marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Violins and roses

Violins and Roses

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S and K/S belong to ABC, just playing
Summary: Not everything goes according to plan when Scotty organizes an evening out.


“This is nice.” Kevin says neutrally and Scotty fidgets around on his chair, slightly disappointed that ‘nice’ is all that Kevin can say about this restaurant. It is expensive, everything looks perfect and, in Scotty’s eyes, ‘Café 429’ looks like a cheap place to eat in comparison.

“Have you chosen?” He asks.
“Why don’t you chose. Surprise me.” Kevin replies. Damn, what is wrong with Kevin, his entire attitude is so lame.
“I can’t. It all sounds so delicious.” Scotty tries again, enthusiastically.

Kevin looks up from his menu.
“I’m sure it’s not as good as your dishes, Scotty.” He smiles, but somehow … it feels wrong to Scotty. He puts down the menu.
“What is wrong with you?” He asks.

“What do you mean?”
“I just want a wonderful evening off. No kids, no kitchen, no Saul, no other Walkers, … just us. I’ve been working at this for a week now. Picked the restaurant, the theater, I want it all to be perfect. Why are you so cold?”

Kevin opens his mouth to reply, but decides to change his mind.
“Come on, talk to me.” Scotty asks.
“I don’t want to fight. Can’t we try to make this a nice evening?”
“If you can’t tell me the truth?”

“Babe,” Kevin caves in. “I already know how this will end. You’re tired and you’re trying too hard to do ‘the right thing’. Because you’re irritated, the food will not be to your taste. This will make you even grumpier and, in the end, the dinner will turn out to be a disaster.

You’ve arranged tickets for “Wicked”, which you hate. This means that you’ll be spending half the evening forcing yourself to enjoy something on my behalf, which I just wish you wouldn’t do.

So, the evening at the theater will be a disaster and I’ll be annoyed. By 10 o’clock you’ll have a head-ache and you’ll be in a bad mood. So, by the time we can go home, both of us will be in a bad mood. No kiss goodnight and, worse, no sex. Face it, babe, these arranged dates for us? They just don’t work.”

Scotty wants to get angry, but he has to recognize that there’s some truth to Kevin’s speech. Their pre-arranged dates for a night of heaven usually end as hell on earth.
“I will try not to be so negative.” Scotty promises.
“The harder you try…” Kevin warns.

“It will be alright... So, what do we order?” Scotty changes the subject and Kevin decides to give it try too.
“I thought this one sounds delicious.” Kevin points at one of the mentioned dishes and Scotty has to bite his tongue to not make some remark about Kevin’s choice.

Kevin is right. He always finds fault in other people’s food. It’s almost a professional jealousy. The simple thought that Kevin could like someone’s else food as much as Scotty’s is almost an insult.
“That sounds like a great choice, love.”

“You hate it…” Kevin rightfully deducts. “Okay, you pick one.”
“No, I don’t hate it. It would not be my choice, but… we’re not clones. We don’t have to like the same things.” Scotty tries to cheerful.
“No, we don’t.” Kevin replies, slightly less defensive. “I’ll stick to this one then. And you? Have you made your choice?”

“I thought about taking a salad first… Or maybe some vegetable soup.”
“Whatever you want. Not for me though. I’m not that hungry….” Kevin smiles and continues to talk about Justin and Tyler’s latest plans, but Scotty is not really listening, wondering if a bit of soup will be good enough.

A young waitress sets the table for them and Scotty can see her fingers tremble. She seems to mutter some words, that Scotty immediately recognizes as the lay-out of the cutlery.
“You’re new to this?” He asks gently and she startles.

“Yes, sir…” She anxiously looks over her shoulder, realizing that perhaps she shouldn’t be talking to one of the customers.
“You’re doing a great job.” Scotty compliments her. She blushes and runs off, leaving both Kevin and Scotty with a smile on their faces.

Kevin gets distracted when he sees, over Scotty’s shoulder a group of people walk in. Oh, great, ‘live music’. Apparently Scotty hadn’t known it either, judging from the way he cringes when the violinist starts to play.
“Oh! You can’t be serious?” Scotty sighs.

“I hope it is only for that romantic couple over there. He looks as if he’s about to propose to her.” Kevin offers.
“How could she hear him over this noise?” The group moves from table to table and Kevin follows them with hawk-eyes, praying they stay away from Scotty and him.

He’s not the only one annoyed by it. The singers are rather ‘present’ around the table, especially towards the women, so Kevin isn’t too worried about too much attention for Scotty. They swoon from one table to the other, getting closer and closer.
“Oh, my God. I hope they pass us.” Kevin says.

“I don’t know. Should I be insulted or happy if they do? I mean, I don’t need to hear any more music, but to just be passed by, though we are sitting here, just like any straight couple…?” Scotty wonders, slightly annoyed.
“I don’t mind be just ‘business-associates’ for once.” Kevin replies grumpily.

