every day. She can even remember things we didn’t tell her and she’s no longer so frustrated with the lack of memories or with herself or us.

My mom and I are now good friends. I’m not sure if she’ll ever be my mom again, you know, the way she used to be. She knows and recognizes that I am her daughter, but it is not  a natural feeling, it’s what she knows because  she’s been told and not something that comes from feeling that she’s  ‘my mom’.

But good friends is good too, isn’t it? We’re closer now than  we were when we were mother and daughter. We spend a lot time together and I believe that mom is very happy.

It helps that David is compensating for the loss of my mother, by becoming more and more a father to me. He ‘s so sweet to me and we often work together on photo-shoots and all. We’re a great team. He can teach me so much about photography. We can get lost in the topic and in taking pictures forever.

And, it is still early, very early stages, but I think I might be falling I love again as well, but I will tell you more if I know more, I’m too scared to jinx it. All I can say is that his name is Rick and that he's so cute!

Give your husband and kids a hug from me. It was great to get your letter and pictures. I miss you guys still so much.

Love ,

1st-Oct-2011 04:34 pm (UTC)
Aww - you actually made me like Rebecca again - not sure how that happened, lol.

I love the structure of writing through corresponding - It's what drew me to Meg Cabot - I was trying to guess who the writer was originally and who they were writing to - nicely done; of course further down you'd could tell it was Scotty and then I was thinking maybe Julia until he started to discuss Tommy.

I really do what to know what happened with Rebecca and her family but particularly Ryan - I know we didn't like him but you can't just pretend he didn't exist - otherwise we could have done that with Luc
1st-Oct-2011 06:02 pm (UTC)
I can only say that I always liked Emily VanCamp, but this whole 'woo-is-me-and-look-how-well-I-can-cry' thing with Rebecca really got on my nerves. I wanted 'season 1&2'-Rebecca back.

... Ryan - I know we didn't like him but you can't just pretend he didn't exist - otherwise we could have done that with Luc.
Hee! Can I? Can I? Forget about Luc, I mean. Oh, if only I could put Luc on plane to France and have it crash!... Mhmm, let's see how much gets on everybody's nerves in my season and then I can always kill him in the finale. Did miracles for my feelings for Robert.... ;)

To be honest. I didn't like Ryan's story-line, but I could see the potential for Ryan as a character and I think he started off interesting, I loved his political banter with Kitty and the way he tried to deal with Nora etc. but then, rather than getting to know the Walkers, they gave him this whole creepy thing with Rebecca and his revenge on William Walker came up and I lost interest. It wouldn't have gone anywhere anyway as it was pre-destined that Justin/Rebecca would be together. (shrug)
7th-Oct-2011 09:26 am (UTC)
Lol - def a story with forgetting that Luc exists.

Yeah - there was a bit of potential with Ryan; ah well can't complain now - oops it appears I already have.

I haven't really seen anything with Emily VanCamp in - but I am watching Revenge and really liking her and the show. So I guess it's the show we have to blame for that
1st-Oct-2011 05:14 pm (UTC)
Great! I like your recap! I miss the show! The boys especially!!!
Love the Kevin/Elisabeth/Tommy part.
And Yes, the conspiracy to kill Robert!!! I want to read that!!!

Thanks for writing for us!!!

1st-Oct-2011 06:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I haven't forgotten about Robert, so there's a good chance that it will pop up. :)
1st-Oct-2011 06:57 pm (UTC)
Hee! Can I? Can I? Forget about Luc, I mean. Oh, if only I could put Luc on plane to France and have it crash!...

Oh yes, you can!!!! Better yet, you should!!!.........
1st-Oct-2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
What?! You want me to kill off the only French person on the show?!

I don't know, he still has a few things to go through for me, if I still dislike by the end of the season, I might just get rid of him. No promises, not guarantees though. ;)
1st-Oct-2011 08:09 pm (UTC) - recap
Nice recap. I'd forgotten about your conspiracy theory, but I like that story arc best since I haven't seen that done much before in fan fic. A mystery that is. Nice creative writing.
1st-Oct-2011 08:53 pm (UTC) - Re: recap
Thanks. :) I'm curious how people will react to my stories. :)
1st-Oct-2011 09:35 pm (UTC)
I was so distracted with the "cast-pictures" you posted in this fic, that I had to read the fic three times before understanding all of it because I couldn't stop to come back to look at the pics every five-ten lines!! How I miss these two! <3

Looking forward to the next chapter and your version of Season 6, I'm a little scared because I know you! :) I hope the boys will be alive at the end of this 6th season but at least I know that you will allow them to kiss each other and even more! :D

And yes, please, could you please kill Luc on the next chapter?

1st-Oct-2011 09:56 pm (UTC)
Aren't those boys just drop-dead gorgeous? I can look at them all night.

I hope the boys will be alive at the end of this 6th season
You'll have to wait quite a while before you find out. :)

I'm not sure how much kissing K/S will do, but I am sure which couple WON'T be kissing that much.

And yes, please, could you please kill Luc on the next chapter?
I'm almost starting to feel sorry for him. Almost.... I'll take it into consideration.

2nd-Oct-2011 01:48 pm (UTC)
I know, I've still got a lot of catching up to do but your pictures grabbed me and pulled me in. Very nice!

I loved this. Scotty has so developed into a Walker in the past few years. I love that he had a story to tell for everyone. He loves them so much and I think its a pretty mutual feeling.

Rebecca on the other hand, in my opinion never really fit in. I never really was a fan of hers. It always seemed, to me, to be a pity party. And I really hated her in season 3 when it came to Tommy vs Holly. But she loved Justin and that's all that should matter right?

Love the recap. I've been quite bummed as the seasons are starting back up and they aren't there. I know I didn't like what they had in store for season 6 but its just not right that they aren't there. Thanks for helping to fill that void.
2nd-Oct-2011 02:23 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :) I agree that season 3 in particular didn't do Rebecca any favors. My own dislike for her also comes from season 3.

Yes, I still get all these 'spoilers' etc for other series and I miss looking for those of B&S.
8th-Oct-2011 02:44 pm (UTC) - wandelswalker
Aww.. I love the story about tommy's dilemma of Elizabeth and Kevin..
You should put more Elizabeth-Kevin bonding time in the story..
And less Luke-Sarah time..I think most of us agrees that Luke would be better of dead..:p
8th-Oct-2011 07:52 pm (UTC) - Re: wandelswalker
Hi! Welcome. (Don't believe I've 'seen' you around here before)

I'm not going to say anything about Elizabeth with or without Kevin, but let's say that we'll most likely see her again. ;)

I'd love nothing better than to kill Luc, but not just yet. I can do other bad things to him, which are far more entertaining. :)
12th-Oct-2011 05:01 am (UTC)
glad you're writing another arc, I am sad that there's no more Brothers & Sisters(mainly Kevin/Scotty) but wasn't pleased what the writers had planned for season 6. I think I would have been happy to watch Kevin/Scotty doing anything regardless. :( I look forward to reading what you have in store for us. :) Wonderful so far, I am glad Tyler's back w/ Justin,loved them together.
14th-Oct-2011 10:03 pm (UTC)
I'm a bit scared to start posting, I fear. I hope that it will be fun to read. It is very difficult to write for so many characters, but also very satisfying.
12th-Oct-2011 12:33 pm (UTC)
Oh, how I miss these two! So happy that you're continuing their story and am looking forward to future episodes. Would love to see their interaction with Olivia and Daniel.
14th-Oct-2011 10:04 pm (UTC)
I wish I could start giving away some hints, but I'm not ready yet,... :)
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