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Fanfic: Edited stock-list

Edited stock-list

By Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys don’t belong to me
Summary: Scotty is busy, Kevin interrupts…..


“Scotty?!” Kevin yells.
“Storage!” Scotty’s voice is muffled by the walls surrounding him.
“What are you doing?”
“This, my sweet Kevin, is what they call making the stock-list.”

“Sounds very exciting.” Kevin replies sarcastically.
“Like watching paint dry in slow-motion.” Scotty admits. “But it’s useful…. I suppose.” He continues hesitantly. “... though I usually know exactly what I have or don’t have, so it’s not as if Cafe 429 depends on these.

But we have more and more people working for us and I noticed that not everyone is keeping me informed on what leaves this place….” Scotty replies cautiously. Kevin blinks.
“Do you think that someone is stealing something?” he wonders, but Scotty gives him a thoughtful glance and shakes his head.

“For now, I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. It could be just an error, a beginner’s mistake, but I’ve noticed that a few items I expected to be here just aren’t.” He sighs. “If only this job wasn’t so boring….” Kevin nods that he agrees and watches how Scotty turns back to the shelves to check what is currently there.

Kevin appreciates the view. Just that tall figure, that strong back, that lovely ass…. Kevin licks his lips and clenches his fist trying to control the urge to walk up to Scotty and just put his hands on his husband’s lovely hips, but a seed of improper thoughts has been planted in his mind and it’s hard to ignore.

Scotty reaches for something on the top-shelve. Stretching like that makes his clothes hug even more tightly around his body and Kevin gives up the fight for decency. In two steps he’s behind Scotty and lets his hands rest on Scotty’s waist. The unexpected move makes Scotty jolt and nearly drop whatever he’s holding in his hand.

“Maybe I should do some inventory-check of my own….” Kevin says softly, his hands sliding up along Scotty’s spine to caress his shoulders. Next Scotty feels Kevin’s warm mouth against his shoulder, softly biting through the fabric and his bite hits exactly that spot, that makes Scotty’s knees go weak.

Kevin knows he has the right place, because he can feel the shiver that runs through Scotty.
“Kev….” Scotty complains, but Kevin’s touch is not exactly unwelcome to Scotty, who starts to breathe a little louder.

“… just to check if everything is still where it should be….” Kevin teases a bit more. His hands move to the front, easily moving underneath the t-shirt, that Scotty is wearing, to softly caress his belly. The touch is so soft and just brushes along the hairs on Scotty’s belly and it tickles, making him giggle and move back, closer against Kevin’s body.

“Kevin!” He warns, but Kevin is unimpressed and instead he pinches Scotty’s nipples, careful not to hurt him. The shocked little noise, that Scotty makes, is like music to Kevin’s ears. It means that he has Scotty’s full attention. Kevin can see how Scotty bites his lower-lip to not react too fast.

But then Scotty moans and a second later, Kevin spins him around, presses him against the shelves behind him to kiss him passionately and relentlessly. Wondering when exactly Kevin grew 10 pair of hands, because he seems to feel them all over him, Scotty ends up pushing closer to Kevin.

His need for more kisses and touches becomes unbearable and he noisily protests when Kevin’s mouth leaves his, but his words are too incoherent for Kevin to really take notice.
“F-f-fuck!” Scotty whispers, when Kevin gets on his knees and it becomes apparent to Scotty what Kevin’s plans with Scotty’s cock are.

“In a bit.” Kevin replies without even blinking and beyond that point Scotty can no longer register anything else but that warm hot mouth. His fingers push Kevin’s head closer. He doesn’t dare to look down, afraid he will instantly come, but the spontaneous attack on his body is too much to handle and soon enough something in Scotty just explodes.

He manages to push Kevin away, just in time, but it doesn’t stop him from coming all over Kevin’s hand. Scotty gasps for breath, as he tries to find some support from the shelves behind him. He’s a bit surprised when Kevin, though visibly aroused, gets up and leaves the storage area.

He can hear water run. Kevin is washing his hands, as if nothing happend, while Scotty, still breathing unevenly, adjust his clothes. When Kevin enters the storage-room again, he has a smug little smile on his face.
“I have to go.” He says calmly.
“W-what?” Scotty says.

“Yeah. I just came to collect a file I had forgotten to put in my briefcase.” Kevin replies, looking around as if completely distracted. Scotty blinks a few times.
“But…. what about you…?” Scotty asks, surprised that Kevin doesn’t immediately seek his own satisfaction.

“Olivia and Daniel are staying with Sarah tonight…?” Kevin reminds him. “...And you don’t have to work tonight?” Scotty raises an eyebrow in question. “....And now, … you owe me something.” Kevin looks as content as a fat cat lazing in the sun and, ever so slowly, Scotty starts to smile as well.
“Oooohhhh, is that how it works?” He teases.

“Yup!” Kevin quickly answers, stealing a kiss or two before walking towards the door. “And just the thought of what I will do with you tonight, will keep me awake for the rest of the afternoon and will make my boring work, of listening to other people whining in the courtroom, more entertaining.….” He winks and leaves the room.

Scotty laughs out loud and los his list. The work is even more boring now that he’s satisfied. He drops his stock-list, plays with his pen and takes a moment to daydream about the night to come…. Maybe he has to give Kevin a surprise moment as well….. Suddenly he wonders if he still has whipped cream and strawberries…… The stock-list remains on a shelve, forgotten about. 

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, rate - nc-17

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