However, when they do pass, not giving much attention to Kevin and Scotty, Kevin can’t help but feel a little resentment nonetheless. He cannot dwell on it though, because at that moment the young waitress comes back with the soup for Scotty and for the couple sitting at the table behind Kevin and Scotty.

She reaches out to get Scotty’s dish when the tray topples over and one of other dishes of soup splashes all around and over Scotty, who yells in pain and jumps up, bumping into the tray the waitress is holding and tipping it over to the other side, spilling it over the floor, so that the waitress, who steps backwards slips on it and end up flat on her back on the floor.

“Scotty!” Kevin jumps up to take make sure that Scotty doesn’t get burned even more, but from all sides people run up to the table, trying to get Scotty dry, clean the floor, pick the girl up, giving the other visitors quite a side-show. Scotty is coached into the kitchen, where he tries to keep as much space between his wet clothes and hot skin as possible.

Meanwhile the manager of the restaurant runs around him, apologizing profoundly in every language he knows.
“It’s alright.” Scotty says between clenched teeth. “It was just an accident…”
“No. No. Please. We will get you clean.” The manager assures him.

“Thank you. But I’d rather go home. Get dry clothes.” Scotty controls himself to the maximum, slowly pushing people away from him. “I just want to go home.”
“We’ll take care of charge of cleaning?” The manager now offers.
“Don’t won’t be necessary.” Scotty picks at his wet clothes, which have cooled off.

“You don’t need to pay for the soup or the drinks.” The manager nervously says, trying to please Scotty. Scotty’s mouth drops.
“Well, thank you. That’s very generous of you.” Scotty’s voice droops with sarcasm. “And now, I’m out of here.”

He walks back into the restaurant and grabs his wallet.
“Let’s get out of here.” He practically orders, but Kevin is already up and ready to leave.
“Are you hurting?” Kevin asks carefully.
“Just my pride.” Scotty answers angrily.


Scotty quickly enters the apartment, throws his jacket over the chair, runs into the bedroom to get changed. He flings his wet clothes without a further glance in the washing-machine. It’s nearly full so he also immediately turns it on, so that it will be finished by the time they come back.

Clean shirt, clean pants, wallet and off he goes. He quickly runs down the stairs, back to the car where Kevin is waiting for him. They haven’t had anything to eat, but it’s getting late and they need to be at the theater in time. Out of breath he sinks down next to Kevin, glad that Kevin is driving.

Kevin doesn't have to say much, with Scotty spending most of the drive over being furious at the waitress, himself and the restaurant. In fact, Kevin is very quiet. For once, Kevin easily finds a place to park his car and soon enough they arrive at the theater.
“I’ll be glad when we can finally sit down and enjoy the show.” Kevin sighs more to himself than Scotty and he turns to Scotty. Scotty looks devastated.

“What?” Kevin asks.
“The tickets…. They are in my other jacket.”
“You didn’t bring them..?”
“I meant to take them, got distracted, hurried out and… I’m sorry.”

“Scotty!” Kevin replies irritated.
“I said I’m sorry. Look, why don’t we get tickets right here.”
“Because it’s sold out for tonight, that is why you were so happy, you bought the tickets in advance?” Kevin reminds Scotty.

Scotty looks completely miserable and Kevin’s annoyance disappears to get replaced by some compassion.
“I know, it sucks….Let’s forget it…. Why don’t we go to a movie instead? There’s a theater not very far away from here. We can walk from here.” Kevin suggests.

“Alright.” Scotty agrees. Kevin tries some chit-chat, but Scotty is obviously frustrated and angry and his mood doesn’t get better when, once at the movie-theatre, the movies they wish to see are sold out as well and the only option left is some slasher-movie.
“We’ll take two.” Kevin decides.

“Kevin. Please. A horror-movie?” Scotty wonders.
“Who cares? You didn’t think I’d go to the movie-theater for the movie, did you?” Kevin suggestively raises an eyebrow and Scotty shakes his head, still not too sure if this is a good idea. But after Kevin bought some popcorn and Coke, Scotty relaxes a bit.

The movie starts with the usual suspenseful music and Kevin moves a bit closer to Scotty, who after a quick look around, moves away a bit. It’s still too bright for his taste.
“Oh, come on.” He can hear Kevin whisper.
“I’m sorry. I just don’t feel too comfortable.” Scotty whispers back.

Kevin sits back in his chair, arms crossed in front of his chest, his face a thunder-cloud and he angrily moves his popcorn to the other side, to not have to share with Scotty. Scotty rolls his eyes, annoyed that Kevin is acting like a 14-year old, but at the same time, understanding that Kevin is furious. This entire evening has been a disaster.

