marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: It sleeps two

It sleeps two

By Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S. Only playing with the couple they didn’t play with.
Summary: inspired by 3.01 “Glass houses”, when Kevin got the keys to a beach house that sleeps 12.


“So, where are we going?” Kevin asks, trying to peek under the black blindfold.
“Tell you in a minute.” Scotty answers, guiding Kevin carefully up some steps.
“I can hear the sea?” Kevin wonders.

“Nothing wrong with your ears... I love them.” Scotty kisses his earlobe. Kevin grins, if this how the weekend starts, he’s not waiting for it to end.
“I won’t mind a little bit more love for my ears… or any other part of me.” Kevin fishes and he can hear a soft laughter coming from Scotty.

“I’ll bet you won’t. Don’t worry. I’ll give attention to the … other parts… as well.” Scotty’s teasing promise doesn’t fail to have an effect on Kevin.
“Are you sure that Olivia and Daniel will be alright?” Kevin suddenly asks.

“Yes.” Scotty replies patiently.
“I’m still a bit shaken by the sudden appearance of your mother, you know.” Scotty chuckles behind him. Good way to cool the conversation off.

“No more than my mother was, when I called her, to ask her if she wanted to baby-sit for a weekend. Though, excuse me, I, of course, mean chaperone. Olivia would be livid if I assumed she needed a baby-sitter.”
“How long ago did you plan this?”

“Two weeks.”
“And you kept it a secret this long?”
“I’m not a Walker…” Scotty points out.

“No… Thank God… that would have complicated matters…”
“It would have.” Scotty agrees dryly and he stops Kevin. “We’re here. Just a moment.” Kevin can hear the sound of a key being turned. “And… viola!” The sound of a door opening is followed by the sudden burst of light as Scotty takes away the blindfold.

Kevin blinks against the light, while Scotty pushes him forth. Kevin enters a very bright hall with at either side large stairs going up to the first floor. Before him a large living-area, with huge, glass doors leading out to the garden overlooking the ocean. Kevin opens the doors and now he sees that at the end of the garden are stairs leading to the beach.

“Scotty! This is amazing! … How?... Where? ….. ” Kevin stammers.
“Through a friend of mine…. Don’t ask… Just enjoy.”
“Why didn’t you tell me about this before? I can’t imagine you kept this a secret from me?”

“Last time we would spend time alone in a big house, where it would be just us, we ended up in a house full of people, a broken whale, you losing your job at Ojai and a lot of angry words… I thought it better that if, for once, your family would stay away from our weekend together, because I have some entertaining things in mind for you….”

“Really?” Kevin asks, showing some interest.
“And those things don’t require Walker-interference?” He asks, though he already knows the answer.

“None what-so-ever.” Scotty insists and he shakes his head.
“This is so amazing, so sweet, so…. I don’t know. I guess, I’m not used to this much … I don’t know..” Kevin stammers, clearly overwhelmed and suddenly Scotty is not longer teasing him. His look is very serious, when his thumb caresses Kevin’s cheek.

“I love you…. I love you so much…” He says softly and he can see the reaction on Kevin’s face. For a moment Scotty can see that Kevin wonders why Scotty would sound so insistent and then the memory comes back and Kevin swallows away the bitterness over Scotty’s infidelity that is still inside him. No matter how many times Scotty has apologized to Kevin over the last few months, it's still there.

“I know you do.” Kevin’s voice is a bit rough. “And I love you….” the words sound like an automatic reply, but the kiss that Kevin gives Scotty isn’t automatic at all. It is sweet and tender, and offers perhaps more forgiveness than any words could. Kevin wraps his arms around Scotty and soon enough they are closely pressed up to each other.

Scotty’s hand is Kevin’s neck, making him able to put more strength is his kisses than he planned to. He can feel Kevin surrender, melting closer to him, his hands slip under Scotty’s shirt to caress his strong back. The shivers that run through Scotty makes his moan and Scotty holds Kevin even more tightly, kissing him until Kevin is out of breath.

“How many beds does this place have?” He finally manages to ask.
“Five.” Scotty answers, not wishing to let go of Kevin.
“Why don’t we start by trying out the first one we see?” Kevin suggests and Scotty starts to grin, as Kevin turns around and moves to the first door he can find.

“We still have to unpack… certain things.” Scotty reminds Kevin when he sees the first bedroom, with a large oval bed waiting for them.
“Our weekend-bag is at the door, how deeply did you hide the ‘certain things’?” Kevin asks.

“Not that deep.” Scotty admits. “I just hate to let go of you.”
“Go get it. I’ll be here, … already undressing myself….” Kevin encourages, putting his hands on the buttons of his shirt.
“Don’t…” Scotty moans. “I want to do those…”

Scotty turns around and quickly returns to the front-door where he had left his bag. Kevin’s shoulders sink once Scotty is out the door. He loves Scotty, he knows he does. And he’s also pretty sure that he forgave Scotty for the cheating, he just wishes that Scotty would stop bringing it up.

