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fanfic: Just calling

Just calling.

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S belongs to ABC
Summary: Scotty needs Kevin


Scotty quickly cleans his hands. He’s still not sure if it had been a good idea to open ‘Café 429’ during lunch-time as well. Sure, the place is packed, but these last few weeks he’s been feeling more tired than usual. It doesn’t help that Kevin is away for a conference and that Daniel has to have his usual medical check-up and Olivia is very busy with a school-play. Scotty feels as if he's being lived.

“Scotty? Bacon? Where did you leave it?” Saul asks.
“Over there.” Scotty replies tiredly.
“Why don’t you sit down a bit? Most tables have been served and people are eating. Take five minutes.”

“I’m fine.” Scotty shrugs it off. If he just keeps on working, he won’t miss Kevin too much. A whole week without him and Scotty misses like him crazy. He never realized how much he had grown to depend on Kevin, never noticed how much little things Kevin takes out of his hands.
Worst of all, he could really need some moral support right now, but Kevin is too far away to ask for help. He cuts the sandwiches in half and pushes them aside, they are ready to be served.
“Can I turn the music up?” Aiden, one of his new waiters, asks.

“Just a little bit. I want to be able to hear the orders.” scotty replies
“Yes, sir.” Aiden turns the volume up a bit. In fact, usually Scotty won’t allow it, but he loves this little one hour show, where people can request songs for others. There’s something so sweet about that idea and sometimes also about the stories behind the requests..

“… and that was ‘Mandy’ by Barry Manilow… requested by John for his girlfriend Mandy … oh, what a surprise…  And now…. I have a  request from Kevin who’s all the way in New York and wanted to leave a message for his husband Scotty. Well that’s possible right here

He just wanted Scotty to know that he misses him like crazy and can’t wait to be home this weekend… I’ll bet!... So, here’s the requested song….” Scotty stands in the middle of his kitchen, frozen to the ground, his kitchen-staff smiling at him and for a moment he doesn’t know what to say or do.

Then the intro starts and Stevie Wonder’s “I just called to say I love you.” sounds through the kitchen. He doesn’t hear the ‘awww’s that comes from all directions, but only smiles and quietly shakes his head. He wonders if and how Kevin knew that he needed him, but it really doesn’t matter at this moment.


Kevin can feel his phone, it’s set on vibrate. A message. He quietly pushes the button to see who it’s from, hoping it will not be too distracting for others. It’s from Scotty. He lets his thumb slide over the name as if were Scotty himself he was caressing, he opens the message and it all says is: “I just texted to say I love you too.” and Kevin smiles.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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