He turns to Kevin to apologize, when a few rows further, in front of them, someone jumps up. It all happens so fast. A scream, punching and within seconds several people are fighting.
“You’re not serious.” Kevin sighs, backing away a bit, determined not to get caught in the argument.

“Shouldn’t we… do… something?” Scotty asks.
“Are you nuts? I don’t get involved in fights in the dark. If one of them is carrying a knife…” Kevin answers. Scotty doesn’t agree and wants to step in, but Kevin grabs his arm and pulls him back, pointing at the four men that enter the room.

Lights go on, people complain and, the fight get roughly broken up and Scotty grabs his jacket.
“I’m out of here.”

“I’m done. I haven’t eaten, I didn’t drink, no theatre and now this. When the gods are this obvious in giving me a message, I should listen. I’m going home.”
“If you wish to stay, fine, but I’m gone.” Scotty no longer wants to listen to another word.


Scotty stares outside, into the dark night, too furious and too upset to talk to Kevin, who suffers Scotty’s anger in silence, understanding very well, why he’s so angry. There’s nothing more terrible than having all these wonderful ideas about a romantic night out and see all of them go to waste.

“I don’t know about you…” He starts softly. “.. but there’s a MacDonalds coming up… I’m hungry?”
“Whatever.” Scotty sulks.
“Drive-through or are we going inside?”

“I don’t care.”
“We’ll eat inside then.” Kevin decides. Scotty opens his mouth to protest, considering that fast-food is not really his taste, but he shuts up when realizes that he had just given Kevin permission to make decisions for him and that he shouldn’t be whining now.

He follows Kevin inside and soon enough they find a empty, not yet cleaned up table to sit at, and Scotty has to admit that he must be really hungry because it doesn’t even taste half as bad as usual. They eat in silence at first, both keeping their thoughts to themselves.

“I’m sorry.” Scotty eventually says quietly.
“Feelings somewhat better?” Kevin asks rather sweetly. Scotty nods with little smile.
“I’m so sorry that I completely spoilt your evening.” Scotty says again. Kevin shrugs and places his hand on Scotty’s.

“I’m so glad that for once the screwing up is in your corner and not mine. You’re always so well-organized, that I sometimes feel so inadequate around you. Evenings like this remind that you’re human too… which is quite a pleasant thought.” Kevin grins and slowly Scotty begins to see the humor of it all as well.

“We have so little time to really be together, just you and me… I guess, I wanted it to be very special…”
“And you tried way too hard….”
“I guess..” Scotty replies, picking a lost strand of lettuce from his tray.

“At the risk of sounding very 80s-ish… ‘I think we’re alone now’. We’re having something to eat and something to drink, just you and me.” Kevin points out. Scotty looks around. The tv-screens are all on MTV, showing some soundless clip of some rapper Scotty doesn’t recognize, nor would he want to.

The table next to them gets cleaned by a woman who looks like she’s sleepwalking. A new batch of people come in, starts to order food and suddenly Scotty wants to go home, feeling like he’s much too old for this.
“Can we leave? Please?” He asks and Kevin nods.


Kevin closes the door behind them and Scotty picks up his jacket and pulls out the two tickets for the play.
“What a waste.” He says, looking at the cards with regret. Kevin moves up behind him and kisses his shoulder.

“But think of all the good laughs my family will have over this night of disaster….”
“You’re not going to tell them, are you?”
“Of course I will tell them, too good an opportunity to pass up.” Kevin laughs and he softly taps Scotty on the nose.

“I hate you.” Scotty says, but the little smile on his face betrays that things aren’t that bad between them.
“Though…. There might be way to buy my silence….” Kevin sweetly blackmails Scotty and the grin on Scotty’s face becomes bigger.

“Oh? Really? I cannot imagine what that could possibly be….”
“No, of course not, your imagination isn’t as devious as mine…” Kevin agrees and he takes Scotty’s hand to coach him to the bedroom, where he starts to undress Scotty, showing him in no uncertain terms what it is that he wants from his husband in exchange for his silence.

Scotty lets him, enjoying the touch of Kevin’s hands on his body, caressing his skin as he opens the buttons on Scotty’s shirt, touching those little places that make Scotty shiver and push closer to Kevin. They brush up along Scotty’s arms, find eachother behind Scotty’s neck. Scotty’s lips part as Kevin looks up at him.

Their kiss is warm and tender with no hurry to it. Scotty keeps his eyes closed and he lets Kevin take charge of the kiss. It is Kevin who draws him closer, who undresses him further, while trying not to lose contact with Scotty’s body too much.
“Come to bed with me.” Kevin whispers.

It is only now that Scotty really starts to participate as well. As soon as his back hits the sheets, he pulls Kevin closer in a hungry kiss. He can feel the smile on Kevin’s face as he leaves Scotty’s lips to focus on Scotty’s throat. Scotty offers himself to Kevin in the most delicious way.

