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Fanfic: On a clear and sunny day. 04/07

On a clear and sunny day. 04/07

By Marea67
About: The Walkers
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S isn’t mine.
Summary: It started as a clear and sunny day….
Warning: This story is about an Earthquake and it's effect on the Walkers...


Olivia walks carefully, amazed by the world around her. There’s debris everywhere. People run or walk by, disorientated. She walks on. She has to admit that, sitting next to Scotty in the car, the way to the day-care had seemed shorter.
“Girl, are you alright? Come with me.” A woman tells her. Olivia shakes her head.

“I’m going to my brother.”
“I’ll take you.”
“My daddies tell me not to leave with strangers.” Olivia replies, wishing the woman would go away.

“My name is Mary.” She says and Olivia tries to stay out of arm's reach.
“Sorry. Still not coming.” Olivia replies stubbornly.
“It’s not safe for a little girl alone.” Mary counters.
“I’ll be alright.” Olivia keeps a close eye on the woman.

Mary reaches out to her, tries to take her shoulder. Olivia screams and starts to run. She sees that at first Mary tries to follow her, but Olivia is quicker. She runs faster and faster, just a little bit longer, until she dares to look over her shoulder. Mary is no longer following her. Frightened and in tears, Olivia keeps on walking…


“Don’t move. Hang on.” Scotty hears a voice tell him. The weight on his chest gets lesser and suddenly the heavy plank on his body gets moved and he can breathe more easily.
“Stay down. Let’s check you out first. See if nothing is broken. Alright?” Scotty feels hands on his body.

He moves his fingers, his toes, his head. Everything seems to work. He calmly sits up.
“Are you okay? No dizziness? You’re not seeing stars?” The man asks and Scotty shakes his head.
“I’m fine. I think. I just couldn’t lift that stuff up. Thank you…”

“You’re welcome. Listen, can you help me now? My friend is stuck on a pile of rubble as well….?”
“I want to try once more if I can reach my husband and then I’ll help you.” Scotty promises.

Again Scotty dials Kevin’s number, but no one answers. He stops the call.
“No luck?” the man asks. Scotty shakes his head. “I’m sure he’s fine.”
“I hope so…” Scotty replies. “I’ll help you with your friend and then I must go to my son and daughter…”

“Actually, he’s my boyfriend, but I wasn’t sure you’d help me, if you knew…” The man replies, suddenly a bit shy. He doesn’t have to explain it any further to Scotty. Scotty gets up carefully and follows the man. He looks around at the mess and he shakes his head. He’s worried sick and, as soon as he can, he’s going to go look for his kids and his husband.


Nora opens her eyes again. There’s a buzzing sound in her head, as if an entire bee-hive has nested in there. She rolls over to her stomach and tries to push herself up. Nausea overtakes her… The entire world seems to spin for a moment, but Nora is pretty sure that the earthquake has stopped, so it must be something else.

Her hand reaches up and she feels some sticky stuff at the back of her head. She looks at her fingers. Red. Blood. Nausea. Blood. She closes her eyes and waits for her stomach to calm down again. She then carefully moves to the door, hands in front of her, as if she’s walking blindly.

She has to wait after every step because it’s hard to keep her eyes open. She feels as if she’s drunk. She tumbles out of the shed and drags herself further into her garden. She’s not sure what to do next. The house seems miles and miles away and she’s no sure she can make it all the way back there.

She hears a noise and carefully looks in the direction where the noise is coming from. There’s someone in the garden. Someone she doesn’t recognize. Panic takes her over.
“What do you want!” She yells in terror. The man raises his hands, she can see him talk, but she cannot hear him, the world starts to spin and she falls. The world fades to black.


Luc nearly yanks the door out of its hinges and starts to storm up the stairs. His only thought is for Sarah. He stops, when he can hear people come down the stairs. He looks up and through the iron rails he sees that Sarah is one of them.

“Sarah!” He calls out, happy to see the woman he loves.
“Luc!” She quickly runs down the last few stairs and jumps into his arms. He wants to kiss her, but she backs away.
“Have you seen Tommy and Elizabeth?”

Non.” Luc answers, shaking his head.
“They were on the elevator….” Sarah starts to almost hyperventilate. “I saw them push the buttons for the elevator. They must have gotten on it and seconds later the earthquake hit us… They were on the elevator….” She cries.

“Which one?” Luc guides her away from the staircase and on to the 3th floor. Sarah thinks for a moment. There are several elevators in this building and she can’t make out where she is, but fortunately Luc has a calming effect on her.
“Those ones. I’m sure.” She replies after some focusing. They run over to the elevator.

“Tommy! Elizabeth!” Luc yells and, with some more panic, Sarah copies him. Luc places his finger on her lips and signals her to listen. It remains quiet. They call Tommy and Elizabeth again and knock on the doors of the elevator with their hands flat on surface to make as much noise as they can.

“It could be that the elevators have been made too sound-proof.” Sarah suggests and Luc considers it. It’s possible. The elevator doesn’t seem to have fallen all the way down. It would have been noticed. He hopes the elevator is somewhere stuck between floors. He tries to listen once more. This time he hears a faint knocking sound.


“Tyler! I’m glad to hear your voice, babe. How’s the situation at the hotel?”
“A lot of falling objects, lamps and such. Lots of broken glass, cuts and bruises, and fear, but everything seems to be alright. We’re on the emergency power-unit though.”
“I hope that it will hold for a while.”

“Me too. Have your heard something from your family?”
“Nothing. I’ve tried to call my mom first, but all the lines were dead.”
“Keep trying. I kept getting silence at first too, but then suddenly there you were…” Tyler laughs and cries at the same time.

“Don’t get hysterical on me now, Tyler.” Justin begs, tears stinging his eyes.
“I’ll be ….” The line goes dead again.
“Tyler?! Tyler!” Justin yells, but Dan takes his phone away.
“Stop yelling. It’s obvious that the lines are out again. Be glad you spoke to her at least.” He says grumpily.


Paige runs straight to Olivia’s class, after having searched for Cooper, who is right behind her. A part of her is annoyed that there’s so much panic, but at the same time, it allows her to go looking for her cousin.
“She’s not here.” Cooper states the obvious.

“No, she’s not.” Paige frowns. Where could she be?
“Paige, can we get out of here? I’m scared. There’s still so much cracking noises. I keep thinking the roof is going to fall on my head.” Paige turns to her brother. She smiles.
“I think, I may know where Olivia went.” She ruffles his hair and takes him away from Olivia’s classroom.


“Oh, Scotty! It’s good to hear your voice.” Justin sighs.
“Have you heard from anyone else? I keep trying to call Kevin… And your mother…”
“I haven’t heard from anyone else, except Tyler.”
“Oh, my God, is she alright?” Scotty asks.

“She was 15 minutes ago. Other than that, I can’t reach the others. Sarah, Luc, Kevin, … No one answers.”
“And your partner?”
“Dan can’t reach any of his family-members either…” Justin replies quietly.

“Of course, all the lines are still dead, so it doesn’t mean anything. Resources are needed elsewhere.” Scotty says automatically and he’s not sure who he’s trying to calm down, Justin or himself. He ends his call to Justin and remains standing next to his car, unable to decide on what to do or where to go. Why doesn’t Kevin answer? Where is he?

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