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Fanfic: Unexpected answer

Just a little quick snack to get everyone hungry again... ;)

Unexpected answer

By Marea67
: Kevin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters, written to escape reality, not to make money.
Summary: Kevin gets an … (well, duh!) … unexpected answer
A/N: takes place between 2.07 and 2.08


Kevin sighs and, too tired to comprehend what is written, he places his file to his right side. One more look at the telephone.
“Come on, Jason, just one call.” Kevin begs softly. He has said it to his phone more often, but Jason never calls him.

And at first, Kevin also had thought it was too much work, too much distance, too difficult to get to a phone…. He had made up so many excuses, until he had ran out of them.
“Face it, Kevin, he doesn’t love you anymore. If he ever really did…” He tells himself.

Alright, maybe that is not entirely fair, he then corrects himself. He refuses to believe that Jason had lied to him on purpose. Jason may be many things, a liar is not one of them. No, there has to be a reason for his silence. Maybe it’s the fear of getting caught? Maybe it’s something religious? ….

Or maybe he just didn’t love you… that little voice keeps nagging in Kevin’s head. Kevin closes his eyes for a moment. He tries to bring back the memory of Jason’s laughter, his face, his voice, but it seems to get harder and harder to find them. Kevin would like to say that he misses Jason, but this last week, he’s not sure he does.

He just seems to have lost him. Somehow the connection got broken and Kevin doesn’t know why. Would it really be because Jason no longer loves him, no longer cares if Kevin is hurt or not? Kevin admits that he’s still annoyed that Jason hadn’t called him back after the news of Justin’s night of detox.

Even if Jason is afraid that someone might overhear him and guess he is gay, is there any harm in innocently asking someone how his brother is doing? Kevin frowns. Of course there’s no valid reason not to inquire after someone’s health. No, it seems to Kevin that Jason is not even trying to get in touch with him.

“You know, God, …” Kevin mumbles. “… Jason has tried very hard to make me believe in you, so here’s your chance. Why don’t you just put me back in touch with the man of my dreams….” He peeks at the phone, not even a blip. He shakes his head. Of course not, why would God, if He even exists, listen to him?

There’s a little knock on the door and for a second, Kevin’s heart stops beating. A quick fantasy of it being Jason flashes through his mind, but then Kevin shakes his head and he tells himself not to be so ridiculous. Those things don’t happen in real life. You don’t get the man of your dreams served to you on a silver platter. He calls out an ‘enter’.

“Hey! Thought I’d bring something healthy to eat… You left this morning without breakfast… Have you never heard that it’s the most important meal of the day? So I thought I’d bring you this….” Scotty places a little picnic-basket on the desk and gives Kevin one of his gentle, caring smiles. ….

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