He knows that Scotty still feels guilty and he also believes that Scotty would do anything he could, if he could only take it back, undo what had been done, but that knowledge doesn’t make him feel better. It hurts every time Scotty reminds him of the cheating, when all he wants to do, at this moment, is forget about it.

He takes a deep breath and tries to get rid of this sick feeling in his stomach, this disappointment that just lingers and comes up at the worst of times. He hears Scotty move in the hall and puts on his best smile. If Scotty is trying so hard to make amends, then he can put in the extra effort as well.

However Scotty is actually too busy scolding himself in his mind. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!. Why did he have to make his ‘I love you’ so heavy with importance? They had been laughing and they had both been relaxed. So why not a more casual ‘I love you’? One that did not carry the weight of the world in it.

He finds what he’s been looking for, but he wonders if Kevin will still be in the mood. He can only hope that Kevin won’t be putting on his brave smile, the one that says that he’s going to put some extra effort into it, just to please Scotty, but it takes Scotty only one look at Kevin to know that Kevin is.

He lets out a big sigh and drops down on the bed, next to Kevin.
“I just wanted us to have some fun and now I ruined it all, didn’t I?” He states. Kevin knows exactly what he means.
“It’s alright. We’ve survived it so many times before...”

“Yes, we have, but … I love you and I don’t want to hurt you and, yet, I keep doing it.” Scotty looks miserable and Kevin takes his hand.
“I love you, babe, …. And I appreciate your hard work at this. And, yes, I know you love me, but it’s always good to hear you say it.

And I know that you’re sorry and I’m glad that you are, because it would be far more painful if you hadn’t been sorry or had felt that I somehow deserved this. We both made mistakes and we paid for them…. I just don’t want to dwell on it any longer. It’s over. Put it in the past, please.”

“I’ll try.” Scotty promises. “Can we still make love? Please?” He asks with a little pout. A smile, a real one, appears on Kevin’s face.
“Anytime you want.” And he pulls Scotty closer. He kisses his husband’s lips with tenderness.

Scotty lifts up his hand, caresses Kevin’s face and smiles into the kiss. He places the lube where Kevin can see it.
“Ah, that’s what we need….” The unspoken ‘you or me?’ hangs between them for a few seconds, but then Kevin lies down on his back.

Scotty bites his lower lip, suddenly eager to move on, be intimate with Kevin. Kevin can see it in his eyes and reaches out to Scotty to let his fingers slide along Scotty’s chest, over his belly and along the zipper. Scotty closes his eyes. He takes Kevin’s hand and places a kiss on it.

“Undress me. Make love to me.” Kevin orders gently, glad he doesn’t have to ask twice, because Scotty is more than willing to help him get out of his clothes. Kevin reaches out for the lube, but Scotty stops him.
“That can wait. For when we make love again, but right now, I have another plan…”

“I’m all yours.” Kevin replies and he can see a little possessive smile appear on Scotty’s face.
“I know… All mine… All weekend.” And something in the way that he breathes out those last four words gives Kevin the impression that Scotty will claim him soon enough…

However, for the time being, Scotty contents himself with kissing Kevin’s lips and letting his hands trace all those little places that, he knows, can turn Kevin on. He’s still half dressed, but it doesn’t stop him from covering Kevin’s naked body. Kevin shivers under the rough touch of Scotty’s jeans against his already sensitive skin. He pushes up.

He reaches down, wanting to undress Scotty further, but Scotty pushes his hands away.
“Not yet.” Those are the only words he says, before throwing himself back into kissing Kevin. Kevin replies to Scotty’s caresses, seeking some satisfaction, but it’s not enough.

“Scotty, please…” He finally begs. “Please…. I want you…”
“I thought you'd never ask.” Scotty teases and he leaves Kevin’s mouth.

Kevin doesn’t have to be a genius to figure out what Scotty plan is, when he quickly moves down. His hands find grip against the headboard as he watches how Scotty reaches his destiny, but stops only inches away, to look up at Kevin, a devilish little smile on his face.

“Please…” Kevin whispers, his breathing uneven, the expectation is in his eyes. Scotty lowers his head and Kevin gasps when he feels the tip of Scotty’s tongue slide along his erection. “No more playing…. Please!” Kevin begs, but this time Scotty sets his own rules and his own pace.

Kevin begs and curses, pleads and threatens, but Scotty won’t be persuaded. Kevin moves and twitches trying to find that one point when he can finally let go, but Scotty holds him down easily, even punishing Kevin by pulling away completely, but not for long. The tears in Kevin’s eyes show that he’s really close to the edge.

Scotty takes pity on Kevin, he no longer wants him to suffer. His lips and tongue drive Kevin nearly insane. Scotty adds his touch to the mix and he can feel the first shockwave in Kevin. It doesn’t take long for Kevin to find satisfaction after that and Kevin lets himself fall back on the pillows and he caresses Scotty’s hair..

He’s too out of breath to talk, though Scotty doesn’t really words to understand him. He lets his head rest on Kevin’s belly and he waits for Kevin to calm down. He feels Kevin’s fingers in his hair and it’s a soothing touch. Scotty closes his eyes. He hopes there will be more quiet moments like this during this weekend.


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