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Fanfic: Heavenly moments

Heavenly moments

By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not written for money, only to escape reality
Summary: Uhm, I think you guys are smart enough to get it! ;)


“How much longer?” Kevin asks, coming into the kitchen.
“Are you done?” Scotty asks in return.
“Yes. And I’d love to pay the babysitter, get rid of her and go to bed early.”
“I’m not tired yet.” Scotty replies absentmindedly and he puts the last of the dishes in the dish-washer.

“I wasn’t thinking about sleeping just yet…” Kevin comes up behind Scotty and wraps his arms around his husband and kisses his shoulder. “I like the way you smell. Makes me hungry…” He licks Scotty’s ear and Scotty moans softly.
“Kev…. I gotta….” He starts, but Kevin silences him with a well-placed kiss.

Scotty turns around in Kevin’s arms to be able to reply to Kevin’s kisses. His large hands slide over Kevin’s back as far down as he can reach and he pulls Kevin’s body closer to his own. This time it’s Kevin’s turn to make a shocked little noise. He had obviously not realized that Scotty was more than ready.

Scotty breaks the kiss and pushes Kevin away, just a little bit.
“Give me a couple minutes to close up and check everything, while you get rid of the baby-sitter…?” He suggests. Kevin nods silently, his eyes becoming darker, when he can clearly see that Scotty is still very interested in him.

“Just… hurry. Okay?” Kevin answers and after one last slide of thumb along Scotty’s erection, he leaves the kitchen to go upstairs. Scotty shakes his head, trying to organize his mind. Damn, why did Kevin have to turn him on like this? He cleans away the last remaining items on the counter and he hears high heels come down the stairs.

“Bye, Trudy!” He calls out.
“Bye, Mr Wandell! … Oh, Mr Walker said, you might need to baby-sit Thursday-night?” Trudy stops to ask.
“Oh, thanks for reminding me. Yes, that’s right. If you don’t mind?”

“Oh, no. Daniel is so sweet. No Olivia tonight?”
“Staying over with a friend from school. Birthday-party.”
“Ah, right. I missed her. She’ll be there Thursday-night though?”
“Yes.” Scotty confirms and with one last wave Trudy says goodnight.

Scotty locks the door behind her and leans against the door. He can’t wait to get upstairs and get together with Kevin. When would they get an opportunity to have sex again? It’s not Scotty regrets having Olivia and Daniel, but sometimes he longs for those moments when they would still be free to do whatever they wanted, when they wanted to do it.… He closes his eyes...


... Scotty lets his head fall back. Just the feel of Kevin’s fingers inside him, preparing him, makes him even harder than he already is. He pushes closer to Kevin’s hand, showing him how eager he is to feel Kevin inside him. Kevin kisses his lips.
“Patience, Scotty. Just a little bit more patience.” He knows what Scotty wants.

“I’m running out of patience.” Scotty sighs and he pushes Kevin closer for a kiss.
“Don’t worry, baby, so am I. So. Am. I.” Kevin answers with a little smirk. The next moment Scotty feels the first push against him, the next moment Kevin carefully slips inside him…


Scotty grins at the memory and focuses back at the task at hand, switching off the last lights and making sure that all the ovens are off. Just to make sure, he checks Kevin’s office as well, but even there everything is switched off, so Scotty climbs the stairs to go to his apartment to find Kevin.


Kevin slowly undresses himself. He keeps looking over his shoulder to see if Scotty is coming home, but he wouldn’t be at all surprised, if Scotty would run into some recipe and would be all wrapped up in that, to the point that he would forget that Kevin is upstairs waiting for him.
He loves that Scotty is happy with his job and he’s proud that ‘Café 429’ is such a success, but sometimes he wishes that Scotty would still be a waiter and that he would pick Scotty up after his shift to take him home, like he had done the first time they had a relationship…


“Kevin!... If you keep doing that, there’s going to be stains on your car-seat…” Scotty warns, gently letting his hand rest on Kevin’s head. Kevin lets go of him and that was not exactly what Scotty wanted either, but he doesn’t have to despair long, because Kevin’s hand takes over.

Scotty feels the back of the car-seat go down slowly, so that he ends up in a lying position.
“If we get caught….” Scotty fears, though the thought of some police-officer finding them like this, in Kevin’s car, turns him on as well.

“I’ll have to tell him that I was giving you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation…”
“That was not my mouth where your mouth was….”
“I always sucked at biology, it’s why I took the law instead.” Kevin replies with a smug smile and Scotty can’t help but chuckle as he pushes Kevin’s head back down….


Feeling a bit saddened by the delicious memory Kevin brushes his teeth and comes back out of the bedroom. He gasps when two strong arms encircle him. Scotty kisses his neck and Kevin presses himself closer to Scotty’s body, feeling that Scotty is already aroused.
“What took you so long in that bathroom?” Scotty moans.

He pushes aside Kevin’s bathrobe and it falls to the floor, revealing Kevin’s naked body. Scotty doesn’t waste time and neither does Kevin. While tugging on Scotty’s clothes to get him in the same state of undress as he himself is, Kevin manages to land on the bed, with Scotty covering his body, just the way he likes it.

After the first hungry kisses, their kisses slowly become more intimate and deeper. Kevin tilts his head backwards to expose his throat and Scotty’s mouth caresses his skin, while his strong fingers caress Kevin’s face. Longingly Kevin’s hands move further down to arouse himself and Scotty even more, but Scotty pushes his hands away.

“Patience is not exactly one of our virtues, is it?” Scotty laughs softly.
“Not when it comes to having sex with you, it isn’t.” Kevin admits, looking up at his husband with such longing in his eyes that Scotty immediately caves in and resumes his kissing.

Kevin spreads his legs. Scotty lies down between them, his hands on Kevin’s hips. He can feel Kevin move against him in a way that leaves no doubt about Kevin wants. He smiles and he lowers his head again, kissing Kevin’s belly, feelings Kevin’s hands in his hair, coaching him to move further down.

“Scotty…” Kevin begs, but Scotty shakes his head.
“You won’t last long enough, if I do that.” Scotty replies. “You’re about ready to come.”
“I’ll control it.” Kevin promises, but Scotty still disagrees.
“You know you can’t.” Scotty lectures Kevin, grinning when Kevin makes an annoyed little sound.

“And now…. Spread those legs of yours just a bit further.” Scotty orders and his words remind Kevin of that night they had spent together, no longer after the dramatic dinner with Jason, when their relationship had finally become the one he and Scotty had wanted it to be….


There are deep thrusts and Kevin keeps his eyes closed tightly. He’s not willing to let go just yet, but it’s so wonderful to feel Scotty so close. He has to bite his pillow to not beg Scotty to move faster. He wants this delicious torture to continue, just a little bit longer, but he has no idea how much longer he can fight the delight that Scotty brings him.

“Come on, Kevin, come on…” Scotty whispers.
“Not yet…” Kevin nearly begs. “I don’t want it to be over just yet.”
“.. a second time…” Scotty suggests, holding his breath.
“Oh, God.” Just the mere thought of this, sends Kevin over the edge.


“We’re not going for a second time tonight, are we?” Kevin asks. His question surprises Scotty, but he answers.
“Not what I planned. Unless you wake me up…” Kevin grins at Scotty's words. Now there’s a good idea. He sighs when he feels Scotty make the first moves.

He knows it will not be long until he’ll feel Scotty inside him, that their bodies will become one, that Scotty will make him gasp for air and beg for more, until that moment he goes over the top and flies straight to seventh heaven… He smiles and reaches out to Scotty. Those are the moments that Kevin doesn’t forget.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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