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welcome to my fantasies
B&S forum 
16th-Aug-2011 07:32 pm
With a little over a day left to go, it seems like that one is gone for good. It's frustrating to think that all will be lost by tomorrow night. :(

Edited: I saw that there's an auction going on, but if I remember correctly you'll only buy the name, but not the contents, so unless I'm wrong, (the auction is on until tomorrow night 10pm - my time) it will all be gone.

Correction: If I understand the terms right, if Austin agreed to the auction, then perhaps there could still be something negotiated. Guess, we'll know more by the end of the week.

Still, it would suck if it all would be lost.
19th-Aug-2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
I was just still confused that suddenly the deadline for the website was up, because I remembered from the posts that it was renewed last year in September/October. Unless I am living in a different universe or a different planet, a one year renewal meant it won't expire until Sep/Oct 2011. There could be a mistake. But only the site owner can negotiate with the webhoster. And it sadden me that Austin said he would keep it going (but he just went AWOL) and KC didn't reply to you neither. Isn't KC still running the LM online website? Did he say anything there at all? I know he probably can do anything because he's just the admin and I know he had problem contacting Austin before. It just hate it when things like this happen/ed.
19th-Aug-2011 09:17 pm (UTC)
No, I'm not sure exactly, but there was something that needed to be done in July (It happened before that the forum went off the air for a few days) and then it would be back and we had until September to raise $ 250 or something to keep the site in the air.

These last two years, the forum successfully managed to get the money together and I'm sure this year would have been the same. Which is why I feel bad. It was so unnecessary.

I don't know about KC. LMO hasn't been updated in a while either. I can guess that maybe RL is too busy for either KC or Austin. (Something I can relate to and that I'm hoping is just the case.)

I'll guess I'll just have to stick to the Beatles for now and "Let it be." ;)
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