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Game: 20 B&S Questions

As I've gone back to my research for all things B&S for my archives I ran into this 20-question-list on Fanpop. 

1. Favourite character?

2. Second favourite character? 

3. Least favourite character? 
Luc Laurent 

4. Favourite couple? 

5. Second favourite couple? 
Kitty/Robert, though I have always hoped that Justin/Tyler would get back together as well. If they had gotten back together sooner, this might have been second-favorite.

6. Least favourite couple? 

7. Favourite season
After some soul-searching: Season 2 

8. Least favourite season
Season 5 

9. Favourite friendship? 
Nora/Emily - we should have seen more of her. 

10. Favourite sibling relationship? 
Anything Kevin/Justin 

11. Favourite parent/child relationship? 

12. What's one thing you wish never happened? 
Season 5 

13. Favourite quote? 
"But difficult is sometimes good you know, it forces you do things you didn't think you could." 

14. Funniest episode/scene? 
1.13 - Something Ida this way comes 

15. Favourite wedding? 
Duh! Kevin/Scotty's 

16. Favourite child? 
Assuming that I have the choice between: Paige, Cooper, Elizabeth, Evan, Olivia and Daniel, I'm going for Paige. 

17. What's one thing you think should of happened that never did? 
Kevin telling his family to go to hell, deal with their own misery, stop getting him involved, so he can take his husband to some hotel/motel/deserted island/beach-cove/whatever other secluded area and just..... (now I'm moving into NC-17 zone) AND he actually DO it!! 

18. Favourite actor? 
Matthew Rhys!!!!! 

19. Favourite actress? 
I don't know if I have a favorite. You can't go wrong with Sally, Patricia, Rachel or Calista, it's just that the writers have so ruined their characters for me over season 5, Sarah in particular. 

20. Overall favourite thing about B&S?  


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