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welcome to my fantasies
B&S forum 
16th-Aug-2011 07:32 pm
With a little over a day left to go, it seems like that one is gone for good. It's frustrating to think that all will be lost by tomorrow night. :(

Edited: I saw that there's an auction going on, but if I remember correctly you'll only buy the name, but not the contents, so unless I'm wrong, (the auction is on until tomorrow night 10pm - my time) it will all be gone.

Correction: If I understand the terms right, if Austin agreed to the auction, then perhaps there could still be something negotiated. Guess, we'll know more by the end of the week.

Still, it would suck if it all would be lost.
16th-Aug-2011 07:01 pm (UTC)
I seriously don't know. These last 4 weeks I've tried to reach Austin and KC, in the hope to have at least SOME answer (also because I've been approached with questions by others) but I guess my emails never reached either of them or something.

I had hoped that the site would remain in the air for at least another year. With all it's wonderful content, it was such a 'bible' to B&S.

I can understand that Austin and KC were no longer interested in it, but there were plenty (me included) who were still passionate about this show. Not to mention those who will still discover this show.

And Austin promissed he would keep in the air as long as he could afford it (Or maybe he couldn't afford it for more than 1 month?).

Anyhow, I'm just sad that we weren't even given a chance to 'save' it. The previous years we could, but this year not even a remote opportunity.

It just leaves a bit of a bad taste, I guess. I know I have no claim or anything, but I felt a bit like the place was 'mine' too. Now, it's the question WHO will take it over and what it will mean to the site and the forum.
17th-Aug-2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
If someone buys the name, it stands to reason that their intention has nothing to do with brothers and sisters the TV show. They can do anything they want with it.

I don't know Austin nor KC but they could have replied to you. Dodging your emails and pretending they didn't see it is quite low, IMO. Then, it's possible they're on vacation. I guess that's the way people act these days, especially on the Internet. It blurs relationships. You can exchange thoughts and feelings with people for five years and see everything disappear overnight, without giving a warning and people a chance to exchange their emails to stay in touch. Again that's low. I'm not making things better, am I? I'm sorry. It's just my pessimistic side speaking.
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