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Fanfic: On a clear and sunny day. 02/07

On a clear and sunny day 02/07

By Marea67
About: The Walkers 
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S isn’t mine.
Summary: It started as a clear and sunny day….
Warning: This story is about an Earthquake and it's effect on the Walkers...


If the first sign went unnoticed, the second one didn't. The tremor comes from very deep and doesn’t let itself be stopped by anything. No more chance to ignore it. The earth starts to shake violently and the vibrations move on, in ever increasing circles, as if someone just threw a pebble in a pond.


Sarah laughs and watches as Tommy walks away with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is allowed to push the button to call the elevator and Sarah is amazed by how much that little girl has grown. Of course she hasn’t seen Elizabeth in 2 years, so she can really notice how much she went from baby to young girl.

For a moment Sarah wonders where time went and she’s reminded of the time when Paige was just a child and would visit Ojai Foods…. So long ago… That’s all gone now, but Sarah doesn’t want to dwell on it. She places her briefcase on her desk and checks her messages. Five more minutes until the meeting the starts. Then the floor starts to tremble….


The elevator-doors close behind Tommy and Elizabeth pushes the ‘-1’ that will take her and her dad to the basement where the parking-spaces are. She smiles at her dad. She can’t wait to go to the zoo with Tommy, it’s been so long ago since she had fun with her dad.

Tommy, on the other hand, feels a strange sentiment coming up. He can’t help but see how her hair curls around her fore-head. Her blue eyes look up at him and with a shock he’s reminded of a young Kevin, maybe no older than 3 years, looking up at him too. It’s in the eyes…

He reaches out to pick one of those curls, not to yank it, like he used to do with his kid-brother, but to gently straighten it out and then watch it curl back when he releases it. Elizabeth pulls back her head. She doesn’t like it when people play with her hair…. Tommy smiles at her reaction and that’s when the elevator stops and everything starts to shake….


As per usual Scotty is surprised by how busy it is. Scotty looks for the best fruit and vegetables, he picks up oranges, discards mushrooms and feels the weight of a melon. To Scotty there’s something about the feel of the food between his fingers that makes everything so extra-ordinary to him.

As usual, he’s so busy with looking around for ingredients that he doesn’t notice the people around him. He reaches out for a bottle of what seems to be vinegar and he tries to read the label. Suddenly all the lights go out. There’s a feel of panic in the air. He loses balance and falls. He covers his head as the world continues to shake underneath him…


“Well, seems like we had a little accident, didn’t we?” Janice picks up Daniel and she smiles. That child is so adorable, just like all the other children in her class. She signals her colleague Samantha. “Going to give this one a change.” She says. Samantha nods and Janice leaves the room and goes next door, where she has more space to clean him.

Her face gets an annoyed glance. Samantha should have put all the items they might need on the shelve this morning, but she must have forgotten. Janice puts Daniel in one of the playpens, so she can easily take everything she needs. Diapers, little towels, powder, … There’s one shiver, one crashing sound and then… nothing…


Kevin tries with all his might to keep his car on the road, but his whole horizon shakes and trembles. He’s loses grip on the road. Fear takes over. He’s seen this happen before as memories of the car-crash that killed Robert come back to him. He pulls at the steering wheel.

It’s a shock-reaction, but the car responds better than planned, it swerves and then his whole horizon rolls over… ‘Not again’ is all he can think off as the car turns to its roof and Kevin suddenly hangs in his seat-belt and his head hits the roof of the car. He reaches for the seat-belt and tries to unclick it.

A screeching sound fills his ears. He looks to his side and he sees a car come at him. Frantically Kevin pulls at the seat-belt, but it’s no use. What comes at him gets bigger and bigger and then there’s the loud crashing sound and all Kevin can think of is that at least this time Scotty’s not involved as well..…


Nora tries to hold on where she can, reaching around her in full panic-mode. She always said that there was way too much stuff in the shed, but she never gotten around to cleaning up what was on the shelves. And now she wishes she had taken the time, because things tumble and crash around her.

She narrowly escapes death when a can of paint misses her head by an inch, but it doesn’t help Nora. In her attempt to get away from one falling item, she trips backwards and her head hits against the lawnmower. She tries to blink a few times, but can’t keep her eyes open much longer.


Justin watches in horror at all that happens around him. One moment, he had just stood there next to the ambulance, waiting for Dan to come back from the bathroom, because Dan had to empty his stomach again, the next moment the whole world started to shake and tremble and he watches the mayhem the earthquake had started.

He falls to the ground and waits for what seems to be an eternity until the grounds stop shaking. Once he’s sure that he can safely get up, his first concern is Dan. He runs up to the bathrooms, but Dan just staggers out.
“Dan? Are you alright?”

“Yes, just a little shaken…” Dan replies with an attempt at humor.
“No! Really?” Justin asks, not amused. “Come on, we have work to do. How’s the….?” Justin point at Dan’s belly.
“Empty. I think. Let’s get to work…. People will need us.”

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