Scotty anticipates where the next kiss will fall and gives in to them with eagerness. Kevin moves lower, but not fast enough for Scotty who has become too aroused to want to play games, so it’s rather frustrating to him when Kevin stops kissing him, just around his belly-button.

“Turn over.” Kevin says softly.
“Oh, please, Kevin, no games.” Scotty begs.
“Turn over.” Kevin merely replies.

“Listen, all night we’ve followed your plans and, let’s be honest, it was a disaster, so can you now, please, stop trying to running this show, and let me do my thing?” Kevin teases. Scotty sighs, not really willing to give in to Kevin. “Or do you want me stop everything altogether?” Kevin warns softly.

“No!” Scotty replies, turning over.
“That’s a good boy… Now trust me.”
“Famous last words.” Scotty mutters and Kevin grins as he focuses on kissing Scotty’s neck.

Soon enough Scotty is no longer able to complain. Kevin is gentle with him, his caresses are soothing, his kisses are warm and he arouses Scotty even further by not paying any attention to Scotty’s erection, making Scotty want the touch even more.
“Kevin! Please!” He begs and Kevin makes him turn over again.

Kevin caresses Scotty’s hair and his cheek. Kevin and Scotty make eye-contact. Kevin’s fingers slide over Scotty’s mouth, but he doesn’t move to kiss Scotty, instead he just continue to look at Scotty, not breaking the contact between them. He can see how Scotty’s lips part a little, when Kevin’s hand rests warmly on the side on his neck.

He expects a kiss, but Kevin still doesn’t give in. His hand slides over Scotty’s chest in a slow, but relentless pace and Scotty’s breathing becomes faster. Kevin smiles teasingly as his fingertips barely caress the sensitive skin on Scotty’s belly. Scotty can’t fight anymore.

He closes his eyes, making a little aroused noise, as he expects Kevin’s fingers to finally touch him where he wants it the most. The moment Scotty closes his eyes, Kevin knows that he has won and Scotty is all his. He lowers his head and instead of the expected hand on his cock, Scotty now feels Kevin’s warm mouth on him.

“Oh!” Scotty’s gasp makes Kevin know that he has managed to take Scotty by surprise. Scotty’s hands are in Kevin’s hair, it’s all the too much, the shockwaves are rushing through him and he simply responds to his physical desire without much consideration for Kevin, as he shoves himself deeper in Kevin’s throat, unable to stop himself if he tried.

“Don’t stop…” He whispers as if he gives Kevin the choice to stop. “Don’t …. Just don’t….”
Kevin pushes Scotty’s body down a bit, giving him some room to breathe, but Scotty is too close to be stopped. He cries out Kevin’s name one more time and then loses control altogether.


“See? Told you it was a good idea to trust me.” Kevin reminds him.
“Mhmmmm.” Scotty replies. Spooned up against Kevin’s back, completely satisfied and totally exhausted, he’s not in the mood for a conversation.
“Planning is overrated.” Kevin continues.

These words, coming from Kevin, of all people, make Scotty smile. He kisses Kevin’s shoulder in agreement, but he’s still not intending to talk.
"Maybe, sometimes, impulsiveness can be good.” Kevin mumbles on, as if he’s trying to get a point across. Scotty sighs, losing once again.

“You think?” He replies to Kevin.
“Oh, yeah. I mean, the sex was good, right?”
“Yes.” Scotty carefully admits. “Why? Do you usually ‘plan’ sex with me?” Somehow this suddenly makes him feel uneasy.

“Yes. No. Sometimes.”
“What?! … Which one is it?”
“All of them.”

“No, I mean, I like it when I can day-dream about it, plan ahead on how and where I can have sex with you, but, you know, I’ll have sex with you whenever and wherever you want, you don’t have to arrange the restaurant, the live-music, the theater and all for that.” Kevin grins.

Scotty feels that Kevin is twisting his words around.
“What makes you think that it wasn’t part of my plan to have sex with you?”
“You wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble if you only had sex on your mind.” Kevin shrugs. Scotty frowns.

“I’m sorry, of course I wanted it to end in sex with you, but it’s not the only reason why I asked you out.”
“Mhmmm-mmhm.” Kevin replies, seemingly not overly convinced.
“I arranged it all because I love you!” Scotty answers.

It remains quiet. Kevin doesn’t seem to reply at first, but then Scotty can feel Kevin laugh.
“Fell for that one, didn’t you?” Kevin grins. Scotty’s jaw drops. “It’s nice to hear you say that love me, every once in a while, even if I have to drag it out of you.”

Scotty shakes his head, he should have known that Kevin was up to something.
“I hate you.” Scotty says with a loving smile.
“I love you too.” Kevin replies and he turns over in Scotty’s arms, kisses his husband’s lips, ready to finally get some sleep.



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