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Fanfic: On a clear and sunny day. 03/07

On a clear and sunny day 03/07

By Marea67

About: The Walkers 
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S isn’t mine.
Summary: It started as a clear and sunny day….
Warning: This story is about an Earthquake and it's effect on the Walkers...


Sarah slowly lifts her head and brushes away the dust off her hair. She manages to get on her knees and she reaches out to her phone, which has fallen beside her on the floor. Still trembling with fear she leans with her back against her desk. Who should she call first?

Paige’s school? Cooper’s school? Luc’s phone? Her thumb brushes over the digits, but she can’t make up her mind. She’s unaware that her tears form lines on her face.
“I don’t know what to do.” She says softly and a moment later she starts to shake even harder. “I don’t know what to do…..” She cries.


“Daddy? Daddy?” Elizabeth’s voice comes from a far, but Tommy responds anyway. The elevator! It had shaken! They made a fall! Tommy had felt that zero-gravity feeling in his stomach. The same you have in a rollercoaster in an amusement-park.
“We’re okay, baby.” He replies automatically.

“I’m not a baby.” Elizabeth argues, sticking out her lip to pout. Tommy coughs and laughs.
“I know, honey. Sorry. You’re right. Daddy forgot.” He remembers that there was no arguing with Kevin either at that age.

Elizabeth shrugs and somehow she manages to have that same bored I-don’t-care face as Kevin. It’s eerie.
“What do we do know?” She asks and Tommy look around.
That, honey, is a very good question.” Tommy answers.


Justin and Dan offer help where they can, but there’s too much to do. Justin tries to ring Nora to see if she’s alright, but she doesn’t answer and his concern grows.
“It doesn’t have to mean anything…” Dan tries to offer comfort. Justin shakes his head.
“We always call her first to check in with her…..”

“Maybe she can’t reach her phone, or it’s broken, or…”
“She’s hurt and needs my help…” Justin says. Dan sighs and looks around. There are so many ambulances and there’s so much help needed. Everywhere.
“We could go to your mom’s house. It’s not that very far away from here and …”  He tries.

Justin looks around too and he shakes his head.
“No. We’re needed here. I will ask if one of the other ambulances, send out to her neighborhood, will check it out.”
“Good. I didn’t like the idea of abandoning my post anyway…” Dan agrees.


Scotty pushes away some of the vegetables around him and then tries to lift the heavy piece of debris on his body, but it’s just too heavy to lift. He can barely breathe. He reaches for his phone and manages to dial Kevin’s number. It rings but no one picks up. He tries Nora. No answer.

Scotty feels panic rise up. What had happened? Terroristic attack? Some explosion? Earthquake? Some other disaster? Where are the kids? Why doesn’t Kevin answer? Slowly the noise around him becomes noticeable. He’s not alone!
“Help!! Help me!!! I’m here…..!” He yells out and he knocks on the debris on top of him.


Daniel pouts. The trembling and shaking had been funny, but he’s not too amused that the lady doesn’t get up. She’d been knocked on the head and there’s red stuff dripping from her head and Daniel doesn’t like that. It makes him feel like there’s something wrong. Insecure, he looks around his play-pen. It’s empty and he’s all alone.


The alarm-bells go off and they are very loud. Olivia crawls from underneath her desk. The room is filled with shattered glass and children are crying. Some are in shock. Some of them look like they have no clue where they are. Olivia quickly checks if all her body-parts still function. Hands. Arms. Legs. They do. She doesn’t seem to have broken something.

She frowns. Strangely enough her first concern doesn’t lie with Kevin or Scotty, but with Daniel. She searches for her phone, but she has no connection. She thinks about what to do next. Kevin would be in court. Scotty would be getting supplies… but Daniel… She shivers. Her little brother is all alone… Not very far away from here.

She gets up. People run around, seemingly aimlessly. One of the teachers says something, but it doesn’t register with Olivia. She leaves the class-room and starts to walk. She passes people in various states of shock and confusion, but no one stops her, so she can leave the school without problem.


Kitty stares at the tv in shock. She’s been there since Seth had rushed in to tell her that Los Angeles had been struck by an earthquake. She holds her phone.

She has tried to reach someone in her family, but so far, no luck. She knows this doesn’t mean anything. Lines are down. Phones can be broken. These things take time…. Time…

It doesn’t have to mean anything…. She keeps telling herself that, but her fear for her family grows.
“I need to do something.” She says quietly.
“What can we do? We're in Boston.” Seth asks, equally worried about his own loved ones in the stricken area.


“Justin? Aaron here. Standing in front of your mom’s house. Can’t see anything wrong with it from the outside. It looks intact from here. Want me to pursue this?” Justin bites his lower lip. He’s glad that his colleague Aaron checks on his mother, and he’s terrified for his mom, but at the same time, she could have been anywhere where the earthquake hit.

“Negative.” Justin replies. “Thank you. But there was no emergency call from her house. Let it be….”
“Justin…?” Dan motions that he doesn’t get it. “He’s at your mom’s house now. Take advantage of it.”

“Dan, she would plant some flowers, maybe she would buy some more, she planned to see Scotty and Kevin and she had to bring something back to Jonathan…. She could be anywhere. I don’t believe that Aaron should waste precious time by looking for my mom who may not even be there, when he’s needed for something more important.”

Dan opens his mouth to protest, but then he sees the concern on Justin’s face and he realizes that Justin just made a very difficult choice. It something he can admire in Justin. That Justin can make the triage of what must be done and what must wait. Obviously something he learned in Afghanistan and Iraq, but still not the easiest thing to do.

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