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welcome to my fantasies
B&S forum 
16th-Aug-2011 07:32 pm
With a little over a day left to go, it seems like that one is gone for good. It's frustrating to think that all will be lost by tomorrow night. :(

Edited: I saw that there's an auction going on, but if I remember correctly you'll only buy the name, but not the contents, so unless I'm wrong, (the auction is on until tomorrow night 10pm - my time) it will all be gone.

Correction: If I understand the terms right, if Austin agreed to the auction, then perhaps there could still be something negotiated. Guess, we'll know more by the end of the week.

Still, it would suck if it all would be lost.
19th-Aug-2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
Yes, I agree. 'm sad that it turned out the way it did. I keep hoping that one of these days I'll click on that link and I'll find it back where it used to be, but for the time being, I feel lied at and that is not a nice feeling.

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