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Movie: Patagonia.

So, I finally managed to see it. Got it in the mail today. Wow, it had been quite a long time ago since I actually sat down to watch a movie, rather than just have a movie play in the background, continue blogging, emailing, playing sudokus or anything else and only watch when the music points out that things are getting 'interesting'. :)

And this wasn't only because the entire movie is in Welsh/Spanish (and I speak neither language, so I'm depending on actually reading the subtitles)  but also because the movie is quite captivating. I sincerely wanted to sit through it and find out what would happen and when it finished I sort of wanted a sequel to find out what will happen to the characters I grew to care for. :)

I really liked all the characters (well, except maybe the husband, who really neede someone to punch some sense into him, but I could also see his POV) and what I loved in this movie were not just for the spoken words, but also for daring to have silence. There's nothing wrong with NOT having people make noise and chatter aimlessly, even though they have nothing to say..  just because of this idea that a silence makes viewers uncomfortable.

Of course, I'm not going to lie, my first reason for watching this movie naturally is Matthew Rhys, who played Mateo. There's something refreshingly wonderful to see/hear him speak Welsh. As usual, Matthew can create a character that makes me forget about  other characters he played, so I can watch Mateo, without immediately thinking "Oh, Kevin Walker" and he DOES look amazing. :)



The other characters that really held my attention were Cerys and Alejandro, because of the odd pairing and the affection that was visibly between them. I didn't know what to expect from Duffy, who I admire as a singer, but I liked her and she felt genuine to me. I wasn't suprised by Nia Roberts, having seen her in the movie Solomon and Gaenor (with Matthew's friend Ioan Gruffudd),  I knew she'd be good.

It may not have been some blockbuster movie, but I loved this movie anyway. The views of Patagonia and Wales are amazing, the acting is great, it's shot very warmly and I have no regrets buying it. :)
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